Friday, October 2, 2020

The Worm Turns


Trump has Covid? 

But...But... How could that possibly have happened? 

He knew better than Dr. Fauci and those dumb scientists.

How long before Hannity and Giuliani blame Democrats and Antifa for Trump contracting Covid?

A show of hands, please. How many of you Republicans approve of Trump's handling of the Covid crisis?

Seriously, I don't want Trump to die. I want him to lose the election and face justice.

This time he and I have the same enemy. We all do. Will he and his cult figure this out?

Or will they continue to drag us all down with them? 


U.P. Tim said...

I think they have already started the blame game. They are trying to blame some of the people Hope Hicks came in contact with. It may have even been the military wanting to give her hugs etc. It's their standard MO. They blame others and never take responsibility for their own actions. I sure as hell hope the Trump Covidian Death Cult figures this out soon and stops taking us all down with them. With about 7-8 months into this and no progress made on a national level in combatting this plague is an absolute total disgrace. I'm sick and tired of living this way with no end in sight. It feels like the sacrifices millions of us have made with the disruptions in our lives have gone for naught thus far.

Dave Dubya said...

Trump's dereliction and negligence assured the pandemic would be bad, and will continue to kill hundreds of thousands.

We are stuck with the virus because of his catastrophic failure.

I don't want him to die. I want him to lose the election and face justice.

It would be only fitting for him to croak and escape trial and conviction.

Covid is the first thing to ever hold him accountable. Maybe the first and last.