Monday, August 24, 2020

Both Sides Now

Oops. I did it again. I got blocked after another Twitter exchange. I must be quite the ornery, disagreeable old cuss.

This time I was blocked by a socialist guy.

I guess that puts me in good company.

Kamala gets it from both sides. “Harris will defund the police!” “Harris is a cop!”

Turns out neither is true, but truth is an orphan in most parts these days.

It also turns out, yours truly has been getting it from both sides too. Sort of like an inside-out-both-siderism. Last time I was blocked by a Proud Boy after a Twitter dialogue. This round features accusations from the opposite end of the spectrum. 

A Left leaning fellow calling himself “Cloudy Architect” posted a piece from “Law Enforcement Today”.

“Report: Joe Biden’s family members have prior arrests for drugs and drunk driving. Why no jail time?”

Well, one could suppose Law Enforcement Today to be an unbiased source of information. After all, they even had a tweet from GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to bolster their piece on the Biden family crime spree.

Beyond Joe’s brother’s DUI and a couple non-violent drug possession cases with his kids, the real target was revealed. The Godfather himself.

In Law Enforcement Today’s “Just the facts, Ma’am”, style, a few interesting phrases were included: 

“The impeachment charade”... “a so-called ‘whistleblower’...  “President Trump is getting impeached for what? For a phone call to the president of Ukraine about possible illegal activities by Joe Biden and his son Hunter? For asking President Zelensky to ‘look into’ the activities of the Biden’s?”... “so-called Russia collusion”...  “Joe Biden, is reportedly the subject of ‘multiple criminal investigations’,” and “The claims against Biden relative to the fraud, money laundering and counterfeiting schemes were made by a Florida-based private investigations firm, D&A Investigations.”

Sounds pretty “fair and balanced” to me.

Washington Monthly clarified that last bit in “Anatomy of a Disinformation Campaign”.

“The documents they are referring to were filed by a Florida-based private-eye firm, D&A Investigations, and were almost immediately dismissed by the judge because they had nothing to do with the paternity case. Nowhere in the documents did D&A name the agencies behind the purported criminal probes of Biden.”

Somehow FOX(R) OANN, and Law Enforcement Today omitted that key point as they ran with the smear campaign. It’s almost as if the Right will make false accusations without any evidence.

And as for “Law Enforcement Today”, Media Bias/Factcheck wrote:“We rate Law Enforcement Today far-Right Biased based on story selection and editorial positions that align with the conservative right. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to the use of poor sources, lack of transparency, and failed fact checks.”

Whodathunk? A socialist relying on far Right propaganda to attack Biden. And me. Trump would appreciate that.

With that setting and framework in place, let’s get to the drama of the day.

Replying to




Oh, the outrage, small time crimes not committed by the candidate. How about sex offenses, breaking campaign finance law, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, soliciting foreign help in elections, and interference with mail? If re-elected this major criminal will walk free.


DINO/you excuse all things as long as you get your immoral policies pushed through. i.e rigging elections and rape of staff. Obstructing justice, witness tampering is how he kept his trash family out of prison. Should have had free and fair elections if so afraid of Trump.


In your worldview, wanting justice for Trump's crimes is being DINO? And they're MY "immoral policies" of rigging elections and rape of staff? And I'm a DINO for standing with Bernie and Chomsky? I've been accused of less crazy crap by MAGAts.


That is not a world view. Being DINO is overlooking what your candidate and the party has done while demanding the other team faces consequences. Clearly, Bernie and Chomsky have changed quite a bit since the orange scare tactics have been perpetuated. Endorsing a racist/rapist


If you worked in a post office, had kids in cages, saw all the vote suppression, the hate, lies, and racism, your tune would be different. Your worldview is Bernie, Noam and I are DINOs. How is that a unifying position? It will be Biden or Trump. "Neither" will not be elected.


You listed everything the Dems have done as well. Obama tried to cut 12k postal jobs after the first time they turned a profit. Who built those cages and separated kids and sent a record number packing, Dems. And now your argument is that since the ancients caved, I should too?


I'm not telling you to cave. I'm telling you it will be Biden or Trump, like it or not. Trump's crimes are greater, and obvious. Biden's "crime" is an allegation from a less than reputable and inconsistent person. Ask Ukraine to investigate. That's PC these days.


Posted: "However, the drive to privatize the USPS is not solely an objective of the Republican Party and the Trump administration. The Democratic Party, the other wing of the capitalist political system, is equally responsible". From World Socialist Web Site


I don't need a lecture on corpo-dems. They're almost as corrupt as the fascists in the Trump Cartel. If you think Trump is better for the country, fine. You don't have to do anything to stop him. Attacking Bernie supporters won't validate your cause. Attacking Biden helps Trump


Rape is serious, getting your coked-up son a commission in the navy is also a crime and is also serious. You being a rape apologist and claiming the allegations against Biden are false is exactly what I thought you would do. Quite the progressive Biden supporter you are.


Is a single unproven allegation of rape in an open hallway from a person of questionable reputation as serious as the numerous allegations against admitted offender Trump? Quite the progressive Trump supporter you are.

Take your rape apologia packing. See ya.


Blocked again. 

Such is my just punishment from a person, by all appearances, qualified to be cop, prosecutor, judge, and jury for Tara Reid. And he don’t need no stinkin’ proof.

At his Twitter home page, Mr. Architect has a banner of Nancy Pelosi’s challenger, Shahid Buttar. And wouldn’t you just know it, Mr. Buttar has been accused of sexual harassment.

If only Buttar’s accuser had Mr. Architect for cop, prosecutor, judge, and jury, her case would be proven as well.


TB3 said...

It's difficult to have political conversations on the internet. It's incredibly difficult to find partners in conversation that are having conversations in good faith. It's hard to determine the person you are speaking to is sincere in their beliefs or just a shill or troll who are either trying to steer a narrative or are rooting for a sports team.

It's interesting reading that exchange and how it's not very different than an exchange you'd have with a hardcore "right"-leaning person. You address something, they move the goal posts. You address something, they talk about something totally different. You address something, and they appeal to feeling. I'm sorry your preferred candidate didn't win. I truly am. I do not know where certain people got it into their head this level of intransigence, that is on par with taking your ball home because everyone didn't want to follow your rules, became appropriate political discourse, but Democracy doesn't work that way. Yes, it is your right to not vote for whomever, but this months long (and in Bernie's case, years long) hissy fit is petulant and childish. Bernie has interesting ideas and they should definitely be discussed and worked toward, but actively doing the job of, and regurgitating the talking points/propaganda of, the political parties that are least likely to have that conversation is not how you fight for your goals and ideals of governance.

I'm sorry. Joe Biden's children doing drugs in their youth and a family member getting a DUI really shouldn't be something someone desperately grasps onto to justify their lack of a desire to vote for Joe. Just be honest. Your dude lost and you're still pissy about it. That's fine. Just be honest about it. Or, hey, here's an idea. Actually look at the winner's policies (or even Trump's, I don't care) and find things you like and dislike about them and make a judgement based on that. Because, Dave you're right. As much as many of us don't like it, we're faced with an either/or choice between Biden and Trump. Just as in 2016, that is our choice and the magic third choice of voting 3rd Part or not voting at all is a vote that helps the Republican Party. I am saddened that we're in this situation, but taking our ball home and whining online about how unfair it is isn't going to get us Medicare For All or any progress toward Bernie's ideas or initiatives.

Dave Dubya said...

"...taking our ball home and whining online about how unfair it is isn't going to get us Medicare For All or any progress toward Bernie's ideas or initiatives."

This is the puzzling aspect of their position. They insist voting Green will advance progress. How that is done with a Trump victory is a mystery. They also insist that a Biden victory will only result in someone worse than Trump next time. How that wouldn't be even more likely if Trump's crimes and behavior are exonerated is another mystery.

I get it. People have good reason to be frightened. The nation is experiencing a collapsing economy, a pandemic, record unemployment, and divisions that rank as high as during the Civil War.

"Be proud you're a rebel'Cause the South's gonna do it again"

Charlie Daniels may have been singing about southern rock, but the subliminal message is clear as a bell.

I often wonder how things would be if the South had won the war. Probably much better in the United States of America, and much worse in the Confederate States of America.

Now the Confederacy has a new president. They will drag us all down. Even the Green voters.

Anonymous said...

"I got blocked after another Twitter exchange."


Dave Dubya said...

Karma? Their hissy fits when confronted by facts is their Karma, not mine. You can relate, amirite?