Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fascism: With It, Or Against It?

They blamed foreign "invaders" and “terrorists”, of course. This September 1st marks 80 years since belligerent white nationalism chose its inevitable course of action.On September 1st, 1939 Hitler’s Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht invaded Poland, igniting World War II. In the following two years, many more countries would be invaded, ravaged, and occupied.

The war on belligerent racist nationalism, known as fascism, would eventually claim over 70 million human lives.

The death toll would have been even greater had the Allies not united to defeat the armies of fascism. The US, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union understood cooperation was best for all parties of the alliance.

By May of 1945 the German Nazi Regime was defeated, but racism and fascism would continue to simmer in the dark souls of white nationalists. After the Second World War Bertolt Brecht warned:

"Don't yet rejoice in his defeat, you men!
Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard,

The bitch that bore him is in heat again."

Eighty years after white nationalist Nazi aggression spilled blood across the planet, the same evil has risen again. The US now has a president who openly praises dictators, while demeaning the black president as a foreign usurper. 

His is the face of the rising white nationalism. And he has legions of angry fanatic followers.

Germans lost the power of their vote after Hitler took power. He promptly divided the people into the “us v them” foundation of nationalism. 

Humanity was divided between the Master Race and all others.

The Right has already largely accomplished this goal of division here. Racial tensions are stoked while the press and non-MAGA Americans are "enemies of the people". Now they are set to seize more power to divide us further, reward the rich, punish the poor, poison our planet, and destroy the rule of law.

That is exactly what the Republican Party and its far Right base will do if we let them.

Voting is all we have to defeat the powers of white nationalism. Decent Americans need to find the way to unite against this rising fascism, even if it means voting for a corporatist candidate. It means voting for EVERY candidate that can defeat ANY member of the Party of Trump. 

By all means, vote for Bernie, or anyone you like in the primaries. Then we must vote for the persons on the ballot that can defeat Trump and his extremist party.

This isn’t just an emergency. It’s a national crisis. The 2020 election may well be the final resistance we have against white nationalism and the Trump crime family.

Just remember in the national election, disunity, third parties, and other acts of political purity only enable Trump.

It should be obvious the struggle against neo-liberal corporatism is only more certain to fail under fascist authoritarianism, so this priority needs to be clear. Just as we needed Stalin to defeat Hitler, we damn well need Democrats to defeat Trump and his crime abetting henchmen.

The bottom line is this. One real choice is going to be on the ballot. 

Fascism: Yes, or no?


U.P. Tim said...

I know I'll be voting against the Orange Stain and his crime family. As noted, this could very well be our last shot at resisting White Nationalism and all of the evil that goes along with it. Still Haven't narrowed down my choice for the primary yet. We'll have to see who is left by the time they get to Michigan.

Dave Dubya said...

I'm for Bernie first, then for any Democrat on the ticket. Even Marianne Williamson, just for being a decent person.

Along with every Republican holding a federal office are the gutless and useless Dems opposing impeachment. History will not flatter these appeasers.

By their useless votes, #BernieOrBust people will be in the same company, for NOT voting against Trump.

And Bernie himself won't be one of them. He knows standing athwart fascism is our only rational option.

U.P. Tim said...

I know Biden is not at the top of my list. Bernie is the only one so far that I've sent a few $$ to support his campaign. I've been sending a few $$ to some Senate campaigns such as Kelly in Ariz., Tammy Duckworth Ill. and Amy McGrath in Kentucky. It'd be so sweet to " Ditch Moscow Mitch ". The Dems at the Houghton County Democrat Party picnic liked my new tee shirt " All in All, He's just another Prick with no wall ". A great conversation starter.