Friday, July 26, 2019

The Right Wing Authoritarian View of Mueller

An “anonymous” Right Wing Authoritarian missed Mueller’s sworn testimony to the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees. Imagine that.  

He asked me about what happened and I'm happy to discuss this.

It doesn’t take a stable genius to understand the Right Wing Authoritarian attitude towards Mueller. Their Right Wing Authoritarian leader hates Mueller, so his Right Wing Authoritarian followers must also embrace that hate. 

He and his Right Wing Authoritarian followers think nothing will come of Mueller's report and appearance before Congress, and that seems to amuse them.

Perhaps they have never heard the expression, “He who laughs last, laughs best.”


Rev. Dave,

What happened to Mueller Time?



As an ordained minister, I am compelled to be honest as possible with fellow human beings, no matter how deplorable, ignorant, angry, hateful, racist, and delusional they may be. 

This is what happened, and how it is viewed by Right Wing Authoritarian personalities.


We understand your confusion.

Mueller spoke words Right Wing Authoritarians cannot understand. It's called Truth.

He said his report was “not a hoax". Not a hoax? The authoritarian mind cannot wrap itself around that concept, can it?

This is something Right Wing Authoritarians will never mentally process, due to cult indoctrination that tells them there was no Russian interference in the election. (Or they don't care.) The same cult indoctrination tells them Trump didn't welcome Russian support. (Or they don't care.) Never mind his criminal toadies are locked up for lying to the FBI about their contacts with Russians.

Right Wing Authoritarians will never understand their authoritarian leader lied about his business with Russia, either. (Or they don't care.) Their brains are a vacuum that absorbs only MAGAt Republican lies, fake news from FOX(R), the daily caller, and hate radio.

So of course Right Wing Authoritarians cannot understand Mueller also confirmed Trump's acts to obstruct justice and interfere with the investigation into Russian intrusion in our election. (Or they don't care.)

"He(Putin) said he didn't do it", oozed the boot-licking Right Wing Authoritarian leader at the Helsinki summit, as he defended the Russian authoritarian leader’s lie. Never before has a US president so openly betrayed our country. Every decent and patriotic American was horrified, except the loyal authoritarian followers. (They don’t care.)

This is because they don’t love our country as much as they openly disdain decency, truth, and democracy.

The Right Wing Authoritarian leader respects only dictators and fellow authoritarian leaders. He's only the most dishonest, corrupt, and criminal racist ever to befoul the White House and betray our nation.

This appeals to Right Wing Authoritarian followers though, because their Right Wing Authoritarian leader hates the same people they do. That's what's most important. Right Wing Authoritarians hate minorities and immigrants for being different. They hate educators, scientists and journalists as well, because they provide information and facts that challenge and disprove their Right Wing Authoritarian cult indoctrination.

This infuriates Right Wing Authoritarian followers and their leader. The anger and hatred form their bond.

And this is why they love him, and believe in him as their messiah and savior sent to make America white again.

Because of an unwise Department of Justice rule, the Right Wing Authoritarian leader is above the law while in the Oval Office. But Mueller confirmed he can be indicted for his many crimes after he loses the election. (And they don’t care...for now.)

Right Wing Authoritarians will be even more angry and hateful when that happens.

If indictments don't happen, then we have a fascist dictatorship. Then Right Wing Authoritarians will be very happy...until the shit hits the fan, as it always does under tyrants.

And as always, Right Wing Authoritarians will not understand any of this reply. (Or they don't care.)

But they'll eventually learn what happened to Mueller Time, by the howls of rage and incessant whining from their precious fake president. 

Mueller’s facts pertaining to the Right Wing Authoritarian leader’s welcoming Russian help and criminal attempts to cover it up are now in the Congressional Record. The facts and evidence are documented for future historians. That’s what happened to the Mueller Report. Right Wing Authoritarians will deny the facts and evidence, of course.

Historical evidence has been recorded, showing the Party of Trump’s unctuous treachery and complicity in their Right Wing Authoritarian leader’s criminal betrayal of our country.

Just as there are no buildings, airports, streets, or highways named after Nixon or Hitler, none will be named after Trump.

His name is already being taken down from buildings all over the world. Soon the Right Wing Authoritarian leader’s name will be found only in the past.

And sooner yet, we'll see his mugshot featured in the news media he hates.

Then the majority of Americans will LOL.

All thanks to the Mueller Report.

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