Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Putin's Puppet Day

Happy First Anniversary!

"My people came to me, Dan Coats came to me and some others they said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin, he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this. I don’t see any reason why it would be...”

A day of infamy and betrayal. 

You're with Trump or you're with America now.


TB3 said...

And our President tries to spin his racism into a conversation about the people he attacks and their love or hate of the country they serve. The JTFs of the world refuse to see the shallow diversion from our President's own issues with loyalty and love of country.

Dave Dubya said...

We know Trump loves nothing more than himself and power.

Millions of authoritarian followers refuse to see anything but a messiah in the narcissistic malevolent misogynist. They embrace him despite his betrayal of our country by bending his knee to Putin. They embrace him despite his open racism. They refuse to see his criminal behavior.

The one thing we learn from his MAGA Cult is how easily Germans were enthralled by Hitler.

The cult's devotion is not from a patriotic love for our country. None of this is love for anything. It is all wrapped in lies and ignorance, with resentment, fear, anger, and hate for others.

This authoritarianism is the inevitable fruit of modern American con-servatism and far Right propaganda. The electoral college has proven to be the fatal flaw of our experiment in democracy.

A few of us saw it coming with the 2000 election and the Bush/Cheney war of aggression, torture, detention without charges, and surveillance state. Now Trump and his white nationalism have taken us closer to fascism than ever imagined.

His rallies are just the American version of Nuremberg and "Triumph of the Will".

A spineless corporate-infused Democratic Party will not pull us from the brink. Either they change dramatically in the opposite direction of the Party of Trump, or the American Republic is finished.

TB3 said...

"They refuse to see his criminal behavior." - DD

At this point it's not a refusal to see, it's a refusal to care. I'm so burnt out from addressing their mental gymnastics and hypocrisy, that I'm just going to satisfy myself with the fact it's going to take a lot for future Republicans to win my vote. When you're arguing with people, and it is arguing at this point, that have decided for themselves what reality is, you're not going to convince them. Point out 'What if Hillary were doing these things?' or 'What if Obama did these things?', they will deflect away rather than consider switching the names in the sentences they use and seeing if they'd be okay with it. It's their team that's doing it. If Trump stands on 5th Avenue and shoots someone, he won't lose a voter. If Obama stands on 5th Avenue and shoots the same person, Trump's voters would lose their pea-brains. Most assuredly because Obama would do it better than Trump, which they wouldn't admit.

"A spineless corporate-infused Democratic Party will not pull us from the brink. Either they change dramatically in the opposite direction of the Party of Trump, or the American Republic is finished." - DD

Unfortunately, it's the Democratic Party we must rely on. You can see this in the policy positions of the the 52-person roster of the Democratic Primary field (Are we able to field an entire baseball team with the number of people running, yet?). There's a shift left coming and R's have only themselves to blame. When you brand everything a D does as socialism and it turns out those things seem popular (ACA, Medicare, SS, Etc), people start to question why Socialism is regarded as negative and are more open to trying it. It's the Reverse-Bigot Who Cried Commie. It's lost all meaning at this point. When asked about D.C. Statehood, McConnell likened it to socialism. What the ever-loving F?

Dave Dubya said...

Trump is a radical Right Wing Authoritarian leader of an authoritarian cult. Most Republicans, and almost all elected Republicans, are in it. The true believers are indoctrinated by a vast propaganda network the defines their reality and tells them who to blame and hate.

It is fascism.

This makes it a dangerous cult. Murderous White Nationalist terrorists have been invoking his name. This will be a significant part of the historical imprint from that evil man.

The fear for me is this. How much worse will this become? Even if Trump loses the election, the cult has been unleashed. He will continue to agitate them, unless he is stripped of twitter and incarcerated for his crimes. Even then, all hell would likely break loose. People will get hurt and killed.

Democrats will not be able to stem the tide of white nationalism. This job is up to any remaining sane and decent Republicans.

I'm glad some have been making the case:

"After last night’s appalling rally, it would be a genuine act of patriotism for Republican elected officials today to denounce both Trump’s rhetoric and the crowd’s chants. They need to do so both for the honor of their party, but, far more important, for the sake of our country." – Bill Kristol

"I challenge every Republican to watch Trump’s rally last night, complete with chants of “Send her back”, and ask if that is the Party of Lincoln and Reagan we signed up for. We are in a fight for the soul of the GOP, and silence is not an option." - Bill Weld