Monday, April 2, 2018

Fascism And State Media

Manipulation of fear, anger, hate, racism and blame has been a primary tool of fascists and tyrants throughout history. Ours is no exception:

Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. “Caravans” coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!

Mexico is doing very little, if not NOTHING, at stopping people from flowing into Mexico through their Southern Border, and then into the U.S. They laugh at our dumb immigration laws. They must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA. NEED WALL!

These big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of DACA. They want in on the act!

As the MAGAt-in-Chief spews his trademark fear-stoking white nationalism, he’s been attacking our free press in new and destructive way.

It goes like this. The Washington Post does its job and prints factual information about Trump and has editorials that criticize Trump. (Never mind they also print Trump shills' BS too.)This has always been the American pattern of free press in  a democracy. 

Trump hates a free press and democracy. He hates and attacks the Washington Post, as he does owner Jeff Bezos. Bezos owns Amazon, so that makes Amazon a target.

Then he lied about Amazon and its stock fell. Then the Stock Market fell. Mind you, this is all around a de-facto trade war Trump started. Now China says it will impose more tariffs on US goods. And there we have it; “reciprocal trade", just what the idiot has been demanding.

Trump’s war on the press is carried out further by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, the owners of a vast network of local TV stations. Former Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn is Sinclair’s resident Minister of Propaganda.

Thus the Big MAGAt belches:

“So funny to watch Fake News Networks, among the most dishonest groups of people I have ever dealt with, criticize Sinclair Broadcasting for being biased. Sinclair is far superior to CNN and even more Fake NBC, which is a total joke.”

The Trumpist Sinclair Broadcast Group has been consolidating vast power over local news , and they are actively taking the role of another FOX(R), forcing their people to become shills for Big MAGAT’s propaganda. They are compelled to participate in the mass regurgitation of Sinclair’s mandatory propaganda campaign masking as local editorials.  “...We’re concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media,” the script read. “Some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias. ... This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

NO. Forcing journalists to read pro-regime propaganda is dangerous to democracy. 

“Some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias.”

How is THAT for blatant projection? Sinclair's "Terrorism Alert Desk" also does its best to keep viewers in fear of the dreaded "others".

Goebbels employed the same tactics of fear-mongering and accusing others of what Nazis were doing.

Yes, the Big MAGAt has installed his white nationalist neo-fascism in the US government. He has his own "state media" working for his agenda of lies and treachery.

The only Republicans speaking out against him are the ones not running for office.

The entire elected Republican Party is now complicit with the extreme far Right agenda, and defends the Big MAGAt from accountability and justice.

How can this end well? 

Since it involves either the Republicans finding morality, or the Democrats taking both Houses of Congress, I can’t see any way justice can prevail. 

Because of the present gerrymandered and disproportionately rigged electoral system in the House and Senate favoring Republicans, Democrats often need double digit higher vote count percentages to regain more fairly proportioned representation

Yes the system is absolutely rigged in favor of the Party of Trump.

Decency is gone and truth is quashed. The economy is on the precipice and all the Cult wants is a wall, to punish brown people, and to ”lock her up”.

All that’s left of the Republican Party is greed and hate.

And they have a one-party dictatorship.

It all seems so unreal. Yet, here we are.

I now return you to your abnormal 3-D cartoon world. That’s all folks.


One Fly said...


Ex Con servative said...

I agree, it does seem so unreal. And it's damn frustrating.

Sadly enough, even with all the crap and chaos that has led up to this point, this Sinclair deal has me more concerned that anything else. It's really scary. It's refreshing to see the hypocrisy pointed out, yet it may not be enough. Too many people are mindlessly floating along.

We are on the brink of another economic meltdown. My hope would be that if it hits soon enough, the Democrats can maybe take both branches. If it's too severe though.....I dread to think about it.

This whole thing is just so sad and pathetic.

Dave Dubya said...

John Oliver to Sinclair: “Nothing says ‘we value independent media’ like dozens of reporters forced to repeat the same message over and over again like members of a brainwashed cult.”

Like a lost runaway joining a cult, America surrendered its conscience, mind, and soul to an authoritarian regime. And Trump wasn't the first. In 2004 we re-elected a man who lied us into war.

U.P. Tim said...

I agree that the possible Sinclair deal to expand into more TV markets is really scary shit. If their deal with the Tribune goes thru they'll have access to about 72% of homes. State-run media could be just around the corner. I fear that the FCC is on the side of the " Lying Asshole In-Chief ". I haven't heard much lately on how their war on net neutrality is going. We don't need more mindless people joining the cult of CRAP.

Dave Dubya said...


Thank you for making the effort to select and refer to some actual content, for a change. I take this as a compliment.

And of course, being unable to factually refute any of it puts you back on track to your usual MO. So, unfortunately I cannot return your compliment, until you actually prove me wrong.

No matter how long that may take, I take comfort in knowing my long wait will be richly rewarded with the loonier alternative truths of the Party of Trump.

For if nothing else, you are a loyal follower of your authoritarian Dear Leader. His boss Putin also thanks you for your support, since you DO want to be friends with Putin after all.

How loony is that? Authoritarian birds all flocking together. Warms my heart.

Majormajor said...

Dave Dubya Announces His Prediction For 2008

(April 12, 2007)

"Our next president will be Fred Thompson."

How loony is that?

Dave Dubya said...


Thank you for going back over 10 years to find a prediction that didn't come true. Not a bad record.

And how loony was it that I predicted a Hollywood celebrity as the next Republican president?

That could never happen, amirite?

Majormajor said...

Dave Dubya's Freedom Rants

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"This was not to be the last time that I really wished I was wrong."

Majormajor said...

Senator Dick Durbin Questions Sinclair’s Editorial Decisions, But No One Questioned The Biased Left Wing Producer Who Resigned In Protest....

Sinclair's decision was to let it's customers know they would not be getting “biased” and “false news” from Sinclair. Why would the left be opposed to this? Could it be due to they need biased and false news?...Nah, not our left.

Dave Dubya said...

You seem to be looking for something to do today.

I have a polite and reasonable suggestion. How about you examine your statement on Sinclair and let us know how you think a non-con would respond? Example: Is is "journalism", or corporate Right wing bias, for corporate employers to mandate the mass teleprompter reading of their opinions, yet forbid other views?

That way we can see if you understand our perspective. Are you up to that?

Or to make it more simple for you, how about you enlighten us, with supporting evidence, on what "false news" you and Sinclair are referring to?

Should be an easy one, amirite?

For a bonus point, you could try to figure out why I allow you to communicate here, while Mr. Paine banned me, like Sinclair does with dissenting opinions. Feel free to consult with him for your answer. It might take both of you to work out an answer.

Or let's give you something easy that you can handle. Copy and paste, "Dave, you and the mainstream press are nothing like Sinclair and FOX(R) because you allow different viewpoints".

We await your conservative wisdom.

Majormajor said...


Here is what you are missing

Opinion is not the same thing as fact.

News is not opinion, it is facts.

Not here to discuss your opinion if Fox News or Sinclair present facts, cause they do. Both allow different opinions for discussion of events but the reporting of the event is fact based. The discussion on the event is one that reflects different opinions.

Watch FOX News and you will see a variety of opinions the discussion, not the reporting.

I have no idea why you allow me to communicate here, or if it has anything to do with what Mr. Paine has done. So why bring that up?

Example, is it fact that President Trump broke the law in order to win the 2016 election?

Dave Dubya said...


If you really think I don’t know news and facts from opinion, then I was correct about you not understanding me, and by extension everyone who disagrees with you. I never suggested FOX(R) and $inclair do not report facts. They do report standard news stories. But they do more than that, don’t they? And the selectively ignore many facts as well. They serve Trump, after all.

I can honestly say they present falsehoods in their mutual echo chamber with Trump, but you cannot admit that fact. Just like you can’t admit they are now virtually “state media” sycophants by definition. Remember when you howled about “state media”? What happened? LOL.

”what Mr. Paine has done. So why bring that up?”

It is an example of contrasting an openness to different views and censoring it.

Maybe you can help us out and inform us who on FOX(R) has advocated progressive ideas like universal health insurance or banning easily converted military style weapons. Does Sinclair and FOX(R) pay commenters to shill for Hillary like the others do for Trump? If so, who are they?

Do you think these questions are unfair?

You seem to avoid evidence and examples of this “false news” that you, Trump, and Sinclair whine about.

Here’s your chance to enlighten us.

“Is it fact that President Trump broke the law in order to win the 2016 election? “

The only way to find out is to let the investigations discover the facts.

Paying off a porn star might have violated election laws. Since he admitted to past criminal sex offenses this fits the pattern.

I can say the guilty party acts guilty, and wants to shut it down. To fire Comey, and brag to Russians in the Oval Office about shutting down an investigation into Russian interference doesn’t exactly pass the smell test, does it?

Enlighten us, please.

Majormajor said...

"I never suggested FOX(R) and $inclair do not report facts."

That is your opinion.

"I can honestly say they present falsehoods"

Can you honestly say MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC never do?

“state media” sycophants"

Like when GWB added Chaney to his ticket, all of the above in their reporting same used the word "gravitas".. You mean like that sycophants?

"Does Sinclair and FOX(R) pay commenters to shill for Hillary like the others do for Trump?"

Is this your opinion or a fact you can direct me to?

'who on FOX(R) has advocated progressive ideas"

Juan Williams, Eric Swalwell, Tamara Holder, James Carville, FOR THE RECORD FOX has invited many progressive, liberal or leftist to their broadcasts, most decline. Maxine Waters and HRC have a standing invitation to appear anytime. Can the same be said about

"Do you think these questions are unfair?"

Unlike you, who rarely if ever answers my questions claiming in one case they were a trap, in another not worthy of your time, my answer is no. More importantly, so what if I did? "What difference at this point does it make?"

"Paying off a porn star might have violated election laws."

Fact, opinion or wishful thinking?

So what's the crime that doesn't pass your smell test?

Since we are on the subject of what you call the "state media", when is the State going to shut down all news outlets except Fox and Sinclair?

Dave Dubya said...


As we know, unlike FOX(R), MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC correct their false information. This is the difference between journalism and propaganda.

You gave us a straight answer to one question anyway. Good job! Thanks for your list of the Democrats allowed on FOX(R).

As a gesture of good will, I’ll answer two of your questions.

So what's the crime that doesn't pass your smell test?

Obstruction of Justice. Did you see his private session with Russians in the Oval Office? Smell the borscht?

Since we are on the subject of what you call the "state media", when is the State going to shut down all news outlets except Fox and Sinclair?

News outlets don’t have to be shut down to be censored, attacked, blamed, scapegoated, marginalized, manipulated, undermined and accused. These are all tactics of Trump and the radical Right.

The fact Trump recruits from FOX(R) indicates they are his state media.

The fact Trump openly praises FOX(R) and Sinclair indicates they are his state media.

The fact Trump openly attacks mainstream media and calls them an “enemy of the people” indicates hostility to our First Amendment rights to free speech and a free press.

The question we don’t expect an answer to is, “How about you enlighten us, with supporting evidence, on what "false news" you and Sinclair are referring to?”

Not even Sinclair cited evidence for their case. Why is that? Because their case isn’t for the truth, but to undermine other sources of information that don’t support their political propaganda. Like your Party of Trump, you can’t prove the accusations of “fake news” by offering evidence. The Right needs to constantly spew baseless accusations and blame to deflect from the truth and keep their base angry at their opponents.

Birtherism is one of your leader’s favorites, isn’t it? He’s your number one source of real fake news, but you cannot admit to that basic fact. Instead, you must regurgitate and believe. That is your duty as a loyal authoritarian follower.

For your loyalty, you win a MAGA hat. Enjoy it while you can, before it inevitably gets recognized as the last symbol of white nationalism, like the Confederate flag has been.

Majormajor said...


I guess your news outlets didn't tell you this,

"The Trump administration on Friday sanctioned seven oligarchs with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, including Putin’s son-in-law and a businessman connected to President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman.

Included in the sanctions list is Oleg Deripaska, a billionaire who has been connected to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who is now under indictment for money laundering allegations. Manafort’s relationship with Deripaska is under scrutiny from special counsel Robert Mueller."

Or this:
The 10 Different Reasons the Mueller Investigation is Unconstitutional.

1.Rosenstein’s special counsel order identifies collusion as the crime but no such crime exists in US Law.

2. Mueller’s investigation exceeds the scope of special counsel law which requires the scope of a special counsel to be specific. Rosenstein created the special counsel with a scope that is so broad it is not supported by this law.

3. Mueller accepted the special counsel position with known conflicts of interest.

4. Rosenstein and Mueller’s entire team have known conflicts of interest.

5. The Investigation exceeds the scope of Jeff Sessions’ recusal of only 2016 campaign related matters. Mueller’s scope is much broader.

6. Rosenstein’s original authorization to Mueller extended to
“Russia government collusion” in 2016 campaign only. By pressing charges against Manafort for 2006 actions, Mueller’s scope is much broader.

7. Rosenstein does not have authorization over tax crimes. Only the Assistant Attorney General in charge of Tax Division can authorize
indictments of tax crimes.

8. Rosenstein’s letter tells Mueller only to look to Rosenstein
for clarification of Mueller’s authorization. Rosenstein is not the
Attorney General of the United States, and could not monopolize
supervision of Mueller for matters that did not relate to Sessions’

9. By Rosenstein issuing his expanded authorization to Mueller
in secret, Rosenstein created a secret inquisitor, unelected and
un-appointed by elected officials, with all the powers of the federal
criminal law enforcement, but none of the democratic checks and

10. The special counsel law requires that the Attorney General
create the special counsel when a criminal investigation is warranted.
There was no reason for Rosenstein to create the special counsel that
could not have been addressed with other means, if necessary.

Some State media!

Tell me Dave, how has racism in American effected you personally?

You wonder why you were banned from Mr. Paine's site? Here's why, it's your posts like this, "As a gesture of good will, I’ll answer two of your questions". Never mind the rest, I can see two questions are your limit of mental capacity

One Fly said...

this guy ain't right

Dave Dubya said...

One Fly,
He's FAR Right, out of the bounds of reality.

It's hilarious how he posts some pro-Trump, Birther, Gateway Pundit claptrap as "Some State Media". Even a broken clock is right once or twice a day. LOL! Trump LOVES Gateway Pundit.

His source is a far Right hate-merchant corporate suit, not even a lawyer. But that's fine with the Trump Cult. Anyone who says anything that supports their Cult Leader is seen as wise and truthful.


Racism helped elect Trump. It effects people of color all the time. Note the killings of unarmed Blacks continues. If you actually knew any Black people, they could tell you. But of course you only believe your birther cult leader. That is how racism effects you.

"I can see two questions are your limit of mental capacity"

Thank you for the example. I said nothing nearly as insulting as this, yet got banned by Mr. Paine.

Who are the real delicate snowflakes? Cons can dished it out, but they can't take it.

Typical of all authoritarians and bullies.


Gateway Pundit Accused Wrong Person Of Las Vegas Shooting

Gateway Pundit Framed Wrong Person In Charlottesville, VA, Attack

Gateway Pundit Attacked Wrong Asian Woman For “Sneaking Photos” At Hearing

Gateway Pundit Claimed Picture Of Cleveland's NBA Title Parade Was Trump Rally

Gateway Pundit Pushed Fake Story About Bus Of Paid Protesters

Gateway Pundit Fell For Hoax About Paid Protest Group

Gateway Pundit Falsely Claimed John Podesta Said “It’s OK For Illegals To Vote With Driver’s License”

Gateway Pundit Posted -- Then Removed -- Article Claiming Clinton Campaign Manager Deleted Tweets Because Of FBI Announcement

Gateway Pundit Falsely Claimed Obama Made Confederate Flag Pin In 2012

Gateway Pundit Falsely Claimed CNN Lightened Photo Of Fort Lauderdale Shooter

Gateway Pundit Fell For Fake Photo Of Oregon Shooter

Gateway Pundit Claimed “Tests Show" Obama’s Birth Certificate Is “A Forgery”

Gateway Pundit Fell For Parody Article About Obama Birth Certificate

Gateway Pundit Falsely Claimed Michelle Obama Deleted Hillary Tweets

Gateway Pundit Fell For Twitter Joke About Postal Voter Fraud

Gateway Pundit Suggested Hillary Clinton Had “A Seizure On Camera”

Gateway Pundit Fell For Racist Hoax Video About Anti-Trump Vandalism

Gateway Pundit Lie: Trump Would Have Won Popular Vote If Not For “Illegal Vote Tally”

Gateway Pundit Thought Closed Captioning On Jumbotron Was Applause Instructions

Gateway Pundit Falsely Claimed Obama Was Going To "Ban Sport Fishing"

Gateway Pundit Falsely Claimed Obamacare Allows “‘Forced’ Home Inspections”

Gateway Pundit Suggested Obama Was “Photoshopped Into Famous Situation Room Photo” Taken During Bin Laden Raid

Gateway Pundit Fell For Fake Photo Claiming Obama Patted Melania Trump On The Butt

Gateway Pundit Fell For Fake Facebook Page To Claim Mass Shooter Was Obama Fan

Dave Dubya said...


Did you know the Black unemployment rate shot to over 16% after being hit by the Bush financial collapse and Great Recession? Under Obama it was reduced by half, down to the level before the Bush Great Recession. You want to credit your birther cult leader, and not the Black Guy, of course.

And for some reason, you want to invoke black crime rates. Why not poverty crime rates, since you're "not racist"?

Sorry Dave, nothing I quoted was from the Gateway Pundit, so what's your point?

Better check your source, Sport.

Remember when one of my points was how you plagiarize and fail to cite sources? My point now is your ignorance, dishonesty, or both, are now on full display.

I never complained about racism effecting me personally. The fact is it effects millions. Only a racist would deny this.

Your fellow white nationalists are the ones whining most about being victims. Do you want to tell us about that?

Majormajor said...


Did you know none of what you post reflects on today's record low unemployment rate, period. Obama left office with a Black unemployment rate of 7.7% on 12/2016 per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics... Feb. 2018 it is now 5.9%. Last time that low was 11/73 at 5.8% under President Nixon, or was that due to Obama?

Sporty I haven't quoted from Gateway, enough said on that. But if it is good enough for Joe Biden, Rep. Ami Bera (D-CA), Sen. John Walsh (D-MT), Mary Burke, candidate for WI (D)governor, Susan Wismer, (D) candidate for SD governor, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), Michelle Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Barack Obama, it should be good enough for anyone else, right sporty?

"I never complained about racism effecting me personally. The fact is it effects millions. Only a racist would deny this."

Tell me how it effects millions?

Dave Dubya said...

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the Black unemployment rate is 6.9%, down from 7.8% in January 2017. You are wrong again.

AND you failed to source your information again. Two strikes, buddy. Praising Trump for a one point reduction, and ignoring the 8 point reduction under Obama looks a bit slanted, don't you think?

I grow weary babysitting a liar. What you copied and dumped was from Joe Hoft, brother of Gateway Pundit propagandist James Hoft. Go and see. If you can admit your error, you're welcome back to the discussion. More liar crap, and bye, bye.

"I never complained about racism effecting me personally. The fact is it effects millions. Only a racist would deny this."

Tell me how it effects millions?

We know you're just trolling. The fact is it effects millions. Only a racist would question this. ;-)

Majormajor said...

You are wrong, check your I'm trolling for asking you a question?!

This "state media" report ought to make your head explode...

"President Trump" is a 'microaggression' word(s) for liberal leftist democrats as his popularity continues to climb.

In 2010, as President Obama’s popularity spiraled downward, Jeff Greenfield wrote for CBS News that “historically, no president in modern times has significantly improved his approval numbers in his second year.” Don’t look now, but some polls show President Trump is doing just that.

In the second year of his presidency, President Trump’s approval ratings are climbing, to the utter horror of liberals, who cannot for the life of them understand why."

Ban me already, it will not change the fact that you are wrong about Gateway Pundit...nothing will ever change your mind, you must believe falsehoods in order to survive the horrors of living Black in America. Google "democrats who plagiarized" and tell me were you find Gateway won't cause it will prove you wrong again.

"Only a racist would question this. ;-)",,,,only a extreme left wing liberal would make that statement...


Majormajor said...

More news from the "state media" that will cause the head's of Black liberal leftists democrats to explode..." "how can this be" they whine in disbelief...

Bob Johnson founder of BET say on CNBC program "Squawk Box" said the economy and the lowest level of Black unemployment in decades is due to President Trump's tax cuts.
Never knew CNBC was a part of the state media.

Dave Dubya said...

Well, true to his authoritarian personality, and obvious racism, MajorMAGAt has worn out his welcome.

Ban me already, it will not change the fact that you are wrong about Gateway Pundit...nothing will ever change your mind, you must believe falsehoods in order to survive the horrors of living Black in America.

If you say so, sport. Time to grab your tiki torch and join your "very fine people".

HERE IT IS=> The 10 Different Reasons the Mueller Investigation is Unconstitutional!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"...this guy ain't right." ~~ One Fly

Ya' think? ;-)

You'll have to excuse Chuck. He suffers from profound psychosexual desires that conflict with his psudo-christian upbringing. He hates anyone that's not white, or anyone who doesn't think like he and his racist white nationalist fuhrer.

He's, if I were forced to provide an adequate descriptor, totally fucked up.

But he already knows all this.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"The entire elected Republican Party is now complicit with the extreme far Right agenda, and defends the Big MAGAt from accountability and justice.

How can this end well?
" ~~ Dave Dubya

That's the $1.5 trillion question, isn't it? You ask whether Republicans will discover morality? That's unlikely, probably impossible. That party's corruption and deceit are beyond redemption.

As far as the Congress going blue this fall, what difference will it really make? The whole damn political apparatus has been bought and sold to the highest bidder.

Until a serious conscienceness-raising takes place, which isn't out of the question, we're only putting off the inevitable. The race to the bottom continues.

Jefferson's Guardian said...


Let's call it "consciousness-raising" and call it a day. ;-)

Playing Chuck's game, did you see where last month's projected employment figures were abysmally off target? Not even close!

When Trump's house-of-cards finally folds upon itself, I can't wait to see Chuck struggling to blame the black guy. LOL

Hey Chuck! Your fuhrer is denying knowledge of the $130K nondisclosure agreement with his lover, Stormy Daniels. The stupid ass that he is, Trump just handed her a gift. I now understand your reverence for him. LOL

I wonder whether, in the history of our republic, we've ever had a president as stupid as this one?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

And yet another GOP sexual pervert bites the dust. Blake Farenthold, out of Texas, calls it quits.

If we just allow the #metoo movement a wide enough berth, it'll take down every one of those sexually perverted and repressed conservatives without the Democratic Party having to lift a finger.

Conservatives can't help themselves. It's part of their abnormal psychosexual upbringing. They're accustomed to preying on everybody, no matter the methods or circumstances. And, of course, they always renounce the victims and rally around the perpetrators. Trump is only one example.

When the pervert-in-chief meets with the evangelicals soon, I wonder what he'll say? My guess is the church leaders will congregate in a series of circle-jerks and live vicariously through their very tainted leader. ;-) What else can they do? They're just as much a part of the problem.

Dave Dubya said...


Let's call it "consciousness-raising" and call it a day. ;-)

There can be no "revolution", or even progress, without an evolution of consciousness and conscience, as is being demonstrated by school shooting victims. Therein lies the threat to authoritarianism. This is why the Right MUST wage war on public education, social programs, and science itself.

Just the Facts! said...

Hey Dave, got my copy of the 10 reasons from Poltico, stupid sss.

Dave Dubya said...

Just the Facts!,

Thanks for stepping up.

Couldn't share the link, eh? Maybe we should ask "Majormajor"? ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Chuck, the notorious plagiarist, strikes again!

Really, Dave, would you expect anything else? You know Chuck doesn't have even one original thought or idea he can call his own. It's impossible. He's, after all, a conservative. ;-)

Dave Dubya said...

He's not just conservative. He is on the extreme, "very fine people", far Right. His latest comments were more resentments directed at the Black Guy. He goes that way once his anger gets ramped up.

Amazingly after Majormajor whined, "Ban me already, it will not change the fact that you are wrong about Gateway Pundit..." we heard from "Just the Facts".

I guess he banned himself, and chose to return reincarnated.

He sure proved me wrong about Gateway Pundit, didn't he?

He proves once they lie, the cult member has to stick to it. Kim Jong Don gets away with it, so they think they can too.

That's our Cult of Right-wing Authoritarian Personalities. The MAGAts have found their home in their CRAPpy belief system.