Thursday, April 19, 2018

Angry White American Conservatives

We know the routine. When White American Conservatives feel their privileged social order is threatened they become angry. They started a Civil War when slavery was no longer accepted in a free country. They opposed the civil rights movement and school integration. The very same racism and resentment from the past lingers today and fuels the KKK, white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

You wouldn’t know it from their howling accusations about “Leftist suppression of free speech” in higher education, but far Right white hate groups have been increasing their recruitment activities on college campuses across the country. For some reason Conservatives had no problem when Liberty University de-recognized its campus Democratic club, saying the national party’s platform went against the school’s "moral principles". But Trump is fine, amirite?

As a political weapon, Conservatives have seized the authority to unilaterally define terms of our political and policy debates. They root their dogma in one-sided definitions such as “liberal media”, “death taxes”,  “death panels”, “right to work”, and now even “liberal and leftist” Americans.

Their decades long campaign to smear and demonize the word “liberal” has come back to bite them. Liberals resisted, and reclaimed the word for themselves.

Far Right Conservative Dennis Prager has taken the authority upon himself to separate and redefine “liberals” apart from “leftists”, in order to divide and conquer. Spoiler alert: "Leftists hate America, oppose capitalism, oppose border security, and promote a progressive agenda". The far Right immediately accepted his definitions as absolute. It is the way of all authoritarian followers.

Leftists/Liberals don’t have to redefine words to define American white Conservatives. Instead, we let the historical record define them. In the past, white Americans, no matter how poor, enjoyed a higher social status than minorities. As civil rights and equality expanded, they felt they were the ones becoming marginalized. For the privileged, equality is viewed as oppression.

This meant they had to oppose the advocates of racial equality, minority voter rights, women’s rights, social justice, and democracy.

Angry White American Conservatives were originally Tories loyal to the Crown and then racist slave owners who started a war of treason.

Later Angry White American Conservatives were/are...

...opposed to Blacks having the right to vote.
...opposed to women having the right to vote.
...opposed to child labor laws.
...opposed to labor safety laws.
...opposed to FDR and Social Security.
...opposed to interracial marriage.
...opposed to the civil rights movement.
...opposed to school integration.
...opposed to Medicare.
...opposed to Medicaid.
...opposed to all public healthcare apart from the V.A.
...opposed to public schools and teachers’ rights to negotiate pay and work conditions.
...opposed to public universities and faculty.
...opposed to labor rights and unions.
...opposed to women’s reproductive rights.
...opposed to scientific consensus on greenhouse gasses.
...opposed to a free press critical of Nixon, Reagan, the Bush Dynasty, and Trump.
...opposed to regulating banks and Wall Street.
...opposed to minorities' access to voter registration and polls.
...opposed to environmental regulations
...opposed to LGBTQ equality.
...opposed to democracy itself by vote suppression, gerrymandering, and seizing disproportionate representation in the Senate and Congress.

There are small minorities of White American Conservatives who differed to some degree on some of these issues. Some still believe in personal character and speak out against the Party of Trump. 

But the Angry White Conservatives largely remain loyal to the Party of Trump and still hold to these positions.

While the far Right needs to invent meanings of words to define those who disagree with them, we let their own actions and words define them.


Jerry Critter said...

It seems very clear to me that liberals want to move the country forward in a way that makes life better for most people. Conservatives, on the other hand, want to maintain the status quo or move the country back in time in a way that makes life better for a very few of the people.

Majormajor said...

What's your take on the largest racist organization in the USA, the Nation of Islam?

Here's what the Southern Poverty Law Center says:

"Since its founding in 1930, the Nation of Islam (NOI) has grown into one of the wealthiest and best-known organizations in black America, offering numerous programs and events designed to uplift African Americans. Nonetheless, its bizarre theology of innate black superiority over whites — a belief system vehemently and consistently rejected by mainstream Muslims — and the deeply racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBT rhetoric of its leaders, including top minister Louis Farrakhan, have earned the NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate."

U.P. Tim said...

I believe most on the right believe that equality feels like oppression, if your privileged.

Majormajor said...

U.P. Tim
Share with us your personal experiences that leads you to believe what you posted.

Dave Dubya said...


I wouldn't surrender to Majormajor's demand until he addresses my post. He ignored it because either he wouldn't read it, has no thoughts to offer, or he's afraid everything I said is correct. He really hates to discuss points of the post's topic and prefers to make demands, just like a Right-wing Authoritarian Personality.

How does that phrase of theirs go? That's very white of him?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Good writing, Dave. Nice counter-piece to T. Paine's most recent bulls**t. The truth is deadly to conservatives -- like daylight to vampires -- and their obvious alt-reich owners.

You're able to throw open the drapes and the windows, while saturating the putrid stench of lies and innuendo with cleansing sunlight and fresh air.

You provide valued and needed resistance to the rightwing propaganda-machine. Keep up the good work.

Dave Dubya said...


I'm thankful for Majormajor for his entertainment value. He thinks he has our number and gets our goat. That's so hilarious! He's a classic Right-wing Authoritarian Follower Personality, A blindly loyal, true believer, Trumpist to the core. We laugh while he gets angry, just like most of the world does with Trump.

According to their own propagandists, con-servatives get their news and opinions from "entertainers" like Hannity and Limbaugh.

Majormajor, TP, et al. are just doing their best to entertain us, along with themselves, with their propaganda.

They have succeeded in entertaining us, but unlike their Cult, we don't buy their C.R.A.P. dogma as anything even remotely tethered to reality.

Thus they become suspicious and resentful, and ultimately angry at anyone outside their Cult of Right-wing Authoritarian Personalities.

We lowly unbelievers are both "snowflakes" and bullies to them. Yes, they always want it both ways.

Con-servatives like to see themselves as tough guys, taunting the delicate snowflakes, but they quickly play their pathetic victim card whenever we take a stand against their anger, hate and ignorance.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"According to their own propagandists, con-servatives get their news and opinions from 'entertainers' like Hannity and Limbaugh." ~~ Dave Dubya

And it's only going to get worse -- way worse. Conservatives and the Alt-Reich have already been bamboozled and faked for years. Now with advances in technology, a 1984 and Brave New World dystopian combination, with who knows what else, is just around the corner.

Yes, they're coming for our minds. The next really horrifying red-flag may be totally made-up (unlike only parts of 9/11).

Ex Con servative said...

Everything in this column is "Right" on the money.Another great one Dave.

White privilege still runs deep in this country. The comeback to it is to use the "reverse" racism card. It can be a sign of being naive,or racist, or both. What it really is is a classic right wing projection technique. Project all of one's character flaws and sins
onto the "opposition."

Ironically, all the oppression in this country that the right so vehemently denies exists, and resists any change to, would actually make this country and the world a better place for all of us if it were addressed. I don't get it.

The whole racism thing from a logical standpoint is absurd. Since we are all different, at what point do we become "Too" different? At our core we all have a lot more in common than we have differences as a species....we all bleed red so to speak.

The right uses race to stir up anger and hate unfairly,and uses this to control people to the advantage of their political and economic agenda. Pretty sad. They then accuse the left of doing the same thing. Even more sad.

Hannity and Limbaugh use the "Entertainer" card as a way out when they are called out on their lies, yet their listeners take their BS as truth, which makes them so dangerous. Pretty pathetic when the President, and even some Supreme Court Justices use them as a "news" source. Are we becoming the new Germany?

The slimy Right has turned the word Liberal into a dirty bad thing. Thanks Dave for pointing out all the good that the Left has done in this country, and the world. It's the battle of people versus power, ethics versus corruption, and what's good in people versus what is ugly in them.

Just to make it clear, the Left is NOT always against capitalism. It is against the excesses and corruption in it when it goes unregulated. Look to the Scandinavian countries for great examples of a good healthy quality of life mix between government and capitalism.It makes for a REAL democracy, and keeps the corruption in check. Inclusion equals democracy.

If any word should be a dirty word right now it should be the "C" word. I hate to even say it anymore.

Dave Dubya said...


When are you going to address the post topic? Afraid of the topic? Afraid of the facts?

When will you stop your authoritarian off-topic demands?

When are you going to open your eyes?

I've already condemned racism from anyone. Unlike your devotion to your Orange Savior, I never supported NOI.

I have't even seen you "disavow" NOI yet. Not that I would demand it.

When are you going to disavow Trump and his fellow white racists? Are you one of them?

And why haven't you agreed Hitler was a racist? Instead you openly embraced a definition of racism that wouldn't include persecution of Jews by the "Master Race".

Afraid to answer?

Nicht wahr, mein Herr?

I salute your authority on the matter. Further deflections from the post topic will be filtered.

Dave Dubya said...


If there’s to be hope for our species, the subject of that article should be taught in every school.

The enemies of democracy, equality, peace, justice, and freedom have always first needed to be enemies of the truth.

This psychological mechanism has been mastered by the propagandists of the radical Right. It started with their Big Lie, “liberal media”.

These two statements from the article sum it up.

“When people lie or stretch the truth, sometimes that itself distorts their memory,” Frenda says. “So they will sometimes incorporate their lies or exaggerations into what it is to what they think they genuinely remember.”


“We’re not so far from the collapse of reality,” as Franklin Foer recently summed up at the Atlantic.

And that is the ultimate goal of con-servatism. They are rapidly building their own Orwellian version of reality. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”.

Jerry Critter said...

Looks like you have a groupie! He following you from blog to blog asking the same questions. LOL!

Majormajor said...

Hi Jerry! Notice you followed me here, got a man crush?

Why do you think Dave is afraid to answer the same questions? LOL

Majormajor said...

The left's new her best, Dave's heartthrob I'm sure...LOL

Dave Dubya said...


MajorMAGAt thinks he has the authority to demand an answer to what I've already made clear.

He's still very frightened of discussing my post's content, and wants to deflect.

And besides, why should I owe a response to someone who thinks Hitler wasn't a racist?

But he sees lots of Black racists. What does that make him?

There should be word for that. Hmmm...

Christian White Nationalists and the Nation of Islam are two sides of the same coin. Neither represent, and both contradict, their respective faiths.

Just for MM. I disavow both racist hate groups.

Now it's his turn to answer us why Hitler wasn't a racist, but Black people are.

Majormajor said...

Does Dave support this, or is he still trying to figure out if Hitler was a racist?

D.C. City Councilman Trayon White Sr. (D.) donated to an event in Chicago where National of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan again denounced Jews.

White donated $500 from his constituent services account to the Chicago event known as "Saviours’ Day," the Washington Post reports. Campaign finance law dictates that the constituent services account's privately-raised funds must be used on D.C. residents.

White denied knowing about the payment. However, the account's treasurer, Darryl Ross, said otherwise.

"He said to me, ‘I want you to make a payment to the Nation of Islam for Saviours’ Day,’" Ross told the Post. "So I went on the website to get the information I needed in order to make the payment."

The D.C. Office of Campaign Finance has demanded that White turn over all documents pertaining to the donation for investigation. If found to have improperly spent the funds, White could be fined.

At the Saviours' Day convention, Farrakhan said "powerful Jews are my enemy" and that Jews controlled the FBI.

White has a history of praise for the Nation of Islam and has been embroiled in a series of scandals where he has made anti-Semitic comments. He made a visit this week to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum but asked questions revealing little knowledge about the Holocaust and wound up leaving early.
Jack Heretik

Now do I get to say because it took you so long to disavow the largest racist organization in the USA that you are soft on black racism?

Dave Dubya said...

The left's new hero... I interpret this as someone he hates.

As we wonder what the hell MM's new definition of "hero" is.

Like Hitler was MM's hero? Hmm. So far, all we get from him is hate for Blacks.

Why else would he be so insistent on pushing his obsession with NOI?

He's too frightened to say. Maybe he would speak more openly with a hood on. Or would a tiki torch build up his nerve? How about a nice banner and armband?

I fought the lawn. And the lawn won. said...

I'll say one thing for the Nation Of Islam... they are not stooges for the Russian mob.

Unlike Comrade Narcissus...

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Majormajor's recent comments directed to Dave Dubya from a conservative blog called Saving Common Sense, with my response:

"Last I heard Hitler is dead since 1945 so maybe your can explain your fear of him?" ~~ Majormajor (aka, Chuck)

Typical deflective maneuver on your part, Chuck, not answering what Dave actually asked you. Still playing the same games, I see.

"I am against all forms of racism, white and black, just like you..." ~~ Majormajor (aka, Chuck)

Since you've totally skewed and redefined the normally accepted definition of "racism" (which also excludes Adolf Hitler from being racist), I'm not convinced.

What are your feelings about other people of color?

"Have I ever said I was for Hitler?" ~~ Majormajor (aka, Chuck)

I don't specifically recall, but you've concluded (by your own narrow interpretation of the word), that Hitler was not a racist.

Just for clarification, do you believe Adolf Hitler was a racist?

Granted it's very early in the day, and I'm always willing to give benefit of the doubt, but I assure everyone reading this that Chuck will not answer my questions. He'll tap-dance as much and as long as he can, but there's no doubt I'll never get a legitimate or straightforward reply.

Right Chuck!?

Dave Dubya said...


MM's pattern is established.

He responded to my request to address the topic, or even Hitler's racism, with yet another reference to NOI.

Agreement that “very fine people” marched with Nazis, reluctance to admit Hitler was a racist, hatred for Muslims, hatred for liberals, hatred for a free press, scorn for democracy, obsession with NOI, says Obama is a fan of NOI, hate for the Black president, shown to be an unquestioning loyal authoritarian follower of the racist birther Big MAGAt, etc.

Not only does Majormajor fit the profile, he's made it quite clear, in fact. The evidence is overwhelming. There is no doubt in my mind.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"He'll tap-dance as much and as long as he can, but there's no doubt I'll never get a legitimate or straightforward reply [from Chuck]." ~~ Jefferson's Guardian

Chuck's had all day, yet declines to answer my questions.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you've never seen one (before besides Donald Trump), here's a bona fide racist. Let me introduce you to Majormajor -- also known, simply, as "Chuck".

Dave Dubya said...

"Black Racism".

We seem to hearing a lot about Black racism for some reason. Hmm.

What kind of person would go on a yammering tirade, howling about the Nation of Islam, only to include Obama as a fellow racist? The drumbeat of white supremacy is here.

MajorMAGAt devoted most of his remarks in this thread to attacking the Black guys he feels free to hate. Then he included the Black president.

MajorMAGAt indicated the Black president is the real racist by being in a photo of the Congressional Black Caucus meeting Farrakhan.

The Black president denounced NOI's racism, but MajorMAGAt doesn't accept the words of a Black president.

But are we to accept MajorMAGAt's words? Why not? He's as honest as Trump.

His words tell more truth than intended. He IS the title of the post. He is our Angry White Conservative.

He knows the post was all about him and his fellow members of the C.R.A.P. He wants to deflect and distract. But has he done that?

He's taken the time to show us the face of White Nationalism.

And for that we thank him.

But we're done hearing about the Nation of Islam. After all, that is HIS chosen topic that he's trying to force down our throats. We've tolerated it as a case study in White Nationalism.

But no more.

He is free to comment on my post topic. He is free to disagree with anything. He can offer evidence to prove me wrong. He can add intelligent insightful commentary....Just kidding. ;-)

He's free to discuss, contradict or debate my statements. He is not free to continue dumping his racist hate.

Majormajor said...

Oh brother, what a trouser load from the Drivel Duo.

U.P. Tim said...

Majormajor, how about the criminal justice system and the "affluenza" defense. The system is set-up with one system for the rich and well-connected and another for the rest of us. I met a white male, rich and well-connected who had killed a pregnant black female crossing the street while he was driving drunk. He spent one night in the drunk tank (DUI causing death), was fined and placed on probation. He was also ordered to do community service at the Detox unit where I worked on the weekends. One Saturday A.M. he was feeling oppressed and had the audacity to whine about his community service that day. He stated to me he felt he should be on the golf course at that moment. I've spent more time in jail for the lesser offense of driving without a license. No Wall St. banksters are in prison, but how many people are in prison for pot. I've met two gals at a Federal Prison in W.Va. who were in prison for a pot conspiracy and another for a LSD conspiracy. They were doing 20 years and 8 years respectively. The one girl had just made one phone call to her boyfriend or gave the narc his phone number for her conspiracy. No one from the Trump crime family is headed to prison for years yet for their conspiracy with the Russians. The Repubs are also running protection rackets for the Trump crime family. I hope Mueller starts to drop more indictments soon.