Friday, February 2, 2018

The Dubya Memo

Finally, what the news media refuse to say!

Despite wide-ranging coverage and endless obsessive blathering over the House Republicans’ drafting of the Nunes Memo, the lamestream media still cannot speak the truth.

I have drafted a memo containing conclusive information critical to understanding the character of the leadership of our nation. This memo will reveal what has long gone unspoken at FOX, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and even PBS. None of these organizations have the courage and honesty to share this crucial information with the American public.

There are certain interests who claim the Dubya Memo must not be released. Many claim it is too late to release the Dubya Memo. Others think it should have been released long ago. Some want it kept secret for another fifty years.

There are rumblings in certain quarters from those who believe the time has now come for the Dubya Memo. They have found the courage to at last see what must be done. 

The Dubya Memo cannot be held back for another day. This moment is the tipping point in history, and has thus demanded this revelation be presented here and now.

This is why the Dubya Memo comes at a time of utmost urgency.

The secret you’ve all felt to be true in the recesses of your heart of hearts can no longer be kept from our national discourse.

Most of you have had the feeling deep inside that something is terribly wrong. An uneasiness falls upon every discussion of American politics. Why are we in this turbulent state?

Could this be even darker than the dreaded "deep state"? Could it be much, much wider than a "Secret Society"? 

Sources say that may well be the case.

The uncertainties and anxieties of the American people need soothing. But I must caution you, the Dubya Memo is not for the faint of heart.

As a concerned and patriotic citizen, I must single handedly assume the great risk of publishing what our network news and corporate media cannot utter. If made public and available to the world at large, this information can bring down the Trump Administration. It will shake the very foundation of a great nation.

Yes. The Dubya Memo at last states the vital truth that our media cannot even suggest, let alone clearly report.

There is a shadow over the land that few realize can be drawn away like the heavy drapes of the Oval Office. But it will take iron resolve and steely courage, along with the will power beyond the boundaries of journalism as we know it.

Only when these dark curtains are opened, shall we finally see the light of day shining on the true essence of an American presidency.

The time has come to confront our unspoken fear. The Dubya Memo will face down that fear for you, so we can finally move on as a united people towards the greater good of our republic and citizenry.

This is no hype! What you are about to learn can change everything. I promise you the Dubya Memo will be all you need to have a complete grasp on the complicated situation and dire circumstances before us.

You, dear reader, have been selected to be the elite vanguard of all recipients of the Dubya Memo.

I’m sure you have reached the point where waiting is no longer an option.

Very soon, you shall have what you all seek.....

....Er, where did I put that damn thing?

....It was just here....

.....Wait! There it is!

It was next to the coffee maker.

The time is NOW, good people!

At long last I hereby release to you and the world the Dubya Memo:

(Redacted for national security reasons.)


February 2, 2018

The Dubya Memo:

“Trump and all his toadies, sycophants, yes-men, media buffoons, and fart-catching brown-nosers are Major Assholes.”


Jerry Critter said...

The Dubya Memo is a nothing burger. Time to move on. The whole world, with the exception of the Deplorables of the USA, have known about these Major Assholes for a long time. 🤬🤢🤮

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Jerry, I'm hopeful you didn't miss the metaphoric message of the so-called "Dubya Memo", and were using your own sense of sarcasm in accentuating the repetitiveness of the whole situation.

"Time to move on", for sure, but at the same time never stop resisting the demagogue and his minions. To ignore only invites more tyranny and strengthening of the corporate state.

Dave Dubya said...

The Nunes Memo is a nothing burger. As I see it, the Dubya Memo, while shorter on words, has some meat to it. It is more like a slider, dressed and served in mockery of the hyped-up nothing burger.

Jerry Critter said...

Less there be any doubt about it, YES, I definitely got the metaphoric (and scarastic) message of the Dubya Memo. Plus, the Dubya Memo is, without a doubt, more substantive and palatable than the Nunes Memo.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

I couldn't help but notice, in the infamous Dubya Memo, the use of the phrase, "...brown-nosers are Major Assholes."

I immediately was reminded -- which I'm wondering if it were one of the messages in this document -- of Chuck's conspicuously long Pinocchio nose always being up the backside of his only slightly less annoying sidekick on Savoring Uncommon Nonsense.

I wonder if there's any connection here?

Jerry Critter said...


Ex Con servative said...

I love it,

The REAL memo.Succinct and to the point! And, very truthful.

Not only are Drumpf and his toadies assholes, they are also slimy criminals. The exact thing they accused Hillary of being. The voters are a bunch of brainwashed fools. The ONLY two things that matter to the right are money and power,also what they accused Hillary of caring about in a campaign commercial.

There actually was a time in this country when the media was expected to be truthful AND wasn't allowed. The abolishing of the Fairness Doctrine under Reagan changed all that, and the floodgates opened,allowing the likes of Faux Snooze, propaganda minister Limbaugh, and ass kisser Hannity to thrive,using disinformation and lies to kill Democracy, increase their profits,and brainwash a whole generation of people. The once public airwaves are now for profit, democracy killing propaganda chambers. Thank God for blogs like yours Dave.

I would also like to apologize to anybody with a brain, for my home state of Wisconsin giving the country Paul "Weasel" Ryan, and Ron "Modern Day McCarthy" Johnson. We are a very gullible state, that has only gotten one very dishonest and slanted viewpoint in the local media for thirty years.....we've been suckered. Sorry again.

Dave Dubya said...

Ex Con,

It's painful to see how much the cult has consolidated power. All the Authoritarian Follower personalities fall in lock step behind their Authoritarian Leader.

The propaganda machinery of the far Right has done its job. Even if Hillary wasn't so flawed, the decades of smearing paid off. No woman has ever been subjected to so many years of targeted demonizing, not to mention political inquisition by multiple congressional hearings.

We can safely say FOX(R) has succeeded in feeding the empty heads of their base of fools, and confusing enough other unwary voters to make a difference.

Corporate media haven't figured out how to get past the manipulations of the Right. The stupid Nunes memo makes that case clear enough.

Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania especially owe the country more Democrats after giving the Asshole in Chief the election by stupid small margins.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Ex Con servative, your paragraph about the abolishment of the Fairness Doctrine is right on the money.

Once newsrooms turned from platforms to inform and expose, and into entertainment venues beholden to profit, the fourth estate became extinct and meaningless. The guardians of the rights of our citizenry turned into defacto mouthpieces for the growing corporate state.

Jefferson's Guardian said... the demagogue in the White House wants to add to his "bigger button" by having a larger and better military parade than the French displayed during their Bastille Day celebration last July when he was visiting Macron.

Not unlike a precocious demanding child crying for his own pony after seeing the boy next door playing with a stick-horse.

Dave Dubya said...

Kom Jong DON has wanted "his" military parading their loyalty before him since he was selected by the electoral debacle.

He is quite jealous of Kim Jong Un, you know.

Jerry Critter said...

It seems that jealously and fear determine most of Trump’s actions. That is very unpresidented behavior for a US president.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Jerry, I think most determinants of this administration are fear and plain stupidity. Now I see that the Pentagon has taken on a policy to respond to non-nuclear attacks with low-yield nuclear weaponry. This is pure lunacy.

We're heading into even more dark and unpredictable times.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Isn't it interesting that the demagogue in the White House campaigned against status quo militarism and waste, yet he's now totally absorbed and preoccupied with it?

He's done a complete flip-flop. The neocons and the Pentagon now run foreign policy.

What's wrong with this picture?

Jerry Critter said...

If it is so important that he has said that he is innocent, then why was he fired? If he did such a great job, then why is he being fired?

I will tell you why he is being fired. He did not have a fucking security clearance. It is absolutely required that you have not just a security clearance, but that you have virtually the highest security clearance available. Everything that crosses the President desk goes through him.

The abuse is being used as a coverup for the FBI refusing to grant him a permanent security clearance, yet keeping him in the job.

We have seen this before. Remember Flynn? He kept his job even after the White House had been informed of his dealings with Russia.

Hmmmm! I wonder if Porter has Russian connections too? 🧐🤔

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Jerry, I think you're probably right. The domestic abuse excuses, although probably still true, aren't the reasons for the resignations. After all, their boss is probably the most egregious woman abuser to ever set foot in the White House.

Why the double-standard all of a sudden? Yeah, it looks like they're performing a classical Siegfried & Roy distraction -- "Look at this!", while something else is happening at the same time. The ol' sleight-of-hand.

It will not work, though, no matter how much this demagogue thinks of himself as an expert illusionist. Sure, he keeps fooling his base, but playground amateur magicians can fool them every time. That's the reason they continually vote against their own self-interests. It's really a sad commentary of our American culture.

Ex Con servative said...

Great points by everybody,

JG, your last paragraph is right on, He is able to fool his base every time. The problem is, it's a massive base, brought about by years of right wing talk radio and Faux. He is an amateur magician, but he is also is a master of confusion and's what insecure con men always do.I'm surrounded by his "Base"...I hate that word.

Dave, thanks for pointing out the twenty five year assault on Hillary. While a flawed candidate, she was a victim of the REAL witch hunt.I love your sarcasm Dave, it's a very effective tool in pointing out the incredible double standards and hypocrisy of the right. And you're right, Wisconsin does owe the country a load of Democrats.....don't count on it though.

Jerry, you're right with your analysis of T Rump's personality traits. His need for revenge, his lack of empathy,his thirst for control,and his over inflated view of his abilities are all signs of insecurity,and ignorance.Pretty much just the opposite of President Obama.

I don't mean to get off subject, but PBS just had a great two hour documentary on the Gilded Age.It should be required viewing for everybody in this country, but that will never happen, because the powers that be don't want it to be known. They'll accuse it of being a communist plot, or liberal propaganda. The NEW Gilded Age....we're almost there!(If not already there.)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Ex Con, look forward to seeing the PBS offering. Looks interesting.

Think, though, we're in for some very tough and painful days ahead. Our new Gilded Age is still a long ways off -- assuming we get through this era of crisis.

Team Marty said...

If you are young and black in Central Park, you are STILL guilty even after being proven innocent.

I saw "The Gilded Age". It was very interesting. It was cool just for all the old pictures and silent film. It reminds me of being in an online argument years ago with some fact-free fool who finally told me "You damn Liberals need to get your heads out of your ass, stop watching that Ken Burns bullshit and read some "real" history." I replied "Real history? From Who? David Barton?" and that's the last I heard from him.

Edwards was right, we live in two Americas. Always have. From the time the first colonists decided that "Religious freedom" did not mean obeying the Puritans.