Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Howling Mad

“Obama is coming for our guns!” howled the NRA.

“Hillary will come for our guns!” they howled again.

“Democrats will repeal the Second Amendment!” howled the NRA.

“Democrats will repeal the Second Amendment!” howled Donald Trump.

“Take the guns first. Go through due process second", commands Trump.

“You’re afraid of the NRA!” declared Trump to Senator Pat Toomey.

The NRA howls again, “Democrats will repeal the Second Amendment!”

Trump howls again, “Democrats will repeal the Second Amendment!”

Are we clear now?


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Zig-zagging through scorched earth policies of the American corporate state. Up is down. Down is up. Life is cheap.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Now the demagogue in the White House announces tariffs on steel and aluminum. Where did that come from?!

A diversion to the newest shiny object?...with eyes off gun regulation?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, how's the Twitter venture going for you? Like you, I've dug my heels in trying to postpone the seemingly inevitable.

I suspect you've been spending a fair amount of time with it. Is it worthwhile?

Dave Dubya said...

Twitter, like the internet in general, is a double edged sword of good and bad information. At least we select our sources to follow. I'll take it over facebook any day.

Of course, it can be a time sucking monster as well, but still worth it so far. I've quickly given up trying to monitor all of the immense stream of info and chatter.