Thursday, September 28, 2017

This Is Our Test

I've had it.

Let's break this "KneeGate" thing down to its essence.

Patriotism has been pitted against protest.

Patriotism is in this case one side's version of patriotism, as represented or even embodied by the national anthem and the flag. They feel their patriotism is offended. This version of patriotism has been pitted against a Constitutional protest over unaccountable killings of Black Americans by bad cops.

One side views the protest being against the anthem, against the flag, against the military, against all of law enforcement, and even against the entire country.

The other side sees it as a Constitutional protest against unaccountable killings of Black Americans by bad cops. They are exercising their First Amendment right to demand the all-American values and goals of justice and equality. 

This is the difference of views that has produced such division, anger, and hate.  

One person in particular has incited this division, anger and hate.

Trump. "Great anger", he called it.

He stokes the blame and hate and anger that echoes from far Right political rallies from Europe’s past. Questioning the patriotism of political dissent has a nefarious history.   

America's original sin of slavery leaves unhealed scars of division and racism. Trump is ramping up hate and fueling the ideological civil war among our people. Brother against brother once again becomes a factor in America's ongoing struggle for equality. 

Trump is betting Americans will be easily steered into buying his anger and hate that is rooted in the curse of slavery, segregation, racism and xenophobia.

Trump basks in the anger.  He wants us to hate, resent, and fight over two views that are not in conflict. He wants Americans to be too stupid, or too angry, or too partisan to understand one can be both patriotic and outraged by unaccountable killings of Black Americans.

This is our test. Will we let Trump divide us, or will we stand together for equality, justice and country?

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