Sunday, September 3, 2017

Angry White Con-servatives And BLM

Oh, no. 
Back Lives Matter got in trouble again. Did they kill someone? No. Did they cripple someone? No. They protested a trigger-happy cop. 
Ah, that’s the problem.
Whatever did that good police officer do? For one thing, he shot a fleeing black man in the back. But that’s ok, right? Anyone can make a mistake. Even trigger-happy cops.
Turns out this cop proved it’s really ok, and even did it again. Yes, he shot two fleeing black men in the back. One is dead and the other will spend his life in a wheelchair.
Black Lives Matter protested that police officer named Officer Ryan Pownall. This annoyed angry white con-servative, and Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President, John McNesby, who called them "a pack of rabid animals" and said, “These are not activists, they are racist hate groups determined to instigate violence.”
Got the message? It serves those protesters right. Let’s dehumanize BLM and have more cops thinking it’s fine to shoot black men in the back. It doesn’t bother birther Trump, why should it bother all the other angry white con-servatives? After all, those black men are the real racists for protesting good white cops shooting Blacks in the back.
This is the ugly racist core of con-servativism, folks. They hate BLM. They hate anyone who marched with BLM. They hate anyone who invoked the BLM name. They hate anyone who was even associated, or not associated, with the members of the organization. 

Angry white con-servatives refuse to see the difference between real hate groups such as the Klan and white supremacists and BLM with its multi-racial support. The former groups are united by hate, espouse hate, and direct hate at minorities. Their speech is hate speech. BLM exercises free speech as the founders intended. As covered under the First Amendment, BLM protests government policy and the legal system’s tolerance of police unaccountably for killing Blacks. In other words they demand equal treatment from law enforcement and under justice. That is the core of their message. 

Go to the BLM organization’s website and see if you find anything resembling the hate of the racist, angry, white con-servative organizations. There is no comparison.
Doesn't matter. All angry white con-servatives choose to see are roving gangs of black thugs. 
BLM and those sympathetic with the organization or anyone marching with them are all a “racist hate group” to angry white con-servatives. I’m sure the Klan and Nazis whole-heartedly agree.
It turns out, not even Nazis are as bad as BLM. At least McNesby never demonized white racists as “a pack of rabid animals” like he did BLM protesters.
When it was brought to the attention of McNesby that one of his officers named Ian Hans Lichtermann displayed a tattoo showing an eagle in the style of a Nazi emblem, it didn’t bother him.  Not even with “Fatherland” inked out in Germanic lettering over it. As you know, “Fatherland” was the Nazi’s term for Germany.
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called the tattoo “incredibly offensive”.
But there was nothing offensive to the angry white con-servative McNesby. “It’s an Eagle. Not a big deal”.
All he saw was the Eagle. Yup, one of those proud American Eagles... under the Germanic banner of “Fatherland”.
So just who is the racist hate group?  Not the angry white conservatives, obviously.
After all, they’re just dedicating their work to dehumanizing and shooting minorities in the back for the “Fatherland”. When was that ever done by a racist hate group?


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Good post, Dave. It encapsulates exactly what happened in Philadelphia. The militarization of our nation's police forces is not an accident, and the first and most targeted has been, and will continue to be, persons of color.

White supremacists (invariably, mostly conservatives and Republicans) hate Black Lives Matter, just as they hated Occupy, because it shoves their collective noses in their own sh**t and forces them to face the truth. Conservatives and Republicans hate the messenger. The cognitive dissidence it creates confuses and upsets their lily-white worldviews and unrealistic and unjustified feelings of superiority.

Black Lives Matter rocks!

Flying Junior said...

Hey Dave,

Black Lives Matter began its life as a hashtag. Anyone who believes that said lives matter may express this belief. That said, the affiliated organization looks pretty okay to me.

I live in a fairly conservative community. But we are way too crunchy to openly embrace the Trump monster. Even republican churches cannot utter his unholy name. I proudly wear my BLACK LIVES MATTER tee shirt(s) whenever and wherever I expect to meet new people, at the mall, at the library, the Post Office, the beach, out shopping, at clubs. Almost without fail someone will start a conversation. Most of the people at the beginning of the summer were black Americans. But lately, older white ladies have also expressed their support.

Damn right their lives matter. Damn shame that they are so universally mistreated by so many police departments that the list of acceptable departments is dwarfed by the number of problematic departments. It started with Trayvon Martin. Even Mike Brown, though not a poster child of innocence, was murdered by a strong-arm cop and did not deserve to die. Eric G. Sarah Bland. The guy who was shot down in a Wal-Mart. The thirteen year old boy who was shot in a park in Cleveland for playing around with a BB gun. Outrageous! So many cases that it would take weeks of research to enumerate them all...

But the narrative is that BLM guys are terrorists and that they deserve to be sucker-punched by Trump supporters. God help us. What happened to the U.S.A?