Thursday, November 24, 2016

America Has Fallen?

America’s “original sin” of slavery has taken us down. The rot at the core, from our nation’s birth to four score and seven years later, infects us today. Obama brought the racists out of the woodwork. The Republican Party embraced them. The word “disavow” is meaningless in light of their words, their "Southern strategy", and their actions in minority voter suppression.

Quaint concepts like democracy, fair representation, and equality were betrayed by the founders when they allowed the slave states to impose the Electoral College on our republic.

Now the cry is uttered, “America has fallen”.

This isn’t shocking news folks. 

It was inevitable since the beginning. And it’s been crashing since Reagan allowed wealth and the wealthy, instead of the principles and process of a democratic republic, to run the country.

America has fallen...since Reagan handed regulatory powers to corporate insiders...since corporate media was successfully labeled "liberal media" by the Right...since the Clinton Administration helped Republicans cut welfare and deregulate Wall Street...since the 2000 election was stolen...since 9-11 triggered American paranoia, racism and prejudice...since Bush lied us into war...since the loudest and most effective "free speech" is now corporate money... since voter suppression is actively employed by the far Right(GOP)...since Bush built a surveillance/police state...since Obama continued Bush's policies, and chose to "look forward", holding nobody accountable for war and torture...and what else was there?

Now our one-party government's "Leader" ("Fuhrer" auf Deutsch) has his fans gleefully rejoicing in their glorious New Order.

Headlines from "America's #1 Most Trusted Republican News Source":

David Duke and Andrew Anglin: True Voices of the Republican Party!

The David Duke Show: We’re the GOP Now, and We’re Coming for You Jews

14 Reasons ‘Necrophiles’ Deserve the Oven

Lying Criminal Beaners Pretend to be Families to Subvert the White Man’s Laws

Jew Faggot Drops N-BOMB on CNN While Hoax-Attacking Alt-Right

Trump to Mock UN by Sending Them a Street-Shitting Paki Female

(Sorry Nikki Haley, you’re not the right color.)

While this is not the portrait of most Trump voters, the worst have been emboldened. Yes, the deporables. Many have acted, and will act, on their hate. America now stands not for the victims, but for the haters.

Disaster follows when an authoritarian personality is allowed unchecked power. History repeats this formula.

Hillary got over 2,000,000 more votes than Trump. The Electoral College, not the majority, chose our course. But it needed some help. Thanks to a clueless Democratic Party, Russian hackers, corporate media, and a Republican operative heading the FBI, enough unwitting, uninformed, fearful, hateful, or simply duped, Americans sided with the authoritarian, and gave him a one-party dictatorship.

How’d that work out the last time Republicans ran the show? 

Not enough Americans seem to remember, or care. This is why it can only get worse.

Love may, or may not, trump hate, but hate and fear trump reason. Always have. Always will. And power is never taken through love.

Humankind must either evolve from the authoritarian personality’s over-active reptilian brains, with their internally wired impulses for endless hate, fear, and violence; or we face self extinction.

Much needs to be done to minimize the human tragedies, harms, and losses ahead. And pray we don't all become victims of this madness over the land.

Our cause is clear, and upon us.


Jerry Critter said...

This is a great opportunity to improve our country.

Majormajor said...

Democrats haven't been this upset since Lincoln freed their slaves.

Jerry Critter said...

Spoken like someone who don't know history.

Dave Dubya said...

That's right, conservative white racists were Democrats 154 years ago. Now conservative white racists are Republicans.

Jerry Critter said...

Yes, Dave. One party has moved on and the other has stayed behind. The republicans have old ideas, bad ideas, and ideas that don't work as history proves.

Majormajor said...

"The republicans have old ideas, bad ideas, and ideas that don't work as history proves."

Yet they (GOP) controls both Houses of Congress, the White House and the majority of State's governments. Reality check time for you, now, whose ideas are being rejected?
Only a delusional person would be blind to the Democrat Party trading the slave plantation for slavery to big government.

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

Good Point Major,

The Democratic Party and its War on Poverty is going in the wrong direction. The Democrats instead are breeding Poverty. amirite Dave Dubya?

Dave Dubya said...

Jerry, The failed old ideas will return. Tax cuts for the rich and their corporations. Dereliction of constitutional regulation of commerce and repeal of constitutional provision for the general welfare.

Racial and ethnic scapegoating have become the new fascistic "political correctness".

Fascists everywhere get a tingle up their leg these days.

Major Chuck is wrong again.

Trump and his ideas were rejected by a margin of over 2,000,000 American voters, and counting. Democracy is defeated by the slave state electoral mechanism. Racism and slavery wins the day for the Republican Party.

Some "mandate".

"Democrat Party trading the slave plantation for slavery to big government".

Big government? You mean the one party government ruled by the far Right, amirite?

Still crickets on how Trump will make American great under one party rule?

The last time Republicans controlled big government we went to war based on lies, tortured and spawned ISIS.

"Archie and Chuck" proves again that he is always wrong:

Poverty was already on the upswing when Obama took office as the economy hurtled toward recession. Before George W. Bush took office, the poverty rate was 11.3 percent. When he left, it was 14.3 percent.

The official poverty rate in 2015 was 13.5 percent, down 1.2 percentage points from 14.8 percent in 2014.

Republicans drove the poverty rate up.

Now the poverty rate is decreasing, but Republican will "fix" that, like they did back before Arch and major Chuck can remember. Their memories cannot go back over 8 years for some reason. Mental impairment of some sort, I suppose.

Thank you, Republicans. May we have some more failed ideas?

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

"Dereliction of constitutional regulation of commerce and repeal of constitutional provision for the general welfare."

Do you think the Founders envisioned giving out free "Air Jordan" sneakers for the general welfare to prevent murder on big Democratic Plantations like Chicago?
"Teens charged with murder after U.S. congressman's grandson was killed over sneakers"

Maybe if the Democrats offered sneakers for votes they might have won really big.

Dave Dubya said...

Arch seems have forgotten his phony lecture on poverty rates. Figures.

We see Archie borrowing from Trump adviser Bannon's "Black Crime" section of his far Right hate site.

He can't talk about how Trump will make America great, or his failed ideas, so he goes racist, of course.

"Heil Trump!", as his fellow Trump enthusiasts shout.

All you need is hate, amirite?

Jerry Critter said...

We are back to history again. All you have to do is compare what has happened under republican rule with what has happened under democratic rule.

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

Never have been a Trump enthusiast, but would have never voted for the incompetent, lying, corrupt, crony capitalist pig HRC that the Democratic Party foolishly chose.

The Dems spent so much on the campaign, too bad they didn't spend it on sneakers for votes to get out one of their biggest "cultured" bases.

Dave Dubya said...

I have no real argument with Archie's HRC points. All true to certain degrees.

We can't help but notice how Archie likes to inject racial animosity (sneakers, "cultured" bases) into most of his comments.

We can see he's more of a Bannon enthusiast. His style suggests Breitbart has been one of his home schooling sources.

Never have been a HRC enthusiast, but would have never voted for the incompetent, lying, corrupt, crony capitalist pig Trump that the Republican Party foolishly chose.

Thanks, Arch.

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

Speaking of style, I'm not a follower of the "soft bigotry of low expectations" style espoused by the masters of the Democratic Party's Liberal Plantation for all its dependent slaves.

When will the Democrats get rid of the old out of touch white farts Pelosi and Reid?

The Democrats have over 20 senators for re-election in 2018, many in red states. The Democrats may get slaughtered again. Maybe we should listen to that ahole Nate Silver has to say LOL LOL. amirite?

Thanks Obama for destroying the Democratic Party!

Majormajor said...


You are 100% correct, Obama and the radical far left has destroyed the party of Kennedy.

Voters have put into power the more conservative of our two political parties, the Republicans. Americans do not want to be slaves to the Big Federal Govt, simply put the Party of the Slave Owner (Democrat) wants to replace the Plantation with Big Government in total control of our liberties. Just as the Plantation owners provided just enough food, shelter and medical care for their slaves, today's Plantation owners provides just enough food, shelter and medical care in exchange for their "slaves" vote.

The more liberal of our two political parties is at it's lowest ebb since the 1920's. Surely liberals can not believe this fact is just a fluke, that Americans are stupid, Nazi or KKK? Surely after Bernie, Jill and HRC were rejected, they can't believe Americans want more Big Govt manna and the price in liberty one pays for it.

Surely they aren't blind to their own propaganda, that the rich don't pay enough in taxes, etc., when reality shows that is simply not the fact?

Dave Dubya said...

While Arch and Major Chuck enjoys a conversation with himself, we note yet more "plantation, slave owner" racial content we always see from the Bannon cult and the Klan.

We ask for how Trump will make America great, and we get more racially tinged gibberish. Happens all the time.

simply put the Party of the Slave Owner (Democrat) wants to replace the Plantation with Big Government in total control of our liberties.

Simply put all right, as in simply meaningless drivel filled with overtones of racial resentment.

Here’s a good one:

Surely they aren't blind to their own propaganda, that the rich don't pay enough in taxes

Trump pays no federal income tax. He is a taker. IOKIYAR, of course.

Surely after Bernie, Jill and HRC were rejected... We see how dishonesty is second nature for the far Right.

As noted, voters rejected their Fuhrer for Hillary by about 2,000,000,000.

We've yet to see them defend one Trump/Republican policy. Why is that?

Are they afraid of something?

Absolutely. They are afraid of the truth.

Like all fascists and dictatorships, our new authoritarian regime, and their shills, must lie and smear as they hope nobody questions their disastrous new course that will do more harm to our people and planet than the Bush Administration did.

Thanks to Trump and the Republican Party, Nazi salutes have returned to fashion and political correctness in Washington DC.

I am thankful there are TWO MILLION more of us than them. This is NOT their country.

They will enjoy their tyranny of the minority for a few years. By then their damage will be done to our country...again.

It's always been party over country for those false patriots.

Now it's Don the Con over Constitution.

Majormajor said...

ALL parties knew the rules of election, IE Electoral College. HRC lost. Claiming she won is dishonest if not delusional.

No matter how you try to deflect from reality, the facts are the most liberal political party did NOT win the election at the Federal or State levels.

The Americans have spoken and have voted in what they believe to be their best interests. Call conservatives all the things you claim they are, but your radical extreme left positions and the Soro's backed organizations that fund them are a part of the reason the most liberal party LOST.

Get over it, liberalism lost and your constant name calling, fear mongering won't change that. The Plantation Party control of American liberty has been set back.

Dave Dubya said...

No matter how you try to deflect from reality,

If you read my post you'd see I wrote the truth. The electoral college, not the will of the people elected Trump. The Americans have spoken with their votes. The voters prefer Hillary. Fact.

"The Plantation Party" is name calling. IOKIYAR again.

I'd ask what position you think I have that is "radical extreme", but I'm sure you don't know what you're talking about.

YOUR party rejects the Constitution from the Supreme Court to taxes, from the general welfare, (Except for corporations and the rich) to regulation of commerce.

So tell us what the nation "won". How will Trump make America great?

Still hiding behind racist "plantation" nonsense, as usual. How boring and lacking of thought.

Americans have spoken and they rejected Trump by 2,000,000 votes. Next time there will be even more.

Majormajor said...


Using your understanding of how we pick a President, Obama wasn't elected by the people but by the EC. You seem to be ignorant of fact that the USA is a Democratic Republic, in which each State, oh why bother explaining to you anything anymore, you will simply respond with your bizarre accusations of any position to the right of you is a racist or Nazi etc. while saying the Democrat Party the Plantation Party (which it is) is name calling and using the term snowflake as offensive. LOL!!

Your form and style of debate is grade school like as it has no basis in reality. For you to ask me a question is a prime example of your limited abilities, because you have from day one refused to answer anyone questions, while demanding yours be answered. Not going down that path again with you.

I've said what I had to say and regardless of your agreeing with them or not does not make them any less the truth. The more Conservative Party now controls the Federal Govt, the majority of the Governorship's and State Legislation's, the Liberal political party has been set back almost 90 years.

If you can't see your own radical leftist positions and how they have been rejected then I have no further time for you.

Dave Dubya said...

I've said what I had to say

And "plantation" and "snowflake" are at the core or your message. This is how you choose to frame your perverse and prejudiced version of reality.

You substitute Breitbart/Bannon alt-right ideology for reason. We've noted your party's failed ideas, and they will fail again. For this reason you avoid real policy discussion.

Yes the con-servative party is in total power. Let's see how that works out. I've told you how it has failed and will fail America. You failed to tell us how it will succeed for America.

This is why all you have is derisive "plantation" and hateful "snowflake" rhetoric used by bigots and racists. Is this how you choose to represent conservatism? Yes it is. Most Americans reject that hate as they have rejected Trump. These are the facts.

I don't accuse those who disagree with me of racism, but I do point out racist terms used in that disagreement.

Majormajor said...

Snowflake is now racist, stating the truth about the PLANTATION PARTY is racist?

Be honest Dave, what don't you agree with that you haven't found to have racism behind it?

You have called conservatives racist, Nazis, members of the KKK, that is leftist rhetoric used by bigots and race traders who cant not debate the facts. Look Saul Alinski's 12 Rules.

Is it any wonder that America has put the more Conservative Party in to total control?

Majormajor said...


Not going to do this anymore today with you.

Quite simply Harley A. and T. Paine have correctly defined you.

BTW, all liberals are not Communists, but every Communist is a liberal and they voted for HRC

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

Washington (CNN) — Hillary Clinton's campaign said Saturday it will take part in efforts to push for recounts in several key states, joining with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who has raised millions of dollars to have votes counted again in Wisconsin.

HRC in debate against Trump:
“That’s not the way our democracy works. We’ve been around 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. President Obama said the other day that when you’re whining before the game is even finished it just shows you’re not even up to doing the job. “

Now the game is finished and the whining Sore Loser Hillary can't accept the election results! Poor Snowflake! amirite?

Maybe Trump can appoint HRC as head dog catcher in Washington DC!

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

Dave, any comments on the passing of Fidel Castro? You and Jefferson must be in a state of mourning, amirite?

Fidel had to break quite a few eggs to achieve the socialist paradise of Cuba where the state run toilet paper company runs out of toilet paper and basic food items have to be rationed.

Dave, I like to read your bizarre and irrational long winded leftist responses as your kind doesn't learn and keep digging a bigger hole (i.e. lose more and more political representation at the federal and state level).

Thanks Obama for destroying the Democratic Party!

Dave Dubya said...

If only you could explain what is "bizarre and irrational" about my post, we could benefit from your wisdom.

Since you are doing your best to avoid addressing actual content, we can only surmise you cannot back your own bizarre and irrational accusation.

What is a "snowflake"? I take it you don't mean unique? White, perhaps? Insults like "Snowflakes and plantations" project hate, not constructive ideas. Your priority seems clear. That would be the dehumanizing propaganda message the Right directs to all who are not in their cult.

Hate only exposes their inclination towards fascism.

Where are those superior "ideas" from the Right? Your empty rhetoric is meaningless.

So far, you've only shown how how the Right makes America hate.

How is Trump, with his one-party dictatorship, going to make American great? It is the epitome of bizarre and irrational to believe that claim with no thought or plan behind it.

ArchieBunkerNYC said...


Although it is a baby step, you are showing progress in that you are no longer deleting posts with words that hurt your feelings like snowflake.


Dave Dubya said...

So you admit "snowflake" is intended to be an insult. Progress indeed.

I don't care what you call any politician, but personal insults will be deleted. Not because of hurt feelings, but because it is the most degenerate and hateful form of discourse.

Don't let it hurt your feelings if hate and distraction are deleted.

You also ignored my request for addressing the content of the post. But then, what else do you have to offer?

What happened to all those "great ideas"? Why don't you want to discuss them?

Perhaps answering those two simple questions would be a task too difficult for you.

It's much easier to spew "snowflakes and plantations" amirite?

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

"But then, what else do you have to offer?"

Better yet, Lets go back 8 years. Obama offered "Hope And Change".

What results does he have to show?

1) Anemic economic growth for 8 years with the lowest labor participation rate since Jimmy Carter

2) ObamaCare which even Bill Clinton says is a disaster

3) The decimation of the Democratic Party


Is it Bush's fault that Obama has destroyed the Democrat Party?

Dave Dubya said...

So how was that Bush economy doing 8 years ago?

Want to talk about that, or your plan to make America great? Or will there be any difference?

Majormajor said...

Race trader = race hustler.

“We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions”

Adolf Hitler 1927

What did Hitler mean?

Dave Dubya said...

All done with our reminiscing of 8 years ago, are we? We didn't go back THERE for long.

OK, what is a race hustler? Something that applies to only black guys, but not the Klan and alt-Right?

I see.

Now that's clear. The good news is you've come to the right place for your Hitler/WWII questions. You see, I actually have read a lot of history. We can tell you have not.

First thing.

Do you actually believe Hitler?

Do you think Bernie Sanders got the idea of fair wages and higher minimum pay from Hitler? Do you honestly think he cared about "unfair salaries" in his slave labor (non-union) factories, quarries, and fortification construction?

Hitler pandered to socialists, educators and yes, even Christians it turns out...

"The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life."

-- Adolph Hitler, "My New World Order", Berlin, February 1, 1933

Now he sounds just like a Republican doesn't he? Actions mean more than words.

If it makes you feel better, on October 10, 1936 Hitler's henchman Heinrich Himmler created the Reich Central Office for Combating Homosexuality and Abortion, or Special Office (II S), a sub-department of Executive Department II of the Gestapo.

Not exactly socialism there, is it? Still sounds more like a Republican than a socialist.

Maybe invading countries on false pretenses would be a better standard to determine fascist from socialist.

Or how about which sort of fanatic is more emboldened?

Nazi salutes and confederate flags are now politically correct across the land. More Muslims and Mexicans are living in fear.

Maybe that's what's making America great again? If you won't tell us, I'll keep offering suggestions.

Dave Dubya said...

Well, Chuck,

So you agree with Hitler's words, and your point is as clear as mud. At least we didn't see any snowflakes or plantations this time.

You're almost house-broken. ;-)

What happened to Jewish socialists and teachers under Hitler?

You demonize the same sort of people today as he did back then. Well done. "Values", amirite?

As long as you cannot tell the difference between fascists and socialists you sound very uneducated. I'm just pointing out you have more agreement with the former.You are who you are.

So if you cons agree with, or believe Hitler, don't whine to me about what he said and did.

Why can't you tell us what great ideas are going to make America great?

So far you pretended to prefer talking about 8 years ago, then ran away from the topic when faced with the Great Republican Recession. Now you show us your obsession with Hitler.

Is that what's going to make America great?

Jerry Critter said...

Dave, it is obvious that they don't have any idea of how to make America great again. It is simply an empty slogan. Here's what is going to happen. In four years, (god help us if it is 8 years), the democrats will get back in power and, once again, fix up a republican, (this time Trump's), fuckups.

Dave Dubya said...

You know the drill.

America is entering some dark times. I'm worried the reckless, ignorant and arrogant Party Of Trump may wreck our government, and global stability, beyond repair. Much of the rest of the world shares this concern.

Majormajor said...

Sad, you are reverting to your old practice of putting words in my mouth. Part of you deflection defense.

It must mean you agree that Hitler was a socialist and you can't say different.

Why are you afraid to tell us what you think Hitler meant when he said that "we (Nazis) are socialists"?

You have no problem giving your opinion on how Conservatives are racists, Nazis, what do you think about Hitler's statement?

Dave Dubya said...


Still deflecting from the real American Nazi salutes celebrating Trump's victory.

Hail Trump!

"Torture will be brought back with a vengeance." Just a liberals socialist sore losers opinion..until it comes true.

So besides more torture, how will Trump make America great?

Majormajor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Majormajor said...

Interesting how fast you fall back into your defensive deflection false equivalency pattern when faced with question you don't want to address.

Interesting how you turn a blind eye to the radical liberal riots where people are killed after HRC's loss.

Interesting how you focus on one small group of socialists (Nazis) while ignoring the violent larger group of socialists.

Interesting how you claim there will be authoritarianism, while ignoring how authoritarianism Obamacare is.

Heil Soros!
Heil Liberalsim

Majormajor said...

"Looks like a lot of torture jobs are opening up".

Really, where are the ads for these jobs?


Majormajor said...

Figured that's how you wouldn't answer my question, with a question ignoring the bizarre claim you made.

You really are becoming predictable Dave.

Majormajor said...

This is your special Day Dave, it's one of the greatest days in the history of Race Hustling!


Dave Dubya said...

"Killer liberal riots!!" "Large groups of violent socialists!!" "Health insurance is authoritarianism!!"

I concede. You win the "Bizarre Claim Award". But you already "predicted" that, amirite?

That's right up there with "Make America Great" with failed policies and no ideas.

Which are still utterly lacking from you. Still no answer on a simple request. Must be a Big League secret.

Ah, back to race again. How predictable.

Majormajor said...

You know what is the classic LOL?

Your not answering what you thought about Hitler claiming to be a socialist, instead as usual, asking your question. Classic DD. If yuo really want to know what Trump is going to do to make America great, go to his website and read for yourself.

Remember? It's a simple request, just you sharing your opinion, that is if you have one.

Majormajor said...

LOL, sure he was, and Stalin and Castro were much more of a liberal.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

It's another beautiful day in paradise! Although liquor sales have been suspended during the mourning period, luckily I have enough Havana Club 7 Años in my beach resort room to make it through December 4th.

The people grieve their lost leader -- who brought everyone out of poverty after the revolution. Here's an example of expressions, felt by both young and old, from local interviews:

" 'For me, it's my mother first, my children, my father, then Fidel,' father-of-five Rafael Urbay, 60, said as he manned a government photo and printing store in downtown Havana, remembering his early years spent on a remote island off the mainland with no drinking water. 'We weren't just poor. We were wretched,' he said. 'Then came Fidel and the revolution. He gave me my humanity. I owe him everything.' "


"'Fidel isn't dead because the people are Fidel,' shouted a local student leader dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt. 'I am Fidel,' he continued, a refrain quickly adopted by the crowd."


"'Fidel put Cuba on the map, and made Cuba a paradigm for the people of the world, especially the poor and the marginalized,' said another university student, Raul Alejandro Palmeros."

and also...

"'What Fidel did with education and free health stands out on the world stage. It was unique,' said Rene Perez, 78, a retired accountant and Communist Party member. 'It's his main legacy.'"

So how is the United States going to deal with a Trump presidency, and a House of Representatives and Senate that's also under Republican control? Did you know the last time this happened was just prior to the Great Recession in 2008? Did you also know the only other time was prior to, and during the early stages of, the Great Depression -- which officially started in 1929? People are talking about this with a lot of anxiety and fearful apprehension!

I feel sorry that you'll have to deal with what's coming. That's why I'm glad I'm here. The view is magnificent, the people are friendly, and the rum is wonderful!

Los tiempos están cambiando!...

Dave Dubya said...

Cuba sounds like Paradise compared to the looming new order of Trumpistan.

Majormajor said...

Cuba's a Paradise?

You have to be kidding? That all the whiny liberals who said they would move to Canada if Trump won move instead to that Paradise, called Castro's Cuba says it all.

Fact check: The real last time one party controlled the WH House and Senate was 2010, controlled by the Democrats.

Jerry Critter said...

If your "fact check" is referring to JG's comment, perhaps you should read it again.

Majormajor said...


Have you notice that JG's comment has been edited to statement his claim about 2008 being the last time one party controlled the WH, Senate and the House?

As far as JG dire predictions Harley A. addressed them with this;

"Your information about the administrations and economic cycles, while technically correct insofar as your limited analysis goes, is very misleading. And, the projection a "post hoc ergo propter hoc" fallacy."

Got it now?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Majormajor, if you're in agreement with Harley (from another blog) that my information is misleading, I'm sure you'll be more than happy to let me know how it's misleading. (Here, let me help you. You can't -- you're incapable.)

Furthermore, just as Jerry Critter commented, perhaps you'd be wise to read what I initially wrote (and reread as many times as needed). It's my opinion -- which I've shared with you many times in the past -- that you have very severe comprehension challenges.

Majormajor said...


Got your ticket to the workers paradise in the Caribbean, Cuba?

Look up definition of "post hoc ergo propter hoc" and, if you are capable, apply it to your statement that since X happened last time the GOP control the Federal Govt, X will happen again once President Elect Trump is sworn in as President.

Your prediction is misleading. It would be the same as saying because WWI and WWII started when Democrats were in the WH, it will happen again when a Democrat occupy the WH.

Do you comprehend?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Majormajor: "Your prediction is misleading."

It never was a prediction, although I'm strongly of the opinion (which I noted, as such, on Tom Degan's most recent post) that our worst days are still ahead of us.

Do not get the impression that because we'll have both a Republican president and a Republican controlled House and Senate that this is "directly" a reason to be apprehensive, but rather it's due to the fact that the GOP has shown to be historically more willing to lessen and eliminate corporate regulatory laws and regulations, along with social safety nets, when both branches are in power concurrently. This is a fact. Coupling this with having a loose cannon in the White House and all bets are off.

Hold on to your huge Missouri ass. We're in for the worst times of our lives...