Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FOX (R): Again

Once again we hear this kind of race-baiting from FOX(R)’s Eric Bolling:

"It's not first time he's had a hoodlum in the hizzouse."
"So what's with all the hoods in the hizzy?"

Obama Was "Chugging A Few 40's" instead of responding to the Joplin disaster.


So just how exactly are we to NOT see FOX(R) and the radical Right as racist?


Unknown said...

I can not argue for Faux Noise. It's against my principles.

Dave Dubya said...

With the radical Right, simple racism is not enough. They treat those of us smart enough to call them on their treachery as enemies too.

At least we can take pride along with our minority brethren in welcoming their hatred.

S.W. Anderson said...

We've got ignorant racist yahoos with microphones suddenly pulling out all the stops, trying to outperform in the category of mean-mouthed, divisive ugliness. Ed Schultz featured Atlanta radio trash talker Neal Boortz, a.k.a. "Mighty Whitey" and "Mouth of the South." Boortz was exhorting listeners to get guns, get training with them and get concealed-carry permits, because Atlanta needs a lot more dead thugs.

This, with rap music playing in the background, and Boortz throwing in things like "yo!" So, you know he's not suggesting the killing of motorcycle gang types or the kind of hoods who have names like Tony and Joey, and speak Brooklynese.
I think these grabs for publicity have something to do with all the fast millions Glenn Beck racked up doing this kind of crap at Fox, and the fact Beck is leaving Fox. Which means there's going to be an opening at Fox that lowlifes like Bolling and Boortz would like to fill.

Just a hunch.

Darrell Michaels said...

Anderson, where has Beck spewed any racism? I love how most lefists repeat this crap because they read it on Daily Kos but have never listened to one minute of Beck in their lives.

Next for Dubya, what about the soft racism of the left that says to people of color that they need government programs such as affirmative action to make it in this world, because they cannot do it on their own otherwise? What about the racism of dignity-robbing dependency that the Democratic party fosters, particularly amongst minorities, in giving out un-warranted entitlements that create dependency and a form of governmentally institutionalized slavery of the soul in exchange for strengthening the Democratic voting bloc?

Racism is disgusting and grotesque in any and all of its forms, but when it is overt, it is easier to call it what it is and marginalize the ignorant fool spouting it.

It is much harder to do so with the covert soft-racism championed by the left. Indeed, they often don't recognize it for what it truly is, my previous examples being key points of this.

S.W. Anderson said...

T. Paine wrote: ". . .what about the soft racism of the left that says to people of color that they need government programs such as affirmative action to make it in this world. . ."

Look at statistics on the advancement made by African Americans over the last half century in every area of American life — including the number of successful business men and women, some of them millionaires — to see why your contention comes across as nothing but a lame, baseless recitation of a tired old conservative meme.

As President Obama said not long ago, had it not been for programs like Affirmative Action, he wouldn't be where he is today. He knows whereof he speaks.

Results matter, and results show clearly that many people beaten down for decades will use a leg up to better their lot if one's available. Ultimately, the achievements of those who make good use improved opportunities benefits all of us.

Dave Dubya said...

The crap at FOX(R) will continue, for FOX(R) has a job to do, and it is not journalism.

Do you think affirmative action grew out of a vacuum? Do you not understand the long history of American conservatives’ racism from slavery to segregation, to poll taxes, to “literacy tests”, to the continuing GOP efforts to disenfranchise minority voters? It is a sad and sickening twist of perspective to claim efforts to compensate for real racism as racism itself.

Do you realize your illogical Right Wing term “soft racism” would be like a Klansman’s accusation of someone intervening against their actions as pro-black racism?

I wish you could see the shallowness of your claim of “dignity-robbing dependency that the Democratic party fosters” when the very “job-creating” economic elites you revere are sending jobs overseas. There would be far less dependency if your Mammonite Masters had any love of this country to mitigate their greed. There’s your bottom line.

I have a question. Have you ever listened to Beck? I mean critically listened? There’s not enough space to address this here, but I will soon.

Darrell Michaels said...

Anderson, I understand and indeed appreciate greatly the fact that there was once a great need for affirmative action decades ago during the civil rights era as there was indeed institutionalized racism that would prevent people of color from getting a fair shake. I have no problem with that, as it was critical then. I support it accordingly as necessary back then.

I do have a problem with it nowadays in most instances though. The playing field for most areas in the nation are relatively level now and opportunities exist equally for those that want to work hard and persevere accordingly.

I think it is a damned shame when I hear some folks wondering if a given person of color made it to that successful position because he/she was the most deserving and made it on merit or rather because he/she attained such heights due to affirmative action policies. That is where the soft racism of the program today comes in accordingly. It undermines the truly great accomplishments of some in others eyes and casts doubts on that person’s merits because of the often underlying doubts that the person is really deserving, and actually only got there because of the color of his or her skin pigmentation.

I have a dear friend and mentor who is sometimes looked at in such a light. He is brilliant and has taught me so very much, but to the ignorant that do not know him or his qualifications the statement has been overheard by me that he is where he is simply as a politically correct affirmative action hire. It ticks me off, because he is where he is because he was and is the best man for the position. That is the kind of soft racism that the antiquated program of affirmative action fosters today.

Indeed, twelve years ago I was a director for a small engineering firm that was founded and run by a friend of mine. It was based out of the suburbs of San Francisco. While interviewing a potential new employee with my friend, the candidate made the observation that our company was very politically correct because of all of the “minority hires” we had made. Both my friend and I were genuinely taken aback momentarily. It had never really dawned on us that a significant portion of our engineering staff was comprised of people of color. He was quick to point out that they were not hired because of their color or heritage, but rather because they were the most qualified individuals for the positions when hired. THAT is the way it should be!

Affirmative action policies also tells many people of color that they cannot expect to get anywhere on their own merits. They are somehow inferior and need to be “helped” if they are going to be successful. That is crap!

Further, affirmative action will indeed sometimes take a less qualified person of color and promote them over a better qualified other applicant. That breeds contempt all around.

Ironically, Anderson, you help make this point with President Obama. I agree that he would not be where he is today without affirmative action. Further, he is not deserving of the great office in which he now serves. His lack of economic experience, let alone principles regarding foreign policy, have prolonged this recession, alienated our allies, and emboldened our enemies. His resume did not qualify him to run a fortune 500 company, let alone serve as President. Case in point: honestly would you have voted for a man with the exact same qualifications as Barack Obama for president if he had been white? I guarantee you that a lot of people would not have. We elected him as a nation because of his color. That is a damned foolish reason to elect anyone. It should have been and should always be, who is the most qualified, regardless of color or gender.

Lastly, I would argue that it is the taxation and over-regulation that has been largely implemented by DEMOCRATS that has caused the hardships in our economy and sent our manufacturing jobs overseas en masse. You can thank your unions and the Democrats for that legacy, Dubya.

Anonymous said...

I hate Obama's policies therefore I am a racist bigot.
Amazing how you take nothing and twist it into racism.
To T. Paine's point who seems to have the most sense here.
Would Charles Gibson have looked down his nose at Obama the way he did Sarah Plain? No. Why? His color. And where were the questions asking him where he gets his news from and what he reads?
Maybe they should have asked him some honest questions like what kind of executive experience do you have that qualifies you for president of the United States?
But that would have been racist,yes?

Dave Dubya said...


So I magically take "nothing" and turn it into racism? Impressive,eh?

See if my opening paragraph in the next post makes any sense to you. Careful, it's a test.

Yes why didn't they ask Obama more "honest" questions like, "Where were you born?"

But that would have been racist, yes?

Anonymous said...

"Yes why didn't they ask Obama more "honest" questions like, "Where were you born?"

The dems brought it up in the first place.(see Hillary Clinton) You can be sure had it been brought up about Herman Cain or Allen West the media(MSNBC dribblers) would be slobbering all over it from day one 24/7.
And Mr. Dubya I can guarantee you would be one of the liberal bloggers posting about it relentlessly as well had there been any question. But the hell with double standards.

As a matter of fact FOX never brought it up until Trump did. And good for Trump for demanding our right to know for sure,unlike the knee pad wearers in the media.

Be as it will seeing how this media and the left are so in love with this president I wouldn't expect too much honesty from them.

Unknown said...

Be as it will seeing how this media and the left are so in love with this president I wouldn't expect too much honesty from them. Thanks for assuming SO much. As a member of the 'left' I have taken Obama to task many a time and so has our host here.Neither Dave or myself are under any illusions about the Commander in Chief..none.

Are you trolling about today Anon? Its a valid question as you don't seem to be familiar w/Dave or his 'politics'.

Dave Dubya said...

Anyone who claims, "Be as it will seeing how this media and the left are so in love with this president," is obviously indoctrinated by his Right Wing cult masters.

There's no point in dialogue with someone spouting such gibberish behind anonymity.

This is one reason I only respond once to anonymous comments. If they wanted a discussion, they'd have the guts to identity themselves.

Unknown said...

I have a delightful saying for Anon trolls like this one Dave:

Anonymous comments, particularly ones that are the most vehement, are the work of cowards-The Omnipotent Poobah, a dear friend of mine said it.

Weaseldog said...

I learned today that one of Michelle Bachman's big contributors are people involved in ASSS - http://www.schoolandstate.org/home.htm

Though Tea Party members say they don't want all of the public schools closed, they are still supporting candidates that do.

Dave Dubya said...


The Fourth Reich hates public education because it won't indoctrinate kids with their propaganda...and they hate teachers and other folks who read too many books and encourage people to think.

free0352 said...

I'm forever lost why the left doesn't ignore the teachers unions when it comes to vouchers and charter schools - as both lift up poor minorities much more than rich whites by giving them an opportunity to get a superior education than the one offered at the average inner city school. I went to a charter school, and I shudder to think what would have became of me without it. Most of my regular school friends are dead or in jail - and they went to the best funded "public" schools in Michigan. Public being for poor blacks...