Thursday, August 6, 2009

Misinformed Christians

Maybe you saw the woman holding her Bible up in the air and chanting “This is the only truth.” She was one of a group of conservatives following instructions to disrupt Democratic representatives meeting with constituents. Perhaps she was inspired by Republican lobbyist Dick Armey’s Freedom Works’ guide "Rocking the Town Halls-Best Practices."

Maybe she was following Conservatives for Patients' Rights. It's a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying organization that's run by a former hospital executive and generally slippery greedy fellow named Rick Scott. Or maybe she was taking her cue from Americans for Prosperity. They’re listed on the page under the name of their own subsidiary, Patients First. The national chairman of Americans for Prosperity is the 19th richest man in the world. A man named David Koch.

These are organizing forces behind the Right Wing offensive against the free speech and democracy being attempted at these meetings. The Republican Party tells us, "What Democrats call mob rule, the average American calls democracy. These kinds of despicable characterizations of middle-class Americans smacks of elitism."

So let’s get this straight. The 19th richest man and his fellow Republicans are in no way promoting anything resembling elitist interests.

Right. And Hitler’s Brown Shirts were promoting democracy by doing the exact same thing. The Brown Shirts were charged with disrupting political opponents’ meetings.

Now, I’m not saying these duped citizens are Nazis. Although Rush was telling his brain-dead listeners today how much Democrats are like Nazis. You all know how famously those Nazis promoted nationalized health care and questioned their military/industrial complex. Oops, that last part was from Republican President Eisenhower. He fought against the Nazis.

What I AM saying is these conservatives shouting down meetings are doing the same thing Hitler’s Brown Shirts did. And I’ll bet there were many German Christians among them. Many German Christians believed Hitler was one of them. They were misinformed and blinded by ideology, of course. Today we see many American Christians who are similarly misinformed and ideological.

Let’s take a look at what misinformed Christians have been up to and see if we can find any historical pattern.

Misinformed Christians set out to kill for Christ on their Crusades.

Misinformed Christians launched a bloody Inquisition.

Misinformed Christians burned people at the stake in Europe.

Misinformed Christians hung “witches” in Salem.

Misinformed Christians followed Hitler.

Misinformed Christians believe Obama was not born in the US.

Misinformed Christians believe Obama is a racist.

Misinformed Christians don’t want government-sponsored health care.

Misinformed Christians want VA health care for veterans.

Misinformed Christians want to keep Medicare.

Misinformed Christians don’t know VA and Medicare are successful government-sponsored health care.

Misinformed Christians believe government-sponsored Health care is Communism.

Misinformed Christians are frightened by Socialism.

Misinformed Christians do not know what Socialism is.

Misinformed Christians watch Fox News.

Misinformed Christians believe Right Wing propaganda.

Misinformed Christians are frightened and angered by Right Wing propaganda.

Misinformed Christians repeat Right Wing propaganda.

Misinformed Christians don’t know Right Wing propaganda is funded by Mammon.

Misinformed Christians believe government sponsored health care will kill old people.

Misinformed Christians don’t know for the top 10 corporate health insurers profits are up over 430% the past 7 years.

Misinformed Christians prefer the insurance companies influence our politicians.

Misinformed Christians believe in free speech.

Misinformed Christians will disrupt others’ right to free speech at meetings.

Misinformed Christians follow instructions titled "Rocking the Town Halls-Best Practices."

Misinformed Christians don’t care that "Rocking the Town Halls-Best Practices" was funded by corporate money.

Misinformed Christians shill for corporate profits against the public’s health.

Misinformed Christians serve the interests of Mammon.

Misinformed Christians forgot Jesus said, “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.”

Misinformed Christians don’t care that health care costs cause bankruptcy.

Misinformed Christians would prefer $10 trillion go towards war than care for our own.

Misinformed Christians want to deny health care to millions of Americans

Misinformed Christians forgot Jesus healed the sick.

Misinformed Christians forgot who said, “Blessed are the merciful”.

Misinformed Christians believe we are a Christian Nation.

I think I see a pattern here...

Misinformed Christians aren’t very Christian at all, are they?


Holte Ender said...

Dave - It appears we are descending into madness, those people who are posing as Christians, I say posing, because there is nothing Christian about them, are ignorant and intimidating and it is just a matter of time before somebody snaps.

They are putting pressure on people to listen to them, they all have friends or know someone in Canada, who have to wait 6 months to see a doctor.

What politician would be willing to claim these people as "his/her followers". They are enjoying the spotlight and they are getting plenty of it and that light attracts politicians.

Unknown said...

These people are not misinformed Christians. They may well be misinformed, but they are definitely not Christian. Even a cursory reading of the New Testament would show them the errors of their ways.

They may find it cool to self-identify as Christian, but God has a very hot place prepared for them.

Dave Dubya said...

I wonder how those infantle whiners would react if they were treated like liberal protestors and caged into "free speech zones".

Like schizophrenics who hear voices in their heads, misinformed Christians believe they hear the voice of God or other divine spokesman on their radio and TV. Theirs is just as much a split from reality, except it is based on ignorance, fear and anger rather than organic biochemical imbalance.

Too many self-proclaimed "Christians" would be all too eager to toss Jesus into Gitmo if He dared preach his hippie peace and love sermons in America. The only "love" in these jerks is for their own self-righteousness.

jmsjoin said...

Damn Dave, you by any chance have a problem with misinformed Christians? Lets start with that Bible she was waving being full of lies.
I saved some stories about Scott and his shit now I won't write about it. That Bastard paid the biggest fine ever of 1.7 Billion for defrauding the Government and cornering the Hospital market.
I friggen hate this crap. This will not stop until Republicans succeed in instigating the 2nd Revolution they have calle3d for and will blame on Obama. This will not be good!

Unknown said...

The Republicans may very well succeed in getting their '2nd revolution'. However, the end results may not be what they are expecting. My advice to them comes from my Grandpappy: Be careful what you wish for.

Unknown said...

Gitmo????? Those b*stards wouldn't waste the fuel it took to get Him there. If Jesus showed up in America tomorrow, He'd think His torture and execution on Calvary was a 'walk in the park'. :(

Dave Dubya said...

Who, me? Problem with misinformed Christians? How can you tell?;-)

I could have said misinformed Amercians but I think atheists, Jews, non-fundamentalists and agnositcs are either generally better informed or less manipulated by corporate America.

There is a herd mentality in misinformed Christians as well.

I am not attacking Christians in general. Informed Christians would agree with me.

Holte Ender said...

You said: Liberals protesters herded into zones. Lets not forget when Bush/Cheney had meetings, the audience had to sign a loyalty oath to get in, and if anyone spoke out, they were gone in a heartbeat.

jmsjoin said...

I agree 100% Brother, be careful what you ask for you may get it!

jmsjoin said...

I agree Dave! I have to laugh Except for brother myself and some other notables I find many atheists to be better Christian's than most of these so called born again Christians.

Cirze said...

Thank you, Dave.

For providing a sane, intelligent voice amidst the insane times in this increasingly dangerous country that used to be proudly designated USA.


So let’s get this straight. The 19th richest man and his fellow Republicans are in no way promoting anything resembling elitist interests.

Right. And Hitler’s Brown Shirts were promoting democracy by doing the exact same thing. The Brown Shirts were charged with disrupting political opponents’ meetings.

Dave Dubya said...

Apparently loyalty oaths were required to work in the Bush Administration as well.
Remember former White House political director Sara Taylor's testimony at the Senate Judiciary Committee?

Leahy: And then you said, I took an oath to the President, and I take that oath very seriously. Did you mean, perhaps, you took an oath to the Constitution?

Taylor: Uh, I, uh, yes, you're correct, I took an oath to the Constitution. Uh, but, what--

Leahy: Did you take a second oath to the President?

Taylor: I did not. I--

Leahy: So the answer was incorrect.

Taylor: The answer was incorrect. What I should have said is that, I took an oath, I took that oath seriously. And I believe that taking that oath means that I need to respect, and do respect, my service to the President.

Authoritarians do believe in swearing loyalty to their leader.

As much as I believe the world would be better if everyone followed Jesus’ teachings, and as much as I try to do so personally, I avoid labeling myself a "Christian" because I will not be counted as any part of the Bible thumping bigots' hateful little world. My inner Buddha recoils from American fundamentalism.

And here I thought this was some hysteria-fueled rant.

Billie Greenwood said...

The choir is ready to sing "Amen" to this post!!!


Great post! You should send this to the president; to all of our senators and congresspeople - perfect!

Dave Dubya said...

Maybe I have a bit of a preaching streak in me.

Thanks. Somehow I don't think I'm clear enough for those folks.