Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthers and Racists and Brats

By some thoughtless impulse I flipped the TV channel to another station.

I heard the commentator's voice explaining, “All he’s doing is bloviating. He’s just bloviating. That’s all it is.” The commentator was Bill O’Reilly, and he was talking to his guest from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“It takes one to know one,” I thought to myself, while wondering who the subject was of Bill-O’s remark.

I learned it was none other than Lou Dobbs of CNN. It looks like old Lou is coming more unglued than ever. His pathological obsession with all those leprosy spreading immigrants living in his narrow imagination was apparently shutting down more parts of his brain.

Yes, Dobbs has joined the “Birthers”. This is the sect of the lunatic Right Wing that is even less grounded in reality than O’Reilly. In fact, Bill says the Factor “investigated” this issue and found the wackos’ notion of Obama’s foreign birth “bogus”.

Man, thank goodness for O’Reilly’s prowess as an investigative journalist. When old Bull O Really sides with sanity over delusion, maybe there IS some hope, after all. Or, maybe I’m getting carried away. The Ridiculous Right has legions of Birthers marching among them. Many Republican congressmen are pandering to this crazed crowd. Toss in Glenn-the-Reality-Impaired Beck’s equally ridiculous accusation that Obama is a racist, and we see some significant mass madness over on the conservative, or I should say confused side of American politics.

Now, as any sane observer would ask, what would happen if this situation were reversed and liberals said some outrageous thing about a republican? Why, they’d be accused of treason, of course. And you could bet there would be some major Republican political theater along with it. Remember the Senate resolution condemning the liberal antiwar group for publishing a newspaper ad?

Why don’t we see Democrats behaving like Republicans when they feel some slight against them? Could it be Democrats and liberals are the mature adults here?

I have a theory. Those tough talking, flag waving, sanctimonious hypocrites are crybabies. Yes, they act just like a bunch of immature little whiners.

Amazingly, the richest and most powerful are the biggest crybabies. Conservative talk radio whiners and republican politicians are always crying abut something. Most of their complaining is about their own insatiable greed, of course. “Waa! I want my Bush tax cuts permanent!” “Waa! I’m a poor unfairly taxed millionaire!” “Waa! I don’t want everyone else to have health care!” Waa! I want the insurance companies to have their way!” “Waa! Government is supposed to work for Big Business!” “Waa! Obama is a socialist!” “Waa! Obama was born in Africa!” “Waa! Obama is a racist!”

And yes, Progressives have many complaints as well. They speak and write about rampant injustice. They illuminate the class warfare waged against the poor and middle class. They correctly say the rich are clearly the winners in this contest. But, unlike the emotionally charged howling from the Right, Progressives base their claims on verifiable fact and history.

The crybaby Right cannot base their arguments on reality. Since they confuse journalism with liberalism they can’t support their claims with documented verifiable facts. In fact, they scream the “liberal media” is to blame for everything.

Let’s look at what Sarah Palin, the quitter with lipstick, said in her Quittin’ the Governorship Speech the other day.

“Some straight talk for some—just some—in the media, because another right protected for all of us is freedom of the press and you have such important jobs, reporting facts and informing the electorate and exerting power to influence. You represent what could and should be a respected, honest profession that could and should be a cornerstone of our democracy.

Democracy depends on you. And that is why—that‘s why our troops are willing to die for you. So, how about, in honor of the American soldier, ya quit makin’ things up?”

Like a child behind Mother’s skirt, they love to hide behind the troops and patriotism so they can accuse opponents of not being “real Americans”.

It’s time to spank these spoiled little brats and tell them to grow up and face reality. Most Americans want the government to work for all of us, not just for the richest one percent. Obama is not a racist. Obama does not pal around with a terrorist. Obama is not a socialist. Obama won.

Let’s tell those folks who cheered the stolen 2000 election something. Let’s remind those who stomp their feet and hold their breath because the guy with the most votes won last year’s election.

Let’s remind them of what they told us back in 2000.

Get over it.


Holte Ender said...

Yes DD, that is most definitely telling it the way it is. Spot on.

Holte Ender said...

Dave - I have just stumbled across a disturbing fact.

If the birthers are right, and Obama was actually born in Kenya in 1961, that would make him eligible for a British Passport. We have a Brit in The White House. Call out the militia.

Dave Dubya said...

Gasp! That means the USA must now surrender to George III!!

The agony of defeat needs soothing. Light and bitters for all!

On the other hand, I guess that would also mean we would be getting our national health care, after all.

God save the Queen!

Tom Harper said...

I think Democrats should ignore the Birthers. They're entertaining, plus they're making the Republican Party squirm, and that's a good thing.

Republicans passed a unanimous resolution honoring Hawaii's 50th anniversary as a state; that was considered a subtle way for the Republican Party to distance themselves from the Birthers. I think the Birthers should be pinned around the neck of the Republican Party, so we can watch them squirm and try to shake off the albatross.

Holte Ender said...

Well said Tom, its nice to see them shoot themselves in the foot now and again, or if it was Cheney doing the shooting, shoot themselves in the face.

Mauigirl said...

Well said, Dave. I couldn't agree more. They are a bunch of crybabies - if not downright nuts with some of the stuff they say.

Cirze said...

Best evah, Dave!

Love you!


jmsjoin said...

Orielley is the biggest Bloviator there is. I am so sick of their crap. I was just taking notes on the Birthers, they are all from the south. They are friggen racists! They are pissed because they think they lost their America to the Blacks!

Distributorcap said...


that was a great post! dead on

what i heard the other day - from a "republican friend" of mine

i know the birthers are full of crap, but it is just a distraction. and even tho i know they are full of crap, these are the same guys that are fighting to keep the govt out of health care, lower our taxes and fight terrorism. so despite this ridiculous charge - they still have my vote. and will have most other rational conservatives."

yep - despite being lunatics, people will still vote for them because they are for the little guys

didnt these same people going apeshit when people questioned Bush's military service

Dave Dubya said...

The troubling thing about the Birthers is that they exist. Radical Right Wing propaganda is running full steam and producing the desired brainwashing of Americans. We still have essentially a dictatorship of Right Wing power, either by legislation or obstruction.

The problem with crybabies and nuts is nobody can have a reasonable discussion with them.

Now, don't go and make my head swell up more than it already is.
Thank you so much, though.

It is frightening and bodes ill for our country when such a large part of our population is so ignorant. Jefferson would weep if he knew what happened to America.

What can one do when sanity is scorned and insanity embraced?

I want to thank you for your series of posts on health care. I urge everyone to go read them.

Unknown said...

The reason the Repugs are so strong is that they are the largest party. The Democrats are actually a half dozen small parties, all going under the 'Democrat' name. Kind of like rogue franchisees. Their greed is just as great as the Repugs. Even with a fillibuster-proof 60 seat majority, the Senate can not get anything done. They'll have to have at least a 93 seat majority before we see anything truly meaningful pass.

Dave Dubya said...

We have as many reasons to distrust Democrats as we do to despise Republicans, along with a fair amount of crossover as well. Too many dems are exactly the same kind of corpowhores as repubs.

Being the old-fashioned Americans we are, we understand that Will Rogers saw it clearly way back when. "I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat."

He nailed it on the republicans too.

"The whole trouble with the Republicans is their fear of an increase in income tax, especially on higher incomes."

"Republicans take care of big money, for big money takes care of them."

Too bad most of the country will never listen to that great American's enduring wisdom.

Holte Ender said...

Dave - I saw that Maddow piece on the powers that are behind the anger. Scary, but I don't see one person, ready to be the face of all these lies. Perhaps that's why Palin quit as governor, perhaps she is watching and waiting.

Daisy Deadhead said...

I wrote about the birthers too! Great minds think alike, Dave.

They are just so ripe for ridicule...

Dave Dubya said...

American Fascism survives because it has no single figurehead leader. The rotating talking heads of Limbaugh, Palin, Hannity, etc. suffice. The corporatist Hydra is an elusive target.

I'l share my breaking news at your blog:

Did you hear the news? It turns out the Birthers themselves were, in fact, not born. They were all hatched at the Fox Zombie Factory.

The Birther Species is similar to humans but their hearing is limited to the frequencies of fellow Birthers. They literally cannot hear anything outside their cult. Nor can they see anything other than Fox on a TV screen, apart from a fuzzy picture of Lou Dobbs.

DO NOT TRY TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM! They perceive any outside communication as a threat and will become hostile when spoken to.

Holte Ender said...

Get your point Dave, corporate hydra is a good analogy.