Sunday, March 1, 2009

What To Do?

The liberal media are at it again. The Corporate News Network CNN liberally gave Rush Limbaugh an hour and a half of air time Saturday. They must really miss Glenn Beck.

I dutifully listened to the whole thing so most of you didn’t have to.

From the content of Limbaugh’s speech we see the Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC was quite the little hate-fest.

But Rush said they didn’t hate anybody. Yes, he said that, but the lies and contradictions spoke volumes to the contrary. Rush also put on a spectacular display of the old tried and true right wing art of projection.

Amateur reporter that I am, I took some notes during Rush’s often declared “first address to the nation”. That’s what he called it after pointing out that his speech was on Fox and C-SPAN. Poor CNN didn’t even get acknowledged.

First address to the nation. And he used this phrase repeatedly. That little joke was about the funniest thing he said all night. So funny, in fact, that many of the attendees laughed at the little quip all ten times, or so, he said it.

Conservatives. They really are a simple lot. No wonder they’re so gullible they buy into anything their idols tell them. The crowd could not contain their adulation for their hero. They would frequently leap to their feet and shout their cheers. They would chant “USA, USA” with raised fists. It was like watching an American remake of “Triumph of the Will”.

Let’s take a look at some of those remarks from the old Oxy-moron.

He loved referring to Obama as the “messiah”. And he also kept to his tactic of using the word “fear” as close as possible to the name Obama. I reported this to you back in November immediately after the election. He loves this practice so much I bet he uses it every day.

First comes the set up. He tells his listeners the president is, "one of the most gifted politicians, one of the most gifted men I have ever witnessed. He has extraordinary talent."

Could this be the same kind of “talent on loan from God” that Rush possesses?

I’m afraid not. Now hear this, all you bleeding heart liberals. Poor Rush is heartbroken.

We learn, "It just breaks my heart that he has not used that extraordinary talent and gift to motivate and inspire the American people to be the best that they can be. He's doing just the opposite."

Have you been noticing that too? Who could be so stupid to think Obama could inspire anybody? Rush tells us the opposite is true. “Obama wants people in fear.”

Thanks, Rush. Is there anything else? I was not to be disappointed.

Did you know Obama and the “Democrat Party” are “all about control”, and want to impose “authoritarian government power”? Wow! This calls for a good civil libertarian like Dick Cheney to come save us from those nasty authoritarians.

Once again we see the old psychological defense mechanism of projection. This is where they accuse others of the wrongful or undesirable behavior they themselves act out.

Here’s some more of the democrats’ diabolical plan. They “foment and create anger” in order to “destroy peoples’ futures”.

Why can’t those democrats be nice like the republicans and start up a couple endless wars?

Maybe they should question people’s patriotism, or scare voters by saying the terrorists will kill them if they don’t make the right choice.

What with those liberals and their treacherous and treasonous Democrat Party, it is nothing short of saintly of Rush to refuse to hate such evil. Even after he told his audience of the horrible punishment dealt to the poor victimized rich class. When Rush says “punish”, he means having to pay taxes. Those darn liberals want to steal your money and give it to those who don’t want to work.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t Bush start a program called TARP that takes a trillion of our tax dollars to give to crooked bankers? Not to worry. The financial meltdown was caused by the democrats. And we learn from Rush that the whole TARP thing is unconstitutional; well at least after Obama became president.

And besides, who do those democrats think they are, taking your money? Rush said, “They don’t have the right to take money that is not theirs.”

So how are they going to pay for the republicans’ wars? And never mind what that liberal hippie Jesus said with that, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” claptrap.

“Liberals!” The very thought of them is enough to make a Reich Winger’s blood boil. Who’d even want to talk to them? Ah, but Rush says he welcomes debating with liberals. Yes, sir. He said he likes to make them “defend Stalin”.

So you may ask, what is a good conservative to do when the Democrat Party has the Oval Office and majorities in both the House and Senate? What can you do when Obama has over a sixty-five percent approval rating? What sage advice did Rush impart to his masses?

Rush spoke these profound words, “Stop thinking you’re a minority.”

Stop thinking, and keep listening to Rush. How easy can it get?


Larry said...

As always they revert to the hate and arrogance that has driven the Repugs since the onslaught of Reagan.

Look what that has done to the country.

Anonymous said...

Also, never mind what that liberal hippie said about loving thy neighbor as thyself. That kind of behavior shrinks the bank account.

Kulkuri said...

"Ah, but Rush says he welcomes debating with liberals. Yes, sir. He said he likes to make them “defend Stalin”."
Another fine example of projection, Rush and Karl Rove and the rest of the Neo-Fascists are students of Stalin. Their party has been jealous for over fifty years of the power and control the Soviet Union had over their country. They worship Stalin and also Goebbels who said if you tell a lie often enough and for long enough people will believe it. The last several decades have been a prime example of that philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for suffering through that pathetic pile of polluted pontifications and taking notes so I didn't have to. I actually listen to Rush once in a while - mostly when I need an ironic laugh and always to hear what my enemies are up to.

Good post.

Dave Dubya said...


I don't think the country will ever recover form the Reich Wing's theft and destruction.


It's odd how those who chant USA, USA and say "God bless America" all the time are the same sort who'd throw Jesus into Gitmo if he were here today.


Both Hitler and Stalin would praise the republicans for destroying freedom and democracy in America way more than they ever could.


Yes, we do need to keep an eye on them, and never let down our guard. The Bush Administration may be gone but the evil they've done and their plans to continue live on.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Rush lets us know how low the GOP will sink. Pretty low!

Mauigirl said...

So far the American public is quite aware of who got us into this mess and it sure wasn't the Democrats. But we have to be careful that this rhetoric doesn't start to take root if the economy doesn't start to turn around. His ridiculous accusations must be refuted every time he makes them.

Anonymous said...

In answer to your post title, "What To Do?"....... Write another post?

Dave Dubya said...

Daisy and Mauigirl,
If truth, justice and the American way are to be defended, (this is what makes me a conservative in the true sense) we need to always shine the light on the lies of the right.

What to do? I'm afraid I will need to apologize to Rush and admit I agree with him. Stay tuned.