Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rhymes With Witch

It looks like Michigan has its own red spots. There's not really much to add to this little gem. I'll bet she thinks she's one of those REAL Americans.


November 1, 2008
Grosse Pointe Farms woman denies Halloween candy to Obama supporters’ kids.


A Grosse Pointe Farms woman has doled out political tricks by refusing Halloween treats to children whose parents support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Shirley Nagel passed out candy Friday — but only to those who shared her support for Republican presidential candidate John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin.

Fox 2 News says a sign posted outside Nagel's house, about 12 miles west of Detroit, served notice to all trick-or-treaters. It read: "No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters or kids of supporters."

Nagel tells WJBK-TV that "Obama's scary." When asked about children who'd been turned away empty-handed and crying, she said: "Oh well. Everybody has a choice."

Fax and phone messages were left today at numbers listed in Nagel's name.


Anonymous said...

Hey...had it been my kid, I'd have dressed her(him) up like Palin(McCain), had them hand out literature to the other little kids, and then demand extra candy from the bitch.

libhom said...

That woman is truly evil. I hope Obama supporting parents give her evil looks everywhere she goes for the rest of her life.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

What a hoot. Democrats can't buy promotions like this. I hope someone does something creative with the 10 stupidest people in the McCain campaign. She'll make it to the top three.

D.K. Raed said...

Husband was telling me about this yesterday. I thought he was exaggerating. This Nagel woman has captured the very essence of the scary demonic aspect of H'ween!

Dave Dubya said...

A worthy nominee by Olbermann for Worst Person in The World.