Monday, November 3, 2008

My Endorsement

I was watching the Colbert Report the other night and was delighted to hear Stephen endorse Barack Obama for president. Yes, what a shock! Then he went on to explain his reason. He wants to get a good job running a combine on a new collective farm if Obama wins. Of course, Stephen said he would VOTE for McCain, while endorsing Obama.

Ever since his courageous presentation in front of Bush and the sycophantic press corps, Stephen has been one of my favorite real American heroes. I feel I must follow his example and endorse a candidate for president.

Since endorsements for president mean very little, whether it’s from a Hollywood star or Dick Cheney, it shouldn’t matter that my endorsement comes at such a late date in the election season.

First the bad news; I cannot endorse someone who voted for Bush’s FISA law. It was a horrible act of pandering to the corporate telecom industry, and an un-American assault on the Fourth Amendment of our Bill of Rights.

Therefore I will not endorse Barack Obama.

I hereby endorse Brian Moore for president.

Who is Brian Moore? Thanks to his appearance on the Colbert Report last week, many of us now know he is the Socialist Party candidate for president.

And in the style and manner of my hero, I will endorse Mr. Moore, but I must vote for Obama. After all, the first priority in reversing the USA’s descent into fascism is to remove the Republican Party from the White House. And the most practical way to do that is to vote for Obama.

Should the forces of darkness prevail and the Republicans steal the election again, many of us have justifiably considered moving to Canada. If the Republicans steal the presidency again, then any trace of democracy here in the US is dead and there is little reason to linger in a totalitarian empire in decay.

Oddly, it turns out, there are conservatives considering their options if Obama wins.

I know a bright young Republican couple who say they are moving to Canada if Obama wins.

None of that socialism crap for them, by Jiminy. They won't stand for it!


D.K. Raed said...

This was very well done, indeed! Endorse Mr Moore, but vote for Obama. We simply cannot progress without first clearing out the detritus of the last 8-yrs.

And oh yeah, truly funny, that some disgruntled repubs would consider moving to socialist-canada if we elect socialist-obama! I can envision them coming back here in a few years polluted by socialist ideas about national health care, etc, and telling us "it's time for a change". aaah, wouldn't that be sweet?

Daisy said...

Great post. :)

Kulkuri said...

Last night on Boston Legal Denny Crane explained why he was going to vote for McCain. If McCain wins, all the smart people will move to Canada and they will be able to solve the problem of the salmon dying.

The Old Lady used to vote Socialist Labor when we lived UP on the tundra just so the poll workers would have to count a vote for someone other than the two main parties. It is a small town and we need what few amusements we can get.

Anonymous said...

You insignificant coackroach! How can you speak of stealing an election when you just won! This anger and irreverant stupid thinking is what keeps you detestable liberals in the hole of dispair. How is it possible that only Republicans steal elections? No, no fraud or misappropriations by the Dems, right? Obama was clean as a whistle regardless of his Chicago politicking and all the shady associations. You better understand the facts as they are my little "roach". Do your homework before you speak. Look at he election maps. The majority of the country is red! You may not like it, but conservatives can actually vote across party lines at times and when they really have indifference for their chosen candidate they stay home. Remember this my little pest: 57,000,000,000 that is the number that voted against the O man. It is a very fine line indeed! You Libs own nothing. The Hill in nervous and for good reason. I see red in 2010!