Monday, July 7, 2008

Glug, Glug, Glug

Is anyone paying attention to what’s been happening?

Will Bush and Cheney ever be held accountable for anything?

Will justice never tie the bloody hands of the corrupt Regime

As their crimes of nascent fascism destroy what we hold dear?

While they wage illegal war for power and profit,

You want to blame the Democrats for that $5 gallon of gas?

Appeasing neo-con imperialism was the Democrats’ real failure.

Helping the Republican’s shred the Bill Of Rights is their shame.

The cost of willful and media-fed mass ignorance is coming due.

Americans finally have the government their stupidity deserves.

Excuse me, this ranting is making me thirsty.

Thank you, let me drink some of that kool ade.

(Glug, Glug, Glug)

Wait, what am I saying?? What kind of American am I?

(Glug, Glug, Glug)

Ahh. Now I'm feelin better. My brain aint so crowded no more.

Hey, ya know what? Bush never lied. An them librools sure are dum.

Rush was right all along. They aint real Amurakins at all,

Now I’m a true believin born again ditto head.

Now I know just about everthin that I ever gotta know.

I know we gotta vote fer Johnny Bomb Bomb I-Ran McCain.

Johnny knows them I-Ranians are trainin Al Kida.

He'll teach them I-Ranians fer goin nukular, or not, even.

Just like Bush gave them I-Raqis payback for 9-11.

Since them I-Ranians wanna attack us an all,

I reckon we kin afford us another little war.

Specially since we don't ever hafta pay fer it.

Cause we know taxes is bad, an killin fer freedom is good.

Hey! Gimme another glassa that kool ade.

(Glug, Glug, Glug)

An don't fergit, they aint no ignernce like Amurakin ignernce.

You know, the self-reich-us ignernce what makes us proud.

An cause they’s both Republican war heroes,

In Bush we trust, an in McCain we believe.

So fill that glass an let’s drink to another long good war.

Then let’s keep on drinkin to victory, even if it takes ferever.

(Glug, Glug, Glug)


Daisy Deadhead said...

Will Bush and Cheney ever be held accountable for anything?

It appears not.


Daisy Deadhead said...

PS: check out my blog today, what the feds did to the Rainbow Tribe.

Interesting since a libertarian radio station first reported on this, so it's one of those stories of personal liberties being violated as well as the usual meaningless drug war crap.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks, Daisy.

Police harassment of any people has its limits, even the most peaceful. Waving guns and other weapons around children is the real crime. I hope the Rainbows can better prepare for such provocation in the future.

As I commented at your site:

Merely embracing peace invites hostility in Bush Amerika.

All peace groups are suspect and under surveillance.

If Jesus were here today in the US and preaching to a crowd, the American Reich would disrupt and agitate them with the goal of arresting peace loving people.

And if Jesus was not an American, he would face being sent to Gitmo or taken by extraordinary rendition to a secret prison.

And of course, all His communications to people in the US would be seized, without a warrant, to be used as secret evidence against Him.

Bush's Empire of Evil regards peace, love, and freedom as threats to its ideology and power.

jmsjoin said...

Damn I missed this the other day sorry! (Glug, Glug, Glug) Bush and Cheney will never be held Accountable Presidential Pardons for everyone! keep listening to the lies so McCain can get elected and finish destroying our America and order to replace it with their version. Take care!

Anne said...

i'm thirsty! gimmie some of that kool aid. it sure tastes different than the kool aid of my youth! ;)

Unknown said...

I'm seriously considering changing my registration to Republican so I can get MY lifetime supply of hallucinigens. *end snark*

Dave Dubya said...

I think some old-fashioned electric kool-ade might even help them. It sure wouldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

What a persuasive argument you make. Sometimes I wonder if there are any liberal bloggers who even try to persuade anyone who isn't already on their side. Hyberbole and sarcasm generally aren't the most effective method of bringing someone around to your way of thinking. Also, given how much you think Republicans distort the truth, why did you do the same thing? You can make a strong case against the Bush administration without resorting to exaggeration. You are the classic "Sky is falling" liberal, who is dismissed as a crank by all but your fellow travellers, who all have already drunk the Kool-Aid.

Dave Dubya said...

Hi , Anon,

Thanks for your input.

"What a persuasive argument you make."

Do I detect a little sarcasm in your comment?

That's OK. You see, sarcasm, hyperbole and exaggeration are used as comedic devices. Some times we non-koolade drinkers resort to humorous methods to counter the rigidity and narrow-mindedness of the right wing authoritarian koolade drinkers.

You do remember where the whole "drinking the koolade" thing started, right? It is about surrendering one's ability to question authority.

Jim Jones was the authoritarian leader of the People's Temple suicide cult. And his loyal and blind followers "drank the koolade".

Don't be concerned about this little rant, (It is a rant, you know.) failing to persuade those with right wing beliefs.

We have tried using facts, logic, reason, history, and the Bill of Rights to frame our positions.

Those are all rejected by the Bush/Cheney cult. They believe they are entitled to their own facts so there can be no common ground with mutually accepted defined terms to begin a rational debate.

For example, what does it suggest when a militaristic regime illegally spies on, and arrests, peaceful dissenters as if they were the enemy?

I remember Rush using sarcasm, hyperbole and exaggeration. I've probably actually listened to Rush a hundred times more than any Rightie has listened to say, Thom Hartmann. I don't expect it to be any other way. Those certain of their own righteousness don't need to listen to anything else.

And for that reason I thank you for reading as much as you did here.

Unknown said...


Doncha just LOVE the way they post anonymously?

Q. What's the difference between a progressive blogger and a pit bull?

A. Nothing.