Monday, December 31, 2007


Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Every-where-else-stan. It seems that every time the United States sticks its nose into other countries affairs, we inevitably get the unanticipated blowback. It matters not whether our self-serving intentions are good or not. We never learn.

At best we stomp around like a bull in a china shop. At worst we are blood-stained rabid wolves.

If we start demanding that our politicians back off, we are labeled isolationists. Like that is in itself a bad thing. How’s that empire thing coming along? And how well are those trade agreements working out for us?

If we get too critical about what our government has done to other countries, we are accused of being “Blame America Firsters.” Gimme a break, already!

I will cut short my endless rant on this matter and just refer you to a Washington Post column from last July. It is up for the vote for best column of the year. It’s by a Pakistani guy who grew up both here and in Pakistan.

Why Do They Hate Us? by Mohsin Hamid, published July 22.
A Muslim novelist who split his childhood between Pakistan and California seeks to answer the question.


jmsjoin said...

Well Dave, You know you are right! Bush has done it all on purpose and I think you know how I feel so I won't spoil this night. I will just say anyone that speaks the truth is dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.
That and what Bush is really doing is the greatest cospiracy of all. Despite everything I wish you a happy New Year!

Larry said...

They hate us because our spineless inaction has brought the world into panic of what the next neocon war will bring.

Dave Dubya said...

Jim and Larry,

And a Happy New Year to you both. Let's see if we can make this year a little bit better than the last one. If not in the big picture, then at least in our immediate lives. Thanks for all you've shared.


Our spineless inaction is just the icing on the cake of hate. I still like to think most people who hate "us" really hate our corporate government's ruthlessness.

jmsjoin said...

Dave we''re rabid wolves and Bulls in a china shop because no one cares what we think and we don't matter as we watch these self serving idiots destroy us. Very frustrating!

jmsjoin said...

Hey Dave
Just taking a minute to look around and thought i'd say hey!