Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Big Con

Remember back in the good old days of all those conservatives' self righteous glory? Limbaugh, Drudge, Fox Noise, and the whole brassy bandwagon of Clinton bashing right wing mouthpieces had their field day. Their propaganda was so effective that calling someone a liberal was the worst possible insult in their hateful little world.

How times have changed. With the calamitous effects of Bush conservatism crashing down upon our nation and our world, liberals sound like our last best hope for us yet. Whatever those liberals were accused of doing, there's a whole lot more ugly things they didn't do.

It wasn’t a liberal Supreme Court that nullified a presidential election.

It wasn’t a liberal administration that took power with half a million fewer votes than their opponents, and then claimed to be “spreading democracy.”

It wasn’t a liberal administration that cut taxes for the rich and then borrowed and spent a country into bankruptcy.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when the "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" memo was ignored.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when the towers and pentagon were hit.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when the campaign against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan was botched because the president wanted a war with another country.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when lies and fear-mongering were used to frighten people into voting for republicans.

It wasn’t a liberal administration that lied to us about Saddam having connections to al-Qaeda.

It wasn’t a liberal administration that lied to us about Saddam building “nucular” weapons.

It wasn’t a liberal administration that lied to us about Saddam having anthrax, chemical weapons, and unmanned aircraft to attack us.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when our nation invaded a country that was no threat to us and had nothing to do with al-Qaeda.

It wasn’t a liberal administration whose vice-president provoked a war that generated obscene profits through no-bid contracts for his company.

It wasn’t a liberal administration that turned world opinion against the US.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when the Press Secretary said “Americans need to watch what they say.”

It wasn’t a liberal administration that shredded the Bill of Rights when they spied on Americans without warrants.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when a president claimed the power to call someone an “enemy combatant,” jail him without charges, and deny him the right to defense counsel.

It wasn’t a liberal administration that treasonously exposed a covert intelligence operative’s identity.

It wasn’t a liberal administration that protected those guilty of betraying the intelligence operative.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power that failed to rebuild New Orleans

It wasn’t a liberal administration that politicized the Justice Department in order to crush opposition and suppress voting rights.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when oil went from around thirty dollars a barrel to almost a hundred dollars a barrel.

It wasn’t a liberal administration in power when the Canadian dollar became stronger than the US dollar.

It wasn’t a liberal administration who overturned the Posse Comitatus Act, claimed the power to declare martial law, and use the National Guard as a political police force against the American public.

And on and on it goes. How much more can we take before the public wakes up to the big con in conservatism?


Larry said...

Excellent post:

You're exactly right, the days of Clinton being under attack seem so minor compared to this mess we fsce today.

How many more days before the economy completely collapses is getting shorter.

How many days before World War III is started by Bush is very few.

How many days before we fall under military(Blackwater) rule are very few.

jmsjoin said...

Dave they'll never wake up. Okay I have your site and I am going to link to you when I catch up after losing the day. Just wanted you to see my reply to your comment.
an average patriot said...
A small circle of us have been talking about this for years. Unfortunately at kos and most other places they think I'm a fruit loop. It is now too late to stop.
Nothing of consequence is discussed on MSM as they are in Bush's pocket and thereby complicit. I have a document I wrote 3 years ago uncovering Bush, what he is doing, the Russian Doctrine of Destruction he is following, and how this is going to end up.
I have in the past sent it to every media outlet and Politician I could and I will guarantee you no one has read it. This is all so obvious it stuns me that no one of consequence has brought it to light.
They all are complicit and seem to be jockeying for a role in this future mess. Watch 2008. One way or the other the election will be stolen again and this new order mess will be continued. There is no way all the abusive power that Bush has amassed can be allowed in Democratic hands.
Take care!

Dave Dubya said...

Heck, they don't even have to steal elections anymore. They own the system.

I remember back in the good ol' 90's when the "lunatic fringers" were all worried about black helicopters and the UN. They seemed to think the Second Amendment would protect their militias for the big last stand.

My fellow more literate LF'ers and I were telling them to forget about those things. Global corporations were going to take over, not the UN. They will let people around the world have their flags to wave since it makes them feel good, while their respective governments all get bought up by the big boys.

And while you're watching for the helicopters, start worrying about the war on drugs being merely a dress rehearsal for the coming war on terror.

Oh, the dismissive comments and questioning looks we got back then.

jmsjoin said...

compassionate conservatism like perverted Christianity and the word Democracy are merely invoked to allow this new order agenda to be prosecuted, I think Bush has too much power now to be stopped as he is the sole decider, can do what he wants and answers to no one. His worst is yet to come!

Anonymous said...

One slight problem with your rant, Dave-it was the previous Administration that tied Iraq to al Qaeda, and also claimed that Iraq had WMDs.

Please read the Clinton Justice Department's 1998 indictment of bin Laden. You'll find the al Qaeda-Iraq connection prominently mentioned near the very beginning.
You can find the complete 1998 indictment text at the anti-Bush Federaration of American Scientists website.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks for the anonymous tip.

You mean Clinton was wrong, too?

And here I thought Clinton bombed Iraq because of Monica.

Larry said...

Here is a link to what the Republican Party is really all about:

Republican Sex Offenders

Dave Dubya said...

Larry, Those rethugs are bound and, determined to emulate the Imperial Romans down to the last perversion possible.
No wonder they are so fond of torture.

jmsjoin said...

Dave you know what stinks? They could care less how stupid they look or sound. They will not stray from this underhanded corruptive mis-agenda regardless.
I was watching cnn today and I listen to one of those Repug leaders badmouth Dems for being fiscally irresponsible and mispending our money. I was stupified listeng to the asinine argument.
Every time Russert tried to bring up the fact that Bush has created more debt than every Preisend in the country combined the idiot kept cutting him off and just said we're at war.
We're always at war but we have never had a warmonger decider in charge. I wonder how many Billios have bee lost to corruption thanks to the insistance of no overfight.

jmsjoin said...

Hey Dave
Just checking to see if you have anything new on this nightmare. Unbelievable!

Dave Dubya said...

As we paranoid types have known for years, it's all one big corporate party. Nader just stole our idea to suit his own agenda. And look what that did for us.

The Dems are the right wing of the party and the Repugs are the radical right.

What's left is fractured, disintegrated, and crippled into complete powerlessness. The left still awaits unifying leadership to forge the conscience and consciousness of the scattered remnants of our democracy into a viable political and economic force.

The Democrats are less than useless. They are indeed part of the problem.

As Thom Hartmann suggests on Air America, we need to infuse the Democratic Party with large enough numbers of progressives to stand together, instead of relying on the compromised weenies there now.

Mass boycotts of selected segments of the corporatocracy is one tool. A movement to buy only Citgo gasoline would be an example. Another, though more risky, option is to emulate Ghandi's non-violent passive resistance by non-cooperation. Maybe having a group calling themselves Constitutional Conservatives show up in numbers at certain events. And then not stand for the national anthem, while holding up signs saying, "When were free again, we'll stand," or "Restore the Bill of Rights."

This will take commitment to a long term agenda. That's how the Right did it. If we can't, then we lose.

At best, I'm afraid the bottom line for 99% of the Republicans and 90% of the Democrats is politics over principle and power over people. So that gives us, at best, 1% of the Republicans and 10% of the Democrats who would even stand up for justice and the Constitution.

As John Conyers said when asked about impeachment, "We don't have the votes."

I rest my case.

There goes our Constitution.

Unless we can get a real grass roots Constitutional revival movement up and going.

Larry said...

Check out this site, you might find it interesting. This guy has several different blogs off of this site, and they all coincide over the same topic.

It will take you awhile to get through it all.


Dave Dubya said...

Here's another one to file under "Hypocrites Just Want to Have Fun."