Monday, July 1, 2024

Trump's "Enabling Act"


Justice Sotomayor's fear is grounded in her rational sense of justice and the rule of law, and her dissent is a clear warning. 

President Biden agreed when he said in response:

I concur with Justice Sotomayor's dissent today. Here's what she said..."In every use of official power, the president is now a king above the law...With fear for our democracy, I dissent". End of quote. So should the American people dissent. I dissent.

And I dissent. 

The founders wanted a president, not a king. 

Sadly, they couldn’t have foreseen the disastrous consequences of their horrible decision to mandate lifetime judicial appointments, an anti-democratic Senate and electoral votes for the presidency.

A radical Right Christian nationalist majority on the Supreme Court has decided a president, and former president Trump in particular, is now above the law in his so-called “official acts”. This comes as no surprise to those of us who clearly saw the actions of this court were intended to shield Trump from accountability and to delay, obstruct, and DENY justice.

So why can't Biden now order his DOJ to arrest those justices for obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting Trump's crimes as his "official act"? He can certainly direct them to disrupt and deny state election counts by just saying, "The election was corrupt. Do it over". He can tell Kamala to deny election certification next January. Maybe he can declare Trump a domestic terrorist and by an "official act" have him taken out. Why not?

By protecting Trump from accountability, the corrupt partisan majority with three justices appointed by Trump, has shredded our Constitution and destroyed our republic by allowing the president the virtual immunity of a dictator. A president may now cite any of his crimes as “official acts”. And he has a Supreme Court majority in his pocket to assure every one of his crimes can be called an “official act”.

Among other authoritarian edicts, the Supreme Court has just decided it is an "official act" of the president to order his minions in the DOJ to INTERFERE with an election on his behalf.

We now have a US version of the Enabling Act, passed by the German Reichstag on March 23, 1933, which allowed Chancellor Adolf Hitler to assume dictatorial powers.

Remember the quaint notion of an independent Department of Justice?

Chief Justice Roberts killed it. He essentially implemented Project 2025’s stated goal to politicize and weaponize the DOJ:

Page 552

Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise

The Director of the FBI must remain politically accountable to the President in the same manner as the head of any other federal department or agency. To ensure prompt political accountability and to rein in perceived or actual abuses, the next conservative Administration should seek a legislative change to align the FBI Director’s position with those of the heads of all other major departments and agencies.

Or as exemplified by the Third Reich, the Director of the Gestapo must remain politically accountable to the Fuhrer.

The radical Right wants Trump to be a dictator. And that's exactly what we'll get, unless American voters overwhelmingly join Justice Sotomayor's and President Biden's dissent as well.

Chief Justice Roberts endorsed this travesty when he corruptly elevated a person, even a convicted felon, to being above the law to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed".

The fascist decrees by these red hatted so-called Justices have desecrated the very word "justice". 

These authoritarian "In-Justices" have twisted the motto "Equal Justice Under Law" over the entrance to our highest court into an "official lie" that now echoes and establishes as law Orwell's dystopian, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

Is this the final Big Lie that terminates our republic? 

“This country is finished".  - George Carlin


Just the Facts! said...

I hope Dave and his fellow Marxists have plenty of crying towels.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The only silver lining in this dystopian nightmare is that the SCOTUS has just handed Trump, if he wins, even more power to commit even more crimes of corruption, revenge on individuals and media organizations, self enrichment and who knows what else? Murder? All with complete immunity simply because he would hold the office of the presidency.

THAT, should be the galvanizing wake up call to every decent American to put aside petty grievances and get out to vote and make sure this never happens. Think very carefully about what the court has just handed him if he wins. Even more power. And in such immoral, malevolent hands.

Dave Dubya said...

I share your hope that enough Americans wake up to the Right's destruction of our democracy and rule of law.

In the meantime Biden can do whatever HE wants, including having his DOJ arrest the six criminals on the Supreme Court for obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting an insurrectionist felon.

He can ask Judge Merchan to sentence Trump to prison on the 11th. He can order the DOJ to revoke Trump's bail and lock him up until his trial.

What does he have to lose? It's now legal.

Dave Dubya said...

Anonymous demands, "Tell us again how conservatives are dangerous but leftist aren't."

"Conservatives" support suppressing reproductive and voting rights AND dictatorial immunity for an insurrectionist felon.

Leftists support equal justice under law and democracy.

Dave Dubya said...

And Howdy, Vern.

Welcome back from your time-out room!

IF you want to continue to deflect and falsely accuse, instead of discuss, first you MUST tell me what makes me or any Democrat a "Marxist". This means citing my words that fit the definition of Marxist.

If you refuse, or can't support your accusation, then you are a LIAR and your lies will be deleted.

Put up, or shut up and enjoy going back to your time-out room. ;-)

Les Carpenter said...

Biden should now:

A) Insure Trump heads to jail.

B) Declare election postponed until ALL trials have taken place and all judgement rendered.

C) If Trump is found innocent he is allowed to run. Found guilty, jail time and keys thrown away.

In the name of national security he should, as Dave points out, arrest the six neo-Nazi conservative "justices" and nominate six progressives while he has the senate.

It's time for dems to play hardball and knock the neo-Nazis out of power. IOW, use the gift the scotus handed President Biden while he can. Before it is too late and Trump is in office for life.

Dave Miller said...

Dave, have you noticed there are no conservatives, GOP members or MAGA folks talking a lot about original meaning or textualism today?

Maybe cause no one will find the words "absolute immunity" anywhere in the Constitution.

Let's remember, the appeals judges, two of whom are conservatives, rejected the idea, saying, "we do elect a king".

The SCOTUS folks however, think differently.

Dave Dubya said...

Biden should consider all options given to him under the criminal-abetting red-hatted In-Justices. He should call for the impeachment of Thomas and Alito for shamelessly accepting bribes. He should appoint 5 new Justices as as official act. Why bother changing the law when the president is above it?

Will Dems finally learn what the hell they are up against in time?

What the partisan In-Justices did was blatantly unconstitutional.

The neo-Nazis no longer require any lame arguments about the founders' intent to support their goals. They've decided Ben Franklin's words, "a republic if you can keep it" gave them license to end it. They HATE democracy and equal justice under law that much.

Anonymous said...

If you give a boy a toy, will he play with it? Why blame Trump for the action of the Supreme Court? All politicians will use the power they have, so don't give them the power. This is the fault of the Supreme Court and effects more than Trump.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, this is the fault of the Supreme Court and it effects more than Trump.

Why blame Trump? HE appointed a third of the court, with two appointments through the unprecedented machinations of Mitch McConnell, who essentially stole two seats for him Remember when the Black guy was president 8 months out was "too close" to the election, but for Trump the WEEK before was just fine?

And yes, all politicians will use the power they have, but too many ABUSE their power. See McConnell's treachery and Trump's coup. Now the Supreme Court has ABUSED their power to give Trump total immunity for his crimes before the election. They obstructed justice on his behalf.

This is how to kill a republic and create a dictatorship.

Les Carpenter said...

Biden has TOTAL immunity right now if acting in his official duties. So, what could be more in line with his official duties than protecting and preserving our republic from threats both foreign and domestic. Right now we are facing a grave threat from within. That of traitor Donald J Trump, the corrupt scotus, and the gop.

Dave Dubya said...

Marcy Wheeler has an excellent suggestion.


John Roberts has invited Joe Biden to call up Merrick Garland and demand not just that DOJ open an investigation into Ginni Thomas, but to appoint a Special Counsel who could continue the investigation for the foreseeable future.

By refusing all review of improper pressure on the Attorney General, John Roberts has not eliminated the risk of revenge and despotism.

He has, rather, sanctioned it.

Opinionated and Right said...

Biden don’t know WHO, or WHAT, or WHY,now he blames blames the recent overseas traveling that gave him “Jet Lag for his disastrous debate: last Thursday night. Saying that he nearly fell asleep on stage , that’s how tired he was!
Not to mention that it was he 17 days ago that he returned to the United States.
"I didn't have my best night that night," Biden told supporters. "I wasn't very smart. I decided to travel around the world to a couple of time-zones,
I didn't listen to my staff. And then I came back and I nearly fell asleep on stage,"
First ,it was traveling on AF1 isn't like the middle seat on SW Airlines.
Second, he took a weeks vacation leading up to the debate.
The third excuse was that he has a bad cold.
Then it was because his handlers over “Prepared Him”
The excuses keep getting more ridiculous.
Then it was Hey, everyone can have a bad debate.
Now it's that difficult travel in a flying 5 star luxury hotel 17 days earlier did it.
And now, the vultures are gathering to decide just how to get RID OF HIM!
And the leftist loon who destroyed California is apparently on the Democratix Socialist short list to replace Biden.

Dave Dubya said...

That sounds terrible. And to think the Supreme Court just handed Biden IMMUNITY.

He can order his DOJ to investigate Clarence and Ginni Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh.

He can commit any crime and call it an "official duty".

How do you feel about that?

And no matter how sleepy Joe was in the debate, he called out Trump for his violent insurrection and Trump LIED way more than he did.

How do you feel about that?

Here's how I feel. I would vote for a head of cabbage over the convicted felon and sociopath Trump.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The opinionated righty is simply a cut and paste artist. Probably has dozens of monikers.
What we have though in President Biden is a man of high character who respects the institutions of government. His moral code would not allow him to order the DOJ to go after Ginni or Clarence or anyone else. I for one think he should and publicize everything it finds. Maybe the repubs are right on this. Character means nothing to them. Maybe the Dems should move that down on the list of requirements for elected office.

Dave Dubya said...


Character, truth, decency, and democracy are not their values.

Greed, power, domination, white nationalism, and punishment for those they hate are their true "values".

Yeah, we can gather from his opening words, "Biden don’t know", he's not fluent with the English language, so he's likely unable to think for himself.

And I'd certainly prefer a democratic socialist over a convicted felon MAGA neo-Nazi ANY day.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I'd take Mickey Mouse over 99% of these republican kooks. A real shame is how Biden is and has been treated not just by the righties, but by the media almost as a whole. I'm sorry people get old. Clint Eastwood is old. But the reality is Biden has been a damn good president. As I pointed out on Shaw's place, my wealth has doubled during Biden's presidency. His policies have kept inflation from skyrocketing. This is a policy that helps working families. It doesn't benefit the wealthier in any painful way. It helps them by increasing their property values and charging higher rents. This doesn't seem to be reported anywhere. It's all now when will Biden resign. Knives are out. Anonymous sources are saying things anonymously. I say fuck them if they are afraid to say it in the open. I personally think from a political perspective he should drop out. I see no way his campaign can come back from his debate. It sucks since I believe he is a real good, borderline great president but we can't afford Trump getting more Supreme Court appointments or destroying Obamacare and Social Security as well as the reigning in of drug prices which Biden has done.

Dave Dubya said...

I was hoping Biden wouldn't seek a second term, but if he's on the ballot I will enthusiastically vote for him.

If he withdraws for health reasons, (There are no other valid reasons) the Dems won't be the only party in a frenzy. Republicans won't know who to concentrate their venom on until after the convention.

It's tragic how the pundits and corp-media IGNORE the actual content of Biden's debate points, just to go for the sensation of appearance and tone of voice.

They'd have tolerated Hitler too. He was such a GOOD speaker!

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Of course I will vote for him as well as send another $100 check.

Anonymous said...

He maneuvered the Republicans and the country to get his judges appointed, but he could not foresee the courts cases or their implications.

Dave Dubya said...

If you mean McConnell, he still corrupted the Court with partisan hacks. But worse yet, He alone decided to tell his Senators to vote not guilty on Trump's second impeachment after his violent coup. This was tantamount to abetting the insurrection.

Les Carpenter said...

As much as i know President Biden has lost some mind sharpness/quickness, and i wish he would stand aside, I too will unquestionably cast my lot behind him and the democratic slate should he remain on the race.

Project 2025 must not ever happen.

Just the Facts! said...

textualism /tĕks′choo͞-ə-lĭz″əm/

A theory of legal interpretation emphasizing the importance of the everyday meanings of the words used in statutes. Strict adherence to a text, especially of the Scriptures. Textual criticism, especially of the Scriptures.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition • More at Wordnik

There you go! A conservative has talked about textualism, now where is the liberal discussion?

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks for the definition.

Now show us the TEXT in the Constitution that allows for presidential immunity for any crimes he says are "official duties".

THAT is the "liberal discussion", and you will likely have no response.

Dave Dubya said...

Vern's idea of who should run the country with immunity from justice:

Just to review:

- Trump’s Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon: Convicted Felon.

- Trump’s Campaign Chair, Paul Manafort: Convicted Felon

- Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn: Convicted Felon

- Trump’s Advisor, Roger Stone: Convicted Felon

and finally...

- Donald Trump, himself: CONVICTED FELON.

This is today's "conservatism", folks.

Just the Facts! said...

Called the Supreme Court, you sure like it when it rules in your favor. But now not so much. There goes our Democracy, only rulings that favor liberalism are ok.

Dave Dubya said...

You just admitted that allowing a convicted felon immunity from the law is OK for conservatives. The same convicted felon voted GUILTY of insurrection by a bi-partisan MAJORITY in his SECOND impeachment.

This is where your "values" stand. How DARE you call yourself a "patriot"! Your support for Trump is a betrayal of what this country used to stand for. America will NEVER be great under a criminal fascist.

This is PROOF that liberalism is the MORAL side of the political spectrum, with justice, equality, and democracy for its values.

Conservatism values only greed, power and punishment of those they HATE.

And you wonder why we see you as neo-Nazis? You'd make Hitler proud.

Les Carpenter said...

The new American MAGA right:

Hateful, bigoted, zenophobic, anti democracy, pro authoritarianism, pro rule of personality, blind to reality, delusional, ignorant, and blinded by its own ego fixation.

The sure path to 3'rd world shit hole status.

Dave Miller said...

Whoever Just the facts is, the point he's making with this comment, has some legs.

"Called the Supreme Court, you sure like it when it rules in your favor. But now not so much. There goes our Democracy, only rulings that favor liberalism are ok."

The problem we are in is we seem locked into making binary choices and evaluations. I win, you lose, you win, I lose.

Nuance looks to be dead. For us regular folks AND the SCOTUS.

As to the case Just is trying to make, what he fails to take into account is that the conservatives went against their for years stated reliance on "just the text." Over the long haul, I've been less concerned with the specifics of many SCOTUS rulings and more focused on how they got there.

Is the SCOTUS following precedent? Or are they not? Are they trying to right a decision wrongly made? Are they trying to make a statement. Are they, as Chief Justice said, calling balls and strikes, or are they putting their fingers on the scales to get a desired outcome.

Two recent cases stand out. First was the question of whether or not Fmr Pres Trump was disqualified by the Constitution from running again for president. We'd been told for years, at least since Scalia, that we should should understand the Constitution from a plain, easily read stance. A reasonable interpretation of the words on the paper.

This current crowd threw that out and admitted as such saying to bar Trump would lead to a crisis. So they demurred.

The immunity case is another example. The Nixon v US challenge took just 16 days to unanimously decide presidential immunity in 1974. This case? 66 days to overturn precedent and find a level of immunity never mentioned in the Constitution.

So whether I like the decisions or not, I believe it is fair to call out the conservative SCOTUS block as charlatans and their cheerleaders as partisan hacks.

Why is that different from us lefties?

Because the conservatives always claimed to act on principles.

But here's the truth Dave, the little secret... We always knew they were lying.

Conservatives lied when they, yes, as Democrats back in the day, opposed Civil Rights for black people. Then, as Republicans, they lied when they claimed their pro life stance was over morality. They lied when they said deficits don't matter, they lied when they said the relied on precedent at the SCOTUS, they lied when they said they just call balls and strikes and they lied when they said public immorality disqualified someone from public leadership.

In general "Just" is correct. I don't generally like their decisions and I generally like our decisions. Just like everyone.

But I've never seen such naked abandonment of previously announced principled positions.

Why is that?

Dave Dubya said...


Very good points.

"But I've never seen such naked abandonment of previously announced principled positions. Why is that?"

You answered this with, "We always knew they were lying."

They have NO principles as in, "a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning."

Truth has been destroyed by Trump and the radical Right media propagandists. Their "system of belief or behavior" is whatever Trump tells them to believe or how to behave.

The rule of law has been formally rejected by the terminally corrupt red hats on the Supreme Court.

Their pretenses of Christianity are exposed by their rampant lies and hate that rejects their Savior's commandments to love their fellow man and show compassion for the sick and poor.

MAGA is more diametrically opposed to the message of Jesus than any fantasy of Satanism.

Conservatism values only greed, power and punishment for those they HATE.

It has ALWAYS been about protecting wealth and privilege. ALWAYS.

Les Carpenter said...

MAGA Philosophy - The ends justifies the means.

So, any and every lie, deceit, illegal action, dirty trick, etc is perfectly fine in so long as it serves MAGA's desires and furthers the destruction of democracy.

Dave Dubya said...

The ends justifies the means.
That's the code of every tyrant and his sycophants. It is the essence of MAGA.

Now MAGA owns the Supreme Court and Corporate media are aligning against Biden and giving Trump a pass. Project 2025 and Trump's felony conviction and criminal charges should be in EVERY newscast.

This is how tyranny wins.

Les Carpenter said...

Yes Dave, tyranny and hell may very well be just around the corner. If Americans don't wake up very soon.

The Republican Party, The Heritage Foundation (Project 2025), Trump, the Chriatian Nationalists, and the new corrupt scotus are pissing on the graves of every American soldier who have their lives in the defense of democracy and our democratic republic.

Les Carpenter said...

... soldier who gave their lives...

Political Chick said...

After 100 years in office and a nearly 100% identical voting record, what have Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden accomplished?
They've destroyed the middle class and left our borders wide open for Millions of Illegal immigrants to Destroy.
Don't Let Joe Biden and his crooked Cronies to Destroy. And Take America for a Ride!

Dave Dubya said...

Political Chick,
Thank you for sharing your FEELINGS.

I could answer your question and show you FACTS but your cult has you indoctrinated to IGNORE them.

For example, Biden and Brown supported the BIPARTISAN border bill that provided for hiring over a thousand more border agents and installing more fentanyl detectors, but your Dear Leader ORDERED Republicans to KILL the bill, so he could run on his "open border" LIE.

The middle class hasn't been "destroyed". Trump promises more tax cuts for the RICH.

Biden passed a bi-partisan infrastructure bill, (that Trump promised but FAILED to deliver), a bipartisan semiconductor bill, allowed MORE oil and gas drilling,(Yes, he did), lowered insulin prices, lowered the federal deficit, and more.

See? You will REJECT this information, of course. You are INCAPABLE of recognizing reality because you are in a cult and cannot think for yourself or seek information outside of what Trump wants you to BELEIVE and FEEL.

Meanwhile you support a pathological LIAR, adjudicated sex offender, multiple-indicted criminal, and convicted felon who wants to be a dictator and talks like Hitler:

We will Root out the Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country…
They’re poisoning the blood of our country. That’s what they’ve done.
Just a quick reminder for liberal Jews who voted to destroy America and Israel because you believed false narratives!
Let's hope you learned from your mistake and make better choices moving forward!
Any Jewish person that votes for Democrats hates their religion.
Would you rather have the Black president or the white president?
I think they want the white guy.
Hitler did a lot of good things.

- Donald Trump

He is dividing Americans with his HATE and LIES.

THAT is how you destroy America.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” ~ Maya Angelou

Les Carpenter said...

How long will honest people with integrity continue to put up with the dishonesty and disingenuousness of the MAGA clowns and their damnable insurrectionist/rapist/tax fraudster/con man/neo-Nazi destroyer of democracy and decency DJT?

November 2024 could very well be the last chance to save the American experiment in democratic self rule.


Anonymous said...

A) Insure Trump heads to jail.

B) Declare election postponed until ALL trials have taken place and all judgement rendered.

C) If Trump is found innocent he is allowed to run. Found guilty, jail time and keys thrown away.

In the name of national security he should, as Dave points out, arrest the six neo-Nazi conservative "justices" and nominate six progressives while he has the senate.


Anonymous said...

I do know that we had four years of relative peace, when Donald Trump was in charge because trump is so good at what he does . Why do you think that russia waited until Biden was in office before they went into Ukraine? And why did hamas wait on Gaza?. They didn't know how trump would react and were certain that Biden would sit on the sidelines as his enemies thought he would.
You can’t say that about Biden.

Dave Miller said...

Political Chick's rant is mostly devoid of facts.

First, the US has a level of illegal immigrants living here that has been roughly static for years, through the Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden admins. And even with those 11 million ppl, employers are still struggling to fill jobs.

Because the US is at full employment, the collapsing middle class PC bemoans is sitting on a ton of 401K wealth and driving the world economy. Add in the fact that crime across the country is down and I've got to ask... Are you mad just because you want to be mad? Because there are no facts that back up your statements..

Here's a solution for your illegal immigrant worries though... round up all the ppl here without papers, make them legal, bring them out of the shadows and into the legal workforce and start taxing them. Add in a penalty, say $5000 or $10000, paid over 10 years, and the economy will grow and expand even more.

Dave Miller said...

Anon at 4:45pm...

Trump is not going to jail, ever. Every single one of the cases against him will soon be stopped or overturned on appeal as a result of the recent SCOTUS case affirming the idea Nixon tried to achieve that "If the president says it, it's legal". [Yes, it's a paraphrase]

To your other point regarding SCOTUS judges, if we lived in Fantasyland, here's how Biden could make the changes you seek...

Wake up one day and appoint 4 additional SCOTUS judges, bringing the SCOTUS number to 13, the same number of appellate courts in the US. For years those numbers were equal, so this would be a defendable stance. Then, the next morning Biden should go public and say something along the lines of this...

I just appointed 4 additional SCOTUS judges, giving us one SCOTUS judge for each appellate court, as it was for many years in the US. This will rebalance our Supreme Court and bring it back to where it was for generations. Now, to my Democratic friends, voters and people who care about democracy, I need your help. I need you to go out and vote. Against the GOP, against all of them. Because if this MAGA crowd wins this election and get the White House or the Senate, those bastards are going to overturn all of this, and put that sniveling election denying insurrectionist liar Trump and his Nazi, racist friends back in power.

Suzanne said...

Don’t bother answering, I already found that out!

Dave Dubya said...

As you know we can't expect a rational response from Trumpists like PC, but they can't say nobody told them the facts. Facts and evidence take a back seat to their FEELINGS and indoctrinated BELIEFS.

And that's how tyrants get their power.

Anonymous 10:12 is another example.

He/she/they (Choose your pronoun, Anon) seems to believe they have inside intel on the plans made by Putin and Hamas. We can be certain he/she/they never had an inkling, or understanding of the circumstances of either conflict.

"They didn't know how trump would react and were certain that Biden would sit on the sidelines as his enemies thought he would. You can’t say that about Biden."

We don't want allies to be in the dark on how the US president would react to aggression against them. Biden made his support quite clear.

Yes, we can say Biden supports Ukraine more than Trump ever did, while he's catching hell for supporting Israel. Only a truly ignorant person would say that is "sitting on the sidelines". We know damn well Trump would let Putin have Ukraine and any NATO country he thinks doesn't "pay" enough money for defense.

Hamas and Israel have been at war for decades. Putin has been occupying/invading Ukraine for a decade. Trump praised him and threatened to cut off aid to Ukraine if they didn't accuse Biden of crimes. Trump then said Putin can do "whatever he wants" to NATO allies if they don't "pay up".

Trump's bigotry towards Muslims has been clear for years. He'd kill them all if he thought he could get away with it. Of course he'd make an exception for his pals in the Saudi dictatorship. He loves ALL dictators.

Anonymous is blind to the fact more US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan under Trump than Biden. 45 were killed while Trump was president, while 13 were killed by a terrorist bombing under Biden. (Note how they blame Biden for the terrorist attack, and not the terrorists or Trump for delaying withdrawal.)

There's my reply, Anonymous. Feel free to show me where I am mistaken. We know you can't, and will ignore every fact I've shown.

Trumpist have no idea how simple-minded their cult beliefs really are. They BELIEVE their malevolent mendacious messiah would never lie. His words are their gospel. How gullible is THAT?

Dave Dubya said...

What DID you "find out"? Cult got your tongue?

Thank you for showing us how stupid one can get. A stupid person will make an accusation without offering any reason or justification. Like a 13 year old mean girl.

I suggest you grow up, leave the Trump cult, and learn to read and think for yourself. But we can tell you can't, because Trump's hateful lies and rhetoric is your gospel.

Gullibility isn't intelligence, dear.

Dave Miller said...

Dave, that 4 years of relative peace sounds a little like Skud.

I think the victims of domestic terrorism would quibble with "relative" peace. Nazi's marching in our streets, with a clear throated denunciation from Trump. Racist killers shooting up markets like TOPS in Buffalo, and no denunciation. Skum like Alex Jones saying Sandy Hook was false and trying to screw the victim's families and not a word of support from President Trump.

Heck, Trump won't even support and call for another more specific law to outlaw bump stocks which he previously supported before his SCOTUS gutted that law.

Sure, relative peace.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, Anonymous sounds a LOT like Skud. His MAGA nature is revealed more every day.

The far Right keeps proving THEY DON'T CARE about victims of gun violence.

Anonymous said...

Donald J. Trump is EXACTLY what real leadership looks like. Are there any examples of Biden leading like this? Trump is THE MAN this country needs at this time
The upcoming election is no longer about electing a president. It's about saving our Country!

Dave Dubya said...

Anonymous @6:55 has a very strong opinion. Or should I say strong FEELINGS? Since he/she/they didn't offer any facts or reasoning, we can conclude he/she/they is a low-information Trumpist.

Since he/she/they cannot show any information, facts or reasoning, or think for his/her/their self, he/she/they rely on his/her/their FEELINGS and BELIEF that Trump's words are gospel.

He/she/they BELEIVES the rich deserver MORE tax cuts and the poor and sick don't deserve food, shelter, or healthcare. He/she/they wants to see people they HATE punished.

He/she/they FEELS that public school children should be fed the Ten Commandments instead of free lunches. He/she/they FEELS Trump should be above the law and given immunity for all his crimes, but pretends to care about "law and order". (For Blacks in particular, no doubt.)

90 years ago the same type of person would have said, "Hitler is EXACTLY what real leadership looks like. Are there any examples of FDR leading like this? Hitler is THE MAN this country needs at this time. The upcoming election is no longer about electing a president. It's about (a convicted felon, adjudicated sex offender, election denying, democracy-hating, bigoted, racist, thug-praising, insurrectionist liar) saving our Country!"

Maybe he/she/they had a grandfather at those Madison Square Garden Nazi rallies back in the 1930's?

I would ask him/her/them this.

Are these are the words of a wise patriot presiding over a democratic republic, or a fascist tyrant?

We will Root out the Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country…
They’re poisoning the blood of our country. That’s what they’ve done.
Just a quick reminder for liberal Jews who voted to destroy America and Israel because you believed false narratives!
Let's hope you learned from your mistake and make better choices moving forward!
Any Jewish person that votes for Democrats hates their religion.
Would you rather have the Black president or the white president?
I think they want the white guy.
Hitler did a lot of good things.

- Donald Trump

If Anonymous @6:55 has any information that would show I am mistaken, he/she/they is invited to set me straight.

Alonzo DeSimone said...

Joe Bambie You have a STUPID answer for everything you don't agree with don't you!
Well I have news for you. I think the writer of the comment in question is Correct.

Dave Dubya said...


Funny how you can say someone has have a "stupid answer", while YOU are incapable of an intelligent response.

We see you're another True Believer in the holy gospel of Donald Trump who doesn't need facts or the ability to reason to form your opinion based entirely on your FEELINGS.

Thanks for providing more evidence that supports my position.

You're in a cult. You seem incapable of disagreeing with the criminal insurrectionist who said, "Hitler did a lot of good things".

Peter said...

I GET A BIG KICK out of the Idiotic Progressives.
When It was the Orange Man that was the discussion of the day it was all good fun to make fun of him...
But now that we have a a regular occurrence and difficult to control, Pathological lying, also known as Pseudologia Fantastica Walking Zombie in the White House who is a Stumbling, Bumbling Fool who can’t even find his own way off the podiun without someone waling him off and who Shakes Hands with Thin Air after his idiotic speech you say “Stop making Fun out his Speech Impediment!
Well NO! Your Shit works Both Ways!

Rambunctious said...

IF Joe Biden is Still Your Choice to Run this Country, then MAYBE You’re the one That NEEDS the COGNITIVE TEST!

Dave Dubya said...

Peter and Rambunctious,

Biden was never my first preference, and I think he should have served just the one term, but he's not an authoritarian, thug-praising, dictator-loving, sex offender.
I'd vote for a head of cabbage before your criminal, insurrectionist, neo-Nazi Felonious Fuhrer.

Would you rather have the Black president or the white president? I think they want the white guy.
Hitler did a lot of good things.
- Donald Trump

Why do you agree with all the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who love Trump? Hmm?

Pedro Hunter said...

Dave you really are.a Prick
Your Zombie President is Killing this Country, with his Craziness and the Corruption is dripping from his ugly face as he show our enemies his extreme WEAKNESS, and you call his opposition names!
Shows us how Fucked Up your head is.

Mega Manga Man said...

Should Clarence Thomas be honored with a statue? I mean George Floyd has at least one and he was only famous for being a criminal killed by police. Doesn't a black Supreme Court Justice deserve a statue more than George Floyd does? Or, is Clarence Thomas nothing but an Uncle Tom to all you Progressives

Dave Dubya said...

I welcome your hatred and utter lack of facts and information. It proves I am on the right side and you support a convicted felon, sex offender, and insurrectionist. The world questions America's morality, values and sanity when Putin lover Trump was in power and is still worshipped by his cult.

Thomas is a corrupt partisan who has taken $MILLIONS in BRIBES. (You are no doubt IGNORANT of this.) He should be impeached.

Funny how when I invite the cultists to set me straight with facts they ALWAYS FAIL!

Dave Miller said...

Wow Dave, such an infestation today.

Anon at 6:55 asked...

"Are there any examples of Biden leading like this [As Trump did]?"

No Anon at 6:55, there are no examples of Biden leading like Trump. Trump is singular in American history. There's never been a president like him. Never!

In all our existence, no one, not Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan and certainly not Joe Biden have sat by and for three hours watched rioters attack and injure over 130 Capitol Police while doing nothing to stop it!

All the men who have come before Trump would never have stood by while those Capitol Police were beat and the angry mob called for the Vice President to be hanged.

Because those men believed in America, democracy, law and order.

Now before you or any of your pissant troll friends comment, try and understand this...

Your comments will mean nothing. Nothing at all, unless and until you can provide a reason why your favored candidate waited and watched those officers being beaten and did nothing.

Dave Dubya said...

We know the possibility of a civil reply from them is next to zero.

Of course, our Trumpist commentors would prefer to never read our responses to their hateful insults, wild beliefs and false accusations. Their preteen emotional development and mindless faith in Trump already limit their ability to communicate in good faith.

If he/she/they even bothered to read any of your response, he/she/they might get as far as this, "No Anon at 6:55, there are no examples of Biden leading like Trump", and triumphantly gloat, "I was right!"

We can count on most of them being emotionally labile and intellectually stunted. Even the more intelligent ones have the authoritarian tendency to simply ignore our responses.

So far not ONE of them would tell me the time period when America was so great before 2016 that Trump would restore for us.

They would NEVER want to try to explain Trump's insurrectionist dereliction of duty when he ALLOWED his thugs to desecrate the Capitol, terrorize Congress and beat cops for HOURS.

They'd simply say it was peaceful or blame Nancy Pelosi, as their felonious Fuhrer did.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats Claim:
On Aug. 15, 2017, then-President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis and white supremacists who attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, "very fine people.

Result of Claim
About this rating
The True Statement;
In a news conference after the rally protesting the planned removal of a Confederate statue, Trump did say there were "very fine people on both sides," referring to the protesters and the counterprotesters. He DID SAY in the same statement he wasn't talking about neo-Nazis and white nationalists, who he said should be "condemned totally

Dave Dubya said...


What do you call people who go to white supremacist/Nazi rallies?

White supremacists and Nazis.

What do you call people who go to a white supremacist/Nazi rally to defend a statue of Robert E. Lee?

White supremacists and Nazis.

What do we call Trump and Anonymous people who deny the rally was a white supremacist/Nazi rally and defend Robert E. Lee statues?

White supremacist Nazi defenders and liars.

Dave Miller said...

Nice Anon... change the topic.

Why not deal with the reality of the number of US officers beat at the Capitol and the mob called for the hanging of VP Pence while Trump did nothing to stop it?

Must be some reason...

Anonymous said...

We have survived worse. We will survive Trump.

Dave Dubya said...


Thank you for your optimism. Yes, most of us may survive four more years of Trump, but will the Constitution survive? Will democracy, fair elections and voter rights survive? Will the republic survive? Will civil society survive?

Already reproductive rights for millions of women have not survived Trump. Federal power to regulate environmental protections, workplace safety, public safety, banks, and corporate actions has not survived Trump. The FDA and EPA will be gutted.

Equal justice under law has not survived. Legal accountability for Trump and justice for America may not survive.

Livelihoods would not survive.

Thousands of government employees would fired and their jobs will go to Trump loyalists.

Christian nationalists will dictate what public education can and cannot offer. Trump would bring a dark age of authoritarian rule over America.

I hope the US can survive him, but lasting damage has already been done.

Anonymous said...

Ever since Trump entered politics, politics has gotten ugly. But yes, the Constitution will survive. Of course, there will be changes, but do not forget it was our fellow Americans who voted for this crook and according to the polls, will again.

Dave Miller said...

Anon at 7:58...

Worse? I'm curious as to who, besides maybe Andrew Jackson, is on your list of presidents worse than Trump.

While I admire your optimism, hoping we can survive a terrible presidency is not a very comforting strategy. It's rather like saying children are resilient and can rebound after tragedy and/or abuse.

Probably true, but not a great comfort, or plan.

Dave Dubya said...

I share your curiosity about what Anon thinks was worse than the present destruction of our democracy.

Yes the Civil War was terrible and its repercussions linger. Racism is rampant and the Confederate flags still fly in the MAGA movement. One might say we are in a cold civil war rooted in the last one.

White Supremacy has never left our borders. It continues under white Christian nationalism that is becoming more espoused by Republicans.

A court that would give immunity to a criminal president is NOT constitutional in an way. But it is the law of the land. This is no longer the same country already.

As George W. Bush said of the Constitution, it's "just a piece of paper". More so now than ever this is how the Right acts. They pretend to revere the very thing they are destroying, a constitutional republic.

Germany "survived" Hitler, but at what cost?

The US may "survive" Trump, but at what cost?

Dave Miller said...

Dave... here's the problem.

A few weeks ago the Capitana of the HMS Mothership of Denial had a post where she bemoaned how DJT spoke at a recent rally. She rightly understood that Trump's crazy talk about retribution, sharks, electrocution, Hannibal Lechter, terminating the Constitution and some of the stuff in Project 2025 was too much. Too over the top and would cost him votes.

Then she asked if anyone there had seen any of that kind of talk, as she was surprised. No one... no one volunteered that they too had seen that crazy stuff.

Why not?

Because their media sites, FOX, OAN, NewsMax, etc, do not show any of that.

Now I know lefty media is biased too, but there is no denying that lefty media has been all over Biden's gaffes, debate performance, dithering and the Dem's unhappiness with him.

Question... given this, how does the left communicate with a section of the electorate that has decided to ignore all media outlets because, as one sailor said, "they all lie, so why bother?"

Dave Dubya said...

I'm going to reply to your question in my next post, because it is the one of the most important questions in our country at this time.