Monday, January 8, 2024

Trump Is Evil

Trump is evil. Period. Those who can't see that will need to find their conscience first His supporters run the gamut from a neo-Nazi level of evil to simple ignorance.

We've all seen and heard from the worst of them. They delight in cruelty and in the suffering of people they hate, calling them "vermin" and "communists" or random racist slurs.

This is why I use the term evil for such sociopaths. They chose that path and refuse to consider any fact that Trump doesn't want them to know.

1/6 proved that many of them would KILL and DIE for Trump and his lies. These are the evil ones.

It truly is a cult of evil, and they ARE the greatest domestic threat to our democratic republic. They scorn empathy and compassion as "woke" and "weakness". They hate and fear any educator who teaches the history of slavery and racism. They despise their fellow Americans in the LGBTQ community. We’ve seen their unrestrained rabid hate and mockery for progressives and democrats. We need to look no further than to the racists and bigots at Trump rallies, blogs like WYD, and in our comment threads.

Nazis are evil. Fascists are evil. MAGA extremists are evil. They are all deluded, deranged, and hostile to democracy, decency, and equality.

Yes, many Trump supporters are just dupes, too stupid or gullible to know better, but they still MADE their choice to close their hearts and minds to the truth. And they vote.

I have no doubt that many Trump VOTERS are not like the cruel thugs we saw on 1/6/21.

Like most of us, they are usually kind to their family, even if they might not vote like they do. They may even like them if they share their religious beliefs. They might show courtesy to strangers or people who don’t look like them. They may grudgingly respect veterans who don't vote like they do. They haven’t surrendered their sense of basic human decency, but might have listened to too much FOX® in lieu of more credible news sources.

But look how far too many of them act towards the rest of us. The fanatics essentially worship Trump and embrace all his hate rhetoric and lies as gospel.

Again, this is NOT all Trump voters. Some hold their nose as they mark their ballot. They don’t go as far as the others in their hate and aggression. They are misguided, but not evil.

But a Nazi is a Nazi, no matter the IQ. The same goes for Q-Anon sub-level of the cult, along with the other MAGA extremists who ARE ignorant bigots, racists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis. The evil ones are either sociopaths from the start or have simply surrendered what was left of their conscience and mind to Trump.

Trump is evil. Trumpism is evil. Millions of his followers are evil. Together they are poisoning the minds of Americans with hate and lies while ripping out the heart of our democratic republic.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Well, I don't disagree with the majority of what you wrote. I write about this too.

Here are my qualms about indiscriminately labeling people "evil."

"Evil" is a loaded word, and, IMO, should be reserved for people who manipulate others for power, and dishonest and destructive reasons; for people who bring pain, suffering, and death upon powerless people; and in the Biblical sense, I think it means going against God's law, or rejecting God. But I don't concern myself with that, since I'm a non-theist -- someone with no belief in gods.

Where it refers to Trump, I truly believe he fits the term, "evil."

But what about many MAGAs? As you wrote, not all MAGAs are wise enough to understand they're being manipulated and used for Trump's evil purposes -- maybe what I mean is Trump's insatiable need to feed his ego and his malignant narcissism, which feed into his evil purposes.

The Trumpers who comment on my blog are mostly misguided, fanatical, easily manipulated, and disposed to believing in conspiracies. You know who I mean (not skud, he's no Trumper). But for my definition, they're not evil; they're deluded and marinated in fear.

I don't deny what you sincerely believe. As I said, I don't disagree with anything, just a term -- "evil" which, for me, is something I reserve for people who willfully cause pain, suffering and death to innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Biden is a liar. Biden Shows up at a Black Church and Gets Heckled While Making Wildly False Claims.
BIDEN: "I've spent more time in the Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Delaware, than most people I know, black or white, have spent in that church because that's where I started a civil rights movement..."

This is evil elitism.

Anonymous said...

Did Trump say to his supporters: “Please, get up in the face of some congresspeople"? No, that was Democrat Senator Cory Booker.

Did Trump say “You can’t be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for." No that was Hillary Clinton.

Did Trump say "When they go low, we go high. No. No. When they go low, we kick them." No that was Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Did Trump tell his supporters how to treat their political opponents by saying: “You get out and create a crowd. You push back on them. You tell them they are not welcomed anymore or anywhere"? No, that was Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

He didn't tell his party members to be "more confrontational." That was Maxine Waters again.
Trump didn't say: "when you’re in the arena, you have to be ready to take a punch, and you have to be ready to throw a punch.” That was Nancy Pelosi.
“I think you need to go back and punch him [Trump] in the face. I mean, the truth is, is this guy is bad for this country.” That's Democrat Senator Jon Tester.
Who said in 2017 "Our election was hijacked. There is no question."? Why it was Nancy Pelosi.
For context, she made that statement four weeks before Congressman Scalise was shot by someone whose social media posts indicate that he believed the lie Pelosi was spreading.

Can anyone quote me specifically what Trump said that is supposed to justify either the censorship from our tech overlords or the impeachment articles being reintroduced again by Congressional Democrats? Or the hate. Can Dave?
No racism or hate speech here, wanna bet Dave won't publish this.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Worried about you. I hope you’re okay.

Anonymous said...

There is little doubt methinks but what the majority of MAGAt's suffer from is simple pure ignorance rather than an overt hate or a desire to destroy our American experiment in self rule.

That IS however what i think Trump, the extreme filthy rich corporations, the MIC, and the MAGA elite rabble rousers want.

And it is beginning to look more and more like they might just get their wish. It's going to come down to the scotus and Trump owns that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Democrats: 1930s Germany called; they want their antisemitism back..

Anonymous said...

"self rule", like being able to pick the type of kitchen oven/stove you want? Or the type of fuel your car needs to operate? You mean that kind of "self rule"?

Dave Dubya said...

I published this rant just before I left for vacation. Amidst the distractions of the day, I inadvertently omitted this definition:

Definition of evil: Merriam-Webster

: morally reprehensible : SINFUL, WICKED
an evil impulse
: arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct
a person of evil reputation

: causing harm : PERNICIOUS
the evil institution of slavery
I agree that being deluded or in fear, instilled by someone truly evil, are not evil in themselves. Such willful ignorance and fear are the fertile grounds for cultivating hate and violence, though, and that is when the evil is fully manifested.

When they go so far as to hate everyone who doesn't look, vote, or believe as they do, they have crossed into evil.
3:06 Anonymous,
Biden says a lot of stuff that are absurd and off the mark. He has issue, as we all do. Your problem is you think Trump is above that and all of his words are gospel to you.
Democrats are politicians. Damn few politicians never say anything stupid or inflammatory.
Here's the difference. Biden never tried to STEAL an election and CANCEL the votes of 81 MILLION Americans by sending an angry mob to overturn an election.
Funny how you need to forget that...
7:29 Anonymous,
Yup. That's why Orwell wrote "Ignorance is strength" as a Party slogan, and why Trump said, "I love the poorly educated".
9:17 Anonymous,
Trump kept a book of Hitler's speeches in his bedroom. He uses similar fascist hate speech like Hitler did. He incited a Putsch on 1/6 like Hitler did in 1923.

Most American Jews are democrats. What does that make YOU?

Dave Dubya said...

9:23 "self rule" Anonymous,
Are you deliberately missing the point on self-rule by democratic representation?
Or do you mean the police-state oppression that won't let us cook on fires of burning tires and plastic, or to choose to run our cars on whale oil?

Oh, the humanity!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with BIG GOVERNMENT as long as you're in charge.

Dave Dubya said...

9:08 Anonymous,

Yes, as long as TRUMP is dictator, big government is fine, amirite?

Force 10-year old girls to bear the offspring of rapists, charge a woman who has a miscarriage with manslaughter, deny the election and weaponize the DOJ to "just say it was corrupt" to overturn it, bully states to "find votes", create fraudulent electors, and send a violent mob to storm the Capitol to CANCEL the VOTES of 81 MILLION Americans is "good government".

Anonymous said...

Trump, as well as individuals who think and act Trump, are exampkes of oyre evil.


Anonymous said...

Blogger Dave Dubya said...

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – The Party (1984)

“Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening.” - Trump

So here we are. This is how a republic dies and fascism rises.

Looks like exactly what you desire. ;-P

All people NEED to listen to Propaganda... and all who saying to not do that, to treat it critically -- ARE ENEMIES!!!!

Dave Dubya said...

3:21 Anonymous,

Whatever your point is, it's about as clear as mud.

Les Carpenter said...

MAGA mud certainly is clear to the T-bots. Mud always is clear to the cultist. And Foreigner, -FJ, Joe Con, Thersites, et all are certainly T-bot cultists. Well, actually, their one in the same.

Les Carpenter said...

they're... not their

Anonymous said...

\\Whatever your point is, it's about as clear as mud.

Thank you for revealing the reason of your inability to grasp simple things even. ;-P

Well, I benevolent to idiots. So, will explain.

"reject the evidence of your eyes and ears" -- it's about IMMEDIATELY visible FACTS.


"reading is not what's happening" -- NOT.

Exactly OPPOSITE things.

But DEMNs grown in their idiocy THAT MUCH... that "it's about as clear as mud" -- necause that mud, it's Propaganda mud. Inside your own brains. ;-P

Dave Dubya said...

9:50 Anonymous Troll "clarifies" his mud with more mud.

9:50 Anonymous Troll is demonstrating the Dunning-Kruger effect by trying to appear more intelligent than he really is. He's just proving he missed the entire point of an authoritarian demand to followers to be the only source to be believed.

Note how he tries to demean me with a personal attack. He's just showing he's motivated by hate, like every other authoritarian.

Why do authoritarians have a problem with me? The answer is in the question.

Dave Dubya said...

Authoritarians can't help but reveal their true nature by abandoning good faith discussion and making personal ad hominem attacks.

Anonymous said...

Dave, give us an example of you having a good faith discussion.

Dave Dubya said...

10:57 Anonymous,

One example is publishing your bad faith demand that I am under no obligation to obey.

Other examples are in plain view above as well as in other threads.

Hint: Look for shared reasonable thoughts and verifiable information without personal attacks.

Dave Miller said...

Remember Charlottesville?

Remember the Neo Nazis, Alt right and White Supremecist crowds marching through the U Virginia campus with Nazi flags, imagery and torches while chanting "Jews will not replace us"?

Dave your post highlighting the potential of a rise in Nazi sympathy is well taken. The simple inability of all of our elected politicians to forcefully condemn Nazism in all its forms is unbelievable and should be disqualifying to anyone seeking public office.

But sadly, it's not. We have a class of people who demur when asked for opinions on it, ignore pleas to condemn it and refuse to say it is wrong, bad and not good for America.

And yet people defend those people.

They're spitting on the graves of all of our ancestors who fought and died in WWII to defeat ideologies like this.

Dave Dubya said...

Oh, yes. Dear Leader had to say there were "very fine people on both sides" to avoid condemning them. Only when he was asked specifically if he condemned Nazis did he reluctantly do so.

I have said for decades that when fascism comes to America it will be embraced by conservative white evangelicals. They reflexively swoon over strongman leaders who pander to them, no matter how un-Christlike and downright evil he may be.

Les Carpenter said...

Methinks that makes perfect sense Dave D.

Evangelical Christians, in truth all Christians, embrace the idea of a vengeful god and the RCC's successful campaign to turn guilt into a virtue over 2 millennium ago.

Evangelicals more so than other sects of Christianity seem to embrace full on authoritarianism. Their god is, afterall, The Big Authoritarian.

Dave Dubya said...

White Evangelicals are conditioned to let others do their thinking for them. They let the preachers tell them how to vote as they allow Trump to define their reality.

So many churches are essentially Republican indoctrination centers, preaching the message of hate from Trump, while drowning out any message of love from their Savior. This has resulted in a cult-like reverence of Trump as their new savior, sent by God to save America.

So they ignore their Messiah's warning about serving mammon, loving their neighbor, caring for the poor and sick, and welcoming the stranger. ALL of that is canceled by their worship of the their false mendacious malevolent messiah.

Basic human decency has no place in their religion anymore.

CrusaderFrank said...

Cute Picture, But also Very STUPID!

Now you can think about this!

Lets see now, there were Three AMERICAN Soldiers that were killed and over TWO DOZEN of them that were wounded. in Jordan.

And Biden’s military will do nothing about it. Iran has known what they were doing since their Terrorists chased us out in Afghanistan and Biden did NOTHING then, except RUN OUT without the Billions of Dollars worth of our Equipment.
So why would anyone think that he’d do anything different now?
We are Undermanned, Ill Equipped and only doing Sex Change Surgeries right now. And NOT worried enough about the Safety of our Troops, or our Nation!
I guess that Biden’s giving Iran $6,000,000,000 didn't buy enough "Good Will"
WTF are we doing there, besides being targets for those Muzzy loons? So, if Biden goes after Iran now, he will have his own war to deal with. And guess who will suffer? That's Biden's Big Gamble, and who knows, it could include bringing Russia and China into the mix.
So now the American voters will see how Idiotic Biden and his Screwed-Up administration of GREEN SOCIALISTS are. And he just gave the Election to Donald Trump... Like it or Not!

Dave Dubya said...


You're right that Biden has a terrible mess to deal with, but not that he caused it.

You seem confused about a few things. Iranian terrorists didn't chase the US out of Afghanistan. Americans were killed there throughout Trump's presidency.

Did you know TRUMP agreed to the withdrawal AND to the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners before withdrawal?

It was an ISIS suicide bomber who killed the 13 Americans at the airport, who the Taliban later killed.

"We are Undermanned, Ill Equipped and only doing Sex Change Surgeries right now."

No serious and informed person would make such a false claim.

Bush invaded Afghanistan. Trump oversaw troops in Jordan. They were deployed there to support Jordan's operations against ISIS.

Do you understand the ONLY reason we are attacked by Jihadists is because of our unconditional support of Israel? This was also true under Trump.

Trump LIED when he claimed: “We had no terrorist attacks at all during my four years.”

Dec. 6, 2019: “A member of the Saudi Air Force, identified as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, opened fire on a classroom in the Naval Air Base in Pensacola, Florida, United States. Four people, including the assailant, were killed and eight others were injured in the attack. Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for the incident. Alshamrani posted criticism of U.S. wars and quoted Osama bin Laden on social media hours before the attack.”

Dec. 17, 2017: “An assailant driving a Home Depot rental truck entered a bike path in an attempt to run over civilians on the West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan, New York City, United States. Following the initial attack, the assailant exited the vehicle and was shot by a police officer after displaying imitation firearms. At least eight people, including two citizens from the United States, five Argentinian tourists, and one Belgian tourist, were killed and 13 other people, including the assailant, were injured in the attack. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed that the assailant, identified as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, was ‘one of the caliphate soldiers;’ however, sources doubted the veracity of this claim. Authorities also recovered a note from the vehicle in which Saipov pledged allegiance to ISIL.”

Trump LIED, “I had no wars. I’m the only president in 72 years, I didn’t have any wars.”

64 Americans were killed in Afghanistan while he was president.

(It was Jimmy Carter who never had a war.)

The Political Chic said...

Dave Dubya said...

"Trump is a mobster."


Les Carpenter said...

Well PC, for honest people with integrity mobsters are considered a class of people without an ethical or moral compass. But being a MAGAverse traveler we fully understand why that is not the least bit concerning for you.