Monday, June 19, 2023

Pillars of Con-servatism

Let's take a moment to lift the veil of virtue and values shrouding the core of American con-servatism found in the Republican Party. 

Trumpism thrives in the fertile ground of the reactionary/authoritarian/greed mindset of the Republican Party. The trajectory of this ideology is seen through the arc spanning Hoover, McCarthyism, Nixon, Reagan, the Bush/Cheney Cartel and ultimately Trump. Maximizing personal power and wealth for the economic elites has been their real goal all along.

FDR was called a "traitor to his class" for his concern for the welfare of the common folk.  Anything that doesn't support a trickle-up economy is demonized as socialism/communism. Not that they care to know the difference. Never mind our Constitution is loaded with socialistic principles like taxes, regulation of commerce, and the dreaded "provision for the general welfare”.

Taxes, regulation, and welfare! Oh, my! The founders were communists!

Everything the Right hates most is in our founding document, except the electoral college, of course. Where would they be without racism, resentment, bigotry, ignorance, and indifference? These have become their tools to seize the levers of power. 

This is why Trump said, "I love the poorly educated". This is why voter rights, fair representation, and education are always their primary targets. As the saying goes, they need to fuel a culture war to ward off a class war.

Divide and conquer, with a sprinkling of deep reverence for wealth and the wealthy,

By stoking fear, anger and resentments, they've been successful at building conformity, loyalty and groupthink into a neo-fascist agenda.

And so, we have the three primary pillars of con-servatism.

1. Racism/bigotry for the most ignorant bottom feeders wallowing in the white fright and resentments of white nationalism..

2. Authoritarianism for the fascists, paranoid militia gun nuts, and religious fanatics who are not fully embedded in, but tolerant, or dismissive, of racism and bigotry. This is all presented in the guise of "liberty and faith". Yes, American fascism comes carrying a Bible and wrapped in the flag.

3. Insatiable greed and lust for power by rigging government, law, and the economy to favor the economic elites.

And there it is, the unwritten and unspoken platform of the radical Right.

Bigotry, authoritarianism, and greed.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Well, at the very least, the Supreme Court in a 6-3 ruling, affirmed the power of state courts to review state laws governing federal elections — a decision that rejects a once-fringe legal theory pushed by Republicans. The SC rebuffed a legal theory that argued that state legislatures have the authority to set election rules with little oversight from state courts, a major decision that turns away a conservative push to empower state legislatures.

But it's the Democrats who want to cheat in and steal elections say the red states, claiming that while behind the scenes, they're pushing legislation to do that very thing!

In addition to that subterfuge, the red state senators and governors are trying to take credit for the broad band bill passed by the Biden Administration in the Build Back Better legislation and which THEY ALL VOTED AGAINST OR WERE AGAINST (like DeSantis).

Diabolical hypocrites!

Dave Dubya said...

We have to thank Neil Katyal and Common Cause for this significant victory for democracy.

Katyal is a rare breed, a lawyer and hero.

The neo-Confederates hate any authority over their "states rights" Civil War mentality.

MY Constitution says the Federal Government has ultimate authority over elections.

Article 1, Section 4
The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations.

Dave Dubya said...

We have to thank Neal Katyal and Common Cause for this significant victory for democracy.

Anonymous said...

When does your head explode, effective today affirmative action is not Constitutional...

Dave Dubya said...

Nobody is surprised that the liars, hypocrites and bigots on the Former Supreme Court reversed AA.

The most corrupt of them agreed with the three liars "Roe V Wade is settled law." placed there by a traitor who has been charged with these crimes:

Counts 1-31: 18 USC 793(e) Willful Retention of National Defense Information
Count 32: 18 U.S. Code § 1512(k) Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice
Count 33: 18 U.S. Code § 1512(b) Withholding a Document or Record
Count 34: 18 U.S. Code § 1512(c) Corruptly Concealing a Document or Record

Anonymous is showing delight at the misfortunes of minorities, brought about the crooked con-servative authoritarian partisans.

Exactly what my post was about.

Lefties Are Morons said...

A new Michigan hate speech Bill that has passed the state House and is now in the hands of the Senate is alarming conservatives, people of faith, and legal experts.

The bill is part of a package of legislation that would replace Michigan’s existing Ethnic Intimidation Act and make it a hate crime to cause someone to “feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened.” Under the bill’s framework, “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” are included as classes protected against intimidation. If passed, the hate speech legislation would make violators guilty of a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

THIS IS Crazy! The Government controlling thought with the thought police to imprison offenders.
This is insanity.

I didn't think that the Michigan voters were so stupid!!
People who support this have no idea what our great country is about. They have no regard for our constitution either. This could be the result of years of our Democrat controlled education system that conditions instead of educates. It should come as no surprise that the Marxist groomers we call teachers and professors are now mass-producing student Marxists in our schools and universities.
So, will the Left pack the court, continue to threaten and intimidate them every day, like we saw them giving out their addresses to loons that show up at their homes to murder them, or will they simply bid their time to let their ballot harvested tool of a President replace them?

Lefties Are Morons said...

It turns out that Joe Biden and the Biden White House knew EVERYTHING about the unconstitutional raid by the FBI & DOJ on Mar-a-Lago...

Biden lied, and Democracy died

Dave Dubya said...

I’m flattered “Leftists Are Morons” kindly showed us more evidence that Trump defines reality for his cult.

He “informs” us by regurgitating Trump’s “truth social” lies.

“Joe Biden and the Biden White House knew everything about the Unconstitutional Raid, by the FBI & DOJ, on Mar-a-Lago, despite their unequivocal denial. THEY LIED! How horrible and sick? This is all about Election Interference. Stop the Radical Left, or our Country is DEAD!!!” By Donald J. Trump

Critical thinking has never been welcomed in the party whose authoritarian leader declared, “I love the poorly educated”. Their Fuhrer needs unthinking and unquestioning obedient sheep. And they are eager to prove they are loyal authoritarian followers.

Critical thinking is shunned, along with the teachings of Jesus to love your neighbor. The bigots are upset that Michigan won’t allow them to harass and intimidate LGBTQ people. But they’re all in for shooting a black person on their doorstep for making them feel “threatened”.

In addition to racism and bigotry, they follow the tradition started by Hitler, calling everyone they hate “Marxists”.

Isn’t it odd how they fear “packing the court” after THEY did it! They denied the Black President’s choice because it was “too close to an election” by EIGHT months, then rammed through their theocratic cult woman while voting was in progress in 2020?

No, it isn’t odd. It is authoritarian and dishonest. It is what they are.

I can’t think of any hypocrisy that compares to the hate and lies of the Christian nationalist bigots of the Party of Trump.

They’re good with the religious Right Federalist Society having three of their unqualified stooges installed by a criminal seditionist, who praised thugs for terrorizing Congress and beating cops to overturn the election in service to his Big Lie.

Trump lost a fair election and they still whine like immature spoiled brats. "WAAAH! Big Daddy said HE won!"

I think he was triggered by my comments at a radical Right blog:

Obviously he didn't read, or understand, what I wrote. Just as obvious is his inability to compose thoughts using his own words. As I said, they let Trump and his cult define reality.

No thinking required and no questions tolerated. Like a cult.

Les Carpenter said...

We should exercise patience and stay true to the values that actually support liberty a n d equality. For the rising tide of actual awareness ultimately will wash out the backward thinking conservatives and fascists that have for too long prevented acheiving the full realization of actual liberation and liberty for ALL of our people.

Great post Dave.

Dave Dubya said...


I value and share your focus on values, awareness, and realization.

It's not easy to see, and mostly ignored by sensation-frenzied media, but conscience and consciousness are slowly replacing bigotry and fear. I'm heartened by our youth turning in that direction.

Evangelical white Christian nationalism is losing numbers among the young. It is failing to constrain them from looking at the world and understanding humanity has to cooperate to survive.

But we need to be vigilant and active enough vote down the ever-present authoritarian personalities.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hi Dave,

I've been away for a couple weeks on vacation in New Hampshire's White Mountains. It was heavenly.

When I came back, I came across a movie on Amazon Prime titled, "Night Train to Liston." It was a so-so film, despite the illustrious cast. But my point is that it reminded me of Portugal's Carnation Revolution and what that country suffered from and eventually overturned in their revolution.

"By the 1970s, nearly a half-century of authoritarian rule weighed on Portugal. The 28 May 1926 coup d'état implemented an authoritarian regime incorporating social Catholicism and integralism. [NOTE: "integralism" = In politics, integralism is an interpretation of Catholic social teaching that argues the principle that the Catholic faith should be the basis of public law and public policy within civil society, wherever the preponderance of Catholics within that society makes this possible.] In 1933, the regime was renamed the Estado Novo (New State). António de Oliveira Salazar served as Prime Minister until 1968.

In sham elections the government candidate usually ran unopposed, while the opposition used the limited political freedoms allowed during the brief election period to protest, withdrawing their candidates before the election to deny the regime political legitimacy.

The Estado Novo's political police, the PIDE (Polícia Internacional e de Defesa do Estado, later the DGS, Direcção-Geral de Segurança and originally the PVDE, Polícia de Vigilância e Defesa do Estado), persecuted opponents of the regime, who were often tortured, imprisoned or killed.

Why do I bring this up? There are six Conservative Catholics serving on the Supreme Court of the United States: "The current Court has six Catholics in the majority: Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, plus a liberal Catholic (Justice Sotomayor), a Jew (Justice Kagan), and a Protestant (Justice Ketanji Brown)."

The overturning of RvW is in response to a Conservative CATHOLIC/Christian doctrine. In fact, there are Jewish and other liberal religions bringing suit against Dobbs because THEIR religious rights have been violated by the overturning of RvW.

I'm not the only one concerned with the far right's determination to turn our secular America into a Christo/fascist theocracy. Look at what it did in Portugal.

Every country has a far-right religious faction in it that leans toward fascism and authoritarianism -- doesn't fealty to a "jealous god," who'll punish you if you don't obey and fear Him prepare the citizenry for an authoritarian/fascist rule -- under the guise of religion? Just read the OT Bible to see how a "loving" god kills his creations who do not obey Him!

I don't believe we Americans are immune from this. I see the beginnings of this sort of danger happening now.

I followed your discussion on Bonderenka's blog. You're correct in your assessment that they are cultists (and he's conservatively "religious" as well), and he and they have lost all reason and ability to rationally see Trump and Trumpism for what it is and where it is taking them.

You presented them with facts, evidence, and the words of the Constitution, but they will not relent.

Bonderenka STILL pushes the garbage lie that the 2020 election was stolen. He's irredeemable, like all the Trumpistas.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I forgot to give you the link to what Integralism is.

The more you read about it; the more you understand the SCOTUS and the forces like Dominionism and other religious movements.

Dave Dubya said...


Thanks. Yes, and I'm sure Portugal inspired Franco's civil war and fascist dictatorship as well.

I'm glad you had a good vacation. I make a regular pilgrimage to the northern woods and lakes of my younger days. Time is well spent amidst the restorative therapies found in nature.

We need all of nature's therapy we can get to help cope with the madness eroding our civilization.

The Right has cultivated and enlisted both Catholic and Evangelical integralism, with their inevitable white nationalism, into it's levers for power. It's literally a willful self-serving partnership of American "Christianity" and mammon.

Never mind this is contrary to both Jesus and the Constitution. They DON'T CARE. They value, and almost worship, power and greed, over kindness and tolerance. Their ends will always justify the inherent cruelties of their means.

Our constitutional separation of church and state has never been more threatened.

Frank Zappa clearly called it back in 1986:

During an appearance on the CNN show "Crossfire," Zappa debated censorship with conservative commentators Robert Novak and John Lofton.

FZ: “The biggest threat to America today is not communism, it's moving America toward a fascist theocracy, and everything that's happened during the Reagan administration is steering us right down that pipe. When you have a government that prefers a certain moral code derived from a certain religion and that moral code turns into legislation to suit one certain religious point of view, and if that code happens to be very very right wing, almost toward Attila the Hun.”

Lofton: “Govt. is based on morality.”

FZ: “Morality in terms of behavior, not in terms of theology.”

Shaw Kenawe said...

Of course my first comment should have said "Night Train to LISBON," NOT Liston! Damn autocorrect!

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, I gathered that.

Well, I had to do it one more time...


I realize you kids love your echo chamber. Too bad you refuse to even consider facts and the perspectives of others

Reality eludes the radicalized Right. I tried telling this group that progressives love this country. But we are demonized in every way imaginable. Horrible lies like "commie dems" and pizza parlor pedophiles thrive in such hateful ideology.

"Liberal Democrat Socialists and those so called Progressives on the one side, with their woke & CRT & transgender ideology & dislike of their country & other people because of systemic racism & phobias & wanting government for free everything & for collectivism & Conservatives & Republicans with respect for law and order & hard work & personal responsibility & individualism on the other side,"

"Woke", CRT, and transgender rights are about treating our fellow human beings with common decency. This annoys every racist and bigot to the core. 'WAAAH! They make me FEEL uncomfortable!"

The same crybabies STILL won't accept the fact TRUMP LOST.

"Free everything" is pure BS arising from reactionary ignorance and hate.

Progressive ideology is a representational democracy, the right to vote without obstructions, Constitutional taxes, regulation of commerce, and provision for the general welfare. (John Adams signed into law the first TAX funded healthcare.)

"Law and order"? The radical Right mocks the concept with pardons for Trump's criminal toadies, fealty to insurrectionist thugs, and condoning their Dear Leader's crimes against America.

You like slogans? "America first" was the motto of Nazi-friendly Americans in the 1930s.

"Our schools are full of violence" thanks to the NRA for arming teenagers and losers with AR-15s.

"I really think that a Ronald Reagan is exactly what we need."

You'd call Reagan a RINO. He OPPOSED AK-47s and AR-15s in civilian hands. He offered AMNESTY to immigrants.

Does ANYONE here understand the FACT that illegal immigration is DOWN??

Illegal Immigration In America Has Continued To Decline

The rabid Right lives in fear. Fear breeds anger, and anger breeds hate.

Christian love and charity seem to be their lowest priority.

Les Carpenter said...

Perhaps the USA population will, in increasing numbers, turn more to Buddhism. It is growing in the west. My interest in spirituality and natural wisdom has sparked my interest in other wisdom traditions such as Hinduism, Native American spirituality, and others, as well as Buddhism.

All of these spiritual paths i find to be superior to Christianity. I won't go into detail but the very idea of an all powerful and vengeful god is, in my mind at least, inconsistent with the concept of a loving-caring creator.

It is interesting that science, in this case Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, are finding Buddhist teachings on dependent origination and emptiness to be viable. There is even growing thought in science that the cosmos itself possess a consciousness.

Magnificantly interesting stuff. Far more so than the mundane focus on politics and ego centered concerns.

So happy you had a wonderful m escape to New Hampshire Shaw.

Dave Dubya said...

We can only hope.

It would be a good start when younger Americans-or better yet, younger people around the world- learn to question authority, value critical thinking, and develop their conscience along with consciousness.

Religion needs to be removed from government and law. Theocracy is the antithesis of democracy. When we tried that, it was called the Dark Ages.

I get the sense it is happening, despite the eternal curse of the human authoritarian personality and ancient tribal religions constraining all humane and social progress.

The future of humanity and civilization depend on it.

Dave Miller said...

Hey Dave... just one nit to pick. Illegal immigration through 2021 was in fact down, but 2022 brought an increase. I think, though I have not been able to get the exact numbers yet, that we are no longer in net zero land as it comes to illegal immigration.

In any event, we've still got issues, issues that most elected ppl have no interest in solving because it would rob them of their political hammers.

Peace to you tocayo! [a Spanish word for ppl with the same name] And remember, while the numbers aren't huge in comparison, there are plenty of progressive Christians...

Dave Miller said...

PS... I saw that all of your comments had been deleted at Ed's Crazy Tree House...


Shaw Kenawe said...

Well, Dave, I just stopped by Crazy Ed Bonderenka's blog and saw that he deleted all of your comments.

Mustn't let any reality get through to his delusionary mind. LOL!

He still believes, without a shred of evidence, that Trump actually won the 2020 election.

It's a sickness. And Bonderenka's got it bad!

It's futile to try to reason with idiots.

Dave Dubya said...

Dave and Shaw,

Seeing the truth must burn the eyes of Ed's MAGA Coven.

So far this has yet to deleted as of 10:43 AM.

I think I'll post the 2020 election results, just to boil their eyeballs.

Dave Dubya said...

Maybe Ed was upset when I asked if one of the fake MI electors, Timothy King, 56, of Ypsilanti, was Ed's hometown buddy.

This should go over well:

It’s apparent that deleting and denying established facts is how the radicalized Right copes with reality.
ESPECIALLY these facts.
By all counts, recounts, certifications, courts, and audits:
BIDEN 51.3%
81,283,361 Popular votes, 306 Electoral
TRUMP 46.8% ( WAAH! Rigged! Not fair!)
74,222,960 Popular votes, 232 Electoral
Some crybabies will never grow up to be rational adults.
Are they willfully blind to the truth because of their worship of Trump and their raging hatred for anyone who doesn't kiss the ring of their beloved and infallible dear leader?
This is a characteristic of an authoritarian personality, like Trump's praise for Putin, XI, Kim, and his violent thugs.
Trump just praised Xi for ruling China with an "iron fist" as "brilliant" and "genius".
It USED to be un-American to want to install a dictator who tries to overturn our elections.
Now you're a commie if you dare suggest Trump is a liar. Who thinks like that, other than a cult? Hitler and his Nazis did the same thing. Some role models.
And who stole seats and REALLY packed the Supreme Court? Republicans. Groomed and selected by the far-Right theocratic Federalist Society and sleazy Leonard Leo.
Why was the Black guy’s nominee refused a hearing? Because EIGHT MONTHS was “too close to the election”. But ramming an unqualified theocrat DURING an election was just fine.
Is it moral cowardice to consider these questions? Or just blind fealty to a narcissistic insurrectionist liar?
Intolerance of questions or dissent is a weakness of an ideology. It can’t stand the light of day.
Deleting this will be the response, and proof I am correct.
If anyone else here besides “Lefties Are Morons” has the courage to discuss or debate these issues, they are welcome to do so at my blog. That’s the difference between freedom and authoritarianism.

Dave Dubya said...


Progressive Christians understand the central teachings of Jesus. Love your neighbor, feed the poor, and care for the sick. And "render unto Caesar". Add the money changers incident and we have the core values to our Constitutional taxes, regulation of commerce and provision for the general welfare. Jesus was quite progressive for His time.

Any "Christian" who reveres Trump, hates others, and worships mammon is a fake Christian. They are also fake Americans who want to end our heritage of peaceful transfer of power and the separation of church and state.

More info on illegal immigration:

Illegal border crossings dip to lowest level in over 2 years