Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thankful? For Now


I suppose we should be thankful today for a semblance of justice, delayed and obstructed as it was, for the racist murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

Arbery’s killers, along with the likes of fellow predators Zimmerman and Rittenhouse, are showing us how American vigilante racists want the right to hunt, provoke, and kill human targets.

And talk about white privilege and entitlement.

"Self defense! That Black guy tried to grab mah shotgun from me... after I shot him with mah rifle! I'M the VICTIM, here!"

Now the racists are saying the verdict proves the US is "not a racist country", ignoring the systemic racism that would have never brought them to trial.

All it proves is racism is real, and finally thanks to videos, more guilty verdicts are reached.

If local authorities in Georgia had their way, no one would have been charged for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

The original prosecutor called the murder "justifiable homicide". She’s been indicted for interfering in the arrest of the defendants.

The public saw the video. There were weeks of protests before charges were even brought in the case.  74 days passed after Arbery was shot and killed in February 2020.

What decent person wasn’t shocked by the nasty racist defense attorney when she demonized the victim with her "long, dirty toenails" crack? It's not hard to imagine she'd have said "filthy animal" if she thought she could get away with it.

Racism isn’t racism to racists.

At least there will be three less Trump/Republican voters in Georgia for the next few elections.

Radical right Republicans, white nationalists, and other racists and bigots still want to deny such systemic racism exists. So they’re banning the study and teaching of the history and effects of slavery and racism, calling it "Marxist CRT".

And they have no frickin' idea what Critical Race Theory even is. It’s their perfect warped and ill-defined tool to elevate white fright. If it scares, it fares. Just ban it.

Ignorance is strength. - Big Brother 1984

MAGAts would prefer to take us back to the good old days when nobody was charged for lynching or for the Tulsa Massacre.

Trump is calling Democrats communists, as his House fascists share their fantasies of killing them.

Man. That's a LOT of hate. In fact, it's stochastic terrorism. It's way more than just a war on voter rights and democracy. Armed violence is being brazenly pushed, and condoned, by the Republican Party.

How many more Americans will be slaughtered by radical Right domestic terrorists?

Trumpism's continuing "gift" to America is escalating dishonesty, division, rampant racist hatred and fascistic demonization of any opposition.

What we need is more justice, more voter protections, more democracy, and more accountability for Trump’s Big Lie and coup.

If we don’t get that soon, the US will be turning a corner into a deep darkness of political violence and tyranny.

For the moment, we need to be thankful for our right to vote and steer the country back towards sanity and decency.


skudrunner said...

Dube, It must be hard to admit you are a racist like you did but just because you are doesn't mean there is systemic racism because the overwhelming majority of people are not. Is there racism, of course there is on all sides. Many blacks have antagonistic views toward whites, muslem against jews and jews against muslems. Does that mean there is systemic racism in those groups, no but some are racist.

It is understandable the democrats can talk of little else except hatred for trump and systemic racism because they put a totally incompetent person in office and are trying to diver attention. Now clueless joe is blaming all his FUps on covid. He was elected because he could beat covid and in June he declared it was beaten. Now we have more deaths since he took control than before. He does seem to do things in reverse order, remove the military, then the citizens then equipment. Strong arm unions to unload containers 24/7 then find a place to store them then a way to deliver them. Call an end to gasoline then develop alternatives and declare covid over then see it's not.

Yes we had a bout of racism when the democrats developed jim crowe and FDR interned all Japanese but now it is preached by the democrat media but not that wide spread and certainly not systemic.

skudrunner said...

You believe that the US has systemic racism and I believe it is not systemic but admit there is racism. Since you are of the belief that the system is racist you must believe you are.

Keep promoting 1/6 and we hate trump as a platform and see how that turns out. Trump lost and he should have but now it is a fact that -H- cooked the books with the steele dossier so shouldn't she and her mafia be held accountable. Crime is all areas is up, inflation is up, goods are in short supply, worker participation rate is down, the border is a mess, unless you live in the colonies, and threats from other nations is alarming. Yep we do need to worry more about something that doesn't exist like systemic racism.

Dave Dubya said...

All right, Skuddy.

This is it.

You came to my blog and decided to be an asshole, so you're not getting another chance.

Systemic racism means there are too many racists in a given system who deny equal treatment or equal justice under law, or housing, or healthcare, etc. Systemic racism has been the consequence of racist systems like slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation.

I'm just going to show how you have projected YOUR racism here.

73% of Black people say they're treated less fairly by police. That is what systemic racism is. And if you think they are liars, you are the racist. And that's just ONE area where it happens. I don't think you know any Black people, and I think I know why.

You disrespect me by ignoring what I have written. You've insulted me by spewing your vile hate and false accusation.

AND you've shown a cold indifference to the racism and bigotry Blacks are dealing with.

Your dismissal of their very real-life experiences, and the long clear history of massive amounts of police discrimination and brutality against Blacks tells me YOU are the racist.

As I have often said, racism isn't racism to the racist. Nobody denies racism like racists. They love to say, "but all lives matter", "Blacks are racists too", and "I don't see color".

YOU are Exhibit A.

And an asshole.

Good bye.

skudrunner said...

If I don't agree with you I have no right to an opinion. Somehow that is the reason there is no cure for racism because we refuse to discuss all sides.
Got it!

Dave Dubya said...

No, Skuddy. You don't get it at all.

Unlike individual or personal racism, there is no "all sides" to systemic racism.

Just because you have no experience with systemic racism or have never seen it, you deny it exists.

You still ignore the fact Blacks are not treated the same as whites in so many scenarios.

When it comes to CRT and systemic racism, the radical Right will demean, attack, dismiss and deny what they don’t understand.

As I suggested earlier in the initial dismissal of the Arbery murder, pervasive individual and interpersonal racism within an organization, government, agency, law enforcement, etc. would rise to systemic or institutional racism.

First a definition:

Systemic Racism: policies and practices that exist throughout a whole society or organization, and that result in and support a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race

Here are some views and descriptions of systemic racism.

Anti-racism Resources

This guide is a starting point for members of the Fitchburg State University community seeking information and resources to learn about anti-racism, white privilege, and inclusion.

Systemic Racism (also called structural or institutional racism) - racism that exists across a society within, and between institutions/organizations across society

Refers to the complex interactions of large scale societal systems, practices, ideologies, and programs that produce and and perpetuate inequities for racial minorities. The key aspect of structural or systematic racism is that these macro-level mechanisms operate independent of the intentions and actions of individuals, so that even if individual racism is not present, the adverse conditions and inequalities for racial minorities will continue to exist .

Examples: housing discrimination, government surveillance, social segregation, racial profiling, predatory banking, access to healthcare, hiring/promotion practices, mandatory minimum sentences

Interpersonal Racism (also called individual racism or personally mediated racism) - occurs between individuals, and is what most people think of when using the term racism.

The beliefs, attitudes, and actions of individual that support or perpetuate racism. Individual racism can occur at both an unconscious and conscious level, and can be both active and passive.

Individual racism refers to an individual's racist assumptions, beliefs or behaviours and is "a form of racial discrimination that stems from conscious and unconscious, personal prejudice". This form of racism can be intentional or unintentional, examples include telling a racist joke, believing in the inherent superiority of white people, crossing the street to avoid passing a Black man, etc.

Systemic Racism

The Fair Fight Initiative has put together a simple informative guide about systemic racism. While intended to be a good basis of knowledge, this guide is in no way finished as systemic racism is an evolving topic of conversation and study.

Final notice Skuddy:

Not another word from you will be published until you retract your goddamn false accusation!!

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Now we have more deaths since he took control than before."

When President Biden took office more than 600,000 Americans were dead from Trump's incompetent handling of the virus, the vaccines, and use of masks. ANd more than 150,000 more Americans have died since President Biden took office.

Of course that would happen! The Trump anti-vaxxers would rather kill themselves and their families than do what the CDC recommends to protect themselves from death.

Do you actually think the deaths since President Biden took office are somehow his fault? President Biden and his administration have emphasized, by example and constant urging, that more Americans get vaxxed and boostered. The predominant numbers of deaths from COVID have come from non-vaxxed states, which also correspond to the states that voted for Trump! The idiot who started the death toll for COVID to begin with.

Daily COVID-19 deaths decreased since Biden took office

Dave Dubya said...


Skuddy is often wrong on so many levels. He doesn't care, of course. It's easier to pull crap out of his ass than to engage in good faith discussion.

He thinks this is Festivus and the place to air his resentments and grievances .

This is why he'd rather call me a racist than address any of my points. VERY MAGAty.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: Crime is all areas is up,

That is NOT true! Crime has been decreasing! When you make a statement like that, you NEVER use evidence to back it up!

You can't just say stuff and expect people to take it as the truth because you stated it.

I'll give you evidence for what I said:

FBI Report on Crime Shows Decline in Violent Crime Rate for Third Consecutive Year

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, Look at the date of your reference. Crime was down because people were locked in and we had a different president.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, This came from a suspicious source John Hopkins

Nov. 22, 2021 -- The number of COVID-19 deaths recorded so far in 2021 has surpassed the total for 2020, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

Overall, more than 771,000 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in the U.S. during the pandemic. About 385,000 were reported in 2020, according to CDC data, and more than 386,000 have been reported this year.

Dave Dubya said...


Skuddy’s comments will appear AFTER he retracts his false accusation. Calling me a racist is not only bigoted, wrong and hateful, it’s a rejection of good faith discussion.

Skuddy disputes your claim about crime because it reflected pandemic rates through 2020.

His CDC claim is false.

”About 385,000 were reported in 2020, according to CDC data, and more than 386,000 have been reported this year.”

Here are the CDC numbers:

Deaths Attributed to COVID-19 on Death Certificates

2020: 385,343 (10 months)
2021: 382,861 (11 1/2 months, as of 11-13)

Of course Trump mocked wearing masks and only recommended vaccinations AFTER he was defeated.

Biden has been doing the opposite.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Disputing numbers about COVID deaths is useless. We were given false information from Trump and his enablers right from the beginning. Trump promoted his lie that COVID would be gone by the spring of 2020. Trump's concern was his re-election, not the health of the American people; and he deserves condemnation for eternity for that.

As for skud's claim that there isn't systemic racism, I'd point out to him that as recent as the 70s, Black golfers were NOT ALLOWED to play golf in PGA tournaments. Can skud actually say that the reason for this discrimination was anything other than RACE?

Larry Elder, who died just recently, was the first African-American to play in The Masters. He had been prohibited from playing at PGA golf courses ONLY because of his race and not because he was a poor golfer. In fact, Elder won the Masters and as a result of his courage and grace, Tiger Woods and other African-American golfers went on to continue what Elder started.

HOWEVER! When Elder played in some of the golf clubs in the South -- in the middle to late 1970s, when the South had left the Democratic Party and voted Republican en masse, Elder, after playing a game, had to change his clothes in the parking lot because he was NOT ALLOWED in those golf clubs' locker rooms.

Why do you suppose that was? Who do you suppose imposed that shameful rule and enforced it?

The late 1970s is recent history, and systemic racism is still with us. Only privileged white people do not see that truth.

skudrunner said...

I would question MS. Shaw about her black golfer information. Rafe Botts, 1960, Cliff Brown 1964, Lefty Brown 1960, Pete Brown 1964, Lee Elder 1959 and 1967.

As to my statement about you it was you who said there is systemic racism in this country which I disagree. You feel every person is a racist so therefore by your definition that includes you. By my definition you are not so I was just referencing your statement. Some live in the past and some look toward the future. By blaming everything on past events we cannot move forward.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sorry, skud, those men were golfers, but NOT allowed to play in the PGA. Like baseball, those men had their own league until Larry Elder broke the racist barrier:

"Robert Lee Elder (July 14, 1934 – November 28, 2021) was an American professional golfer. In 1975, he became the first African-American to play in the Masters

Who was the first black golfer in PGA?

Lee Elder turned pro in 1959, joining the United Golf Association, a tour specifically for African American golfers who were prohibited from the PGA Tour due to its 'Caucasian only' clause."

"CAUCASIAN ONLY CLAUSE." Do you understand now?

In case you still want to hang onto your idea that Elder and other talented Black golfers were free to participate, here's another reference to disabuse you of that false information:

How racism prevented Lee Elder from being among golf’s Big Three

The golf pioneer’s arrival at the Masters as an honorary starter with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player is a reminder of an era in a game that didn’t promote great Black players

"In the parallel world of the all-Black United Golfers Association (UGA), where the best Black players shined before the PGA’s Caucasians-only clause was struck down in 1961, Elder might have formed a big three with fellow Black golfers Charlie Sifford and Pete Brown. Before them, there were Ted Rhodes, Bill Spiller and Howard Wheeler. Had racism not kept these Black players off the PGA Tour in the prime of their careers, they might have formed their own triumvirates to shape a century of golf in America."

All that happened recently, not in the distant past. Talented, honorable men were excluded from the Whites Only World of Golf simply because of the color of their skin.

RACISM IN THE GOOD OLEL U.S.A. Open your eyes; it's still with us!

Dave Dubya said...


You've "clarified" that you are not calling me a racist. Good.

Then you misrepresented what I "feel" by recognizing systemic racism, along with the great majority of Blacks, and falsely attributed to me some definition of racism I never mentioned.

Back to normal?

If you want to dispute what I say, then QUOTE my words that you dispute, instead of imposing your interpretation or misrepresentation of them.

It's called good faith discussion.

Is that fair?

Do you understand what the strawman and red herring fallacies are?

If not:

Red Herring Fallacy

(also known as: beside the point, misdirection [form of], changing the subject, false emphasis, the Chewbacca defense, irrelevant conclusion, irrelevant thesis, clouding the issue, ignorance of refutation)

Description: Attempting to redirect the argument to another issue to which the person doing the redirecting can better respond. While it is similar to the avoiding the issue fallacy, the red herring is a deliberate diversion of attention with the intention of trying to abandon the original argument.

Strawman Fallacy

Description: Substituting a person’s actual position or argument with a distorted, exaggerated, or misrepresented version of the position of the argument.

Hope this helps.

Dave Miller said...

Dave and Shaw... since Lee Elder came up, let me share a little along those lines.

I've played alongside a semipro white golfer who grew up in the south. He frequently shares how those courses were brutal to players if they were not white. or white enough. As an Italian, he got some pretty bad treatment, but at least he got on the course. "Colored" folks weren't even allowed on the courses, except as caddies.

I also heard a number of stories about Sifford, Elder and the racism they faced while trying to play in So Cal from the first African American to be allowed to buy a house in my neighborhood. He caddied for both of them and along with his stories, he taught me how to play the game. Trick shots and all.

If being prohibited from playing at the highest level of competition by the "owners" of the PGA, even though you qualified to do so, simply because of your color, is not systemic racism, I don't know what is.

Maybe Skud can explain it...

Dave Miller said...

I'm guessing Skud would argue that baseball did not have systemic racism before Jackie Robinson either.

skudrunner said...

There was a time in the colonies when they burned witches and stoned adulterers. There were also times where native Americans were preventing buying alcohol. Those times are gone but it seems like some can't or won't move forward because it doesn't fit their political narrative. Thank goodness most people have moved on.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Miller:"As an Italian, he got some pretty bad treatment, but at least he got on the course."

"Considered one of golf's greatest players, Gene Sarazen, whose birth name was Eugenio Saraceni, was born on February 27, 1902 in Harrison, New York, his parents were poor Sicilian immigrants."

If you go to Wiki, you can see a photo of him. He doesn't have dark skin or typical southern Italian features, so he passed the skin test and was allowed to play with the white people."

skudrunner apparently doesn't understand the difference between "systemic racism" and "interpersonal racism."

SYSTEMIC RACISM: "Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, is a term that refers to a form of racism that is embedded in the laws and regulations of a society or an organization. It manifests as discrimination in areas such as criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, education, and political representation."

INTERPERSONAL RACISM: "Interpersonal Racism (also called individual racism or personally mediated racism) - occurs between individuals, and is what most people think of when using the term racism.

The beliefs, attitudes, and actions of individual that support or perpetuate racism. Individual racism can occur at both an unconscious and conscious level, and can be both active and passive.

Individual racism refers to an individual's racist assumptions, beliefs or behaviours and is "a form of racial discrimination that stems from conscious and unconscious, personal prejudice"

This form of racism can be intentional or unintentional, examples include telling a racist joke, believing in the inherent superiority of white people, crossing the street to avoid passing a Black man, etc."

Skudrunner accused Dave Dubya of being a racist because Dave D. said America suffers from "systemic racism" (true), and skud stated, "Since you are of the belief that the system is racist you must believe you are."

Individuals can live within a country of systemic racism and NOT hold racist beliefs. The Civil Rights Era is an example of that. White folks marched and were beaten and killed alongside of their African-American brethren to protest and change the systemic racism in America.

Also, people confuse African-Americans' and people of colors' protests, rebellions and criticisms of how they are treated as "reverse racism," when they see and hear those who are being oppressed act out -- Example: The protests and riots after extra-judicial killings of Black people by LEOs. It is NOT "reverse racism" when people act out against oppressive racism or are angry against their oppressors. (See Revolution, American) for an example.

The fact that a white policeman, Derek Chauvin, felt free to kill an unarmed black man in broad daylight in front of dozens of people as well as his own officers is an example of "systemic racism." He obviously believed he could get away with murder, because, in the past and even today, that was/is how "the system" worked/works.

Dave Dubya said...

Dave and Shaw,

I learned years ago that the conservative/authoritarian brain was less able to process ambiguity. They tend to have a black and white view on things.

Add to that their closed-minded dismissal and misinterpretation of our words, and we have a failure to communicate.

But bless Skuddy's heart for trying...sort of.

It does explain why he thinks seeing systemic racism is being "racist". It has become the the message of the white nationalist perspective.

"CRT is Marxism". And racism isn't racism to racists.

BOB said...

The best thing for enhancing the viability of white supremacism is burning down black neighborhoods, and telling white people that opposing this is white supremacist. That anti-fa and BLM get away with doing this, and will try and not succeed to burn white neighborhoods, will create a fact pattern that could be interpreted as ‘minorities are uncivilized, serious force is needed to address’. We can short circuit it by making sure that AntiFa and BLM are only getting away with it so far, and are ultimately punished.

In particular, we want the white arsonists who traveled across state lines. Okay, they may have committed the crimes in hard left jurisdictions, live in hard left jurisdictions, and the DoJ Civil Rights lawyers may be objectively white supremacist, but there are still things that can be done in saner jurisdictions.

These riots will be hugely economically damaging. Which may extend to jurisdictions without riots, potentially allowing for RICO suits. Furthermore, there is also possibility that state anti-Klan laws may be applicable. There are definitely funding sources or business activities in conservative states.

Anonymous said...

Lets face facts! Skudrunner IS, and always was Full of Crap.Just like his Idle Donald Rump!

Dave Dubya said...

I wouldn't lay the blame on the BLM organization for the arson and looting. That would be stupidly anti-productive of them.

Those were generally crimes of opportunity by criminals.

And who is antifa, anyway? I'm sure there are a vandals among them, but it's not a criminal organization. How do we tell them apart from anarchist vandals or anyone else wearing black? We do know white supremacists disguised themselves to appear like antfa, in order to frame them and agitate for more rioting.

Here's a good article that has information most Americans will never learn:


An analysis of leaked law enforcement documents reveals an obsession with “antifa” despite evidence of threats of violence to police and protesters.

An analysis of leaked law enforcement documents reveals an obsession with “antifa” despite evidence of threats of violence to police and protesters.