Saturday, March 6, 2021

Radical Right Snowflakes And Victims


Remember the radical Right's faux outrage over Obama in a tan suit? They love to inflate their resentment and anger towards minorities and Democrats over any trivial matter.

And who can ignore their endless victimization from their fictional “massive voter fraud” and “stolen election”? This fake victimhood is behind all their efforts to suppress minority voters and undermine our democracy.

Today’s “Horror and Outrage Show” is about a bigot losing her acting job, Dr. Seuss, and a potato head toy. Mostly it is about how the radical Right are playing the “victims” again. So why all the whining about a fictitious "cancel culture" and Dr. Seuss and potato head toys being canceled, even though they are not?

Dr. Seuss books are still available, minus the ones with overt racist characterizations. Millions of used copies are still available and are not banned.

Potato heads still come in genders, or no gender. Hasbro changed nothing, but added a gender neutral version to the Mr. and Mrs. options. Deal with it.

Radical Right "victim" Gina Carano was fired from her acting job on the “Mandalorian” TV series for comparing treatment of conservatives to Jews under Hitler.

The fact is racist white nationalism infects both Nazis and the radical Right. Hitler's brand of victimhood was blaming Jews. America's radical Right are "victims" of the racial and gender equality movement. They are all ever so delicate.

Carano promoted the Big Lie of massive voter fraud that led to Trump's Coup Klux Klan insurrection. She was very upset about her favorite radical Right racist forum Parler being shut down.

She even re-posted an outright anti-Semitic meme on twitter in December 2020, featuring a group of Jewish men playing Monopoly on the backs of a group of naked men, with the caption "All We Have to Do is Stand Up and Their Little Game is Over." The image is a widely-shared meme among neo-Nazis and white supremacists that espouses the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that a cabal of rich Jews run the world.

So what is all this really about?

Radical Right snowflakes are angry and upset, and decided they were victims again.

Corporations take actions to boost their image and bottom line. It's called "capitalism".

This is all just more of the radical Right's culture war and deflection from their suppression of voter rights and obstruction of much needed pandemic relief.

They really do hate their fellow Americans. Just don't call them racists or Nazis. They resemble that remark.


TB3 said...

"Radical Right snowflakes are angry and upset, and decided they were victims again."

Rather than figure out why they are angry and upset. Also they fail to actually step back and reflect after being this angry and upset for so long in order to re-evaluate the irrationality of their feelings and arguments. After being angry for so long and watching all the reasons and complaints pass by and fade away only to be replaced by completely different, but still fabricated, grievances... maybe step back? Whatever it is you're mad about or upset about, it's not getting better. You had your team in charge and nothing got better, why are you still angry about "the libs" or the "leftists" or the "socialists"? You got your Supreme Court justices. You got your judges. You got your tax cuts for gajillionaires. Why so angry still? It's turning you into horrible, terrible people. Come on, man. Biden's got a stutter and you people turn it into gospel that it's an indication of senility? Christ weeps, man.

"They really do hate their fellow Americans. Just don't call them racists or Nazis. They resemble that remark."

The problem is that "conservatives" have been groomed for so long with the "othering" of Democrats and "Liberals"/"Leftists" that, to them, they aren't considered fellow Americans. Or at least not "real" Americans. And since the time of Reagan, they've been trained to not even understand what the fricken purpose of Government actually is, so anytime our society tries to use Government to affect change or do something that's not being addressed in the Private Sector, they screech and screech and screech Socialism disparagingly. Look no further than the Heritage Foundation-originating alternative to "Hillary-Care", the Affordable Care Act. It has certainly ushered in that socialist utopia with its subsidies that puts more money into the hands of private corporations. OOoOoOoOoooOoOOOooooo. "conservatives" are still angry and spouting misinformation and disinformation about the ACA, even when all that Death Panel talk and Government Takeover talk never panned out (And was never going to pan out, because of course it wasn't going to you dummies)

Dave Dubya said...

Now you've done it.

Conservatives will FEEEL you hate America now.

TB3 said...

They can feel whatever they want to feel. That doesn't warp reality to match their selfish and/or ignorant desires.

Dave Dubya said...

I don't know.

Voting their feelings gave us voter suppression, radical Right domestic terrorism, an insurrectionist coup, Trump, McConnell, Boebert, and all the rest of those authoritarians that are so toxic to decency, democracy and equality.

TB3 said...

Oh, yes, but that's okay. It's the Socialists and BLM and Antifa breaking a window, spray painting a building and vandalizing police cars that are the true threats to freedom.