Sunday, November 22, 2020

Fed Up

 The Republican Party is the greatest threat to the Republic. 

The Trump Reich hates the same people and principles Hitler's Third Reich hated.

I can't stand intolerance.

I despise hatred.

I'm biased against bigots.

Angry people piss me off.

Anybody got a problem with that?


TB3 said...

No problem here!

However, what you wrote and the point of your post was kind of ironic. You hate hate-filled people.

On the flip side- The Country endured about 4 years of 'F your feelings' from fans of Donald Trump. It's not like those people put effort into being friends with their fellow citizens who just happened to vote for someone else in 2016 and seemingly spent every waking moment letting everyone know they didn't care about them or their ideas or their thoughts.

Dave Dubya said...

What, me ironic? Must have been some passing mood or something.

I LOVE Trump supporters! I love them so much I insist on sharing my feelings from 2016 with them.

TB3 said...

"Trump Lost? He can't lose! It's the voters that are wrong! All our efforts to scare people into not voting and disenfranchise other voters didn't work! That means... that means... OH MY GOD, THEY CHEATED. IT'S RIGGED. RECOUNT ONLY THE DEMOCRATIC AREAS AND ONLY THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE! Oh, what? The House and Senate seats we won? Oh, ignore those. THEY ONLY CHEATED ON THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE CAUSE THEY ALL THINK ORANGE MAN BAD"

Dave Dubya said...

Yes. We thought we were clever in our election rigging. We let Republicans win in the House and Senate, so they would miss our conspiracy with other Republicans.

But damnation and tarnation! They were too smart for us again. They saw right through it. Nobody can fool the critical thinking deep thinkers in the Trump Cult.

Nothing gets past them. They simply can't be fooled. How do they DO it??