Thursday, July 23, 2020

When "OK" Is Not OK

Three Questions:

What would be the reaction from Republicans and white conservatives if Obama had expressed well wishes for a criminal sex trafficker?

What has been their reaction to the impeached leader of their party expressing well wishes for a criminal sex trafficker?

Would you please explain to me again how there’s no systemic racism in this country?

Makes one wonder, a bit, doesn’t it?

Oops. That was four questions.

While the far Right howls about Back Lives Matter being “racist commie thugs who don’t even care about Black lives”, why do they deliberately ignore the real racists?

Who are real racists?

Our resident authority on conservative beliefs STILL hasn’t explained what “real racism” is.  Too bad, since only white conservatives are allowed to unilaterally define terms.

Let me suggest something. It’ not just the Klan, folks. Rudy Giuliani is another racist who projects his racism unto Black Lives Matter.

Would a birther who demanded death for exonerated Black kids and re-tweeted someone saying “white power” be considered racist?


How about the friend of that person who was convicted of lying to investigators and witness tampering? He’s a special friend, too. Special enough to have his 40 month sentence commuted.

Yes, the special friend is Roger Stone. And the racist birther is you-know-who. What are the chances Stone might be a real racist too?

Most of you should know by now the hand sign that used to mean “OK”  has been adopted by white nationalists and other “real racists” to signify White Power.

Stone proudly flashed the racist white power sign with a group of fellow racists who call themselves “Proud Boys”.

Yes, we know every racist and every Nazi has been proud of their racism. They all hate the same kind of people and embrace far Right authoritarianism.

We need no further proof the Trump Cartel and Trump Cult are racists.

They are essentially bragging about their racism.

Did you see the BLM demonstration where white counter-protesters re-enacted the cop’s knee to the neck of George Floyd?

They are absolute ghouls, but good conservative Christians, I’m sure.

From the  Washington Post:

White men mocked George Floyd’s death

As a peaceful Black Lives Matter march made its way through Franklin Township, N.J., the group protesting against police brutality and systemic racism walked past a white man kneeling on the neck of another white man in a mocking reenactment of George Floyd’s death.

The men were part of a group of white counterprotesters with flags supporting President Trump and “Blue Lives Matter” that barked, “Black lives matter to no one,” and “Police lives matter.”

No “real racism” to be found there, amirte?

After all, these respectable white guys were only concerned for the poor cop, victimized by his killing of George Floyd.

At least that’s not what the local mayor and police chief think.

Franklin Township Mayor John Bruno and Police Chief Police Chief Brian Zimmer released a joint statement denouncing the actions of “certain individuals”, saying “This is not who we are as a Community”.

It’s a good thing two of the men faced consequences. One was fired by Fed Ex, and the other suspended from his corrections job.

And what kind of Black Lives Matter Marxist would suggest there is systemic racism in law enforcement, anyway?

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