Monday, March 16, 2020

In This Together

Everybody’s going to feel the effects of this one. No border wall could protect us from the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic.

It has finally arrived. We are in a crisis at a time the country is not in capable hands. We have a president who has openly refused to accept any responsibility and a Republican Party that loathes government intervention and public healthcare.

So far, Republicans are essentially obstructing legislation that provides for free coronavirus testing, paid emergency medical leave, extended unemployment insurance, food assistance, and help for health care workers.

Trump wants to cut funding for the CDC, and in his revenge-fueled obsession, did his best to destroy every measure undertaken by President Obama.

“When Bolton became Trump’s national security adviser in 2018, he quickly moved to disband the White House National Security Council’s Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, which President Barack Obama set up after the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak to lead federal coordination and preparation for disease outbreaks.

In April 2018, Bolton fired Tom Bossert, then the homeland security adviser, who, the Washington Post reported, “had called for a comprehensive biodefense strategy against pandemics and biological attacks.” Then, that May, Bolton let go the head of pandemic response, Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer, and his global health security team. The team, the Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, was never replaced.”

How did our "not-racist", “Disaster President” respond when questioned about this by a woman of color?

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked Trump if he took any responsibility for dismantling a key pandemics response team in 2018.

Trump: "I just think it's a nasty question ... I didn't do it. We have a group of people ... You say we did that, I don't know anything about it."

Sadly, this pattern of lies, irresponsibility and incompetence has been the norm.

Trump Feb. 26: Vaccine "sooner than expected"
Dr. Fauci Feb. 26: Vaccine a year out
Trump Feb 27: "The 15, within a couple of days, is going to be down to close to zero"
Public health authorities ten days later: 550 US cases in 34 states and DC
Trump March 4: According to his “hunch”, the World Health Organization mortality rate is a “false number”.
Dr. Fauci March 4: Mortality rate higher than the flu
Pence March 5: Not enough tests
Trump March 6: "Anybody that needs a test gets a test"
Trump: “I don’t take responsibility at all,” for the administration’s lag in rolling out coronavirus tests.

The World Health Organization developed a coronavirus test protocol that the Trump Administration declined, offering no explanation. This resulted in delays.

(Meanwhile, South Korea, which discovered its first case around the same time as the United States, has reported having the capacity to test roughly 10,000 people a day since late February.)

The Disaster President didn’t want infected cruise ship passengers to come ashore because he didn’t want the “numbers” of confirmed cases to go up.

Politico reporter Dan Diamond told NPR host Terry Gross that, based on his own reporting, Trump “did not push to do aggressive additional testing in recent weeks, and that’s partly because more testing might have led to more cases being discovered of coronavirus outbreak, and the president had made clear — the lower the numbers on coronavirus, the better for the president, the better for his potential re-election this fall.”

His March 11th Oval Office address to the nation was a sedated muddled mess, needing retractions and changes. The next day the Dow Jones took a 10% deep dive and nobody was reassured all was in good hands.

And still we are told. "It's a very contagious virus, it's incredible, but it's something we have tremendous control of." 

No, we don't. Mar-A-Lago has become a viral relay center.

This is not the time to let the Fool decide.

Being of the age that puts me in the most threatened demographic, I tend to be somewhat philosophical about this COVID-19 pandemic. While I'm not living in fear, I want to live. And I know what we can do about it. We can mitigate the rapid spread of the virus so it doesn't become a "Coronapocalypse".

We need to put forth our best efforts to wash our hands, avoid crowds and shaking hands, and keep a safe personal distance when possible. Social distancing is not social isolation. Call friends and family. 

Keep up with physical activities including exercise and routine household chores. Find pleasant distractions for entertainment. We found a jigsaw puzzle can be a nicer alternative than focusing on TV news. Catch up on books, movies, and music. Keeping positive and embracing humor are important psychological and physical defenses.

I'm lucky to have had a job that practiced sensible precautions with transmittable diseases. I volunteered to tend to AIDS patients when others got spooked.

But this virus is far more contagious. As we are increasingly aware, the effects will be felt by all of us, whether we contract it or not.

This viral pandemic needs to be seen as a wake-up call. Modern societies and many of their leaders have largely grown comfortable, arrogant and complacent. 

We will lose people. Many more will die. Our social lives will be disrupted. Our economy will take a severe blow and a lot of people will lose jobs and livelihoods. It is that serious. We need government, and we need honesty, competence, and accountability.

Maybe this mess will prompt us to learn the lessons of a crises that few of us in our part of the world have experienced.

One change immediately visible is the progressive motto, “We’re all in this together” is being uttered, even in the Trump White House. Welcome to socialism, boys. 

One thing is certain. Capitalism is not going to save us. The sacred every-man-for-himself delusion of the almighty “free market” will fail, or make things worse. Already we have jerks price gouging hand sanitizer and disinfectant materials.

I'm hoping the silver lining to this crisis will be a more open attitude, respecting science, and understanding the need for socialized public health. Mother Nature is showing us she can cull the herd anytime. That is reality. Global warming is also a reality, and will likely be our next catastrophic event.

The warning bell is ringing, we all need to take responsibility, and we ARE in this together.


Just the Facts! said...

Dem Gov. Cuomo Praises Trump And VP Pence For Quick Coronavirus Response: ‘Kudos Where Kudos Are Due’

"Democrats have criticized President Donald Trump for his administration’s response to the new coronavirus, making claims about cuts to public health programs and the silencing of government experts. But they haven’t always gotten their facts right"

It’s true that the president’s budget proposals have consistently called for reduced funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but Congress hasn’t enacted those cuts.

What would Obama do? Oh we know, remember the swine flu of 2009? Nothing until we had 1700 deaths of the 18,306 that died. Obama cult members have very short memories, because they can't blame the black guy.

Dave Dubya said...


That’s right.

Cuomo thanked Trump and Pence for their response to his specific request about testing, but not for their overall “response to the new coronavirus”.

Meanwhile today: Trump’s deleted tweet about the "nations's governors", said “Cuomo of New York has to do more”.

Cuomo responded: “I have to do more? No — YOU have to do something! You’re supposed to be the President.”

Obama has nothing to do with this event. Why does the Trump cult always want to blame him for something? Nothing racist about it, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

"the need for socialized public health", cause it worked so well in China and is doing so good in Italy.

Dave Dubya said...


We know you're not educated and otherwise ill-informed, so here's the reality.

A socialized public health response has mitigated the infection rate in South Korea.

Every action taken by local, state and the US federal government is a socialist response intended for the public good.

Compensation for the millions of newly unemployed will be by a socialist response.

When you get your check, you will be directly benefiting from a socialist response. You used to resentfully condemn this as "free stuff" when provided to the needy by democrats. If you wish to not participate in this socialized program, feel free to send me your money the government gives you. It will make you feel better. I promise.

This socialism is called provision for the general welfare in our Constitution.

Social distancing is a community based and social response.

When Trump finally says, "We're all in this together" he is agreeing with a socialist value.

We understand you are confused and it must hurt your brain to grasp all this.

Learn to read. It will help you learn more things. This is why we have socialized public education.

Dave Dubya said...

As every reader but JTF is aware, I won’t publish un-credited articles or opinions. His latest copy-and-paste plagiarism was Republican Tim Morrison’s opinion piece in the Washington Post. (How can that be fake news AND real?)

Morrison complained of the “bloat that occurred under the previous administration” defending the “reorganization” when “Trump began streamlining the NSC staff in 2017”.

Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer was the National Security Council director in charge of global health security and biothreats, until May 8, 2018. The position was abolished by the Trump administration. He was fired, or in Republican/Corporate language, “streamlined” out of his office in this “reorganization”.

He was not replaced.

Dave Dubya said...

Hell yes. But it will never happen. That socialist money is from the government. You wouldn't accept a socialist check, would you? LOL! We know you would, and already do so.

"We're all in this together", as Martin Luther King Jr.said and Bernie Sanders has long been saying.

Now parroted by Donald "Free socialist cash" Trump.

Welcome to socialism, brother Tim.

Just the Facts! said...

Want to bet if "it never happens" it's because the House didn't ok it?


Dem Gov. Cuomo: President Trump ‘Has Our Backs’ On Coronavirus…

Extraordinary: CNN’s Dana Bash Praises The President’s Handling Of Wuhan Virus

Pigs are flying. Does this mean the zombie apocalypse is truly here?

Welcome to Bizarro World.

Dave Dubya said...

Happy socialized pandemic response to you! Imagine a government that didn't help the people. THAT is the con-servative dream.

We saw the zombie apocalypse arrive at the Trump rallies. Masses of humanity unable to think for themselves and fanatically believing a pathological liar.

U.P. Tim said...

Well, Don the Con can't lie his way out of this one and he knows it. He has met his match and his incompetence is truly showing. The only thing is we are all going to suffer for it.

Anonymous said...

Empty shelves at grocery stores, shortage of toilet paper.

Happy socialism.

So much for your claim to not politicize this crisis.

Dave Dubya said...

Anonymous Tim,

Are you always 100% wrong? Those empty store shelves are not socialism. It's panic.

The taxpayer funded response to the virus is the socialism.

But then again, your club has never understood any of this.

So stop politicizing from a base of ignorance.

Looks like Democrats are going to have to pull us out of another Recession/Depression left by Republicans. This is not politicizing the cause of the crisis, just the eventual recovery.