Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Longest Day

Seventy-five years ago today the U.S. and our Allies undertook the greatest battle for freedom and invaded Nazi-occupied France. 

They knew the risk and challenge. General Eisenhower was prepared to accept responsibility if the invasion failed, as any great leader would.

Germany's Field Marshall Erwin Rommel comprehended the significance. The invasion of Europe would begin with the "Longest Day".

The Normandy landings by air and sea were hard fought, with thousands of allied troops paying the ultimate sacrifice to liberate Europe from fascism. 

Within a year, Nazi Germany was defeated.

How the wheel turns. 

Today the "America First" president has undermined the alliance born of that conflict. Our Right Wing Authoritarian leader demeans and bickers with allies as he praises tyrants. 

But that's all fine with the clueless dupes and empowered white nationalists of his base. Their Orange Fuhrer can do no wrong. Right Wing Authoritarian followers are loyal to their authoritarian leader, every bit as loyal as Hitler's followers.

The Leader proved he understands this, by bragging he could shoot someone down in the street and his cult would remain loyal. 

White nationalists, Klansmen, and Nazis love him. 

Many would shout, "Hail, Trump". Jews and Blacks would be gunned down by some of them. Liberals would be run over. Bombs would be sent to the targets of their Leader's rage and anger.

They share the Leader's white nationalism, and demand the imprisonment of political opponents. They join their Leader in accusing his opponents and critics of treason.

Trumpism clearly shares these doctrines with Nazism. 

We don't want to find out how far they would follow him into totalitarianism. We're seeing quite enough already.

And they won't relinquish power willingly. Expect them to challenge the election if their Tangerine Tyrant loses. This is a long way from over.

They are fanatics.

They would rather praise their leader than honor the warriors against fascism.

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, gushed, "We are celebrating the anniversary, 75 years of D-Day. This is the time where we should be celebrating our president, the great achievements of America, and I don’t think the American people like the constant negativity.” 

Right. And she would probably just love to crack the champagne bottle at the launching of the newest aircraft carrier, "USS Bone-Spurs". 

Just ask that woman what she thinks of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, our greatest wartime president since Lincoln. She would call him a socialist commie like all the other fascists did. Just like they accuse Democrats of being socialists and commies today. 

I'm pretty sure she's another "very fine person".

The German Nazis were defeated, but their heirs live on. Understand this. The struggle against fascism never ends. 

But freedom-loving people of the world will always honor those who served, and remember the Longest Day, as long as we survive and defeat the "Longest Presidency".

A final word:

After the war Bertolt Brecht warned:

"Don't yet rejoice in his defeat, you men!
Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard,

The bitch that bore him is in heat again."


Jefferson's Guardian said...

"[White nationalists, Klansmen, and Nazis] share the Leader's white nationalism, and demand the imprisonment of political opponents. They join their Leader in accusing his opponents and critics of treason." ~~ Dave Dubya

His deplorable base is the scourge of this earth. Trump serves as their chosen one to deliver America back to a day that can never be again, nor we of rational mind want to be again.

Paradoxically, the evangelical Christians, the literalists, claim him as their own also. He's their guy to bring on -- some would say force -- another coming of their lord and supposed savior.

All follow his every word, his every tweet, his every insult and crude remark, looking for the key instructions that will deliver them to their own particular nirvana.

Piss on 'em all.

"Trumpism clearly shares these doctrines with Nazism." ~~ Dave Dubya

Even a fool could recognize the parallels of Nazism and Trumpism -- at least an honest one. The early trajectory could be overlaid and would be almost identical.

Trump's a wannabe dictator. He loves the adoration and sense of power. Luckily for this nation, he's not nearly as smart as Hitler. That, I think, is still in our favor.

As the clown-in-chief is fond of repeating, over and over again, "We'll see".

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"After the war Bertolt Brecht warned:

'Don't yet rejoice in his defeat, you men! Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard,

The bitch that bore him is in heat again.'
" ~~ Bertolt Brecht, as quoted by Dave Dubya

Yeah, and the bitch has has a litter.

Dave Dubya said...


The bitch has a litter of white nationalists across North America and Europe. They're taking Britain down through the disaster of Brexit, Anti-Semitism is resurging in Germany, La Pen is stoking the old Vichy French fascists, and Bannon is in Italy cultivating the next Il Duce.

The fascist Republican Party has a stranglehold on the US, no matter what the corpo-dem appeasers do to polish the big turd of neo-liberal corporatocracy.

Kakistocracy has merged with kleptocracy to steer mankind into climate catastrophe and neo-feudal austerity and totalitarianism.

Apart from that, it's a pleasant sunny day, and despite the arthritis, I feel pretty good about being old. I'm enjoying my retirement with a pension and various 401K returns, along with socialized Medicare and Social Security.

I made a few good decisions in life, and am blessed with enough luck and good sense to have my peaceful corner of what's left of the natural world. I'll just be sipping some good Scotch with nature's soothing herb, while sitting on my deck among the trees and wildlife. Deer and fox often pass through my yard, and some nice Indigo Buntings have been visiting lately.

I can still enjoy some peace and serenity as the world goes down. I will continue to resist fascism until the last day of my life. My conscience is intact.

Sorry kids. You can't say we didn't warn you. Go ahead, vote for Republicans, and have some nice wars in Iran and Venezuela. After all, they are sitting on OUR oil. And be nice to Russia and China, they will own us in no time.

Or if you are smart, you will listen to Bernie and Liz, seek the visionary souls among you, become involved, and fill the Democratic Party with more decent people like AOC.

U.P. Tim said...

I've been involved with trying to fill the party with decent people. I take my two fur babies (black lab and golden retriever) to the woods almost daily to seek other animals for my temporary serenity. Did you ever replace Lucy I think that was her name? It's 80 degrees here today. Have a good one. Race time is just around the corner too.

Dave Dubya said...

15 years for a German Shepherd was a good run. Lucy Jean couldn't be replaced. This is why we have a lot of wildlife visitors now.

Keep up the good fight, brother.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, that's a good long life for a dog -- in dog years, for a human. :-)

I know, it's tough to lose 'em. They're family.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Hey Dave! Did you know the FBI is wrong?


Dave Dubya said...


EVERY FBI Director has been wrong! How dare they side with the the law over the Supreme MAGAt?

Good thing he's got "Honest Bob" Barr to straighten 'em out.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Trump openly, on television, declared he's going to break federal law (again).

Dave Dubya said...


"Russia, if you're still listening..."

This is Republikaner Amerika. Trump IS the law.