Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Religious Liberty Vs. Progressivism

Out of curiosity, I occasionally visit the American Conservative website. I even agree with some of their positions questioning Trump and Bolten’s war mongering against Iran and Venezuela.

One article prompted me to comment. It was called "Religious Liberty Vs. Building Progressivism". Obviously it is a false choice. Yes, the famous “wedding cake issue” was mentioned, along with the obligatory twist of dire communist implications in opposing bigotry.

You’ve heard it all before. The author had a question for progressives. Do you believe that there are any cases in which defending First Amendment guarantees of religious liberty should take precedence over the building of progressivism? If so, what are they? If not, how, exactly, does your view of religious liberty differ from that held by the totalitarian regime that threw people like Silvester Krcmery into prison?

In other words, “How are you libs not Commies??”

I had this to say: *


This isn’t meant to be personal, but I know it will be taken that way.

Crybaby Christians again. Always the victims.

Freedom of religion is a progressive value. Bigotry is not.

It's not just about wedding cake, kids. Jesus never said a word about selling or not selling wedding cakes to killers, thieves, or rapists, let alone gays.

Do they think at the Cana wedding, Jesus said, "Wine for everybody! Except for all you homos. None for you!"? 

Do they really believe they will go to hell for baking a cake for gays? I highly doubt it. But it sure as hell "justifies" their bigotry though. And we know damn well they’d love to sell a cake to the pussy grabber in the Oval Office.

It wasn't that long ago when white Christian-run hospitals turned away minorities. Progressivism opposed that. Shame on the godless ones!  

The terrible injustice and horrors that good, conservative, white Christians endure pale when compared to all the blacks, Jews, Unitarians, Muslims, Sikhs mistaken for Muslims, and doctors murdered in their places of worship.

Bigotry is not religion, but fundamentalist religion seems to make bigotry acceptable. These fundies are the enemies of progressivism, as well as democracy. Why should any progressive respect their bigotry?

Why should any conservative respect their bigotry?

Is it really shocking that Trump's anti-progressive, hypocritical evangelicals believe the Great Liar and racist birther was sent by Jesus to save America from brown people? Sadly, no. Bigotry becomes them.

Here's the nasty little secret. White Nationalists are all "good Christians". Just ask them.

Trump's "very fine people" marching with tiki torches are all "Christians". Those burning crosses were lit to "guide Jesus" for His return. Just ask any one of them. Go ahead.

The more intelligent and compassionate conservatives among us understand this. 

American Evangelical Christianity is becoming just another religion of hate. Trump is their new Messiah.

Here's to the big alt-right beam in their eyes. 


* After 53 comments, this one is still unposted. I guess someone took it personally. 


Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Trump's 'very fine people' marching with tiki torches are all 'Christians'." ~~ Dave Dubya

With friends of Jesus like these, who needs enemies?

Jerry Critter said...

Bigotry wrapped in religion is still bigotry. It only degrades the religion and those that profess to follow it.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

The Republican-controlled Senate judiciary committee subpoenaed Don Junior this afternoon.

This should get very interesting.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"* After 53 comments, this one is still unposted. I guess someone took it personally." ~~ Dave Dubya

Of course, Dave, it could be easily assumed that, to hypocrites, the truth hurts.

Yeah, I just scrolled through all sixty-something comments. Yours still isn't recorded.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

My apologies...

...it was the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Even better.

Dave Dubya said...

There is a "soft bigotry" inherent in all cults and most religions. The nature of a closed belief system nurtures the idea they alone possess the truth and are special, saved, or God's chosen people. This is why they feel they are charged with converting the rest of us poor wretches into their fold. That sense of purpose also reinforces their beliefs and securely closes their minds to other views.

No wonder all that "love for others" stuff gets shunted aside so readily. It's all about them and their glorious righteousness. There are exceptions, of course, in only the most compassionate and reasonable among them.


Maybe it was this part that got the door slammed in my face.

"Crybaby Christians again. Always the victims. Freedom of religion is a progressive value. Bigotry is not."

Jerry Critter said...

So true, Dave. I like the term “soft bigotry”. All you have to do is believe like I do...AND be the right color, of course! We all know that Jesus was a white guy wearing a white shirt,

Dave Dubya said...

Right. And the white Jesus in the white shirt is Republican Jesus. He likes money and goes for hard bigotry.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"We all know that Jesus was a white guy wearing a white shirt." ~~ Jerry Critter

Don't forget the red tie and dark suit, Jerry, and orange hair plugs in a comb-over. He also admitted to "grabbing women by their pussies", by the way.

Today he's known as the orange savior. Followers throughout the nation have abandoned his original teachings in favor of his revised "good news"... lying, hate, misogyny and bigotry.

Many believe he's the embodiment of the second coming. Not quite the same as the guy from the first, huh?