Friday, February 8, 2019

Trans-National Con-servatism

It's not just here in Trumpistan. Authoritarian far Right Con-servatism is a global pathology, infecting large swaths of humanity with resentment, fear and hate.

For a change, I thought I'd analyze one of the Right's Canadian propagandists who is more clever and articulate, and offers a smoother pitch than the echo chamber of low-brow, hate spewing, white nationalist thuggish Americans like Limbaugh, Breitbart and FOX(R).

Peterson is intelligent, and he presents a calm and rational demeanor. These attributes are perfect for propagandists who target an audience outside the base. As numerous youtube videos indicate, Peterson, like Ben Shapiro, can easily outmaneuver less bright or emotional college students, their favorite prey for indoctrination.

Peterson had to frame conservative limits of intolerance with a Jew denouncing Nazis and William Buckley, "because Buckley, when he put out his conservative magazine, the David Duke types kind of attached themselves to it, and he said, “No, here’s the boundary. You guys are on the wrong side of the boundary. I’m not with you.” And Ben Shapiro recently did this, for example, as well in the aftermath of the Charlottesville incident."

Well Buckley's long gone, and he sure as hell would not have voted for Trump or denied climate science. And for obvious reasons there are not many white nationalist Jews. But like Ben Stein, they love to play their "commie card" against liberals. And they have their share of far Right authoritarian personalities in Israel, like the corrupt Netanyahu and his Likud Party.

Con-servatism isn't necessarily anti-Semitic or white nationalist. Their bigotry extends outward from their particular group. We have Nation of Islam bigots in the US. And I've never seen a European white nationalist, or Canadian such as Peterson, attack universal healthcare as some fatal leap into Stalinism. Those are just manifestations defined by the native culture and geography of the con. They are still authoritarian to the core. They all fear and demonize liberals, progressivism, equality, and multi-culturalism. They all have more difficulty with different cultures, the unknown, nuance, ambiguity, and uncertainty.

It's not just an American disorder. It is global. It is why there is war, and institutionalized bigotry and cruelty. Right wing British amygdalas are just as over-active as Right wing American amygdalas. This has been measured.


Just the Facts! said...

Workers of the World unite, right Dave?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"It's not just here in Trumpistan. Authoritarian far Right Con-servatism is a global pathology, infecting large swaths of humanity with resentment, fear and hate." ~~ Dave Dubya

Europe is infested with alt-right political parties. This neo-nazism is spreading across the continent.

It's a sickness which threatens the very soul of humankind.

Not meaning to get Dickensian with you, but we are in for the worst of times.

Dave Dubya said...


Who was it who said, "United we stand"? Didn't workers prosper, and didn't the middle class grow because of government-sponsored college education through the GI Bill? Didn't workers prosper, and didn't the middle class grow because of unions and labor rights?


Dickens' "Best of times/worst of times" is ringing true again. The aristocracy is getting nervous, and their shills are terrified of truth, unity, and democracy.

Their "AOC Derangement Syndrome" has them caught in mix of slack-jawed obsession and trembling fear.

This is the truth behind the con-servative Right's political power that she dares to reveal in the House Oversight and Reform Committee. It exposes their corruption, and terrifies them to the core.

"Can I run a campaign that's entirely funded by corporate PAC money? (Yes.)

Can I use that money to pay people off in order to get elected? (Yes.)

Once I'm elected, are there any limits to which laws I can write or influence? (No.)

Does all this mean an elected official can, for example, be funded by Big Pharma companies and then get into office and write laws benefiting Big Pharma with no limitations? (Yes.)

Can I hold stocks in an industry, say oil and gas, and then write laws to deregulate that industry in a way that would cause the stock value to go up, causing me to get rich? (Yes.)"

After posing all these questions, she concluded, "So we have a system that is fundamentally broken," and then explained that she, and the rest of Congress, are being held to higher ethical standards than the President of the United States.

The system that was intended to provided democratic representation for We the People is broken. It is rigged and corrupted by and for Republicans and their corporate and banking elite owners.

AOC is bravely defending truth, and waking Americans up to the Right's war on democracy.

No wonder a poor authoritarian white nationalist like JTF wants to play his commie card. He's a frightened, ignorant, resentful and angry old man who despises equality, truth, and democracy.

He's in a fevered panic for his racist, white nationalist cult leader, now that checks and balances are restored in the House.

I bet he's also furious with me for not publishing his barrage of irrelevant questions and copy-and-past far Right trash.

Poor little thing. He's the real victim.

TB3 said...

"Who was it who said, "United we stand"?" - DD

For some reason, I believe the patriot JTF prefers ours be a "House divided". It concincides with the whole 'Politics is sport' mentality where we pick our team and, by God, we'll stand by them through thick or thin.

The Political "Right" or "Conversatives" in this country are essentially Cleveland Browns fans. No offense to Cleveland Browns fans.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Workers of the World unite, right Dave?" ~~ Just the [Alternative] Facts! (aka Timothy L. Trueblood, V, otherwise simply as "Vern")

It looks like Vern continues to see a commie behind every lamppost.

But it's his eloquence of prose, and his unique mastery of the written word, that is utterly astounding!

How have we not seen this for so long! ;-)

"[The con-servative's] 'AOC Derangement Syndrome' has them caught in mix of slack-jawed obsession and trembling fear." ~~ Dave Dubya

Alexandria Acasio-Cortez is making the world stand up and notice. She's just the beginning of many more right behind her.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"... [William F.] Buckley's long gone, and he sure as hell would not have voted for Trump or denied climate science." ~~ Dave Dubya

Buckley was an intellectual conservative. He wasn't a fool. He lived in an era prior to the escalating corporatism that first infected the GOP, and then later the Democratic Party.

Today's GOP rejects science, rejects rationality, and rejects the very fundamentals of logic and critical thinking.

Those are the requirements of admittance into Trumpism. Others just might say, stupidity.

Dave Dubya said...

Many of today's con-servatives, inspired by their Big MAGAt leader, are cheering fans of "Team Putin", praising and thanking him for helping their candidate. So much for Team America. Anything to "own the libs".

Yes, stupid is as stupid does.

While stupidity certainly is a contributing factor to Trump's "poorly educated", low-information, fanatic, and faithful base; fear, anger, resentment, bigotry, racism, and greed are essential to the winning formula.

Add an unhealthy mix of gullibility with authorization personalities and there we have it.

All are "qualities" that make America least in their cult.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

I wonder...

...does stupidity result from fear, anger, resentment, bigotry, racism, and greed?...

...or does stupidity occur first?

Just the Facts! said...

Ocasio-Cortez spinning and lying their heads over Green New Deal fact sheet that she released.. So we can add lying to the stupid. Just like Dave.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Just the [Alternative] Facts! (aka Timothy L. Trueblood, V, otherwise simply as "Vern"), please explain your claim.

I don't see any spin...or lies.

Perhaps you were referring to Donald Trump's speech last Tuesday night?

TB3 said...


Just because you say it, does not make it so. You made an assertion, perhaps you should back that assertion up with evidence or, at the very least, an example of what you consider (or, more likely, told) was a lie.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"And I've never seen a European white nationalist, or Canadian such as Peterson, attack universal healthcare as some fatal leap into Stalinism. Those are just manifestations defined by the native culture and geography of the con." ~~ Dave Dubya

The American con-servative definitely is a rare bird. (My sincere hope is it goes the way of the dodo bird.)

Being the only industrialized nation in the world without universal healthcare, it's no wonder this country's collective health status is failing. Having the very best medical technology, as Mr. Paine likes to promote, is a non-starter when access to that technology is blocked or unavailable.

Of course con-servatives view anything that serves society at-large as "communist". As TB3 has accurately noted on several occasions, con-servatives are designated team-players and supporters -- meaning only their team counts.

In the typical con-servative's idealized model of how things should be, when the team bus pulls away from the curb, liberals, people of color, those of the LGBT community, and women, are left standing on the sidewalk.

Dave Dubya said...

"Ocasio-Cortez spinning and lying their heads over Green New Deal fact sheet that she released.. So we can add lying to the stupid. Just like Dave.'

This is a classic example of willfully ignorant, hateful, and angry con-servative discourse; a multi-faceted, fact-free gem of poor language skills, projection, and raging AOC Derangement Syndrome. Just like JTF.

"I love the (white) poorly educated", declared the Tangerine Tyrant. And the (white) poorly educated love him.

Dave Dubya said...

JTF has been snowing me with a flurry of his AOC Derangement Syndrome. Funny how that little lady can scare so many "tough" white guys. LOL!

He wants to tell us she's lying, but somehow can't come up with a lie. He even wants me to Google it for him.

So delicate, so helpless, so much like a...what's that word....Snowflake?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"JTF has been snowing me with a flurry of his AOC Derangement Syndrome. Funny how that little lady can scare so many 'tough' white guys. LOL!" ~~ Dave Dubya

It is hilarious! The petite Puerto Rican lady has the stupid-ass cons shakin' in their boots. With Vern, his ridiculous cowboy boots.

"[Vern] wants to tell us she's lying, but somehow can't come up with a lie." ~~ Dave Dubya

Vern's life is built upon lies. I'm surprised he can't make up another one. ;-)

This explains why he did not respond to my question. I asked him to tell me what he meant by "spin"..."lies".

He couldn't.

"So delicate, so helpless, so much like a...what's that word....Snowflake?" ~~ Dave Dubya

So "delicate"...oh yes. The little NYC Puerto Rican lady speaks the pristine and unadulterated truth and brings the cons to their knees. She drives the cons f**king crazy.

Ya' gotta love it!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"They all fear and demonize liberals, progressivism, equality, and multi-culturalism. They all have more difficulty with different cultures, the unknown, nuance, ambiguity, and uncertainty." ~~ Dave Dubya

Their fear is what controls them. It's irrational and -- as is usually the case with fears created in the dark recesses of the mind -- it's debilitating to not only themselves, but to our society as a whole.

Their fears in the Green New Deal resolution initiated by Alexandria Acasio-Cortez, as just only one example, creates an immediate backlash of accusations. We hear the words "spin" and "lies", but never any opposition that details in a logical fashion why America can't lead the world in fighting human-created global warming. Instead, all we hear is "lies". All we're told is it's "spin".

Their cumulative fear is dangerous to rational-thinking people everywhere. More dangerous still, it's almost like a group-think psychosis.

Let them have their psychotic tantrums; let them wallow in their self-created fear-mongering world of hate and loathing.

The rest of us will move on. The rest of us will -- which has typically been the role of progressivism in the history of humankind's time on this planet -- save the world from a dystopian future. A dystopian future which is all we'll have if con-servatism is not brought to its knees by all of us.

Just the Facts! said...

So Dave, did you read what I sent you? Been awful quite, if history is any teacher that means you can not acknowledge I gave the proof you asked for about you hero AOC. Bet your next post will be a deflection away from what you now know is the truth.

Dave Dubya said...

"Google it Dave" isn't proof of anything. Try again.

Just the Facts! said...

Dave, here you go, here's her lie, not that you will believe these. I should have realized you were too lazy to look for the truth yourself, and I doubt you will check these links out. Then you will publish some drivel about the sources being "right wing propaganda". The truth has become an illegal alien for the left.

How about those Virginia Democrats linking back to their heritage by doing black face, and assaulting women? What's really great is how some democrats are trying to blame President Trump for actions that took place BEFORE he was in office.. or writing about Canada..

Dave Dubya said...

Still don't see the lie from AOC. Do I need Orange goggles?

Just the Facts! said...

Can't comment of your vision or lack there of or your ability to read. I do question your honest in light of the links I provided, but what the heck, two steps forward, one step back. Your post, however, brings to question your ability to comprehend.

I hope the New Green Deal is put to vote in Congress, that would be insightful.

Dave Dubya said...

I know you’re not comfortable with reason, facts and evidence, but here is how one exposes a lie.

First state the alleged LIE in quotation marks:

"The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime — one of the highest in the country, and considered one of our nation's most dangerous cities. Now, immediately upon its building, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of the safest cities in our country." - Guess Who?

Second, offer the truth, or at least a more accurate account:

“It is sad to hear President Trump state falsehoods about El Paso in an attempt to justify the building of a 2,000-mile wall. El Paso was a safe city long before any wall was built.” - El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program classifies four offenses as violent crime: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Every year from 1985 to 2014, El Paso’s violent crime rate was significantly lower than the average for all localities of similar size.

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting data

Conclusion: The Big MAGAt is ignorant and/or a liar. Take your pick. I say both.

Of course if one's con-servative beliefs run counter to reality, even this simple formula can be too difficult to mentally process.

TB3 said...


What point are you trying to make by going to the Twitter hashtag GreenNewDeal? Showing what AOC is saying and not directly pointing out what exactly is a lie doesn't actually support your point.

And, really? Twitchy? Michelle Malkin's "curated" news and twitter feed site? You are just so very comfortable in your bubble that you have to let Michelle Malkin spoon-feed you what to think?

And the Right Scoop? Yeah, I'm sure the Canadians that run that site know a lot about AOC.

Can't you just post a quote? A CSPAN video? Something that's not on an aggregator or a blogsite? Then say: Hey, this is what I'm talking about with AOC. She's lieing right here.

But, seriously, you provided links. So I'm going to risk malware and go to them. Did you actually read that Twitchy link you provided? They whole "article" reads like Mystery Science Theater 3000 making jokes at what's one screen. They're posting tweets by AOC and snarking on them... without actually saying anything but:

"Huh? Social failure? No no, it was Democrats.

And WTF? The pipes are bad because of racism and dehumanizing the poor?!

Holy crap this BS is deep. Get yer boots, folks."


"Their solution for bad government is always more government."

AND this thrilling, biting piece of proof that AOC is a liar:


And those Right Scoop links? It's not a news source when the person writing the article is appealing to its readers with phrases like "I mean, that's insane right?" - I don't know noted article author and "journalist" 'SOOPERMEXICAN', the JTFs of the world are looking to you for insight and news. You tell them if it's insane. Oh, wait. This Canadian website's not really intended to give us the news, even right-wing news. It's to inflate the already bulging "Right-Wing" bubble.

And Whatfinger? You didn't even bother looking up an article. That's like saying: You want proof? I got your proof! MIC DROP

Now onto the National Sentinel... Oh good. This is a great, unbiased opened argument from Jon Dougherty: "Socialists and Marxists have never been able to freely impose their economic and political agendas on free people by being honest with them, so they have to resort to lying about the true effects of their plans in order to fool people into accepting them."

So what exactly is being said is a lie? The guy that's not AOC on Tucker Carlson saying something that turned out to not be correct? Seriously. Why don't you just tell us exactly what you're meaning when you say AOC lied? Follow up; Why do you care so much? Are you this incensed over the '...and Mexico will pay for it.' lie? Or the Caravan lies? I'm not even sure why I'm even typing this, you stopped reading after the first paragraph and you're just going to post something about Virginia in an attempt to deflect from the conversation with tired Whataboutism or something else your Bubble regurgitates to you to be mad about.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Hmmm... 🤔

I can't see any lies by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez either.

Vern, in your own words...what do you consider to be lies?

Dave Dubya said...

Sorry, guys.

JTF has deflected over to Trump's Rasmussen approval ratings, and tweets from David Duke.

Looks like we're not going to be seeing any lies from AOC.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Sorry, guys...

Looks like we're not going to be seeing any lies from AOC." ~~ Dave Dubya

I guess not. Seems Vern has a problem articulating exactly what he means.

I guess the "lies" and "spin" really came from Timothy L. Trueblood V. (Yes, gentlemen, that's the "5th", hence his family nickname, Vern.)

Vern, did you head over to El Paso for the Beto O'Rourke rally tonight? ;-)

Dave Dubya said...

Still no lie. Can't say I'm disappointed.

I wish to assure one and all that IF JTF can quote a lie from AOC, I'll publish it.

(This does not apply to obvious mis-statements that would insult the intelligence of the listener. Like Obama "not knowing there were 50 states".)

JTF has been busy, though. He dumped four more distractions and deflections. Still not a single lie quoted from AOC.

No wonder he needed to regurgitate Rasmussen again. He did indicate his outrage over items in a FAQ draft of the Green New Deal. No lies, though. Just far Right whining about what ISN'T in the resolution.

It looks like "Waiting for AOC's Lies" will be just a remake of "Waiting for Godot".

Guess it's going to be a long, long wait.

While we're waiting, we can peruse the actual House Resolution 109:

Just the Facts! said...

February 11, 2019
Americans' Confidence in Their Finances Keeps Growing...Thank you President Trump!

"Still no lie"

I'm taking bets that neither of you lefty will acknowledge or even accept this as an answer to your question, that is if Dave grows a set and publishes this. Wonder what Dave the Deflector will think of next?

How about we only got 12 years left, that's lie.

How about we can afford AOC's plan, that's a lie

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s very bad defense of her falsehoods (AKA LIES)

Awarded Four-Pinocchios by the Washington Post Fact Checker’s

TB3 said...

"I wish to assure one and all that IF JTF can quote a lie from AOC" - DD

It's like dealing with a toddler. You give them a simple directive or request. If they do not follow it, they end up very disappointed and lash out. Nevermind the fact you expend more energy and waste more time not listening and lashing out.

Of course, I know JTF isn't a toddler. Just his(?) discourse, reasoning, and attitude are reminiscent of one.

I have no skin in the game as far as AOC is concerned. She's not my Rep. I can not find an example of her lieing outside of the Right-wing Blogosphere and Fox News citing Tucker Carlson's website (which is really circular). Even with the Right-Wing Blogosphere screeing about it, none of them actually cite AOC lieing. Nothing. No 'Mexico will pay for it' no 'No one's tougher on Russia than me' no 'Rapists and killers flooding over the border'

TB3 said...

"Dave grows a set and publishes this." - JTF

It's not so much growing a set. This is his blog. He's told you what you need to do in order to participate. Simply do it. This is the internet, no one needs to 'grow a set'. Drop the fake machismo and just participate in the discussion. You are the flipping reason DD had to enable comment moderation in the first place.

That said; Thank you for posting those articles from the Post. That was interesting, but I still fail to see the lie. Reading it and reading the Fact Check, it sounds like she was overzealous in her attempt at making a point and failed to consider the Math in what she said. A lie is a deliberate falsehood; Like '...and Mexico will pay for it.'. This is why Twitter and social media as a whole are bad for public, political discourse. No one sits back and thinks about what they are typing before they submit. Even a minute of thought over the numbers mentioned in that Post article should give someone pause.

Now. What 12 years are you referring to? I'm unfamiliar with this.

And how is saying we can afford AOC's plan a lie? This is an easy one. If we want to pay for something, we reprioritize things we currently spend money on, adjust taxes to bring in the revenue to pay for it and there you go. Just because you don't want to consider the prospect of raising taxes to pay for services, doesn't make someone saying 'We can afford to pay for X' a lie.

So now that we've addressed the "lieing", want to actually discuss the Green New Deal and its Pros and Cons that you feel it may have?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"I'm taking bets that neither of you lefty will acknowledge or even accept this as an answer to your question..." ~~ Timothy L. Trueblood V (aka just "Vern")

You're probably right, Vern. I won't.

"How about we only got 12 years left, that's lie." ~~ Timothy L. Trueblood V (aka just "Vern")

Estimates vary a little bit, Vern, but the consensus by most in the field of climate science would agree this is a pretty reliable number.

Of course we realize you don't "believe in" science, so any estimate agreed upon you wouldn't believe -- whether 12 years, 20 years, 50 years, or 75 years.

It's not "12 years" that you dispute; it's science itself.

"How about we can afford AOC's plan, that's a lie." ~~ Timothy L. Trueblood V (aka just "Vern")

Considering the severity of climate warming, and what's at stake, the proper statement would be that we can't afford not to afford it.

The resolution was very clear that initiating this very ambitious program would be on par with the situation encountered when moving into a full-blown war-economy as we successfully did in 1941.

It's possible, but nobody claimed it would be easy.

"Americans' Confidence in Their Finances Keeps Growing...Thank you President Trump" ~~ Timothy L. Trueblood V (aka just "Vern")

Now, that is a lie.

Vern, do you know how I know that? Because Donald Trump said it.

Dave Dubya said...

Still nothing quoted.

Was it the one mentioned in today’s Washington Post online headline?

“Ocasio-Cortez retracts erroneous information about Green New Deal backed by 2020 Democratic candidates”

One problem with her “lies” is she is willing to acknowledge her errors:

From Politifact:
In a recent interview with the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, she said Congress should cut frivolous defense spending to pay for a wider social safety net.

"Just last year we gave the military a $700 billion dollar budget increase, which they didn’t even ask for," Ocasio-Cortez said July 26. "They were like, we don’t want another fighter jet! Don’t give us another nuclear bomb. They didn’t even ask for it. And we gave it to them."

Did the military get a $700 billion dollar raise — that they didn’t even ask for?

First off, Ocasio-Cortez fudged the figures, which her campaign acknowledged in an email.

Congress gave the military a $61 billion increase from fiscal year 2017 to 2018. The total military budget for 2018 was $700 billion.”

The fact is all politicians, and all human beings, stray from the truth at times. It is the intent and degree that separates those making simple errors from the pathological liars.

Does JTF believe if a politician is caught in a lie, he or she should not be allowed in office?


OR is this just more IOKIYAR from the C.R.A.P.?

Dave Dubya said...

I have to add one little question. Why is the Right, as well as the corporate media, obsessed with AOC's level of accuracy while disregarding long time Republican rep Louis Gohmert?

Just wondering. Double standards?

TB3 said...

"Just wondering. Double standards?" - DD

Well of course it is. Demonstrably so. See also: Whitewater Investigation/Benghazi/Emails vs Russia Collusion

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Just wondering. Double standards?" ~~ Dave Dubya

Of course it is, because as we all know IOKIYAR.

The other factor, which is very apparent, is the GOP is deathly afraid of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Conservatives know her intentions are truthful and honorable, and she speaks for those not represented and marginalized. She speaks openly and exposes the hypocrisy of the system.

She's a political rock star, and her popularity and influence are rising. This makes her a threat to the GOP and its old white man core.

Just the Facts! said...

Double standards, like the Duke of Deflection cherry picking my posts to publish?

Dave Dubya said...

JTF apparently believes he should be allowed three more deflections by his "Duke of Deflection" projection.

Repetition is very important for a far Right mentality to grasp the propaganda. No wonder we have to repeat the truth so often. Their perception skills are incapable of processing information offered only once.

This is what they need:

Benghazi!(TM) Benghazi!(TM) Benghazi!(TM)

Emails!(TM) Emails!(TM) Emails!(TM)

Venezuela!(TM) Venezuela!(TM) Venezuela!(TM)

And there it is. C.R.A.P. in a wrap.

TB3 said...

No, JTF, not like that at all. I provided an example in the comment your replying. You should be replying to my vain attempt at having a discussion with you that was posted prior to the submission you are responding to.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Vern, I guess you haven't figured out Dave would happily publish your comments if you'd cease your cut-and-paste fetish and learn to debate sensibly and rationally.

But as Dave pointed out, your propagandist objectives are more important to you.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"What 12 years are you referring to? I'm unfamiliar with this." ~~ TB3

I'm not completely clear about this either, TB3, because I didn't see anything citing "12 years" either.

My guess, though, is the year 2030 being projected a few years ago as the tipping-point of passing 350 PPM of CO2 in the atmosphere. Any concentration beyond that figure has been deemed irreversible in countering irreparable harm to most species now on our planet.

But we should probably let Vern explain. If he can.

Just the Facts! said...

JG, yet you, TB3 and the DUKE of Deflection demand I provide sources.


and I bet the DUKE won't publish this.

TB3 said...


How unreasonable of people to ask for you to back up your assertions. We can't exactly take you on good faith, since you are always hostile and do not discuss anything in good faith.

Like in your last comment. You don't actually say anything other than being overly defensive AS WELL as insulting the curator of this blog you insist on commenting on.

But, sure. I want to have a conversation, I want to understand where you get your points of view from or how you derive them. When you fail to provide the foundation of your arguments, they crumble. Which, I assume, is why you jump around from talking to talking point without actually engaging for more than a comment before jumping to something else or pointing fingers (textually speaking) to other things or other people.

So, in conclusion, don't back up your assertions. You're free to do that and deal with your posts not getting approved and derision directed at you for it.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"JG, yet you, TB3 and the DUKE of Deflection demand I provide sources." ~~ Timothy L. Trueblood V (aka just "Vern")

So go ahead, provide sources. While you're at it, explain the 12-year "lie"...if you can.

Dave Dubya said...

First the Tangerine Tyrant insults the City of El Paso with lies about their crime rate.

Then he holds another neo-fascist rally in that city, complete with verbal attacks on the press from the stage, and a thug's physical assault on the press on the floor.

Numbers don't lie.

El Paso Fire Department crowd estimates:
Trump: 6,500
Beto O'Rourke: 10,000 - 15,00

Dave Dubya said...

JTF calls this a lie.

"Millennials and Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up, and we're like, 'The world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change, and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it'?"

Or is it "like" expressing concern for the future of her planet and civilization?

Maybe JTF has a suggestion for how we punish liars who get elected to office? No?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Ya' gotta love the little lady from the Bronx. Her response to Trump when he criticized the Green New Deal's resolution:

"Ah yes, a man who can’t even read briefings written in full sentences is providing literary criticism of a House Resolution.

(“Reading the intelligence book is not Trump’s preferred ‘style of learning,’ according to a person with knowledge of the situation.
” ~~ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Twitter, February 12, 2019

LOLOL Way to go! Show the stupid old coot how it's done!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"We can't exactly take you on good faith, since you are always hostile and do not discuss anything in good faith." ~~ TB3

You've just given the precise definition of "troll".

I'm still waiting for his explanation of "12 years". Will he give one? Most likely not.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Maybe JTF has a suggestion for how we punish liars who get elected to office?" ~~ Dave Dubya

LOLOL Yeah, I'd love to hear it!

Vern, will you make some recommendations? Pretty please... LOL

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"First the Tangerine Tyrant insults the City of El Paso with lies about their crime rate." ~~ Dave Dubya

LOL Tangerine Tyrant! Priceless!

So the question soon to be answered will be, will the Tangerine Tyrant shut down the government again once the clock strikes midnight on Saturday morning?...

...or does he realize Nancy spanked him unmercifully with his last botched attempt at extortion that resulted in eventual surrender, and he'll go along but will circumvent the legislative process and declare a faux national emergency, thereby stealing tax dollars allocated for other agencies and purposes?

My guess is the latter.

Here's where this will play wonderfully legal if the dumb f#@k chooses to go with a staged "national emergency" scenario...

We'll undoubtedly have a Democrat in the White House starting in January 2021. With Trump's setting of legal precedent now, whomever that new Democratic president may be, she or he will be able to push through any version of the Green New Deal she or he wants.

Obviously this kind of presidential autonomy is fraught with all kinds of dangers and undemocratic sinkholes, but the Tangerine Tyrant is showing us the way.

Dave Dubya said...

Ana Marie Cox has JTF's number.

"Nearly half of Republicans think God wanted Trump to be president, But the Green New Deal is preposterously unrealistic."

God, David Duke, and Vlad Putin can't all be wrong, amirite?

Dave Dubya said...

Just one more fact, just for Just the Facts.

Nancy Pelosi was asked if Omar would be removed from committees as the GOP is demanding. "No. A newcomer member of Congress has apologized for her remarks. It took them what, 13 years to notice Steve King?"

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Separation of church and state aside, 45 percent of GOP voters share the belief of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders that Donald Trump's 2016 presidential victory was God's will, according to a new poll." ~~ RT, February 14, 2019

Would this be proof that God does not bless America?...

....or that God's the ultimate practical joker?

TB3 said...

I sit here and patiently await to hear from all those on the "Right" side of the political spectrum that decried abuse of power, tyranny, etc, etc, when Obama was in office.

Just as with the ballooning deficit and debt, I doubt we'll hear a peep from them as our current President attempts to usurp Article 1.

Dave Dubya said...


The Tea Party IS the Trump Party, of course. FOX(R), Hate Radio, White Nationalists, and the anti-Constitutional bigots of the so-called "Freedom Caucus" have been the loudest teabaggers. And make no mistake, they are waging war on our democracy.

I tweeted the above reply to "Mrs.Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian", wondering about "The Tea Party’s quiet response to #FakeTrumpEmergency".

(I need to get a life sometimes.)

Just the Facts! said...



TB3 said...



Dave Dubya said...

I've got a pen and a phone, too.

What neither of us has is the treachery to violate Article One of the Constitution.

Add another log on the impeachment fire.

Dave Dubya said...

I agree with Ann Coulter, "...the goal of a national emergency is for Trump to scam the stupidest people in his base for 2 more years."

Right, JTF?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Ann Coulter also said earlier today: "The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot."


Vern, do you agree with Ann Coulter?

How 'bout you, "Rex"? (Or are you going by another different name these days?)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Can they all BE that stupid? Perhaps, but they ARE ignorant white nationalist racists who love their fellow white nationalist racist. That's what really matters."

As I've mentioned a couple of times before, I always wondered why the German people allowed such an authoritarian racist like Hitler take control and lead their country to ruin.

I now know why.

Dave Dubya said...

Smart conservatives and liberals agree Trump's supporters are stupid. (Sorry, Ann, you're included.) I've been seeking the views of smart conservatives, because we don't have one commenting here regularly.

Unfortunately even smart conservatives can't connect the rise of Trump to the new American Con-servatism. He is the inevitable feature, not a bug.

I've been checking out this place:

Yes, they are still terrified of "socialism" and often conflate it with Stalinism, but they do explain their rationale more cogently.

An article titled "Is Cultural Socialism a Thing" shows they are still trying to define their opposition's perspective instead of allowing us to do so. That IS what they do, after all.

But I did find an intelligent comment in the thread.

"...In short: humans still have not learned the lessons of tyranny. They gravitate to proven, demonstrably egregious tyrants because they believe the promises they hear...That, my good friend, is why I cannot even minimally respect anyone who claims to support Trump because he has promised to them outcomes they want, or because they believe anyone else will fail them. Trump is showing now, as he has shown throughout his business career, that he serves his own self-interests, and when others benefit from it they do so much more from random chance than by any design of his.

I fervently and devoutly hope that I will be wrong, but my expectation is that Trump will screw you (general) and your interests thoroughly and perhaps even more destructively than your worst fears about Clinton or Sanders. I believe that the writing is clear on the wall, and every Trump supporter who claims that a liar, swindler and misanthrope is the lesser of two evils is going to be as responsible for the destruction as Trump will be.

Trump doesn’t have policies. He has the drive to reap profits. He may not be the Antichrist, but he is surely the avatar of Mammon, and his prophet is Niccolò Machiavelli."

Vern is certainly incapable of forming a thoughtful response to this. But he is taken into account for the destruction wrought by his Tangerine Tyrant.

Maybe Rex can summon the energy to ponder this perspective, since he seems to have minimal regrets for voting for Trump. Maybe?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Maybe Rex can summon the energy to ponder this perspective, since he seems to have minimal regrets for voting for Trump." ~~ Dave Dubya

Good luck with that. Don't forget, "Rex" is a very busy man and "has a life". ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

...or, "Rex" is just a wimpy snowflake and he's not as tough as he seems to think he is. ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Of course, in reality it's impossible to defend the indefensible. I think this is becoming quite clear to many con-servatives, although they'd never admit it.

Dave Dubya said...

Trump's flagrant obstruction of justice and violations of the Emoluments Clause and recent fake emergency usurpation are all proof of the Right's utter contempt for the Constitution when they hold power.

The Party of Trump is saturated with domestic enemies of our Constitution, and I blame FOX(R), hate radio, and every damn ignorant and/or racist voter who put them in power.

Just the Facts! said...

Congratulations, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! You just killed 25,000 jobs for urban Democrats in one of the most racially and ethnically diverse areas in the entire world!

Dave Dubya said...

AOC Derangement Syndrome alert!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Oh no! behind Trump's wall!


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Funny! 25K unsubstantiated jobs, averaging $150K per year, in exchange for billions of dollars in tax subsidies (i.e., "corporate welfare").

All that Amazon promises in Queens is escalating prices on homes and rents, turning it into another San Francisco where the overwhelming majority of people can't afford to live anymore.

I wish Amazon would back out of Crystal City also -- for the same reasons.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion!" ~~ Donald Trump, Twitter, 7:52 AM - February 17, 2019


What a dumbass. Didn't have a chance to see it last night, but will definitely pull it up tonight or tomorrow night.

Obviously the dumbass-in-chief hasn't heard about the First Amendment...

LOL Doesn't surprise me.

Dave Dubya said...

Poor wittow baby plays his victim card again. "Very unfair" that SNL mocked him, but OK for every other president.

"Real collusion" whines Putin's Puppet as six of his crooked campaign cronies face justice after lying about meeting Russian agents.

Don the Con and his evil spawn are next in line to face justice.

"WAH! NOT FAIR!", whines the pussy-grabbing, crybaby pussy of a president.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Trump’s talk of 'retribution' drew criticism, with lawmakers and journalists suggesting the threats violated core democratic principles. The Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu tweeted: 'One thing that makes America great is that people can laugh at you without retribution.'

Peter Baker, the chief White House correspondent for the New York Times, said that while such language had become commonplace 'it’s worth remembering that no other president in decades publicly threatened "retribution" against a television network because it satirized him'.
" ~~ The Guardian, "Donald Trump talks of 'retribution' after Alec Baldwin sketch on SNL", Kate Lyons, February 17, 2019

What we see from Trump is just another example of an attack against one of the last guardrails keeping a Democratic republic from complete seizure by despotic authoritarians and totalitarianists.

The "fourth estate", the free press, is all that separates us from complete annihilation of our Constitution by an increasingly dangerous and nihilistic president and his con-servative enablers and opportunists.

Dave Dubya said...

And it's not just Trump. The Party of Trump is actively engaging in political warfare against our free press, Constitution, and democracy itself.

In their war on voter rights, they are proving to be at the minimum, proto-fascists.

Nazis, fascists and their ilk have always hated educators, journalists, liberals, minorities, and democratic socialists. Same with American fascists.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"JTF is spamming with hate posts again. His latest was about a poor MAGAt getting threatened at a Sam's Club." ~~ Dave Dubya

The MAGAt hat-wearing racist may as well have been wearing a swastika armband. What did the Vern expect, an invitation to tea and crumpets?

"The MAGAt Duke of Dickheads [aka Vern] will not address this hatred [of Muslims, Sikhs, or anybody of color] for some reason." ~~ Dave Dubya

We all know Vern's a dyed-in-the-wool racist and has deep roots going back to the Trueblood family's American beginnings in the hotbed of Klan hate and hangings.

It's in his blood; his DNA. It's a family heritage celebrated at the White Settlement.

Dave Dubya said...

Sure enough. More Nation of Islam crap and personal attacks.

I'm glad most people are not like JTF. But sadly there are enough of his kind to elect Trump, and poison our country with their neo-fascist white supremacy and alt-Right nationalism.

He must like wasting his time, thinking I'll publish his racism and insults. Or more likely, he gets some psycho-sexual thrill out of sending me his love/hate notes.

Dave Dubya said...


FOUR "Dukes" in his last love note!

JTF's love/hate psycho-sexual thrills are really sending the tingles up his leg. He desperately craves attention, especially from me.

He seems as attracted to Dave Dubya as he is to David Duke.

He's my extra special Number One Fan.


See you in your dreams, sweetie!


Just For You.

Dave Dubya said...

Aww. A FIVE part love note.

How thoughtful!

Time for bed, dear.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"He's my extra special Number One Fan." ~~ Dave Dubya

He deserves honorable mention in the credits. ;-)

Aww. A FIVE part love note [from Timothy L. Trueblood V, the white supremacist living on White Settlement in Ft. Worth] ~~ Dave Dubya

I've always thought Vern had repressed homosexual tendencies. It's very common in his generation. If he were born 50 years later he'd undoubtedly be a flaming gay rights activist.

Vern was born too early to be accepted. Like most con-servative authoritarian men, he's trapped in a psycho-sexual prison of his own making. He has yearnings and desires that go unfulfilled and worse, unacknowledged and accepted. He's stuck in a prison where there's no escape.

Alas, his drives are transferred into anger and hate for those whom he wants to be like. But the haunting continues and continues. There's no way out. He's trapped.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Authoritarian far Right Con-servatism is a global pathology, infecting large swaths of humanity with resentment, fear and hate." ~~ Dave Dubya

It's right there in the first paragraph of your post. And Vern, from White Settlement in Fort Worth, is the poster-boy of your analysis. He's representative of the resentment, of the hate -- and of all the fear that spawns it. He even foams at the mouth to lend more authenticity.

As the sayin' goes, the proof is in the pudding.

Just the Facts! said...

PRESS RELEASE: AOC will tour the states to push her Green New Deal.

Her 'War on Jobs' will be discussed.

Method of Travel: Hot Air Balloon

Dave Dubya said...

"Wisdom" courtesy of a science denying, AOC Derangement Syndrome sufferer.

How can they possibly be wrong?

AOC did a brilliant job exposing the institutionalized war on democracy by corrupt corporatist politicians. The Cult is terrified of her success and popularity representing the interests of most Americans. Of course her brown skin is enough to boil their blood.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"The Cult is terrified of [Alexandria Acasio-Cortez's] success and popularity representing the interests of most Americans." ~~ Dave Dubya

It's common knowledge that the overwhelming majority of con-servative working- and dwindling middle-class citizens continually vote against their own economic self-interests.

They're easily influenced to do this, and are duped to go along with corporatist politicians who represent the wealthy, multinational corporations and Wall Street -- not them!

Case in point: Donald Trump's GOP and its tax law that benefited corporations and the wealthy -- and shit on everybody else.

AOC knows this, as do many of the other new freshmen representatives in Congress, and now most people are starting to "get it". All they have to do is look at their reduced federal tax refund check this year to figure it out.

The dumb-asses were hoodwinked again!

LOL As the old song goes, "Bring in the Clowns".

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Method of Travel: Hot Air Balloon. ~~ Just the Facts! (aka Timothy L. Trueblood V, or simply as "Vern")

Just like Dorothy in her return home, after slaying the evils of inequity and evil in the Land of Oz.

Great metaphor, Vern. Of course, even a broken clock is right twice a day. ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"'[Donald Trump's] embarrassing. Even Republicans are embarrassed about him,' [Jay] Inlsee said of Trump in an interview with the Guardian. 'To fail to mention the greatest existential threat in the world is pathetic. He’s a blip in history we need to get over, and quickly.'" ~~ The Guardian, "Jay Inlsee, potential 2020 contender, on climate: 'We need to blow the bugle' ", by Oliver Milman, February 20, 2019

Yes, indeed. Either we sound "charge" and agree to tackle the greatest existential threat to our species and almost every other one on this planet, or the last one standing will be assigned the task of blowing "taps".

There's really no other choice, because in the end when all that remains are new forms of viruses, bacterium and other contagions, all that will be left to eat is your money.

I choose life over money! How 'bout you?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Wearing a MAGA hat is the new white robe and is deliberately provocative." ~~ Dave Dubya

As I recently mentioned, they may as well wear a Nazi swastika armband. It evokes the same negative emotions.

Just the Facts! said...

"I choose life over money! How 'bout you?"

Not if it's a human fetus in the womb of it's mother, right JG?

Dave Dubya said...

What if the mother's life is at stake, and the fetus is deformed with severe brain damage?

What is "pro-life" in this case?

Pro-choice becomes pro-life doesn't it?

Dave Dubya said...

Two replies from you-know-who. Neither of his deflections and insults responded to the question.

No surprise.

It was far too much to ask from a narrow, hate-filled mind.

I'll answer for him. Pro-choice becomes pro-life. Just the fact.

He can't handle that fact. He wants the mothers to give their lives up so brain-dead infants can live in pain by artificial means until they die in their first year.

Con-servative "compassion".

Just the Facts! said...

You must enjoy clapping with one hand as much as you enjoy being an authoritarian...or a very unfeeling sick twisted puppy.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Hmm... 🤔

May I phone a friend? ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times, and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president” ~~ Sarah Sanders

Vern, perhaps each act of humankind is committed purely through devine intervention. God works in mysterious ways. Just ask Sarah Sanders.

Dave Dubya said...

Only authoritarian personalities refuse to answer questions after demanding answers to his.

Since he's such an unthinking fearful coward in the face of tough questions, I think we can safely put JTF in the "pro-death" column under my example. And yes, that has been the case for real human beings. Not that assholes and hypocrites care.

I think God wants me fill the role of one who points that out.

I'm merely the humble servant of God's will.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"I think God wants me fill the role of one who points [assholes and hypocrites] out.

I'm merely the humble servant of God's will.
" ~~ Dave Dubya

Surely you must be correct. If not, Sarah Sanders must be incorrect -- along with millions of evangelicals.

Dave Dubya said...

More AOC Derangement Syndrome.

JTF's latest love note shows he is very angry about another poor “victim” on the Right.

Remember Luke Thompson? He the Republican vermin who posted AOC’s boyfriends email and phone number on Twitter, a violation of their rules. (IOKIYAR?) Apparently his account was rightfully locked after that treachery.

Thompson was upset that AOC’s long term partner was given a House email account to have access to her schedule. This is common practice for Congressional spouses.

He’s also deeply disturbed by AOC’s partner getting paid $6,000 for campaign work.

I wonder why he’s not disturbed by Trump’s illegal $130,000 porn star payoff?

Can’t imagine. Unless IOKIYAR.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Oh, I see, so our old boy is upset by nepotism?

Hmm... 🤔

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"I wonder why he’s not disturbed by Trump’s illegal $130,000 porn star payoff?"

I suppose it was God's will. Don't you think?

After all, Sarah Sanders said it was God's will that Donald Trump became president.

She also said, “I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times...", so it was obvious God also wanted Donald Trump to be a philanderer and adulterer and never question his suitability for office.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"A neo-Nazi serving as a lieutenant in the US coast guard has been caught plotting to attack Democratic members of Congress, including congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and well-known media personalities, according to prosecutors. ~~ The Guardian, "Neo-Nazi in coast guard plotted attack on Democrats and journalists, say prosecutors", John Swaine, February 20, 2019

So we have yet another rightwing asshole planning a treacherous murderous mass-killing.

The hate on the right continues to escalate.

TB3 said...

Hypocrisy. Willful, deliberate hypocrisy. And he/they do not care that it's pointed out. Because, what's it matter? He/they have no thoughts of their own or point to make. Their raison d'etre is simply to be contrary and play a game of tit-for-tat. You should really stop commenting on their "love notes" and giving them the attention they crave from you. Just delete as spam and move on.

He/they won't change their mind, because they are not here for the discussion. Some people just want to watch the world/America burn.

Dave Dubya said...


The white supremacist terrorist is 100% MAGAt. He and JTF and the rest of the cult have identical beliefs. The only difference is the extent of ttheir willingness to act on their hate.

Inflaming hate and emboldening racists and bigots is a feature, not a bug, of the cult of con-servatism. American fascism is reaching its peak. Only sane ethical Republicans can make the difference in removing the Tangerine Tyrant. I won't hold my breath.


I delete over 90% of JTF's C.R.A.P. nonsense. I have been selecting a few that illustrate his deep hate and AOC Derangement Syndrome. After all, he is a case study of my essays.

The sheer volume of his "Dubya Derangement Syndrome" is quite impressive. I am in his head like AOC is haunting the Right. I will spare you his obsessive love/hate letters to me.

I wanted to tweak him with my response to his anti-choice question. He quickly dropped the issue.

It's interesting how Nancy Pelosi isn't getting all their hate anymore. Even Hillary is finally being somewhat ignored.

AOC Derangement Syndrome is also distracting their attacks from the Democratic presidential candidates as well. I love that woman for driving them nuts. Yes, it's a very short drive.

TB3 said...

Well, you know, a 30 year smear campaign worked with Hillary, right? Gotta start now on AOC. I wonder if she likes dijon mustard on her hamburgers? The "Right" will surely let us know and try to make something out of it. You know... rather than talk about anything that actually matters. When you're complaining about family members of politicians doing normal things or what a politician wears you really have nothing of substance to contribute.

But, again, folks like JTF aren't involved to contribute.

Dave Dubya said...

They certainly have nothing to contribute.

Their accusations, distortions, deflections and demonizations are cover for what substance they do have. And it is a toxic substance. They need to deflect from their unpopular ideology of tax cuts for the corporate elite, deregulation of commerce, destruction of the environment and dismantling of voter rights.

What does that leave them? "Look! Over there! SOCIALISM!! Whatabout that?"

Of course the attire and diet of their opponents are also extremely important... for deflection.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"I love [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] for driving them nuts. Yes, it's a very short drive." ~~ Dave Dubya

Oh, yes. She has a very special way of standing on their necks and making them squawk. So beautiful!

As far as a "short drive" to insanity, it's really such a short distance that walking isn't out of the question. As a matter of fact, most, like Vern, are already there.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"The 'Right' will surely let us know [whether AOC likes Dijon mustard, or lives in a particular neighborhood, etc., etc.] and try to make something out of it. You know... rather than talk about anything that actually matters." ~~ TB3

TB3, I think your expectations are out of sync with the times. At one time, decades ago, there were lines of communication between the left and "right" that could be mutually examined. Those days are gone. Times have changed.

The "right", as Dave Dubya has correctly and properly shown, is a cult of mammoth proportions. There's no mutual understanding between "right" and left, and never can be, primarily because the "right" operates from a foundation of alternate facts and untruths.

You've seen this firsthand here, on Dave's site, on T. Paine's defunct site, and I'm sure other blogs you frequent on a weekly basis.

Don't expect more than it's possible for cultists to give. They operate under a different set of rules. You're only allowing their behavior to frustrate you.

Don't. Just accept that they're fucked up and are trying their best to fuck with you.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Don't expect more than it's possible for cultists to give. They operate under a different set of rules. ~~ Me

Case in point: Read the transcript of today's Roger Stone court proceeding today.

He's disrespectful. He lies. He disregards the rule of law and relies upon shenanigans and provocation, even while under oath and before a federal judge.

It's deliberate and intentional scheming, intertwined with irrationality and smug arrogance.

That's the voice and malignant soul of today's con-servative.

That our poster-boy of C.R.A.P., Vern Trueblood of Fort Worth.