Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Trump And Evil

Is Trump evil?

This is a question that needs open discussion in our gravely ill democratic republic.

I dared to make this statement: Those who side with Trump are wittingly, or unwittingly, siding with evil.

A conservative friend could’t see my point, and declared, “Anyone that supports Trump is siding with evil? Yeah, that is the way to tone down the bombastic rhetoric.”

I dare call out evil when I see it. If that is bombastic, so be it. (As if Trump ISN'T the real bombastic one?)

I’ll be as bombastic as I please as long as Trump bends the knee to Putin and his lies before the world, and sides with him, over our professional law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

I’ll be as bombastic as I please as long as Trump shreds truth and decency, and aids and abets corruption in our government, and fuels widespread hate in our national discourse.

Maybe I'm not being bombastic at all. Unlike Trump, I am just being honest.

Here is an accepted definition of Evil: profoundly immoral and malevolent... harmful; injurious

Trump IS evil. By almost any definition. He admitted to sex crimes. He is greedy. He is dishonest. He is narcissistic. He is a racist and rose to power on racist birtherism. He lies, he cheats, he hates, he instills and aggravates fear, anger, and resentments. And he employs all of that in service to his self-aggrandizement and power.

Isn't that evil enough? 

There's more. Much more.

One would think his deliberate and cruel policy of child abuse and trauma for people seeking asylum would make that clear. One would think his tax cuts for the rich and gutting health care and aid to the poor would make that clear. But no. All of a sudden the debt isn't a worry, until they want to cut out more public safety nets. Hypocrisy is evil too. It reeks of lies.

Trump is evil. If one supports him, one supports evil. Deal with it, deny it, deflect from it all day. But evil is evil, no matter what excuses his Party, white nationalists, or the rest of his cult want to make.

And there is this: “It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our Country. Vote Republican now!”  Trump tweeted along with the vile ad blaming Democrats for a cop killer, that is so racist networks are refusing to air it.

Message received:

“Go Trump Go! Your Midterm Ad is a masterpiece personifying the insanity of our immigration Policy. Bravo Trump!” - David Duke

Evil supporting evil. White Nationalism on display for all to see.

Voter suppression, gerrymandering, a far Right propaganda network, corrupt billionaires, and lies from the Party of Trump work ceaselessly to assure that pendulum never swings back to the center, let alone to the left.

They will succeed as long as ignorant, clueless, fearful, angry Americans see no evil in Trump and his Party, as they coddle the rich and screw the poor, as they pollute our air and water, and dismantle democracy and destroy the truth. 

Many reformed Republicans and decent conservatives agree with me. 

The bottom line today is this: A vote against the Party of Trump is a vote against evil. 


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Yes, your final comment deserved its own post...

Not surprisingly, you've silenced your "conservative friend" and his deplorable "Gilligan".

As you said, most reformed Republicans and decent conservatives agree with you. Just as an example, MSNBC is flush with anchors, commentators and guests of that persuasion. Almost without exception, all are critical of and admonish this president and his corrupt administration.

It's still early on election night and anything can happen, but all rationality and decency would expect a big blue night. We'll have to wait and see.

Wishing us all luck - and no matter your religious inclination or spiritual justification, may your source lead you and yours down a safe path in the next and coming years. Tonight's results will decide how safe that path will be.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

The mobster-in-chief threatens the Democrats this morning - tells them they better dare not try anything. Then he fires Sessions and appoints a nobody staffer as acting AG, who has previously defiled Mueller and his investigation.

The corruption of Donald Trump is beyond anything ever seen. Get ready for the mother of all constitutional crises.

Here we go...

Dave Dubya said...


Anyone dividing the people, threatening political opponents, obstructing justice, and calling the press the enemy of the people while bragging about being a nationalist IS evil.

He's doing what very tyrant in history has done.
The Evil unleashed by the Party of Trump destroys lives, justice, freedom, and democracy.

Too many Americans have been asking for it. The sheep are drinking the koolade and following the authoritarians into the darkness of the coming abyss. And they will drag us with them.