Saturday, October 13, 2018

A Good Question

I have to thank a far Right Trump supporter for asking a simple question that needs to be answered, for the good of our country. The more Americans who ask this question, the sooner America can go back to making itself a greater democratic republic. 

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Q: What law has President Trump broken while in office? Waiting.

A: Yes, we are waiting for justice to take its course. In addition to violations of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause, multiple counts of obstruction of justice are the most obvious. 

From Brookings:

Presidential obstruction of justice: The case of Donald J. Trump

...We concluded that there was substantial evidence that the president may have obstructed justice. Evidence supporting the elements of that offense—an obstructive act undertaken with corrupt intent and having the requisite connection to a grand jury or congressional proceeding—was available in public reports and testimony. In our view, the president’s then-known conduct, including his demand of loyalty from then-FBI Director Comey, his request that Comey “see [his] way clear” to letting National Security Advisor Michael Flynn go, his termination of Comey, and his other statements was similar to conduct that has previously supported federal obstruction charges and convictions.

Ten months later, as we release the updated second edition of the report, it has become apparent that the president’s pattern of potentially obstructive conduct is much more extensive than we knew. To take only a few examples, it has since been reported that President Trump: attempted to block Attorney General Sessions’ recusing himself from the Russia investigation despite the AG’s clear legal duty to do so; asked Sessions to reverse his recusal decision; demanded and obtained the resignation of Sessions for his failure to contain the Russia investigation (before ultimately rejecting it); twice ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller; dictated a false account for a key witness, his son Donald Trump Jr., of the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting between campaign and Russian representatives; publicly attacked Special Counsel Mueller and key witnesses to the obstruction case; and has repeatedly disputed the underlying Russian attack and Vladimir Putin’s role in it despite possessing evidence to the contrary. 

But why ask about only the crimes committed while in office?

He is already a named co-conspirator in breaking a campaign finance law. 

Other past crimes may yet be uncovered, especially after tax and financial records are examined. 

In addition to breaking these laws, he has broken all norms of decency, honesty, and honor. 

He is breaking our independent judiciary and breaking the checks and balances of our republic. He has broken our founding ideal of consent of the governed. 

He is breaking our Constitutional free press, and undermining journalism of its vital role in oversight and investigation. He is breaking democracy itself. 

By praising autocrats and dictators, he is breaking our nation’s reputation, moral character, and standards in the world. He is breaking our standing in international cooperation, NATO, and agreements on climate change and the Iran deal.

And he has broken immigrant families apart.

None of this corruption and malevolence was wanted by a majority of American voters.

For a more comprehensive list of Trump’s crimes and possible crimes:

Has Trump broken any laws yet? 


Anonymous said...

So President Trump HAS NOT broken any laws while President. Great, now can we get back to the job of MAGA?

But that doesn't prevent you Dave and other lefty's from claiming he has. Kind like the way the left treated Judge Kavanugh, guilty until proven innocent. And to think the left claims the right is destroying our Constitution.

TB3 said...

Lol. I like the use of the qualifier 'while President'.

Anonymous said...

But no crime has been committed except he won the 2016 election and is keeping the promises he made as a candidate. And what was said to need a "magic wand" to accomplish is getting done without that wand.

Showing the stupidity of the left's policy's is a crime in the mind of they leftist MOB.
The left has no plan to offer America except to undo President Trump's Making America Great Again. The left wants to return to the suffering of the Carter economy where all were equally miserable. That is their desire. The left's focus is to remove President Trump from office before the 2020 elections because they know they can not defeat him then. That is all they offer the voters in 2016. It will not be enough, so watch their MOB rage after they election. It will make the left's MOB events to date look like a Sunday School picnic.

As David Harsanyi said ""When Democrats lose the House, it's because of mythical unilateral gerrymandering or mythical mass voter suppression. When they lose the Senate, it's because the system suddenly became an antiquated relic of the 1700s. When they lose the Supreme Court, there is a "legitimacy crisis." When they lost the 2000 election, it was because it had been stolen by the Supreme Court. When they lost in 2004, George W. Bush had rigged the election in Ohio. When they lost in 2016, omnipotent Russians and the unfair Electoral College had snatched the office from its preordained owner.

And every legislative action that fails to comport with liberal thinking is to them an apocalyptic event and the end of "democracy."

If all of this were true, the question would be: Why aren't more people joining a mob? If your government is stealing your country, why wouldn't you embrace boorishness or even violence?"

And the left has no rebuttal. The left has no hand. The left IS being owned. Their plan A has failed.

TB3 don't like the qualifier, then apply it to Obama when he broke the law smoking pot illegally.

Dave Dubya said...

So the Hate Cult regurgitates their racist white nationalist Leader who says MOST Americans who disagree with them are a “MOB”.

They want to re-define “mob” because it is projection of their angry mob chanting “Lock her up”.

A mob is defined as a “crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence”.

Like these Trump-loving thugs:

Think Progress reports:

The Proud Boys took Manhattan Friday night, attending a lecture by their founder, Gavin McInnes, at the Metropolitan Republican Club of New York City.

Following the event, the white nationalist group took to the streets, brutally beating and kicking several individuals while shouting “faggot” and “cocksucker,” reportedly because one of them stole one of their MAGA hats. Fox News responded by only reporting on anti-fascist vandalism that had taken place at the venue, while continuing to portray Democrats as the real angry mobs.

McInnes’ lecture was about Otoya Yamaguchi, who himself was a member of an extremist right-wing group in Japan. In 1960, Yamaguchi stabbed Japan Socialist Party leader Inejiro Asanuma to death, and he has been celebrated as a hero of extreme nationalist groups.

McInnes claimed on Instagram that he would actually be “re-enacting this inspiring moment” at the event. That the Proud Boys were hyped to engage in violence of their own afterward appears to be no coincidence.

Twitter user and photojournalist Shay Horse followed the Proud Boys after they left the event and documented a group of about 30 Proud Boys “pummeling a guy on the ground screaming, ‘Are you brave now faggot?!'” He later noticed from his own photographs that several fights were playing out simultaneously. He also showed the Proud Boys proudly flashing white power hand symbols afterward.... As ThinkProgress has reported, the Proud Boys have a penchant for violence at their events, seeming to even delight in initiating it. McInnes himself has told his followers that “fighting solves everything.”


Trump’s “very fine people” are thugs.

“Proud Boys Violent Assault After Gavin McInnis Republican Club Event 10/12/18”

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"But no crime has been committed except he won the 2016 election and is keeping the promises he made as a candidate." ~~ Anonymous (heretofore known as Timothy "Vern" Trueblood, of Fort Worth, Texas)


And I quote...

But no crime has been committed EXCEPT he won the the 2016 election...

Exactly! Thank you, Timmy, for your agreement that his win was illegal. Mr. Mueller's investigation will reveal HOW it was.

Finally!'re seeing the truth revealed -- bit by bit, subpoena by subpoena, plea bargain by plea bargain. Give it time. The proverbial s**t storm is just around the corner.

Ya' gotta love it! I do.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Timmy, I find it amusing that Trump, the MOB-STER, uses the term "mob".

Coincidence? I don't think so.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

So, Vern, did Chuck Morre, Majormajor, Just the Facts!, and ArchieBunkerNYC all abandon ship? ;-)

Looks like the blue wave is the happenin' thing! You're left to wearing your Guy Fawkes mask, "Anonymous". LOL

You wear it, oh so not well.

Anonymous said...

RED WAVE! THOUSANDS LINE UP to See President Trump in 46° Temperatures — SIX HOURS Before KY Rally. Mean while the Clinton Crime Family plans their own tour but they will make $ off of there's. Proof again when the Clinton's are involved, everyone pays.

"Mr. Mueller's investigation will reveal HOW it was."

"Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer
So now you put your head in your hands, oh no"
you can see anything you want, boy
If I could be someone you can be anyone, celebrate, boy"
(With apologies to Roger Hodgson)

It's all the left has to offer the voter, the dream of removing Trump. No economic plan, nothing, just dreams of their being in power. No civility until they regain power. Some NEW DEAL.

"And the Right has no honesty" Really Dave, tell me about promises made and promises kept by President Trump in two years. Pretty darned honest vs the lies we were told about Obamacare.

Jeff, I hope you soon call the number I gave you and get the help you so desperately need. Mental illness can be cured if you recognize that you are sick. Please, for your wife's sake and any children you might have and your own sake, get help!! America needs a mentally healthy Jefferson's Guardian, not the MOB following one that post's here now.

Dave Dubya said...

Better watch what you say! Our "mystery man" has connections to the deep state, and can have them follow you. He wants you to be scared. Real scared. Just like him.

The way the Trump Reich is going on, they sound like they want a war between Nazis and a mob. It is the will of the MOBSTER FUHRER.

If Trump didn't commit any crimes, why would he want to shut down any investigation that might uncover the facts? He ACTS guilty because he IS guilty.

Let's see those tax returns, Mr. "Legitimate Businessman".

Since Mr. A made the extra effort to limit his c&p ratio to around 50%, and actually typed a few words together, I'll respond. It's the civil thing to do, right?

No civility until they regain power.

Nazi Tiki parades, Proud Boys thugs, and angry mobs who chant, "Lock her up" tell us how "civil" the Trump Reich really is.

"And the Right has no honesty" Really Dave, tell me about promises made and promises kept by President Trump in two years.

I see. Then you would really respect the honesty of Hitler, too.

Declaring and following a far Right authoritarian agenda has never been a definition or characteristic of honesty.

It's you and your party's and leader's never ending lies, false accusation, deflection, dismissal, discrediting, distortion, etc.

Would you like a list of them?

Would you even read it before resorting to more lies, and deflecting, dismissing, demeaning and whataboutism?

You really do OWN all that.

It's ALL yours.

Majormajor said...

So sad, it's all you have Dave and there is nothing there. Trump will be in office for at least 2 more years. He may get another Supreme Court spot to fill in those two years.
Odds are Trump will get reelected in 2020 and will then get another Supreme Court spot to fill by 2024.

Like your latest post bringing up Hitler, WTF is wrong with you? How you can twist anything I say into something about my respecting Hitler only points the lack of any substantial position on your part other that to hate the GOP, Trump and Conservatives.

Look, if all you've got for a platform is hate you will never win anything. Here's what
Jonathan Turley said in The Hill (

Here's a part of the article "Mueller’s obstruction investigation could well prove to be the suspense of the bomb that never goes off. Indeed, there is ample reason to question whether Mueller ever seriously believed obstruction had the capability of exploding into a criminal charge."

I doubt if you will read the entire article, but on the slim chance you do, you will do nothing but dismiss it as "right wing lies, following a far Right authoritarian agenda". It just proves my belief that the after personal destruction, the left has no plan B.

Dave I've become bored with you and TB3 and Jefferson. I'm tired of trading insults with the three of you from the liberal MOB. I see no reason to be insulted any longer by dimwits of the left. My side is winning no matter how much you deny it. The only fun I've had posting here was calling myself Anonymous. But now even that is not enjoyable so filled with hate you and the rest of your MOB have become. Poor losers?

It is my opinion that Jefferson Guardian is STILL nothing more than a coward who only operates in a MOB where he can hide. Why is he so afraid to be know by his peers and neighbors? My offer to have a face to face meeting with him either were I live or if he grows a spine and tells me where he lives, meet at his place still stands. I'm not holding my breath.

Trump in 2020!!

TB3 said...

"Dave I've become bored with you and TB3 and Jefferson. I'm tired of trading insults with the three of you from the liberal MOB"

Bye, Felicia.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"My offer to have a face to face meeting with him either were I live or if he grows a spine and tells me where he lives, meet at his place still stands. I'm not holding my breath." -- Majormajor (otherwise known as Timothy "Vern" Trueblood of Fort Worth, TX)

Okay, little Timmy, I'm flying into DFW tomorrow, on AA flight 1354. Scheduled arrival is 2:17 p.m. Be in Baggage Claim holding a sign labeled "Asshole". I'll know who you are.

This arrival time won't interfere with your afternoon old man nap, will it?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Timmy, I'm curious. Your given middle name begins with "L". Did your parents give you the middle name of "Leslie", thus you go by Vern? Cute. ;-)

I bet that got your ass kicked a few times when you were in school! LOL

Tell me, Vern, did you attend primarily minority schools?

I think I'm figuring out the reasons for your racism. Don't blame them, blame your parents. But even they were trying to help. Listen to Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue". LOL

Poor Timmy...

Dave Dubya said...

As I see it, the frustration must be enormous when those one "owns" keep calling out the "owner" for his lies, deflections and deceptions.

Perhaps he doesn't really own us after all. ;-)

But he can tell his cult he owns the libs at his next meeting or hate rally. Just like all of them tell each other.

The authoritarian personality is as plain as an open book for us, but they can't, or won't, read it.

I predict he'll be back for more attention. It empowers him, and makes him FEEL good to "own" us.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, our "owner" loves the idea. He undoubtedly wishes he lived in an era when ownnership of other humans was not only acceptable, it was a way of life. The idea sends a tingle up his decrepit aging legs.

Vern could be busy looking for cardboard so he can follow my explicit instructions tomorrow. ;-)

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"'I think something’s happening. Something’s changing and it’ll change back again,' [Donald Trump] said. 'I don’t think it’s a hoax. I think there’s probably a difference. But I don’t know that it’s manmade. I will say this: I don’t want to give trillions and trillions of dollars. I don’t want to lose millions and millions of jobs.'" ~~ The Guardian, quoting Donald Trump in 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl last night, October 14, 2018

Great CEO, huh, preferring short-term gains over long-term stability and growth. This must be a course taught in business at Trump University.

I didn't have a chance to see it last night, but the outtakes I've seen so far are both embarrassing and horrifying to me as an American.

He is a clear and present danger.

By the way, I'm packed and heading out the door. You better be there with your "Asshole" cardboard sign.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Landed. You better be there with your sign hanging around your neck. BC C31.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

As I thought, Timmy's a baby -- just like his revered orange messiah.

Dave Dubya said...

I'm shocked, shocked. Could his "offer to have a face to face meeting" possibly have just been more empty words from an empty soul?

Maybe he wants to send his "deep state" allies after you instead. He's much too important to bother with your personally, I'm sure.

His Leader is exploding the debt again. Time to take food and health care away from all those chump "takers".

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"JG, I'm shocked, shocked."~~ Dave Dubya

I'm not, Dave. I never expected to see the big baby. I made the overture, and as expected he folded.

Mortal Coyle said...

I see a blasted and charred landscape here - but what about the initial question: "Has tRump broken any laws as president?". Mueller's report has not been released and most of the investigations now underway are incomplete.

Nevertheless the preponderance of evidence indicates "Yes" on obstruction of justice and emoluments. Beyond that, Mueller's work is *clearly* not the "witch hunt" the Orange Gasbag claims because it has resulted in plea bargains and convictions on serious federal charges. Before he was prez is another stinking kettle of fish. Tax fraud, tax evasion, consumer fraud, widespread stiffing of small businesses, thousands of lawsuits --- AND --- everywhere you look Russian mobsters!*

To sum up, pretty good evidence of at least *two* crimes in office, intimate ties to convicted felons, subject to Russian leverage, strong evidence of various crimes at other times.

I really need someone from the Fox-watching conservative All-American Super Patriot flag-waving family values church-going side to explain to me why this childish, vile, petty, spiteful, ignorant, prideful, lustful, cowardly criminal should be "President"???

* {Remember the mysterious computer server connecting Moscow and Trump Tower that quickly ceased operating after media reports? I bet the FBI hasn't forgotten...}

Dave Dubya said...

Nice to hear from you.

Yes, this blasted and charred landscape is but a small battlefield in their war on truth. Truth is indeed the first casualty in war, but in this war truth itself is their enemy.

Anyway, the Fox-watching conservative All-American Super Patriot flag-waving family values church-going side all "know something" that we don't about why this childish, vile, petty, spiteful, ignorant, prideful, lustful, cowardly criminal should be President.

They "know Trump" is making America great again. It says so on the hat. Why are we so dumb?

What matters is people they resent and hate lose. Policies matter less. It's basically their culture war, in service to divide and conquer for their real owners, that erodes our republic.

"Owning libs" is their joy. Whatever it means you'll have to ask them, but it amounts to them believing they "win" and we "lose". That's all that matters. It feeds their animus and fear of us.

We have an ongoing case study of an authoritarian personality here. He loves drama and the attention. And he's unwittingly funny when he declares he owns us, and other odd "victories" he imagines.

And hell yes, Trump is a crook. Ain't America great?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

It's certainly no surprise that Donald Trump continues to take the immoral low ground in his defense of the Saudi Arabian monarchy in having no pre-knowledge of the morbid murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

They're looking at "Rogue elements", while forensics experts with a bone-saw from the prince's security force flew into Istanbul from Riyadh prior to the journalist's appointment at the consulate.

There's no connection, I'm sure, just as there wasn't between Kavanaugh and Blasey Ford in the early 1980s. ;-)

Agreed, ain't America great!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Now the Saudi monarchy is planning to release a statement soon pertaining to the "botched interrogation" of Khashoggi.

Hmm, I wonder whether their explanation will include the necessity of taking along a bone saw?

Dave Dubya said...

We're just being old fashioned.

These new dark ages need even older fashioned methods.

Bone saws, waterboards, floor chains, mock executions, etc. are now considered "enhanced interrogation".

Torture makes America great again, donchaknow.

We gotta get with these post-truth times.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"Trump’s right, this Saudi - Khashoggi situation is like Kavanaugh. Trump wants to find out what happened, but he’s already made up his mind." ~~ Trevor Noah, The Daily Show, Twitter, October 17, 2018

So true. Between MBS ("Mr. Bone Saw") and Mr. Authoritarian-in-chief, they'll concoct a doozy of an improbable and unbelievable story to appease the gullible and uneducated.

Trump continues to display his moral bankruptcy and affinity for only corrupt despots.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

A "fistfight". Yeah, right.

Fifteen assassins against one
journalist. A "fistfight"?!?!

Mr. Bone Saw collaborated with the greatest liar on earth, and a "fistfight" was the best they could come up with?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Hey Vern, I know you've been reading this thread. Why weren't you at DFW last Monday? I took you up on your "invitation", and you snubbed me.

Texas hospitality, perhaps?