Thursday, May 17, 2018

FOX(R) v. Journalism

In a nutshell.

FOX(R) v. Journalism: Exhibit A.

Sean Hannity asked Ted Koppel, “You think I'm bad for America?”

After being rudely interrupted three times by "Sad" Hannity, Koppel responded, “Yep. You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.”

Ideology over facts. Look no further for your true "enemy of the people".

Better late than never, out from under the yoke of Putin’s Puppet, Rex Tillerson found his voice.

"A responsibility of every American citizen to each other is to preserve and protect our freedom by recognizing what truth is and is not, what a fact is and is not, and begin by holding ourselves accountable to truthfulness and demand our pursuit of America's future be fact-based -- not based on wishful thinking, not hoped-for outcomes made in shallow promises, but with a clear-eyed view of the facts as they are, and guided by the truth that will set us free to seek solutions to our most daunting challenges. When we as people, a free people, go wobbly on the truth, even on what may see the most trivial of matters, we go wobbly on America."


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Ideologies steal democracies. They harbor untruths and create division, while tearing apart the social fabric of unity and compromise; understanding and compassion.

I'm waiting for the tipping point that starts the complete unraveling from which there will be no return.

We live in very dangerous times.

Ex Con servative said...

Very dangerous times for sure. JG, you're right on the money. The toxic right's goal was to do exactly what you mentioned...deceive and divide. It's worked wonderfully for them, terribly for the rest of us. When I was somewhat brainwashed and used to believe so much of the CRAP, I just didn't get was all the "Liberals fault." What a bunch of A holes. We may have reached the tipping point already, and when the brainwashed herd finally figure it out, it will be too late, just like nazi Germany. Oh well, what a life.

Ex Con servative said...

There is an article currently on by GoBlue08 on why conservatism always's outstanding. I'll quote one paragraph from it:

"Conservatism rises and always falls. It rises on the populism of inclusion in the club, the power to choose who is deserving and undeserving. It is always corrupt, because it always depends on a rigged game. If a conservative is decrying a rigged game, it is because they either didn't get to do the rigging, or they are playing their subjects fears of being victims of getting rigged out of what they think they deserve."

The article is worth a read. Unfortunately what usually happens with painfully truthful and intelligent articles like this one, is they usually get plagiarized by a right wing blogger and the word liberal is substituted for the "c" word...pretty scary.

What is very clear is that conservatism is always fear based, and because of this it appeals to fearful(insecure) people. Hence the attraction to being led by an authoritarian.
That's why all the talk of liberals being "snowflakes" is a crock of CRAP. It's usually the other way around. People who truly know who they are don't need to constantly prove to the world how tough they are,and they don't live there lives being fearful of anybody TOO different than themselves.

Usually the ones that shout the loudest are actually the weakest and most cowardly.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"The article is worth a read. Unfortunately what usually happens with painfully truthful and intelligent articles like this one, is they usually get plagiarized by a right wing blogger and the word liberal is substituted for the 'c' word..." ~~ Ex Con servative

LOL Yeah, you're right on the money about that!

Go check out the current and last post by T. Paine over at his cesspool of a blog. It's called "Saving Common Sense". I've suggested that he rename it "Ridiculous Nonsense", but was soon after banned because he claimed I was "not being gentlemanly".

He's since readmitted me, but everybody has been placed on notice that he's shutting down his blog because nobody's willing to give a mile to find "common ground" with him.

He will not shut it down. Like Donald Trump, T. Paine is a narcissistic egomaniacal blowhard who gets a hard-on when he looks at his daily visit numbers. ;-) He'll keep it open for no other reason.

Oh, I'm sorry, I veered off. He's a notorious plagiarist. Of course he's a Trump supporter, so what else can be expected? He doesn't have the common decency to play by the rules of referencing and citing. He just steals other's work and claims it to be his own.

And than there's his stupid-ass Mini-Me sidekick, but that's another story.

Dave Dubya said...

Please click here for additional entertainment, and half-reasoned discussion, on this theme.

Dave Dubya said...

"...For additional entertainment, and half-reasoned discussion, on this theme."

If you get bored after a dozen or so comments, skip ahead to comments from 199 on for the best punch lines.

Majormajor said...

But Jg I thought the problem was robes? Why haven't you joined me in starting up the new NRA, No Robes Allowed? An end to war, hunger, man caused climate change, racism, sickness, toe jam and navel lint starts with the new NRA!

Dave Dubya said...

I'll have to let Majormajor's remarkably lame effort in discourse stand...this time.

Too bad MM isn't as bright as our Ex Con Servative friend. He could show him where he went astray, or where we all went astray, from the Cult of Right-wing Authoritarian Personalities.

They prefer howling about Alinsky and race cards over relying on facts and evidence.

MM offers a classic example of blind authoritarian loyalty. Distract, deflect, distort, deceive and deny in service to the Authoritarian Leader.

We don't need any more, though.

Besides, isn't highly qualified Jared supposed to bring peace to the Mideast, end the opioid crisis, fix our infrastructure, remake government, institute criminal justice reform, not to mention trade favors to foreign countries to bail him out on 666 Fifth Ave.

What an appropriate number, is it not?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

"What an appropriate number, is it not?" ~~ Dave Dubya

I'm surprised T. Paine isn't throwing baptismal water on Trump.

I'm convinced it can't stop the demon within. The Russian prostitutes pissed on him. It only emboldened the him.