Thursday, August 10, 2017

Con-servative Moral Grounding

This much is clear. 

They don't want to admit it, but the Republican/conservative health care solution has always been, "Let them die".  That phrase drew cheers at a Republican presidential debate.

If the poor are too "morally weak" to buy health insurance, they don't deserve what is a right to millions in civilized countries. Yes, many cons see unemployment as a moral failure. 

To them wealth is not only a virtue, but also an entitlement to rule. Those who fail to submit to rule by wealth are targets of lies, hate and resentment. Serves them damn socialists right, I tell ya. 

In fact, to them, con-servatism itself is a virtue. It is their morality. 

So what is the moral grounding of the Right? Christianity? Please...unless we mean the teachings of White Nationalist Hedge Fund Jesus. 

Hint: Trump is president. 

This is what they want. 

Small government. (Meaning removing safety nets and public service programs and privatizing the commons, not so much military aggression, brutal law enforcement, and police state warrantless surveillance.) 

Taking food stamps from poor children, militarizing law enforcement in a "justice system" rigged against the poor and minorities, and stripping voter rights and poll access for minorities are their values. 

These truths are self-evident.

Also clear is con-servatism is rooted in, and guided by, elitist authoritarianism. Wealth is revered. Corporations and the wealthy are endowed as super persons entitled to more rights than average individuals.  Even in our House and Senate the minority of conservatives have greater representation than the majority.  

But who whines louder? "We want our country back! Waaahh!"

Cutting taxes for the rich has always been their top priority along with gutting pollution and Wall Street regulations. Not to mention denying the Black President his Constitutional duty to replace a Supreme Court justice. That is their idea of the "business of the people".  

Authoritarian con-servatism always bends to tyranny, racism, and scorn for the poor. They are the servants, and the epitome, of the elites. Screw the "takers" and anyone else who can't afford health care. It is who they are. 

As the Right breaks the rules, or makes up their own, to subvert democracy, and to facilitate less equality and more human suffering, they are the ones demonizing and admonishing liberals for not being concerned for our country. They believe their lies that liberals hate freedom, hate America, and desire a communist dictatorship. And this demonization never ends.

It is their belief system and their true "moral grounding". 


One Fly said...

And they are getting the job accomplished and well on their way to making it all their way once again.

Jerry Critter said...

So true. They would rather cut taxes for the wealthiest of people than save lives of the poorest. Money is more important than lives.

"Fuck the poor". That is the mantra of the Republicans. They get their disposable income from the backs of disposable people.

Calling Republicans Deplorables is too polite of a term.

Jerry Critter said...

I don't think they are winning...yet. Trump has given them reason to crawl out from the rock that they have been hiding under. That is not winning. That is sticking your neck out. Now is the time for US to cut them off. I capitalized "us" because it means both you and I, and The US.

It starts with getting rid of Trump. He is the head. He gives them permission to emerge from their holes. He needs to be removed. That can only be done by either Congress or his cabinet. As for the rest of the scum? Once he is gone, they will slink back into their holes because they are chickenshit short-dicked assholes who hid behind sheets.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Yes, the CRAP marches on and the slide toward the abyss accelerates. This is the overt and in-your-face stage of inverted totalitarianism, where the invisibility of the behind-the-scenes actors gives way to the strongman.

Stay strong and resist...

Flying Junior said...

Remember how when the Red Army liberated Auschwitz the entire world was shocked, horrified and appalled? The German rank and file citizens knew much less than other interested parties about that which was going on in the concentration camps.

But our high-school graduate, boy wonder with the magnificent Dodge Challenger had this to say about his class field trip to Dachau.

What most decent people condemn as inhumane, torture, humiliation, deprivation, filth and cruelty, this boy thinks of as magic.

Dave Dubya said...


As long as we have Trump and a Republican controlled government, they are winning. Being emboldened by the White House is a winning propaganda tool for the racists and fascists.

Too many Democrats are too stupid and corrupt to take a stand for anything.

The corporate elites are running the Executive Branch, as foxes in the regulatory hen house. They have been winning that battle since Reagan.

Hate groups and hate crimes are on the rise, as more cops get away with killing black men because they "feared for their lives". Works every time.

There is a dark cloud of hate and authoritarianism suffocating our country's spirit while governments fall under corporate control. A racist sits in the Oval Office as a fellow racist runs the Justice Department.

Democracy, freedom and equality have been on the losing end for decades. Income inequality isn't being addressed. Registering and voting is more difficult. Republicans are passing anti-free speech legislation. One law even says protesters are to be blamed for being run over!

Trump will eventually be gone. His cult will remain. American fascists are not going away.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think the destruction of our democracy and notions of equality is well under way.

the slide toward the abyss accelerates Can't argue with this.

Flying Junior,

The last two Republican presidents are pro-torture. And they were elected after admitting it.

Most Germans were not Nazis. That didn't save them.

Fascism has a grip on our country and has infected and corrupted enough of our people to doom us. Our authoritarian minority has proven they can take over.

This is the great flaw of humanity.