Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Purge Continues

Every Dictator loves it. Every authoritarian craves it. They want power, especially power to purge adversaries. Hitler and Stalin industrialized the purging of opposition and undesirables. 

Over here, and now, it has been more refined. 

Republican demonization of educators, liberals, union workers, and journalism, in effect, purges opposition. Their voter suppression is another example of this principle in action. Authoritarians chanting "Lock her up!" is what this desire to purge sounds like.

And here we are, living with Trump and the Republican Party running our government. 

There's nothing quite like the power to not only eliminate people who oppose you, but to remove anyone who may have an undesired inclination to tell or expose the truth.

In Nixon's dark image, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. THAT should put an end to this pesky fake news about Russia, right? (Besides, it served him right for not imprisoning Hillary. This was always the burr in the butt of Trumpists and con-servatives.)

Trump's banana Republican act prompts us to remember and paraphrase the classic Doonesbury take on Nixon:

“It would be a disservice to Mr. Trump and his character to prejudge the man, but everything known to date could lead one to conclude he’s guilty.

That’s GUILTY! Guilty, guilty, guilty!"

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was purged for doing her job, asking questions about Trump's Muslim ban being constitutional. She also had the gall to warn Trump about his crony Flynn being compromised by his dealings with Russia. 

The woman was doing her job. Obviously Yates was the one who had to go.

Now James Comey has been purged. This was to be expected, especially in light of Comey testifying before Congress. You know, doing his job. And worse yet, sworn to tell the truth.

Comey was fired because he wasn't working only for Dear Leader anymore. 

Never mind the fact that Comey gave Trump the best possible October Surprise. That last bit of nothing from an unrelated case tilted enough undecided voters, that even Putin was impressed. Ironically it was Comey's letter that would eventually get Comey purged.

Comey's final treason against Kim Jong Don was working for the American people. He had the nerve to request funding and staffing for the ongoing FBI investigation of Russia's influence on our election and the Trump campaign's collusion with Russians. (Hint: Start with, "Russia, if you're listening..".)

Merely doing one's duty is enough an offense to get one purged in Trumpistan. One pays a price for enraging an authoritarian leader, even for the man who handed him the keys to the White House. 

And what happens next? Trump welcomes Russians with their media into the Oval Office while excluding American journalists. 

Smelling the borscht yet, komrads?

I have to wonder, how soon before law enforcement and government employees are required to swear loyalty oaths?


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave DubyaM: "I have to wonder, how soon before law enforcement and government employees are required to swear loyalty oaths?"

Apparently Trump is already requiring this. Some even speculate it's the reason Trump canned Comey, since he wouldn't.

Gee, I always thought U.S. government employees only had to pledge loyalty to the Constitution. ;-) I guess Trump thinks he can strong-arm employees like he did in the private sector.

And was Trump threatening Comey on Twitter early this morning? Comey better watch out, or he'll end up in the East River like Kramer -- or in a cement footer of one of Trump's new hotels. I never thought I'd live to see the Executive Branch of the United States government, and its so-called Justice Department, turn out to be the seat of organized crime.

On second thought, I suppose I did.

Dave Dubya said...

Kim Jong Don is making it tougher for those stupid and gutless enough to pledge a loyalty oath to him.

If Hillary were sitting in the oval office and directly gave the Russians code word level, (beyond top secret!) ISIS information, like Trump did, they would be chanting “Lock her up!”

Of course they did that anyway, with no evidence of any email-leaked lower level classified information. Who cares?

Damn that Hillary and her sour grapes! This Russia stuff HAS to be all HER fault.

I mean, let’s not lose perspective here. Emails! Benghazi! Come on, Good Con-servatives, let out the hate, it still feels good, right? That's always been what really matters.

All together, Good Con-servatives, “Lock HER up! Lock HER up!”

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, I have a feeling this article's premise may not be far from the truth as to what's behind the ongoing Trump saga.

The next year is going to be very interesting...