Saturday, April 22, 2017

Here We Are

Here we are at the precipice of a new American Dark Age. 

The Trumpist Republicans are openly and shamelessly suppressing science. They are freezing grants, shutting down NASA climate research, and muzzling the scientific voices of the EPA and other agencies. 

How is this making America great? 

While the economic giveaways flow ever upward to Wall Street and the wealthiest micro-minority, the flood of deception, dishonesty and disinformation from the far Right has reduced our nation to the sad and degrading circumstances that demand a “March for Science”. 

Ignorance is strength in Trumpistan, comrades. Ignorance is the tool of the enemies of democracy, equality and freedom. Ignorance is the ally of the greedy and the swindlers, the weapon of authoritarians in power, and the leverage of polluters. 

Informed and sane Americans must resist and persist against the dark forces of ignorance, avarice and suppression. 

And it is inspiring to see so many of those real Americans, and true patriots, marching and speaking out today. 

They are the kind of Americans who make America great.

“I dream of a world where the truth is what shapes people’s politics, rather than politics shaping what people think is true.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson


Majormajor said...


The mask is off.

Dave Dubya said...


You're not making sense. What mask would that be? Oh, that's right. You don't read much apart from what your party dictates. I'm happy to help you understand.

"Ignorance is strength in Trumpistan, comrades", is in the language style of Orwell's Oceania, from his book titled, "1984". Perhaps you see it is also word play on Russia's helping to elect Dear Leader after he invited them to hack his opponent.

Now it conveniently encapsulates the Right's war on science.

Thanks for reading, at least to the best of your ability. ;-)

Jerry Critter said...

"Ignorance is strength"
War is peace
Freedom is slavery.
@ George Orwell

Majormajor said...

What ever you say Comrade Dubya, what ever you say.

Dave Dubya said...

Does this quote remind you of anyone?

If you wonder how the Russians figured out that Americans were gullible enough to fall for blatant propaganda, this is it. All they had to do was follow how the American right wing has worked for decades to see that a good many of them had been primed for decades to believe any bullshit they saw about people they hate.


Jerry Critter said...

I've started re-reading 1984. Oceania is a country filled with Trump supporters.

ArchieBunkerNYC said...

The 'Russian Narrative' has spectacularly collapsed, with only the most closed minded lefty conspiracy lunatics still believing it (I'm lookin' at youse two "WT7 was an inside job" Dave and Jeff!).

The Obama police state illegality of surveilling Americans improperly remains, as well as the pathetic state of the Democrat Party.

Donald Trump has forever rid us of the Clinton graft machine. For this alone he will be considered great....everything else is a bonus.

Hillary's only real competition in the primary was a shabby, old socialist with demonstrably failed ideas and he almost beat her even with the "democratic" DNC ganging up and stabbing him in the back. That alone tells us all we need to know about the Democrat Party.

Thanks again Obama for destroying the Democratic Party!

Dave Dubya said...

It's no surprise Arch has nothing to say about the post. He's too busy regurgitating "alternative facts" from his Cult. Further non-facts will be deleted.

He finally learned how to spell "Democratic Party". ;-)

From a recent Guardian article.(Even linked by the far Right hate site "American Spectator".)

Comey and the NSA director, Admiral Michael Rogers, said there was no basis for the president’s claim that he was a victim of Obama “wiretapping”.

As WikiLeaks published emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, US agencies began picking up conversations in which Russians were discussing contacts with Trump associates, the paper said.

One source suggested the official investigation was making progress. “They now have specific concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion,” the source said. “This is between people in the Trump campaign and agents of [Russian] influence relating to the use of hacked material.”

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave Dubya to Jerry Critter: "Does this quote remind you of anyone?"

Sure does! Dave, thanks for the Hullabaloo link. It starts out:

"28 executives orders to date.That’s more than any president in half a century." - @KellyannePolls
— Jeanine Pirro (@JudgeJeanine) April 23, 2017

Think what he could do if he had a GOP congress ... oh wait.


Of course we're reminded that no major legislation has been achieved, no vision has been set forth, and no greatness has been pronounced. It's Day 95 and all we've got is:

"'I was sitting at the table, we had finished dinner,' Trump told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. 'We're now having dessert—and we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen—and President Xi was enjoying it.'"

In the meantime, he can't even remember where the Tomahawks were directed. What a doofus!

America has dissipated into a reality show spectacle. Robert Mercer must have seen The Truman Show.

Majormajor said...

Comrade Dave, how have any of President Trumps actions affected you personally?

Jerry Critter said...

Here's some of the ways His actions have hurt even you, Mm.

Dave Dubya said...

Komrad Major,

Jerry shows us Trump's dereliction of duty to our air and water quality will affect the public. Suppressing science will also be detrimental to the people and planet. (Did you read the post?)

So far Trump's election and actions have made me ashamed of my fellow Americans' racism and ill-informed lack of judgment. His ignorance and need for tutorials from other leaders is also an embarrassment to our country.

So far his actions are mainly bluster and EO's, while handing power of our government over to family, cronies, and corporate and Wall Street elites. We all know who benefits from their policies. Consequences that adversely affect the public interest will follow when they tamper with healthcare and implement their extremist legislative agenda.

The pissing contest between Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Don is also of grave concern to millions.

Here's the thing. Liberals don't need to be personally affected by policies. Unlike cons, we are our brothers' keeper. We care what happens to the least of us. We know most of us can be in their position if jobs are lost, or a health emergency arises.

For liberals, it is about what affects US.

For conservatives, it is about what affects ME.

That's the difference.

Jerry Critter said...

"For conservatives, it is about what affects ME."

That statement sums it up in one sentence, Dave. And that statement is exemplified by Mm's question which asks for personal impacts.

Majormajor said...

"will affect" IE: hasn't effected, and may not effect.

"ashamed of my fellow Americans' racism" and you where not ashamed before?

"We all know who benefits from their policies." List who has and will benefit and how.

"implement their extremist legislative agenda" IE: anything to the right of your positions is extremist.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

It looks like Chuck is grasping at straws -- again. ;-)

Hey Chuck! How has science personally affected you? LOL How about Muslims? How have Muslims personally affected you?... or gays? How have gays personally affected you? What about clean water and air?...

You're too much! LOL

Majormajor said...

Hey JG, how about dealing with the questions instead of answering them with a question?

You know, like a adult would.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Chuck "Majormajor" Morre: "Hey JG, how about dealing with the questions instead of answering them with a question?"

I've discovered that many ignorant and prejudiced people like yourself respond more honestly when replied to with leading questions in a Socratic fashion. It's the only way to make you think -- as futile and foreign as that is for you.

But, here, let me put it in a way that possibly you'll understand: "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"

Your refusal to answer my questions, answered them entirely and confirmed exactly what I thought.

Majormajor said...

Back to square one with you JG, I see my absence has not brought about an increase in your maturity I had hoped for.

I'll check back once in a while to see if you can answer a question without a question.

BTW you are a bigot.

Dave Dubya said...

Yeah, JG!

You will no longer be interrogated until Komrad Major decides you need further interrogation.

His final straw was apparently this question: "ashamed of my fellow Americans' racism" and you where not ashamed before?"

I'm pretty sure the answer was easily a given that we liberals were always ashamed of American racism.

Komrad Major seems to disagree. After all, he knows who the real bigots are, amirite?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Chuck "Majormajor" Morre: "I see my absence has not brought about an increase in your maturity I had hoped for."

By "maturity", you mean the conversion to your white supremacist, fascist, homophobic, fake Christian self, don't you?

"I'll check back once in a while..."

Please spare me...

" see if you can answer a question without a question."

Said by the Mad Hatter himself, the repeater of nonsensical ideology and incessant gibberish -- all with a hateful and exclusionary bent.

Good riddance...

Michael Stivic said...

U2 frontman Bono, who is also an investor, philanthropist, and Christian told students at Georgetown University that real economic growth, not government aid, is what lifts people and countries out of poverty long-term, emphasizing that "entrepreneurial capitalism" is the key to prosperity.

Maybe we Marxists need to pull our heads out of our arseholes, and admit Socialism is a failure and always runs out of other people's money. just say'n.

Michael Stivic said...

(CNN) — Sen. Elizabeth Warren is "troubled" to hear that President Barack Obama will receive $400,000 to speak at a Wall Street health conference in September.

"I was troubled by that," the Massachusetts Democrat said Thursday on SiriusXM's "Alter Family Politics." "One of the things I talk about in the book ("This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class") is the influence of money. I describe it as a snake that slithers through Washington and that it shows up in so many different ways here in Washington."

Jefferson, my progressive brother, I too am troubled by the way money is transforming AmeriKa's greatest President. Maybe money is the greatest manipulator. Look at Bernie. He no longer has the fire in his belly after becoming a 1 percenter.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Chuck "Michael Stivic" Morre: "...real economic growth, not government aid, is what lifts people and countries out of poverty long-term, emphasizing that 'entrepreneurial capitalism' is the key to prosperity."

Yes, as opposed to the monopolistic or oligopolist capitalism that ravages and dominates America and the rest of the world today. (Adam Smith must be turning over in his grave.)

But even that's not enough. We need a true social and cooperative democracy. I know you agree.

Happy May Day to you!

Dave Dubya said...

Funny when Major disappears, "Michael" makes his appearance. I wonder if someone has a secret identity, Batman.

Poor Michael has gone schizo: Socialism is a failure and always runs out of other people's money...Maybe money is the greatest manipulator

Bernie it the most popular politician in America. Capitalism without constitutional regulation and constitutional socialism for the general welfare is economic tyranny.

"Entrepreneurial capitalism" has no conscience and no problem with slavery and a police state.

Michael Stivic said...

Here we are, its International Workers' Day!

I just want to share my joy this day with my fellow Marxists on this blog!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave Dubya: "Funny when Major disappears, 'Michael' makes his appearance."

Yes, highly non-coincidental. The former is the more seedy of the "Four Horses' Asses of the Apocalypse", while the latter is "Eve's" out-of-character liberal delusion who's constantly stepping on his own dick.

At least three of the "four asses" are in retrench mode with Trump's complete about-face. The revelation of the "true Trump" is starting to come clear to them.