Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Projection from Human Scum

I hate Right Wing racist sociopaths. They have always been a cancer on humanity.

Walking tumor George Zimmerman wants to profit from the sale of his murder weapon. If that's not despicable enough to human decency, he adds insult to murder.

“They didn’t raise their son (Trayvon Martin) right,” Zimmerman said. “He attacked a complete stranger and attempted to kill him.”

“Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin did everything they could to capitalize on her son’s death. She was never a mother figure to him. Tracy Martin couldn’t have cared less about their son. He treated him like a dog without a leash...Sure, I’m sorry for any parent that has lost a child. That being said, I also believe it’s their duty to have an internal dialogue to see what they should have done better and what they should have done appropriately.”

(How many times has Zimmerman been in and out of trouble with the law again?)



Flying Junior said...

Trayvon Martin attacked innocent vigilante, George Zimmerman, with one of the deadliest weapons known to man, the concrete sidewalk. I believe with all of my heart that the scream heard on the mobile phone that fateful evening was that of George Zimmerman himself, a man rightly and understandably in fear for his life under a vicious attack by the Skittles-wielding, young, black thug, Trayvon Martin. Thank God that the prosecuting attorneys disallowed the direct evidence of Mr. Martin's friend and neighbor that interrupted her cooking dinner for her Auntie and herself to run to her sliding glass door when she heard Zimmerman pursuing Martin in a block-long foot chase. Clearly the fact that she had "liked" Martin on Facebook recused her from any acceptable testimony as a first-hand witness. Armed with only a pistol, George was outgunned by the martial artist-criminal. It was only by the deliverance and providence of God that he survived this unsought encounter with death.

Hi Dave! Remember me from Sue's blog? God I miss her! Take care of yourself you maniac.


Darrell Michaels said...

I did not follow this case closely at all. I don't know all of the specifics nor the details. From what I do know, it sounds like Martin was no angel and neither was Zimmerman. The pursuit was not smart and a life was seemingly needlessly lost. The selling of the gun seems rather ghoulish to me. That said, this was a sensationalist case that was blown out of proportion on the national stage to further erode race relations. It should have been handled on the local level and our president should have kept his damned nose out of it.

Dave Dubya said...

I'm glad you see this is ghoulish. The killing was even worse.

What you call a "sensationalist case" wasn't. It was about much more than a single incident. It alerted the nation to the harmful effects on human life that "Stand your ground" gun nut laws can do.

And it shone the light on the racism that far Right assholes hold in their cold blooded hearts. Look at all your fellow cons who blame the victim and openly support the killer.

Martin was no angel (Classic blame the victim card) and neither was Zimmerman.(False equivalence. )

Only one was the aggressor AND the killer.

"The pursuit was not smart."

He was told NOT to. Bad, very bad, far Right authoritarian personality! From then on he was a stalker. For NO reason. Well, except, you know.

"our president should have kept his damned nose out of it."

Obama was "not smart" to stick his nose in it.

The far Right thug Zimmerman was the one that should have kept his nose out of it. He was told to do so. He did anyway. "Not smart", but blame the black guys for the bad race relations?

Why can't the thug supporters on the far Right see that SHOOTING UNARMED BLACKS erodes race relations? The projection is unbelievable.

And every one of them will vote for racist Trump.

Good God.

Dave Dubya said...


It may appear so, but I'm not suggesting you are one of the thug's supporters. My outrage is not directed at you.

I am curious if you saw the projection there.

Flying Junior said...

I followed the case very closely. I watched as George was taken down to the station the night of the killing and subsequently released on his own recognizance without any charges filed. I remember all of the initial hoo-haw about how George was supposedly injured in the scuffle. I heard the extremely compelling testimony of his neighbor who heard Zimmerman chasing Martin. I listened to the testimony of the boy's family members who recognized his voice as he screamed for his life. I heard the audio of Trayvon talking to his girlfriend on his phone as he realized that he was being stalked. I watched the smear machine dig up little pieces of Martin's past to paint their picture of him as a hoodlum. Personally, I'm not convinced that smoking marijuana and taking martial arts classes really makes a person a dangerous, drug-crazed ninja. I watched as the case went to grand jury. That turned out to be a very lucky gamble for young George.

Over the last four years or so I also had time to hash it out over and over with gun-loving on-line acquaintances. Actually, most of them were my friends. We met at a unique place where the right and the left could come and smoke the peace pipe.

Unfortunately, these guys, no matter how well-intended, more or less believed the ridiculous lie that George Zimmerman was in fear for his life and that this was a justified defensive gun use. I think that they were more invested in proving that there really is a good reason to carry a gun for self-defense. Zimmerman exploited this extremely well as he set about making money off of his kill and partnering with a gun store owner, etc over the next few years. I think the darker side of this mess is about people who are proud of Zimmerman for successfully killing a black man and getting away with it in a courtroom.

The best my friends would do would just agree to disagree with me by allowing for the possibility that Zimmerman might just have been lying.

Dave Dubya said...


Good insight.

No doubt a significant element behind the support for Zimmerman is being “invested in proving that there really is a good reason to carry a gun for self-defense”.

Those who feel they must be prepared at all times for deadly combat are individuals with more active “fight or flight” responses in the brain. The primitive fear center of their brain is more active than the amygalas of the rest of us. Brain scans of Right Wing authoritarian personalities have shown the differences between us and them. It really is in nature’s wiring, as well as by social nurture.

Humanity must evolve away from this primitive characteristic if it is survive.

I think the darker side of this mess is about people who are proud of Zimmerman for successfully killing a black man and getting away with it in a courtroom.

Absolutely. The Right loves to deny the existence of racism, except for Blacks and liberals of course. They do love to project, don’t they? And they are angry that this case shines the spotlight on how deeply racism, and injustice, still run in our country.

It also provides them with another "liberal media" conspiracy to anger them.

Zimmerman’s (and his defenders') projection has gone from merely blaming the victim to blaming his parents. The Right's echo chamber gave him a boost declaring Trayvon was "no angel". Yes indeed, we know how they respond when a black kid is declared to be "no angel". He had it coming, or outright deserved to die.

Having no conscience, an overactive amygdala that leads to violence, and blaming the victim and his parents, THEN seeking profit from the killing, shows this asshole to be a true sociopath. Cons really identify with this sort for some reason.

The sickening fact that he has so many fans paints a depressing and sorry image of our country.

We have far too many overactive amygdalas in positions of power and authority. And they scream they want 'their country back”, as they blame and scapegoat liberals for everything they don’t like.

TOM said...

Given Zimmerman's words and actions since the killing, it's easy to see his attitudes and motivations that clearly show his bias towards a guy like Martin. To bad Martin isn't here to give his thinking. No witness saw what started the fight. It seems reasonable given Zimmerman's thinking, that Martin was defending himself. For me, the fact that Zimmerman was told not to follow Martin and then Martin ended up dead, shows Zimmerman was responsible for whatever happened. The jury had no evidence either way, thus the not guilty result. Dead men tell no tales. So make sure the guy is dead, so he can't talk.

Dave Dubya said...

So make sure the guy is dead, so he can't talk.

A sad truth in too many cases.

Also, the "value" of the weapon would be so much lower if it was a non-fatal shooting.

Sick leads to sicker in racist "Stand Your Ground America".