Tuesday, April 5, 2016

History/Current Events Quiz

For students of history and observers of US politics I offer this short history/current events quiz:

Republicans or Nazis...?

...Crushed unions and opposed minimum wages for workers.

...Demonized and scapegoated minorities.

...Invaded countries without provocation.

...Opened prison camps where inmates were incarcerated for indefinite time, had no legal counsel, no charges and no conviction.

...Suppressed voter rights.

...Sent mobs to obstruct vote counts.

...Openly scorned democracy.

...Embraced fanatic nationalism and war as the first resort.

...Pushed propaganda portraying their kind as a “master race”, or other claim of “Exceptionalism”.

...Denounced those who opposed their war of aggression as "siding with the enemy".

...Openly stated a desire for military dominance of the world.

...Expanded a security state and imposed warrantless surveillance on their own citizens.

...Allowed torture by government agencies.

...Promoted “Family values” while claiming God was on their side as they started wars and embraced torture.

...Employed the “Big Lie” tactic in propaganda efforts.

...Elevated party loyalty over the general welfare of their country and citizens.

...Demanded Loyalty Oaths.


BOTH the Republican Party and Nazi Party are known for these acts of destroying democracy and their crimes against truth and humanity.


okjimm said...

ohohohoh....I know the answer....ah,ah, gimmeee a moment....no, I got this one...I really do. Say, this isn't gonna be on the final exam, will it?

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, is there a chance for extra credit? ;-)

Dave Dubya said...

The Nazis were defeated but their fascist ilk will always be around. The right wing authoritarian personality will continue drawing humanity towards war and self-destruction.

None of this will be in our expanding corporate educational system.

Extra credit, yes, but no credit default swap.

Kulkuri said...

I don't like comparing the two, because the Nazis stopped killing people in 1945.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Kulkuri: "I don't like comparing the two, because the Nazis stopped killing people in 1945."

Excellent point.