Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Cotton Mouth

This Memorial Day weekend we have the media circus abuzz with the “If we knew then what we know now” revision and whitewashing of the Bush/Cheney cartel’s invasion of Iraq.

The Republican presidential wannabes are all about blaming the “failure of intelligence” instead of the failure of the Bush Administration to examine any facts counter to their war mongering propaganda.

Remember, just before the invasion, 70% of Americans were duped into thinking Saddam was involved with 9-11 and had “connections to al-Qaeda”. Bush’s own lie in quotation marks. 

Tom Cotton proclaims, "We should not be ashamed of the war we conducted in Iraq." 

No shame in telling lies to agitate for war, right? 

Obviously, the entire Republican Party has no sense of shame whatsoever. 

“What a leader has to do is make a decision, at the moment of decision, based on the best information he has. George Bush did that in 2002 and 2003…” 

Right. The best cherry-picked, stove-piped false information from discredited and outdated sources mixed with “Mushroom cloud” and WMD fear mongering. 

No shame in that, right? 

Cotton added, "There are lessons we can learn from the early days of the Iraq war. One is that we clearly should be more critically analytical about our approach to intelligence assessments." 

In other words, there’s no shame in starting a war without being “more critically analytical about our approach to intelligence assessments”.

Got it, Tommy boy.

Time to excuse Bush, and blame Obama.

"The indictment of President Obama's policy is much worse than the purported indictment of President Bush's policy because everyone questions if we had known then what we know now," 

Cotton said. "It's hard to analyze hypotheticals in history; I'm confident that the world is a better place and the world is a safer place with Saddam Hussein removed from power. . .President Obama, for political reasons, knowing what he knew then, still made the decision to withdraw all our troops from Iraq."

The Cotton Mouth ignores the fact that the withdrawal of forces was demanded by Iraqis, and signed by Bush in the status of forces agreement. Republicans would rather blame Obama, of course. 

"We should not be ashamed of the war we conducted in Iraq," he said. "The troops won the war in 2007 and 2008 and 2009."

So now “winning” is equated with no shame. 

What did we win again? 

Iraq has been in a state of civil war since Saddam’s removal. The Iraqis are not better off. 

The Iraqi military was defeated, but now they are the backbone of ISIS thanks to Bush and his stooge Bremer for disbanding their military. 

Better blame Obama for that too. 

Cotton Mouth wants us to believe the world is better off with ISIS, I guess.

The Cotton Mouth is a treacherous and venomous viper. The water moccasin snake is far less dangerous…and dishonest.

The Republican vipers now want war with Iran. If allowed into the White House, they will assure we have more wasted lives to mourn in future Memorial Days. 

No shame in that, right?

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Jerry Critter said...

History as it pertains to Iraq was rewritten before it was written. Republicans are the authors.