Saturday, March 16, 2013

CPAC Lunacy Alert:

Yes, it's that crazy Conned-servative CPAC time of year again. The wild-eyed hate club of the radical Right is once again gathered for our entertainment. 

Here’s a little quote not heard on the one and only season of realty TV show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”.

“Remember no drama Obama? Now we have all drama Obama. We don’t have leadership coming out of Washington. We have reality television.”

Yeah, that was a funny one alright. 

The irrelevant and oblivious Quitter in Lipstick continues the shameless projection that the radical Right has been so famously spewing for years now.

One thing we'll never hear of is a "No Drama Palin".

I highly recommend the excellent movie “Game Change” starring Julianne Moore, Learn why her handler Nicole Wallace couldn't bring herself to vote for Palin. 

Spoiler alert: Drama from you-know-who. 

And I really must add this little gem of conned-servatism.

A panel at the Conservative Political Action Committee on Republican minority outreach exploded into controversy on Friday afternoon, after an audience member defended slavery as good for African-Americans.

The exchange occurred after an audience member from North Carolina, 30-year-old Scott Terry, asked whether Republicans could endorse races remaining separate but equal. After the presenter, K. Carl Smith of Frederick Douglass Republicans, answered by referencing a letter by Frederick Douglass forgiving his former master, the audience member said “For what? For feeding him and housing him?” Several people in the audience cheered and applauded Terry’s outburst.

The regressive conned-servatives of CPAC want "their country" back. Back to the 19th century.


Tom Harper said...

I liked Bill Maher's take on CPAC and other Far Right fringe gatherings: "the problem of all things conservative being portrayed as way bigger than they really are.”

He also said “They’re just so loud, they haven’t noticed America has moved on without them.”

Shaw Kenawe said...

I've asked people on the conservative/libertarian spectrum tell me why people like Scott Terry feel so comfortable in the GOP. I never get an answer.

Also, please note that GOProud, were NOT invited, again, to CPAC.

Does the GOP believe that if they don't acknowledge their gay and lesbian membership they can pretend they don't exist?

Sarah Palin? A speaker at CPAC?

The loser, the quitter, and the canned [from FAUX NOOZ].

Just what an organization would want to associate itself with if they want to be known as the irrelevant party.

Remember when the right kept telling liberals we were "afraid" of Palin?

Brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.

Malcolm said...

Ah yes, the Quitter from Wasilla. The fact that she made a teleprompter joke at CPAC is yet another example of how tired and intellectually bankrupt she is. Oh, but scribbling notes on your hand is OK. Please!

"Game Change" is an excellent movie. Julianne Moore deservedly won a Golden Globe and an Emmy because she eerily recreated Palin.

okjimm said...

Sarah Palin's presence at CPAC is very indicative of how lame the right wing has become. She is a used, worn huckster. I do not think she could sell Viagra in a nursing home.

free0352 said...

Palin's appearance at CPAC must have touched a liberal nerve because there is a Sarah bashing post on every liberal blog you find these last few days. The collective liberal hive mind is buzzing.

I wrote a post a long time ago about how creepy the left's obsession with Sarah Palin is.

Maybe you all should read it and take it to heart.

Dave Dubya said...

Their cult is taught, among other fictions, that they are the majority of “real Americans”.

Now the delusion/rationale by the right is we “hate” and are “obsessed with” Palin. As if liberals, and not corporate media, is pointing the cameras she craves so much. It’s a cult of celebrity. She spews the hate the cult needs to cheer.

“Intellectually bankrupt” is even generous for the ignorance, hate and arrogance that emanates from that woman. Unlike what the Right says, it’s her cult of true believers and shamelessness of corporate media that keeps her in public view.

She couldn’t sell anything to a thinking person, you mean.

As I said, it’s her cult of true believers and shamelessness of corporate media that keeps her in public view. NOT liberals. The same is true with your disgraced chickenhawk neocon Iraq warmongering liars that are pushing for war with Iran. Being wrong and stupid are rewarded by the Right and corporate media.

Your cute post features some ironic projection with the two-minute hate reference. Remember the Palin rallies? When Obama’s name was mentioned, shouts of “traitor” and “terrorist” and “kill him” were tolerated from her fanatic crowds.

You have no comment on the conservative racist? Oh, that’s right, the Cult teaches us only liberals are racists.

Dave Dubya said...

What's creepy is the cult of zombies who worship Palin and believe every word the twit of the tundra says.

Neocon is not a code word. It is used to identify the PNAC war monger cult of liars, chickenhawks, and wrongheaded idiots who said we didn't need a hundred thousand troops to secure Iraq and the war would pay for itself and we would be greeted as liberators.

Your kind of folks.

What conservative racist?

Seriously? You need to ask?

You really don't pay any attention to what I write, do you? All you do is argue with what you imagine I must say or think.

Again the cult of "conned-servatism" teaches racism is only on the left. You seem to buy into that. Limbaugh himself declared it to be so.

And he also declared:

“We need segregated buses… This is Obama’s America.”

“Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”

Obama's America, white kids getting beat up on school buses now. I mean, you put your kids on a school bus, you expect safety. But in Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering "Yay! Right on, right on, right on, right on."

There's rioting in the streets now! And there's going to be more rioting in the streets because that's part of the program here. And next up there are going to be race riots, I guarantee it. Race riots are part of the plan that this regime has. That's next.
May 29, 2009:

“How do you get promoted in a Barack Obama administration? By hating white people or even saying you do or that they‘re not good or put down ‘em, whatever. Make white people the new oppressed minority and they‘re going right along with it because they‘re shutting up. They‘re moving to the back of the bus. They‘re saying, “I can‘t use that drinking fountain.” OK. “I can‘t use that restroom.” OK.”

Oh, and your boy Rush also worships Palin: "Sarah Palin could build the party, and all these moderates and independents think that she's going to be a drag on building the party. Why? Because, true, she will not attract liberals. She won't attract moderates. Thank God! We don't want 'em in our party."

What fascinates the left is not the celebrities the cult of conned-servatives revere. It the fact they revere such hateful, ignorant, arrogant, and racist jerks.

Shaw Kenawe said...


It's not that liberals are "obsessed" with Palin. They're not. It's more like this:

Watching her perform is like watching a train wreck. It's horrible, but you just can't take your eyes off of it.

For me, personally, observing her is not like watching a train wreck. It's actually seeing a woman who believes she's a legend in her own mind, and that is reinforced by her rabid fans who are unable to perceive her for the grifter that she is.

You mistake our mockery for "fear" or "obsession." It's neither. It's just plain, good old fashioned ridicule, which she so richly deserves.

free0352 said...


Watching her perform is like watching a train wreck. It's horrible, but you just can't take your eyes off of it.

Agreed. She's an idiot. So stop giving this idiot the 15 minutes of fame and let her go quietly into the night already. Its like the left can't do that. They just have to keep reporting on her. I think maybe because she gets you guys so worked up, it jacks up the ratings. She is frankly nobody. She has zero impact on anything. From what I can tell, she's basically unemployed. She has a moderate twitter following somewhere between Carrot Top on the one end and Lady Gaga on the other. This person is non-news. She's like the left's Snookie. You're right, they just can't stop watching no matter how fucked up it gets. This is an intervention. Just say no to Sarah Palin Democrats.


Seriously? You need to ask?

Yes. If you take what RL said in context, it makes sense. Sure its outrageous, but thats the man's shtick. I mean - would you agree it's okay for white kids to get bullied by black kids with impunity because white kids somehow "deserve it," which is what Rush is outrageously talking about? Or as for the anti-war protesters he was referencing, how could you NOT look at the folks from International ANSWER and not see a bunch of anti-American, anticapitalist, pro-Marxist communists?

Malcolm said...

free0352 said "So stop giving this idiot the 15 minutes of fame and let her go quietly into the night already. Its like the left can't do that."

If Sarah was sitting in Wasilla minding her own business and people on the left started trashing her out of the blue or if someone like Bill Maher invited her on his show regularly so she could be his human pinata, you'd have a point. However, it's people on the right who keep drudging up Sarah Palin. Fox "News" had her as a contributor and it was conservatives who invited her to the recent CPAC. If you're not, that's who you should be upset with because it's organizations like them who keep giving her face time. When she comes out of the woodwork and says things with which we agree, we're going to comment on it.

By all accounts, Sarah Palin should be the answer to a trivia question. However, it's organizations like CPAC who mistakenly believe she's still relevant.

Dave Dubya said...


Ridicule of their Goddess of Ignorance is what bugs the Righties to no end. They are making her the celebrity of their cult. But they project that attention to others, ignoring their elevation of an idiot to star status.

To the cult of the radical Right, the corporate media are "liberals" obsessed with Palin. There's no reasoning with them.

What conservative racist? Palin?

Have you read the post yet?

Yes, of course you ditto what Limbaugh said. Only America haters disagree with war based on lies, eh?

I take it you include, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, independents, and libertarians, real ones, not your neocon types, in that group of "anti-American, anticapitalist, pro-Marxist communists". Because there was a vast cross section of Americans disagreeing with your Chickenhawk neocon Decider, they're all "anti-American, anticapitalist, pro-Marxist communists" to the Right Wing brain.

You and Rush.

One thing I don't understand is why would an "anti-American" want to prevent American lives being wasted in a war based on lies?

You and Rush have some explaining to do.

Naw, forget it. The Right is exempt from explaining their accusations. Demonizing and calls of "traitors" are best left vague. Nicht Wahr, mein Herr?

free0352 said...

Only America haters disagree with war based on lies, eh?

Yes. When talking about International ANSWER you are talking about America haters. There were a lot of say -catholic nuns- who opposed the war too. Didn't think they hated America. International ANSWER? They loath this country and everything it stands for.

why would an "anti-American" want to prevent American lives being wasted

Because A, they weren't wasted, and B the Iraqi conflict allowed us to take the lives of about 30,000 members of al'Qaeda. In the twisted mind of an anti-american "peace" activist so long as America loses they don't care who wins. Groups like Code Pink and ANSWER want to see America torn down by any means. This is of course why the anti-war movement never made any real traction in this country.

The people behind it were fucking commie scum bags. Wasn't it funny when the true politics of say - Cindy Sheehan came to light the left couldn't dump her and her ilk fast enough?

Dave Dubya said...

Only America haters disagree with war based on lies, eh?


Well, Rush, there you go. No demonizing generalizations there.

When did the left dump Sheehan? Or are you talking about the Democratic Party? Big difference between those fellow "American haters", there Rush.

free0352 said...

Sheehan's 15 minutes came and went when mainstream Americans found out she was a communist who cared so little for her son she couldn't be bothered to get him a tomb stone. She was an amateur political operator whose leftist ideas blew up in her face. She went from some level of sympathy for being a Gold Star mom to being pretty much reviled. And that in a nuttshell is the story of the anti-war movement in this country. When the voters found out who was behind it... groups like code pink and ANSWER they dropped it like a hot rock... and the second Obama became president nobody in the Democrat party had any time for them either. Truth was, all those Democrats supported the war effort and had only turned against it to sabotage GW Bush for pure political gain. The last thing they wanted was for Republicans to hand their token anti-war communists around their necks.

These days nobody cares about International ANSWER or Code Pink. They might as well be on the moon, and when they do come up your average American looks on in disgust.

Dave Dubya said...

There you go again. Commies everywhere.

Sheehan was dumped by dems because she blasted their warmongering contingent as well as Republicans.

For blaming both parties, she is shunned by corporate media.

"cared little for her son"

Wow. That says more about you than her.

free0352 said...

She cared nothing for her son. She didn't raise him, and didn't even bother to get him a tomb stone after he died heroically fighting for a country she hated. She went right into using her son's death as a springboard to sell her communist agenda... which is why the Democrats dropped her like a hot rock and why she later feebly lashed out at them. She was far more interested in paling around with strongman Hugo Chavez and other rejects from the 1960s peace movement than her dead son. She's the lowest of the low, she basically immolated her son's memory on the alter of Karl Marx's failed revolution.

And she was rejected by all but her fellow leftist ilk for it.

In sum - she's a fucking dirt bag and I'll laugh when she dies.

free0352 said...

I'd like to be known for someone who laughs at the death of someone who made a mockery of the sacrifice of a fellow Soldier. Casey Sheehan was a hero who reenlisted to go to Iraq and died fighting to save an infantry unit stuck out in sector. You can go ahead and put me down on that list. I'm proud to be on it. She'll die one day, and on that day I'll have a beer for Casey Sheehan... the poor guy's mother took two years just to give him a headstone. And then when she did, she made sure to use it as a photo op.

Being tolerant of other people doesn't mean I have to like them. Cindy Sheehan has a right ... I guess ... to be a terrible mother and a horrible human being.

But the world will be better off when she bites the dust. And on that day, where ever I am... I'm gonna toast Casey and remember his sacrifice, his honorable service, and the brothers he died to save.