Sunday, October 3, 2010

Angry Voters

The news is out. As the corporate media relentlessly inform us, this election the politicians are facing the wrath of the “angry voter”.

We’ve seen the angry town hall shouters screaming their rage against the machine; I mean “death panels”. We’ve seen the teabaggers howling about Obama’s non-existent tax hikes. The right wing pundits and propagandists are one-upping each other in spewing feverish foolishness about Obama the Socialist/Fascist/Communist/Muslim/foreigner who wants to destroy America. THEY certainly sound angry, don’t they? Of course they do, it’s their job. They are out to make their listeners angry, so they have to be extra furious.

The “not just no, but Hell no!” rhetoric of the radical right wing obstructionist Republicans rings across Foxland. Even Carl Paladino, the “family values” Republican father of an extra-marital child is airing ads telling us he’s “Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”.

Wow. That’s a lot of anger out there. What ARE they so angry about, anyway? There are no death panels, no taxes raised, nobody started a new war to sent their kids off to kill and be killed. But, dammit! I think I might be getting angry too! I think it’s contagious.

So what am I getting angry about? I don’t want to waste all that emotion on Republicans. They’re just doing what they always do. They lie, cheat, steal and kill to get their way. They started wars that don’t end. They built an American police state. They are partners with big business in ripping off the citizens of not just the US, but practically the entire world.

But that doesn’t make me angry anymore. It’s just business as usual.

How about that teabagger cult? That circus of fools should be enough to piss me off. But that’s just what they are, fools. They are simply a bunch of misled dupes of Fox, big money and Republican organizers. I almost pity them. No they don’t make me angry, either.

Ah, that leaves the Democrats and Obama. Yes, they’re a marvelous lot, aren’t they? They talk about helping the regular guy yet give more money to Wall Street while pumping more of our cash into insurance companies. They talk about taking the country in a different direction while they renew the Patriot Act and embrace the Bush Administration’s “state secrets” to defend their crimes. They cower from Republican filibuster threats and accomplish next to nothing.

Well, that is starting to really annoy me.

I think if we couple the Democrats and Republicans, we have two self-reinforcing problems that should piss us all off to no end.

I am very angry that we have practically no choice in OUR elections than to vote for, or against, Democrats and Republicans. I’m sick of them all and I hate to always have to choose the lesser of evils.

I’m angry because we have no choice... but to suffer these stooges. Time to change the channel.

Say, who’s left on “Survivor”?

There, I feel better now.


Commander Zaius said...

Hey it gets even worse, as I was cleaning up the house Friday morning I got a political call from some shrill weasel trying to scare me that "progressive forces" were trying to steal the midterm elections.

Already in a bad mood at that moment and I cussed the the guy out. But seriously, we are on very thin ice when political groups make a big effort in de-legitimizing elections.

Got to admit it felt damn good cussing that fellow.

Dave Dubya said...

I suppose we could simply tell the fear-mongers our choice is either progressive democracy or the plutocracy running the show now. I guess that would only confuse them and make them angrier, since they are already indoctrinated by the crowd that works towards de-legitimizing elections.

Weaseldog said...

They are easily confused.

WW was preaching about the evils of socialism and programs that promote public health. He wants to do away with socialism in our country, completely.

So I pointed out that roads, sewers, pest control, public clinics etc... are all socialist constructs, he starts lecturing me about how these are necessary to support capitalism.

Clearly he wants to damage or destroy capitalism by eliminating it's socialist underpinnings.

Or is he just confused? I'll go with confused.

jmsjoin said...

Dave it doesn't piss me off, it sickens me. I refuse to believe they are openly scum enough to run on the crap they are and firmly believe it will keep us in control so screw them! We will lose some seats but not what they think abd watch Obama drive them shit house and win reelection in 2012.

Tom Harper said...

Sometimes changing the channel is all you can do. I too am more pissed off at the Democrats than the Republicans. Republicans simply are what they are. You can't be mad at a rattlesnake for being poisonous.

The Democrats had a huge mandate 2 years ago, and all they've done is sit there cowering and cringing while the minority party walks all over them.

But hey, there'll be a Seinfeld rerun on soon, so everything's AOK.

S.W. Anderson said...

That was a great rant, except you left out a key element of your (and my) dissatisfaction: lazy, ignorant, uninformed and, worse, misinformed ordinary citizens. They are the great enablers of the greedy, selfish, authoritarian manipulators ruining things for most people in this country.

They are movement conservative and solid Republican voters. They are (sniff) proudly independent voters. Most of all, they are nonvoters.

Think about it. How does a Sharron Angle stand a chance against Harry Reid? He's an intelligent attorney, former prosecutor and thoroughly decent guy, even if he isn't the all-time greatest majority leader the Senate ever had. What is Angle, but a bitching, moaning, ignorant shrew who plays on other people's ignorance and resentment?

Something's gone wrong here besides the economic meltdown and disappointing performance from the Obama White House and congressional Democrats. As crazy as the '90's were, I don't think Angle would have gotten past running in the primary, where she would've gotten buried. Same goes for Palladino, O'Donnell and the rest of these clowns.

We tend to attribute too much to our politicians, for good or ill. More than being the source of what's wrong with our country, they are signs and symptoms of things gone wrong in our society.

I think what's wrong with our society involves ignorance, laziness, prejudice, greed and selfishness. The particular mix of those toxic ingredients varies from person to person among the voters and nonvoters I mentioned above. But in nearly all of them it manifests itself as resentment and spite.

Dave Dubya said...

Wicked Ways is not confused. His job is to sow confusion, muddy the debate, and lie about it.

A sickness that destroys democracy is infecting the nation.

I don't think the Guardians Of Plutocracy will win as much as they'd like us to believe.

I think the Dems actually LIKE being in the minority so they can dodge the blame while playing the game.

I almost envy the "lazy, ignorant, uninformed and, worse, misinformed ordinary citizens." Ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately The Reich also understands their Orwellian "Ignorance is strength" tactic for social control.

You are right about our national sickness. "Ignorance prejudice, greed and selfishness" are the viral infections spread by the Right. Laziness, particularly intellectual laziness, needs less cultivation, it's already rampant. And that is why TV is such a perfect "opiate of the masses".

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I'm not pissed at Democrats. I'm pissed at shiheads like Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln who used the Democratic Party apparatus to win elections then act like republicans.

Republicans creating phantom bogeymen is nothing new. It dissappoints me that so many are sucked into their web of bullshit. But you can't fight stupid. All we can do is call the stupid stupid and allow that to make us feel better. And it does. Tea baggers are stupid. People that benefit from the benefits of a union job then are anti union are stupid. People that would rather our economy be thrown into depression than have a stimulus package, 700 billion and so far all but 67 billion paid back, are stupid.

Shit is still a mess but I feel better after that Dave.

Dan said...

Poo-pooing the angry “town hall shouters” and denigrating the tea party won’t make it go away, Dave. I would have thought the anti-establishment tenants of the tea party would have garnered a miniscule amount of appreciation from someone prone to such a predominately radical genetic make-up as yourself, but the blinders you wear are obviously top-notch. At this point, clinging to the falsehood that Fox created, planted, and continues to fuel the movement, seems a little uncreative to me.

Just for a moment, Dave, humor me. I know it’s painful even to consider an alternative other than what you know to be, especially coming from a conservative, as mentally-crippled and brainwashed as I am. Let’s consider a radical idea called backlash. Perhaps the voters are expressing their frustration to the failing policies that President Obama and the democratic-ruled Congress jammed through despite a majority of public disapproval. Strangely none that voted for stimulus and health-care are running on those fabulous achievements.

“Non-existent tax hikes” reminds me of political word games….sound eerily like “Jobs saved or created”. If tax breaks are discontinued and the tax-paying base pays more taxes it’s a tax hike…true or false? Although in the end, I believe the president is too savvy to throw fuel onto a sinking ship.

I think you’re going to have to find a new target, cursing the evil Republicans does little good when the independents are withdrawing support hard and fast.

Perhaps there are plenty out there that are going to have to wake up and realize liberal ideologues never were the majority.

Dave Dubya said...

You ire is justifiably directed against the vile and hypocritical Republicrats. Unfortunately, at the worst times, nearly half the Dems act like Republicans when they goose-step behind the radical Right agenda. This sadly demonstrates there can never be a true “Democratic majority”, unless the Guardians Of Plutocracy are kicked down to a ten percent minority in both houses. And a lot of good that would do with a Right Wing Supreme Court selling them all off to the top bidders.

Stupid Inc. is America’s largest, and fastest growing, domestic industry. No, we can’t fight or fix stupid. But we can, and must, speak the truth. And how can we resist mocking the stupid, when they crave attention by dressing up like that?

What makes you think I want the tea cult to go away? And come on, don’t expect me to believe the tea cult was not promoted by FOX and funded by corporate interests. Just who do you think paid for those rallies where Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Jim Dement and Dick Armey spoke?

BTW, rabid anti-tax ranting is NOT anti-establishment. It is the epitome of the powerful economic elite, and it is THEIR establishment.

If Democrats were the “establishment” they would not be allowing Wall Street, insurance companies, Republicans and corporatist Dems to strangle their efforts. And those constrained inadequate efforts, thanks to the real establishment’s obstruction, are the source of the backlash. The majority of Americans wanted health care reform. What we got was not what we wanted. Even still, the reform is now approved by a majority. Look it up. The majority want Obama to do something. The radical right is working against the interests of the public. They understand they must thwart all progress in order to regain power. They are invested in the failure of America and misfortunes of most Americans.

Just think what the Republicans’ chances would be if Obama succeeded in restoring jobs. They will make sure he fails.

And no taxes have been raised, contrary to what the tea cult and right wing propagandists want us to believe. In fact, the Stimulus cut taxes. Notice it is the economic elite establishment types that whine and cry about restoring previous tax rates. They prospered under those rates and will continue to prosper. Yes, even with that “draconian” measly return of the three percent they bitch about so loudly. We cannot rebuild America without taxing the rich. They can afford it and the country needs it. There’s the bottom line.

And just what would you expect to be any different from Republicans if they got back the majority? We are living with the terrible consequences of war, debt, and recession. Do you really think more tax breaks for the economic elite will make it all better?

At least my road was repaved, and food was put on the table for the construction workers, by the stimulus money. What have the Republicans done for anybody other than their country club cronies?

You are right. Liberal ideologues were never the majority, but the majority of Americans support keeping Social Security and Medicare. Those who want to dismantle those benefits are NOT the majority. The radical Right Wingers that took us to war and bankruptcy were NOT the majority either. But all of us in the bottom 95% earning bracket are suffering the consequences. Do you understand it is not the majority of people that mater? It is the majority of campaign and lobby dollars that matter. That is what we want to fix. Corporations are not We the People. Money is not free speech. It’s that simple.

It’s probably best to forget.

Dan said...

What do you base your “Right Wing Supreme Court” allegation on? Sotomayor, Breyer, Ginsburg, Stevens…right wing? What planet do you live on?

Seven hundred billion, with a capital B, and jobless rates closing on ten percent eighteen months afterwards…..not a huge success by anyone’s terms.

Regarding support for health care—even though the percentage of people that favor repeal of health care has fallen about 7 points in the last week, the latest Rasmussen poll shows 50% of likely voters favor repeal.

I have never stated that Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security should be dissolved or discontinued, but this country cannot sustain the expansion of these or a multitude of new programs on the horizon. Just like you and I the government cannot continue to spend more than it takes in. News flash, Dave, government does not generate revenue….never has, never will; thus no new jobs and no incentive for business to create them. If you anti-corporatist’s views came to fruition there would be no government…where would somebody elses’ money come from?

“They are invested in the failure of America and misfortunes of most Americans.” If I didn’t know better I’d think I was listening to Rush talking about President Obama.

You say the rich should pay more…they can afford it. You obviously are for selective wealth redistribution. Dave, are you in fifteen percent tax bracket, twenty, twenty-five…’s irrelevant; are you willing to pay 10% more to get America back on track? How about 15% more? When does the incentive to bust your hump and excel financially fade completely, if you know a government you don’t trust keeps digging deeper into your pocket? Just like Obama you’d have us believe “we’re only hitting those that can afford it…250K a year and more. Problem is when reality rears its ugly head, 250K encompasses a majority of small business. I assure you small business keeps American’s employed, and under normal circumstances a bloated government afloat!

Dave Dubya said...

Unfortunately I live on the planet where the Right Wing majority of the Supreme Court denied the majority of American voters a fair recount in Florida and gave the presidency to Bush. As a dark omen of the cronyism to come we know the friendship between Scalia and Cheney went back over a quarter of a century.

Have a look at the likely, or even illegal, conflict of interest in that Right Wing court decision:


At the time Bush v. Gore was decided, Chief Justice Rehnquist had often been described in the press as a person who would like to retire but would delay doing so until a Republican president was in office and in a position to nominate a successor who could be confirmed by the Senate.

The press has reported several times that Justice Scalia confided in others that he would like to become the next Chief Justice and that he understood that that could happen only during a Republican presidency. During the time Bush v. Gore was being litigated, Justice Scalia's son John worked at the law firm that represented the Bush campaign in the Florida courts, and Justice Scalia's son Eugene was a partner at the law firm that represented the Bush campaign in the Supreme Court.

On December 4, 2000-while Bush v. Gore was pending before the Supreme Court-Virginia Lamb Thomas, Justice Thomas' wife, sent an email to 194 Congressional aides, suggesting that if they wanted assistance in being considered for positions in the next administration, they could forward their resumes to one of Mrs. Thomas' coworkers at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that collaborates with the Republican Party. In addition, according to the Wall Street Journal, during her previous employment with a Republican leader in House of Representatives, Mrs. Thomas "spearheaded a leadership effort to gather embarrassing information about the Clinton-Gore administration."


Dave Dubya said...

And Dan, I also live on the planet where the Right Wing majority of the Supreme Court opened OUR elections to unlimited corporate legalized bribery. Big Money campaign donations and lobbying are rewarded with legislation, favors, tax breaks, incentives, loopholes and de-regulation. This has become all perfectly legal bribery thanks to the conservative Supreme Court decision in Citzens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Does this answer your question about where I base my allegation?

I’m glad you don’t think Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security should be dissolved or discontinued. But you would vote for those with that agenda, I’m afraid.

I’m with you on “Just like you and I the government cannot continue to spend more than it takes in”. Too bad Bush and his “fiscally responsible” Republicans didn’t leave a surplus like Clinton. Funny how Obama gets ALL the blame for the economy that was derailed during a Republican Administration. In reality Democrats have a better fiscal record than the “tax cut and spend MORE GOP”.

“They are invested in the failure of America and misfortunes of most Americans.” “If I didn’t know better I’d think I was listening to Rush talking about President Obama.”

Rush would be an example of Right Wing projection. Democrats have a better fiscal record, remember?

And again, what would be the Republicans’ chances if Obama succeeded in restoring jobs? Would you tell me the Republicans would serve the interests of regular working class Americans ahead of their wealthy elite owners? Would Republicans help the Dems with policies that succeeded in any way? No. They want power, and that power can only be obtained by shutting down the Dems’ agenda. You know this to be true.

Are you telling me that Reagan era taxes on the rich are selective wealth redistribution? Government is supposed to be a public service, isn’t it? Or does it exist to provide opportunity for war profiteers and corporations offshoring jobs? That is what the GOP has made it.

You are completely mistaken about 250K encompasses a majority of small business. Not true.

And we CANNOT rebuild America without taxing the rich. They can afford it and the country needs it. Bottom line.

And I ask you again, what have the Republicans done for anybody, compared to what they do for their country club cronies?

Dan said...

How did I know that it would have to do with GDubya…and some people question whether such a thing as “Bush Derangement Syndrome” exists.

Certainly, during normal circumstances an incoming president inherits the effects of the previous president’s and congresses’ decisions, but you have to let go of the “Bush is the Boogey-Man philosophy”.

No doubt 4.9 trillion on Bush’s watch is disgraceful. By the way, 800 billion in the first decade for Medicare drug program, and he increased federal education spending 58 percent faster than the rate of inflation….where is the cheers for bigger government? When it comes to irresponsible spending President Obama has no equal. In nineteen months he has racked up 2.5 trillion, with the true cost of health care pushed into the future to get the bill passed; a Chicago-politician, indeed. FDR had responsibility for 12 fiscal years (the Depression and a World War) and only averaged 19% of GDP. During Obama’s four fiscal years, OMB estimates spending will average 24% of GDP. What happened to cutting the deficit in half by 2013?

I almost laugh when I hear you talk about Republican’s being power hungry…what do you call it when Democrats salivate at getting their hands wrapped around another piece of our lives (grabbing up private business, stimulating our economy with billions of borrowed dollars we can’t afford, and controlling our health care). What happened to the Constitution and government’s limited role, personal responsibility versus dependence? Under the guise of compassion Democrats offer assistance because they understand without indebtedness there is no power to wield.

Dave Dubya said...


Believe it or not, liberals are also concerned about debt and jobs. Don’t buy into the propaganda about Obama and liberals wanting to destroy America. If you do, there can be no reasonable discussion between us. I tell you GOP obstruction is designed to facilitate Democratic failure. It is true. They go so far as to obstruct the very things they once advocated. That is politics over people. Period.
You feel 4.9 trillion on Bush’s watch is disgraceful? Simply disgraceful indeed! Rather shameful and a bit inept perhaps? Not honorable or respectful at all. Nothing of severe consequences to be sure, and nothing to do with our present situation either, I suppose. Harmful, disastrous, treacherous, cruel and catastrophic would all be much too harsh words for Mr. Bush, I’m sure. I wonder what your words would be if, say, Al Gore was as in office and was as “disgraceful” as Bush... You’d likely have been screaming for impeachment, if not his head, but I suspect you cannot admit it. The debt now stands at $12.6 trillion. On the day Obama took office it was $10.6 trillion. President George W. Bush still holds the record for the most debt run up on his watch: $4.9 trillion.
You’re not mad at Bush, yet you are furious with Obama.
Obama is your villain. No matter what he does or does not do. It is all entirely HIS fault now. I see you believe Obama only inherited the effects of “normal circumstances”. NOTHING is Bush’s fault anymore. We have a black Kenyan Muslim who hates white people to blame now. Do you not comprehend most of Obama’s spending increase is an attempt to limit the destruction done by Bush? Do you really think there’s no relation? Of course, we must let go of the “Bush is the Boogey-Man philosophy” in order to lay all the blame on Obama. How convenient to pretend it’s all the liberals’ fault, as if they alone want irresponsible government.

Once again, since Reagan, Democrats have a better fiscal record, remember? Try to deny that. You may need to quote Limbaugh or Beck.

You whine about stimulating the economy, but that would not have been needed if not for Bush. Unemployment and job losses skyrocketed under Bush, and you whine because it has not been reversed fast enough under Obama. Remember the Dow was at a low of 6,547 shortly after Obama took office. Now it is around 11,000. That must bug you a little bit, eh?

So far Obama has done nothing of the sort of “digging deeper into your pocket”. You conveniently ignore the FACT that the economic elite are STILL paying the lowest taxes in memory. I see your source of information also tells us “President Bush tilted the income tax burden more toward upper-income taxpayers”. Oh, the burden, the woeful, woeful burden, and suffering from trickle up re-distribution of wealth.

I would much prefer even the “guise of compassion” from Dems over the thinly veiled contempt and disdain from Republicans. At least that “guise” puts some food on hungry people’s tables.

And again, what would be the Republicans’ chances if Obama succeeded in restoring jobs? What have the Republicans done for anybody other than their country club cronies? Are you telling me that Reagan era taxes on the rich are selective wealth redistribution? Government is supposed to be a public service, isn’t it?

Until you respond to my questions I see no reason to address yours, although it was a pleasure to explain about the Supreme Court.

Dan said...

A wide chasm separates you and I in our thinking and philosophies about politics and I suspect much of life in general.

I never expected you to answer my questions, it's all about isolation and personal attacks. For liberals to be successful they must convince the world that those who disagree with their ideas are radical and dangerous rubes. I find your previous comment (“We have a black Kenyan Muslim who hates white people to blame now”) close-minded and classless, but probably no more so than much of your ‘work’. Dave, we've discussed this before. I’d like to think that perhaps you’ve simply forgotten, but I’m pretty certain it is more of a tactical maneuver described above. The idea that I'm a racist because I don't support President Obama philosophies and actions is completely unfounded. My opposition originates with his crooked Chicago-style politics, and currently with his inability to address serious issues—nothing more.

Funny you mention Al Gore...what a wing-nut and hypocrite, and an all too common representation of many on the left. Left-wing on the surface, but quite ready to exploit the free market to the tune of 100 million since his presidential run—all based on fear-mongering (something you love to attribute to Republicans). The global warming farce is simply another front from which to attack business.

You say I’m whining about the recovery not happening fast enough. It’s not the timetable I’m as concerned with, but the extraordinary indebtedness that was taken on to produce literally no results. When it comes to taxes I’m open for suggestions, just not your idea that taxing the rich will fix everything. In my mind a flat tax has some merit, but would certainly be met with opposition from the nearly 50 percent of our society that currently pays no income tax at all.

As far as preferring the guise of compassion putting food on the tables of the hungry, doesn’t your conscience compel you to do better? Like most conservatives I do not lack compassion for those truly in need. In your spare time you should check out “Who Cares: The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism” authored by Arthur Brooks. If one looks at the data impartially, it pretty much dispels as myth, the idea that the ‘Compassionate Democratic Party’ adheres to such standards within their own lives and that Republicans are money-grubbing and selfish. You be the judge.

You asked what would the Republican’s chances be if President Obama succeeded in restoring jobs? That would be a welcomed start. Yet I still believe the majority of the public is beginning to see the real President Obama (one far more liberal than his “middle-ground” campaigning lip service). A slim majority would still oppose health care, see the ugly details of a European style economy, and the hard left would still be pissed that he isn’t leaning far enough in that direction. I still think we’d be looking at a one term president that will have the dubious distinction of far surpassing the “Evil George Bush”, in terms of ‘lasting destruction’ and deficit increase.

Dave Dubya said...

I appreciate your continuing the discussion. I agree a wide chasm separates our perspectives, but I believe we both want what’s best for our country and our people. I’m pretty sure we’d both like to see good jobs for our unemployed. I’m sure we both would like to see our nation’s infrastructure repaired, upgraded and even rebuilt where required. It is equally frustrating for all of us to see the gross negligence of both major parties in this regard. For politicians, the concern is all about THEIR jobs, and what to do to keep their donors happy. That is a big problem.

We on the left correctly see the system as rigged by, and in disproportionate favor of, the economic elite and corporate interests. We value democracy over corporatocracy. We value our civil liberties, and question the very idea of corporate super-personhood. We question the sanctioning of money for politicians as “free speech”. It reeks of corruption.

We also agree that the truly needy should be helped. That would be truly needy humans. Corporate welfare, incentives, subsidies and tax breaks all amount to the same thing as giving money to the mythical Cadillac-driving “welfare queen”. It’s even worse, since some of those corporations take the money and off-shore our jobs. The upward redistribution of wealth over that past thirty years is undeniable. This constant “trickle up” economy will fail 99% of the population. We are not ant-capitalist. Many of us work for large companies and have 401K investments. We’re more than sick of the lies from the propagandists that we are socialist/communist/Marxists. You know who I’m talking about.

The same goes for the “We have a black Kenyan Muslim who hates white people to blame now” comment. I’m not accusing you personally of racism. I’m accusing the spokesmen of Big Money interests and the Republican Party, which are one and the same. Why do you think 20% of Americans think Obama is Muslim? It is because the radical right propaganda has been suggesting that all along. What possible motive can be behind Beck saying Obama is a “racist who hates white people”? What possible motive can be behind Limbaugh saying “Obama wants to destroy America”, besides their greed and egos?

And this is a big issue. Nothing other than extreme dishonesty from the radical right can explain the ignorance of the millions of Americans who believe Obama is Muslim, or a Marxist, or a racist. There is a clear agenda behind this. If Obama and liberals are so bad, why do they have to make up lies about us? And if Obama is such a liberal, why does he have Wall Street and Pentagon insiders practically dictating his economic and foreign policy? These are not the hallmarks of liberalism. To a Right Winger, Obama is a leftist. To a Liberal, Obama is moderate/right.


Dave Dubya said...


Like you, I am concerned about “extraordinary indebtedness that was taken on to produce literally no results”. This is one reason why I never supported Bush’s war in Iraq and the tax cuts for the rich. Both have contributed greatly to that debt. You cannot be too upset about that debt if you think the war and tax breaks were good ideas. Maybe only Obama’s part of the debt bothers you, and you believe in war and tax breaks for the rich at all costs.

If most climate scientists reported no climate change I would tend to believe them. Are you a climate scientist? Please explain the “global warming farce” without using the arguments of energy company funded “scientists”. It was a record hot year where I live, perhaps even around the world. I suppose, like everything else, if the propagandists convince most people there’s no climate change, then there is no climate change. And Obama will be a Muslim.

I’m not going to deny that there are some conservatives with compassion. Many give out of true compassion, while many of the economic elite give because it is good PR and tax deductable.

I’m sorry you feel the rich cannot afford to pay that 3 or 4 percent restoration of previous tax rates. I know they can, and I know it is necessary. That is a minute sacrifice compared to the losses of jobs by the working class and the rising poverty level. Where is the corporate compassion for them? There is none, because it is an artificial construct

Are we in this together, or is it every man for himself? I think I know the radical Right’s answer.

Weaseldog said...

But Dave... If you raised taxes on the rich, then this would diminish the the amount of corporate donations they could make.

And that would impinge on their right to free speech.

After all, consider the case of a Muslim Stockholder of the Carlysle Group living in Saudi Arabia. If you increase the tax, he'll have less money to contribute to political campaigns in his efforts convert the USA to a legal system based on Sharia law.

I think you can probably agree with members of the Tea Party that his money gives him inalienable rights under our current system. that many would like to see preserved..

Dave Dubya said...

Ya gotta pity the poor rich and powerful over how much our "oppression" keeps them disaffected, suffering, and unrepresented. Now there's compassionate conservatism.

It's just not fair.