Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Cult of Conservatism: Part One

The Cult of Conservatism: An Anthropological Field Study


For quite some time I’ve been a rather bemused observer of human nature and its immersion into the surreal world of American political dynamics. In part two of my “Simple Explanation” posts we finally came to identify the cult behind Republican American Conservatism.

Now that Obama has been president for over a year, interesting tangents have sprouted from the Cult of Conservatism. It is time for some fresh research into their belief system now that it has detached itself even further from reality.

Once again I couldn’t resist the urge to wade into the murky waters of the Cult of Conservatism. And there are few better places to do so than at the blog of our friend, the “Gun Toting Liberal”.

Please feel free to go read his posts on the following subjects; although typical to cult behavior, the members quickly wander off topic. They do their best to splatter their indoctrination everywhere and muddy up the possibility of clear discourse.

Anyway, I just love how the cult members like to respond to my comments and attempt to “correct” my wayward independent thinking. Along with meeting some new conservative friends we are even reacquainted with our old buddy F&B.

The Cult of Conservatism: An Anthropological Field Study

Part One: Where Contact Is Established With The Cult, And “Honest” Dick Cheney Is Defended From “Liberal Hate”

“Jesus Guns” Post: January 18th

U.S. Military Weapons Used In Middle East Unconstitutionally Inscribed By Manufacturer With References To Jesus Christ

Nothing new here folks. Remember the inscription on the Wehrmacht’s belt buckles? “Gott Mit Uns”. Onward Christian soldiers.

Whether by the Third Reich or the corporate Amerikaner Reich, the dead innocents, military and civilian, are just as dead. The difference comes down to a matter of degree. And of course the American war criminals are still free to spew accusations that Obama is giving “aid and comfort to the enemy”.

Hail Victory!

LOL, you forgot to use the little smiley faces on your humor piece there, Dave.

You know what they say, Joe. Satire is funny ’cause it’s
Dave Dubya, That’s right, I’m glad you noticed that…
By moving known terrorists and enemy combatants who were captured on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to a cushy prison in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, and home to Thousands of soldiers who have died defending our Liberty against foreign enemies, and many of whom died fighting against these very enemies of the United States, and thus granting these enemies of the People of the United States with Rights that they should not have and do not deserve, Obama is in fact providing “aid and comfort to the enemy”, and for this he should be Impeached and tried for High Treason.Thanks for reminding us Dubya

F&B, when you said, “That’s right, I’m glad you noticed that…”, I take it you were referring to “American war criminals are still free to spew accusations that Obama is giving “aid and comfort to the enemy”.

I’m glad you agree Cheney is a war criminal.

Your point about “known terrorists and enemy combatants who were captured on the battlefields” should be proven lest someone accuse you of being a known terrorist. Remember you’re supposed to deprive people of their rights AFTER you establish their guilt. You may have no problem with punishing people with no proof of guilt, but that is not the American way. It is the Bush/Cheney Neocon/fascist way.

Dave Dubya, Are you really going to try to deny that nearly all of the enemy combatants in Gitmo were captured on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan? If so, then you are merely re-writing history, twisting the facts to try to support a baseless position. But then, I guess that is typical of liberal arguments.

BTW, non-U.S. citizens do not have the same rights as U.S. citizens. Maybe we should treat them according to the laws of their home countries. Oh, but we couldn’t do that, that would be cruel and unusual punishment under our laws.

I am not clear who you are calling war criminals. It appears that you mean anyone who fights to uphold and defend the Constitution or the American way of life.

And yes, you are correct, as soon as prisoners of war are transferred to a cushy Illinois jail, Obama will be giving Aid and Comfort to the enemies of the United States.
This is a joke right: “that is not the American way” – the American way has NEVER been and never will be to provide aid and comfort to the enemies of the U.S. who have killed our citizens and soldiers. I know the truth is a bitter pill sometimes, and liberals really have trouble dealing with cold hard reality, but these people were trying to kill our soldiers when they were captured and they deserve to be treated through our military system, not through the U.S. civil or criminal court system. It reminds me of a scene in “A Few Good Men” – “You can’t handle the truth.”

Life isn’t always simple and pretty like the liberal mind-washers would have you all believe. Sometimes it is dirty and violent in ways that decent men don’t want to talk about but know that it must be done, especially when the people we are up against would rather kill you than look at you, and they believe whole-heartedly that their God will reward them for it.

Good luck with your naivete. At least the tide has turned and We The People have started electing people with some sense again.

Didn’t take long this time. Less than a year for the dem’s to show their true colors and for the People to see them for what they are.

F&B, I’m not going to waste time correcting all your wild assumptions, accusations and tangential thinking. You are free to spin out of control now. By your own twisted logic George W. Bush should be tried for high treason for aid and comfort to enemies by putting the Shoe Bomber in a “cushy” prison. Try to get a grip on reality here, buddy.

It’s hard to imagine how you didn’t see I was clearly calling Cheney a war criminal. Cheney is guilty of the complete antithesis of the notion to “uphold and defend the Constitution or the American way of life”.

Your embrace of “justice” based on presumption of guilt is at the very heart of totalitarianism.

It is sad to see well-intentioned good people like you blinded by radical right wing ideology.

Dave Dubya, Are liberals really unable to see the difference, or just unwilling to admit that there is a difference, between a person committing a crime on U.S. soil, even if it is an act of terrorism (e.g. Shoe bomber, Timothy McVeigh, Zacarias Moussaoui) and enemy combatants captured on a battlefield who have declared war against the U.S.
Now, if you look at your last post you should see that in one line you accuse Cheney of being a war criminal and then describe what he is guilty of, then in the next line you accuse me of presuming guilt…Hmmmm….Can you spell H-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e ???
When was the trial, Dave? I missed it. Is Cheney going to appeal? How many of the Democrats in Congress were also implicated?

Joe, As we learn from history, war crimes are rarely prosecuted, especially by the dominant power against its own. If the US was defeated by Iraq, you can bet your bottom dollar Cheney would be hung. Unlike the secrecy surrounding detainees, the entire world is a witness to the lies and resulting war crimes these men committed. No trial doesn’t mean no crime, now does it?

You and I well know the Democratic Party is composed of republican lite, spineless enablers, and corporate yes men. Obama’s cowardly “looking forward” way of dealing with past crimes only portrays the US government as a rogue regime.

It must be very blissful for those folks who are incapable of seeing the true extent of the corruption in the US government. And those who see corruption in only one of the corporate owned parties are blind fools.

Those same fools will also jump to conclude liberals are to blame for everything wrong in this country. Never mind liberalism has been extinct at the federal level for over 30 years.

Yes, liberals are to the American Reich Wingers as Jews were to the Third Reich. Peace groups are still spied on as if they were traitors. War crimes by the Bush/Cheney cartel are still unprosecuted. Blackwater/Xe thugs are getting away with mass murder. KBR is unaccountable for the electrocutions of our military.

It saddens me to see how many Americans still blindly believe Dick Cheney. This is not conservatism; it is much more like a cult. No wonder the real cult leader and Bush family friend Sun Myung Moon is a staunch republican supporter.

OH, so, in other words, he IN NOT a war criminal, except in the minds of a few. This is,at best, an UNSUPPORTED OPINION which may or may not be true.

But, to me, it sounds a lot more like the blind hate that liberals of various stripes have for anyone and anything remotely connected with the Bush Administration.
Thank you for making it clear.


(No, Joe. Thank YOU for making things clear. Something tells me this will not be the last time I get accused of liberal “hate”.)

To be continued...


Unknown said...

Unsupported opinion? Gee, does Benjamin Ferencz, a former chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials who successfully convicted 22 Nazi officers opinion count?

Dave Dubya said...

Unsupported opinion. Is that a hoot or what? He may as well say, "you can't prove a thing, there are no witnesses."

Thanks for the article. As I've been saying, the US government continues to be a rogue regime as long as its war criminals go uncharged.

Kulkuri said...

Calling the prisoners at Gitmo "unlawful combatants" gives them much higher status than they deserve. In the first place most of those sent to Gitmo were not picked up on the "battlefield", they were turned in by their neighbors (good way to get rid of someone you don't like and get paid for it) for the reward offered by our government. As for those that were really fighting against us, treat them like the criminals that they are. If we can't live by our own rules, what the fuck does that say about us???????

When did we become a nation of snivelling cowards????? How about when St. Ronnie tucked his tail between his legs and crawled out of Beirut???? But he made up for that by invading Granada to save them from a handful of Cuban engineers building an airport.

Dave Dubya said...

Your view about the "battlefield" detainess is exactly the case, but completely besides the point to the Cult. Presumption of guilt is more to their style.

I think we became a nation of snivelling cowards back in the McCarthy era. The Red Scare has been replaced by the Terror Scare. And thanks to the idiots with the tea bags we are going back to more Red Scare. Gotta give the Republicans credit. They have been fear mongering Americans successfully for over 50 years.

Which is exactly why we have such a powerful radical right wing party, along with a moderate right wing party today.

Fear has become the best tool to control a population.

TomCat said...

Dave, I noticed that the argument from the right keeps coming back to who the terrorists are and what they deserve.

The completely miss the point that how the US treats prisoners has nothing to do with that. It represents who we are and our ethical standing in the world.

Dave Dubya said...

You're right, and I'm starting to become afraid of "who we are" now that the right is unaccountable for their actions.

Obama's "looking forward" will only allow the next Right Wing administration to go even further than the last one.

libhom said...

I just want to say how much your blog has improved over the past year or two. You really have found your voice. I will definitely have to check in more often.

Tom Harper said...

Great post. You really summed it up with:

"It must be very blissful for those folks who are incapable of seeing the true extent of the corruption in the US government. And those who see corruption in only one of the corporate owned parties are blind fools."

Yup, that's the diagnosis.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks. I feel like the cantankerous geezer in me is invigorated and inspired when presented with the adversarial lunacy of the Cult.

I did not intend to be demeaning or insulting, either. Cultists are indeed fooled and blinded by their unquestioning acceptance of their leaders indoctrinaton.

Holte Ender said...

It sure seems that the Republicans think their way to power and control is through fear, Fear of Russians (still a little of that) and fear of Terrorists (whatever that means), fear of big government (but not fear of big corporations), if we ever get a time of peace and tranquility nobody would vote Republican.

Dave Dubya said...

Holte Ender,
Yes, and this is why the Republicans are ALWAYS at war with peace and tranquility, as they are their true enemies.

Marinela said...

Nice blog Dave =]

Dave Dubya said...

Thank you ever so kindly.