Thursday, November 5, 2009

Foxsuckers Thwarted

Today the tea bagging agitators were sent out by Fox News and other corporate interests to harass politicians and stage photo ops in DC. But they ran into some competition for attention. They found their wide-eyed crusade against health care was overshadowed by the horrible shootings at Fort Hood. The Hannity insanity would have to take a back seat on the media wagon to the insanity of mass murder.

The seventy-five suicides over the past six years at the US Army base were now augmented by at least a dozen murder victims. As the old song goes, military madness is killing our country; not to mention the widespread slaughter in the Af-Pak-Iraq quagmires.

Before the Fort Hood Massacre erupted, one of the radical Right’s favorite bleach-blonde mouthpieces put on an interesting display this morning. The brilliant English actor Ian McKellen was a guest on the View. The not-so-brilliant Elisabeth Hasselbeck was set to pounce. She mentioned the swine flu and asked him if he was vaccinated.

Mr. McKellen answered, “No, I’ve not been vaccinated. I was advised I didn’t need it, but it is available to me free on the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.”

Applause came from the studio audience.

Undeterred, our Palin pal hostess pressed on.

“We look at Goldman Sachs, ok? Private industry has the shots.”

The notion of private industry CALLING the shots would probably never occur to her.

“You give it over to the government. You don’t know the order in which they’re going to administer it.”

Well, maybe we know a little. They distribute the vaccine first to those most at risk of fatality from the flu, and those who request it.

Then she went on a bit of a schizo-tangent. “And also I do think we need to rely on government for emergency situations. This is an emergency situation.”

What’s that emergency again? Could it be just the flu, or would it be the fact that thousands die in this country every year without health coverage? She seems slightly reasonable so far. You don’t suppose she’s about to twist her spiel into something convoluted and contradictory, do you?

Now she pours the kool-ade. “Giving the government our health care is not the answer here.”

So, what is the answer, miss know-it-all? She doesn’t say. They never say, do they?

Mr. McKellen tries to reason with her. “The government doesn’t run the National Health Service. It’s run by the doctors and the hospitals.”

“That’s what they’d like you to believe, I’m sure,” zings back our Fox-indoctrinated bimbo. Then catching herself, she adds, “Over here in the United States it would not be the case.”

Here was her big chance to explain just who would be managing health care in the US. Would it be politicians tapping your knee for reflexes in the examination room? Perhaps those meddling Washington DC bureaucrats will be jabbing the tongue depressor down your throat, demanding you say, “Ahh”, while they ponder sending you off to a Death Panel.

I’m afraid we’ll never know. We’re just supposed to be afraid. That’s what’s important.

Sir Ian McKellen, like the average factory worker in Britain, didn’t have to worry about facing bankruptcy as a result of his treatment for prostate cancer. He could have explained a lot to little Lizzie about the National Health Service, but I’m sure he knew she wouldn’t listen anyway.

Instead he simply said, “It’s been going an awfully long time and I wouldn’t be as healthy as I was now if I hadn’t had the National Health Service.”

Once again applause came from the studio audience.

“I’m glad you’re very healthy,” Lizzie conceded. “It is my personal belief, and the belief of many others, I do not want the government running our health care.”

Little Lizzie couldn’t even get one pair of hands to clap in agreement with her belief.

Whoopi Goldberg then asked about Mr. McKellen’s new movie. My goodness. It looked like that evil old socialism scored a point against our brave defender of the insurance industry.

Liz must have been certain her beliefs would be validated by the next guest. It was none other than Fox anchorman Shepard Smith.

Our fairly unbalanced reality game show celebrity offered Mr, Smith her biggest question of the day. “Do you think it was an unfair thing that the Obama Administration did then, by trying to single out Fox, say not MSNBC?”

Liz must have thought Shep had been drugged by some of McKellen’s socialized medicine in the green room when he replied, “Oh, it’s not a new thing. Administrations have been fighting with news organizations since time began.”

This was supposed to be a big day for Liz and her fellow teabaggers. Once again reality stepped in to thwart them.

Lizzie couldn’t cope with someone who was actually helped by national health care. Shepard Smith didn’t buy into her Fox persecution fantasy.

The Beckerheads’ media assault was upstaged by someone even crazier than most of their group.

Now watch the Foxsuckers try to blame this Fort Hood incident on liberals. You know they will.


Holte Ender said...

It was a soul destroying day for Fox News and their corporate buddies, they had to show some real news and not the manufactured variety, I wonder if they remembered how to do it, if they ever did it in the first place.

Of course, the British National Health Service is badly represented by the MSM here, it is the public option, there are private health insurance companies (most of them supplemental) BUPA HERE is the biggest, they have their own hospitals, doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. But no ERs, they don't want uninsured (with them) riff raff walking in with a broken arm for treatment.

Kulkuri said...

Funny how facts seem to have a librul bias!! The people need to get together and replace all the obstructionists and those who would water down healthcare. (Like that has a snowball's chance in hell of happening.)

TomCat said...

When the name of the shooter was announced I could almost smell the blood dripping from Rupert Murdoch's fangs.

Lily said...

Did you watch the movie "In the Valley of Elah"?
Pretty heartbreaking.

here is something which might interest you:

Tom Harper said...

The Foxsuckers (I love that expression) will blame libruls and swarthy Muslims for the massacre.

About that "spontaneous" anti-health care rally: 40 busloads of demonstrators were brought in from all over the country; paid for by the billionaire (I forget his name) who finances Americans For Prosperity.

Dave Dubya said...

HE, Our corporate MSM badly represents ANY change to the status quo.

Kulkuri, Watch and see how this "healthcare" transforms into corporate wealthcare.

TomCat, Notice when a Muslim does it, it's terrorism. When McVeigh did it, well, that was misguided patriotism.

Sarah, That movie is on my list to see. Thanks for the link.

Tom, They've already started to blame liberalism for the Fort Hood Massacre.

Media Matters has noted Limbaugh's minion substitute hate monger hard at it.

Fill-In Steyn Suggests Culture Of Political Correctness May Have Enabled Fort Hood Shooting

You don't have to be psychic to predict what these idiots will say.

billie said...

that's because you are a bleeding heart librul robert ;) the right never does let facts stand in the way of their fear fantasies. the problem for them in the health care debacle- i mean debate- too many folks have been effected- left and right. not everyone who watches fox news has coverage or can afford health care in this country. they picked the wrong issue to stake their tea bags on.

and bless you dave for tuning into hasslebitch. i hope her contract runs out soon.