Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just Imagine

It's past time to scream at the ill-informed American public that Socialism is their best hope.

Republican conservatism, henceforth called Corporatism, does nothing to put food on hungry jobless Americans' tables. It does nothing to provide health care to those without insurance.

Since all I have as a national platform is my little blog, (and I thank you, my dear loyal readers. All twelve of you) I will have to share my Lottery Fantasy Social Movement Platform here at Freedom Rants.

I always thought if the wealthy elite really loved America, they would pay their taxes and shut up. I am so sick of whiney-assed, greedy, rich jerks crying about not having more money.

So, what would I do if I were one of the super rich?

Just imagine what could be accomplished if someone with a heart had the money Rush Limbaugh has. His latest Contract on America is about 400 million bucks.

I have some ideas that could come in handy to launch Operation American Freedom.

Wouldn’t it be fun to buy up radio stations and broadcast Air America into the Red South and West? We could hire Southerners to talk to their people about Wall Street Republicans treating them as slave labor.

How about funding the campaigns of non-corporatist Democratic opponents of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? Maybe we could put up some billboards in California and Nevada with pictures of Harry and Nancy next to Bush/Cheney and say, “Let’s impeach the war crimes appeasers".

I would also put billboards on every highway stating these points.


1. Corporatism Failed You!

2. With regulated Capitalism, Socialism is the sane alternative.

3. Socialism is NOT Communism.

Then I’d print up a few million bumper stickers with these slogans to pass out free at demonstrations, concerts, and other gatherings.

I think I would also donate money to replace all touch screen voting machines in Democratic –leaning precincts with accurate paper trail ballots.

How about funding some urban youth recreation centers with messages on the walls reading, “Republicans Hate You”, “Don’t Let Them Play You For Chumps”, and “Take Your Future Back”.

I would give NORML and the ACLU a couple million dollars each.

I would buy air time in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan and apologize in the name of our people for the crimes our government committed against them. And I would denounce both Bush and bin-Laden as terrorists.

I could probably think of a few more things to do if I had the money, but by this time I’d likely be taken out by some Reich Winger or government spook.


two crows said...

I still haven't figured out why 'socialism' is a bad word.
oh, yeah, it doesn't cater to the uber-riche the way corporatism does.

my bad. forget I said anything.

Anok said...

Ahh Dave - you bring a tear to my eye....

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!

billie said...

too bad they didn't tap you for the dnc chairmanship :) i agree with you- it's a catch 22 as tolerance breeds intolerance because the intolerant push their views on everyone unchallenged. now, we have what we have- sigh. i keep talking to people one person at a time fearlessly. and the athiest folks in uk have taken to putting their messages on buses. i say we have to get more creative too. more freeway blogging?

Naj said...

"Wouldn’t it be fun to buy up radio stations and broadcast Air America into the Red South and West? We could hire Southerners to talk to their people about Wall Street Republicans treating them as slave labor."

Well, this is how radios came about, until RCA corporatized it and the wonderful capitalist practice of "appropriation" of the frequency bandwidths began. Same will inevitably happen to internet too ... or would have happened under Bush.

Frankly, this economic crash happened at such a perfect time ... still there is a great risk of chaos and "anarchy" ... I don't think Obama can safely deliver America to socialism. (Let's face it, to learn Mr Health Care has unpaid taxes, is very unsettling.) In my pessimistic view, risks of totalitarianism are greater. Especially because the "mass" culture (take any of the reality TV shows that thrive on pulling the rug from under the weakest links feet) has trained us how to be fascist.

I am watching with so much excitement. good to be a part of history!

jmsjoin said...

A good dose of Socialism is in order to save us from Bush's mess. Bush started us on this road to socialism and now they accuse Obama of socialism.
Just today a teacher friend was accusing Obama of wanting to socialize our medical system. Good! Some supposedly educated Americans are friggen brain dead!

Mauigirl said...

I hear you. It is so frustrating that these messages can't be shouted from the treetops!

I've never understood why the least affluent people in some of our poorest regions such as the south, are the ones most against "socialism." Don't they realize they're the ones socialism would help?

Daisy Deadhead said...

Please comment on my capitalism thread!

Dave Dubya said...

two crows,
And besides, corporatism isn't a word yet.

Sorry about the lacrimation, but thanks.

If there's anything I CAN"T STAND, it's intolerance.

I realize my billboard idea is flawed. They don't read.

Yes, we are certainly not going to be bored watching things unfold.

Yup. Nobody went broke underestimating the intelligence... Well, you know.

Too bad the loudmouth ignoramus righties are allowed to be the ones to define socialism...and liberalism.