Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Inner Beauty

I just saw Michigan’s Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm on CNN. I must take issue with Alaskans and Republicans who say Sarah Palin is the country’s “hottest’ governor.

I think Jennifer is far more beautiful. And I’m not talking about just her physical appearance, either.

Along with other political and business leaders, she is participating in the Michigan Food Stamp Challenge to raise awareness of poverty and hunger. The state has about 1.3 million residents on food stamps. She and her family are living on a typical allotment of less than six dollars-per-day’s worth food stamps this week.

She also has the unenviable job of managing a state ravaged by twelve years of Bush League Republican Governor John Engler. He was on Bush’s VP list before Michigan voters preferred McCain in the 2000 primary.

Engler walked away with three state pensions after eliminating them for state employees who had the misfortune to get a job after he came into office. Engler’s legacy left Michigan with the nation’s highest unemployment rate of around 9 %.

How republican of him.

Anyway, when asked what her family was buying with the food stamps, Governor Granholm said, “A lot of macaroni and cheese.”

But I suppose Sarah Palin knows much more about poverty. She may have seen a homeless person on the side of the road during her Hate Fest tour of the lower forty-eight.


Anonymous said...

Well written as usual, Dubya. Macaroni and Cheese will be one of the dishes in my Depression Era Cookbook - as well as Buttermilk and Potatoes, and four more 'timely' treat meals. I guess Sloppy Joes will be a Sunday dinner, eh ? Can it get worse than this? ABSOLUTELY ! Let's hope this madness will end on 11/4 but even then, it'll be end of January before we see 'relief'. Here's to the last debate tonight! O-ba-ma.

jmsjoin said...

My hat is off to her! 6$ a day macaroni and cheese and Raman noodles! The closest Palin has probably ever been to the real poor is flying over hungry native Alaskans while hunting wolves from planes. She is an insult to all women, Americans, and good female politicians. She isn't even qualified it pisses me off!

Dave Dubya said...


Your Depression Era Cookbook may be the new diet of America.

Best of luck with that.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

These kinds of politicians need to get more exposure and their values need to become the model instead of "maverick", "moose gutter", and whiney POW.

Also, I have noticed that all of the political chattering talks about what's happening with the middle class and the rich and powerful with not a peep[ about the poor. Glad you brought it up.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm a Michigan transplant now living in SC. My Sister, who's been active in Michigan politics for some time, invited me over "to have dinner with me and the Governor" when I was up there for a visit. She's always had quite a sense of humor, so I called her up and said "sure, I'll come over. You've invited me for sillier reasons!:)"

I walked in her house, gave her a hug and a kiss, and this beautiful Lady got up from the couch. "Hi. I'm Jennifer Granholm. Please call me Jenny." I just stood there and stared like an idiot, while both women laughed at me!:)

Jennifer's the real thing. Just A regular person who really does understand the working man, and those not working. We didn't have Mac and cheese that night; we had roast beef. I kid you not, Jennifer was collecting the dirty dishes after dinner and running the dishwater (my Sister doesn't have a dishwasher). The woman is just flat for real!! I'm married, so I don't check out the lookers (cough cough), but if I did.....she's damn sure a looker!

My Sister called me on my cell phone after I'd left. "Did I forget to tell you Jenny and I roomed together while we were in college?"

I told her I was turning around and coming back to choke her to death!:)

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks, NCL.

Jenny would be so much more presidential than Failin' Palin if only she was born in the States.

And we, the bottom 97%, are all candidates for poverty with the Republican supported Medical/Pharma/Insurance Complex running (ruining)our health care.

Dave Dubya said...

Wow! What a story, TFWY!

Please pass along to your sister my gratitude for her efforts, and my deep respect and admiration for her roommate.

Governor Granholm deserves the best of compliments for saving Michigan from being a total republican debacle.

Anonymous said...

2012 Palin!!

Dave Dubya said...

Hi, Anon,

Maybe Palin can run for president in the country of Africa in 2012.