Thursday, June 5, 2008

Next On Bill Moyers

Thank God for Bill Moyers. If anyone deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom, it is this guy. Alas, only corporatists, liars, and war mongers actually receive the medal from this twisted and perverse excuse for an administration.

Far too few in the media world care to address this topic. Corporate Media propaganda is used to cover up Corporate Media propaganda. It's the same closed circuit thinking that promotes the reason for war in Iraq is to have a war in Iraq. That IS the reason we're there, right?

Here's the heads up notice from Media Matters about the upcoming Bill Moyers Journal this weekend.

This week on Moyers:

There's nothing new in Scott McClellan's book about the propaganda campaign or the role of the press in selling the war, so why is it such big news? Journalists Jonathan Landay and John Walcott of McClatchy Newspapers and Greg Mitchell of Editor & Publisher analyze the reaction of the administration and the media to McClellan's book. Landay and Walcott were part of an award-winning team of journalists at Knight Ridder (now McClatchy) that consistently challenged the administration's case for war, and Mitchell is the author of So Wrong for So Long: How the Press, the Pundits-and the President-failed on Iraq. The program reviews how the press is handling other important stories today.


jmsjoin said...

It really pisses me off but all the safety nets were complicit in this lying build up to war and they still are. no one held them accountable or asked the right questions in fear of being labeled unpatriotic or anti American or losing their job. MSM let bush get away with it, democrats failed and still are. From beginning to end top to bottom absolutely everyone caved to the lying chief slime!

Distributorcap said...

the media was the biggest failure of all when it came ANYTHING bush

thanks to ronald reagan for putting the wheels in motion to allow basically 4 companies to control all outlets to the MSM

they all caved and you know what they are still caving

Anonymous said...

The MSM is coming around, albeit slowly. They realize what side the bread is buttered on. Expect more propoganda from them, just a slightly different flavor.

Dave Dubya said...

Who'd think there could be a problem with a corporate media watchdog reporting on a corporate owned government?

How disgruntled and cynical could we be?

Yes, I know. A lot. The deck is stacked and the chips are stolen.

I keep saying if we could just have two things fixed our democracy could be back on track.

1. Re-establich the Fairness Doctrine in media.

2. Public financing of elections.

Therein lies the battle for freedom. I would include enforcing the Constitution, but I don't think accountability will be in the picture until the first two items are met.

Weaseldog said...

Right Brother Tim.

They went out and bought some nice new polish to shine their turds with.

jmsjoin said...

I owe you one! Just checking for content!

Larry said...

Since Corporate America owns the bulk of the media outlets it is behoving for them to find some rogue outlet that might actually tell the truth.