Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Impression For May 14, 2008

John Edwards finally endorsed Barack Obama today in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The sight of the two of them sharing the stage provided an uplifting vision of the kind of unity that has been sorely lacking lately for the Democrats.

Edwards spoke first. He talked about a metaphorical wall around Washington DC that separated the people from what is supposed to be their government. He talked of how the special big money corporate interests had taken control of Washington, and that the barrier keeping most Americans out of their government needed to come down.

It was Edwards at his populist best.

Then Obama spoke. Within his own rousing speech he said something that hit me as rather surreal. He said something about restoring Habeus Corpus and the Constitution.

RESTORING Habeus Corpus and the Constitution!

The very fact that the United States of America has a presidential candidate who promises to BRING BACK the very essence of our cherished freedoms is astounding in itself. What the hell has happened? This is something that would have been some sort of twilight zone sci-fi scenario from just a decade ago.

Then there’s the guy on the other side. John McCain as a POW was the very object lesson of what someone would say after undergoing physical abuse and torture. He said what his captors wanted him to say. It did not matter if it was the truth or not. McCain said anything to get his tormentors to stop.

When the waterboarding torture scandal broke, McCain boldly claimed that this is not about the enemy. It is about who we are. But when the opportunity came for him to vote to make waterboarding illegal, he decided that some torture was a good idea after all.

Soon American voters will decide who they want to be their next president. Will they choose the man who wants to restore our foundations of freedom, or the guy who promises more wars, along with his new acceptance of some old-fashioned torture?

What's most disturbing of all is why is this even a question?

Is this a great country…? Or what?


deke33 said...

As further proof of Mr. Dean's contentions, a scientific experiment was conducted at a vaunted New England university. As I recall people were invited in off the street to help determine if pain leads to better learning. They were told they would not be responsible for anything done in the experiment. The scientists had wired up actors to batteries, and the people off the street were given a series of simple questions to ask the people wired up. If the person wired up gave a wrong answer the questioners were to press a button supposedly sending an electrical jolt to the actors. The scientists had the button tables rigged up with 6 volt, 12, volt 18 volt buttons and kept assuring the button pushers the scientists were responsible for any adverse affects. The scientists came to the conclusion that there were enough people in any small town America to man the worst of Hitler's concentration camps.
Take note many of the neocons who got us into Iraq are now squirming, spinning, fostering alibis and laying blame on everyone but themselves. This ad ministration should go down in history as the one that never got anything right, Though not a proponent of torture, these neocons should be captured by acting AQ and put to the water torture test seeing as they consider it not tortuous.

jmsjoin said...

Hillary's victory was nullified by Edwards Obama endorsement. he will give Obama the Blue collar worker and the health care issue!Now for Gore. I am still sickened with Bush in Israel connecting Obama to the Nazi's trying to scare Jews. He shouldn't e3ven be talking. I am peeved. We are in so much trouble this fall. We have to figure out how to beat the lying mouth and the right's disinformation juggernaut or all the good in the world is worthless in the face of the lies today's truth!

Anonymous said...

My only fear is that the Dems. will squander another chance at getting real positive change. Just as I believe Bill Clinton could have passed some bills that proteced our rights, or made it harder for the government to pry into a citizens personel business, we spent years trying to respond to a scandal that dragged on for ever. No majority lastes for ever, the power swings back and forth, I only hope that we can get some meanninfull protection for the rights of the citizens, before the big money of the military contractors gets back on top of their game and elects some more of the Fox news supported canadates. A.W

Unknown said...

McCain's problem is medical and untreatable. When he was in the Hanoi Hilton, the Viet Cong used earwigs on him. Apparently, at least one of them was pregnant at the time.

Dave Dubya said...

"The scientists came to the conclusion that there were enough people in any small town America to man the worst of Hitler's concentration camps."

By now we know for certain, it CAN happen here.

Funny thing, when I saw Bush's tanks roll into Iraq, I felt I was seeing a replay of the Blitzkrieg into Russia. I all seemed too fast and too easy.

Of course the dems will squander it all. They are the jr. GOP corporatist party.

Brother Tim,
McBomb Bomb is more proof that you can become your enemy when you go down that slippery slope.