Saturday, January 12, 2008

One More Prediction

As everyone knows, it is far too early in the presidential primary season to predict who will become the nominee for each party, let alone the ultimate winner in November.

So I might as well give it a shot.

Heck, I already made my first prediction back in April of ’07. That may have been a little early, though. I picked Fred Thompson. Of course this was way before he even announced his candidacy, but I had my reasons.

I understood that the White House is reserved strictly for Republicans or Southerners. That is simply how the politics has worked out since a Southerner, or a Republican, or both, had removed Kennedy from office with a rifle ballot. Er, bullet.

The deal was sealed when the Nixon campaign employed what they called the “Southern strategy”. They had to win over the Southern whites, who were traditionally democratic voters. The tumultuous civil rights movement had triggered racially based fear and anger in many Southern whites. When they saw that the black voters were going to support Democrats, it was time for the Republicans to capitalize on the situation.

And they succeeded. The old “Dixiecrats” like Strom Thurmond switched to the Republican Party in droves. The Right had put a lock on the South. Reagan and the Bush Cartel continued using this successful strategy to help secure their victories.

Along with the Southern strategy, the other primary factors in presidential selection are the pervasive corporate dominance and permanent war ingrained in our government. As history indicates, anyone who is not agreeable with this corporatism and militarism will not be selected as president.

Let’s look at the Democrats first.

Edwards is stuck in third place, but it is so refreshing to hear a presidential candidate utter the unspoken truth of corporate power corrupting our democracy and government.This in itself is as historic as a black candidate winning a primary.The corporate media will never admit that this is the fundamental issue affecting democracy in America. He has been, and will be called angry, out of the mainstream, and too radical as well. The media does its best to ignore and marginalize him.Edwards’ clear identification of what most ails this democracy is what makes him the best choice for a free and prospering future. Talk about "you can't fight city hall." This guy is taking on the corporate media, the federal government, K Street lobbyists, and Wall Street. His chances are not good. But his words are vital and the message must continue, but he will be eliminated. He is not welcome in the Empire Club.

Hillary remains the number one Democrat anointed by the Military Industrial Complex. She is the candidate "blessed" with the most corporate money. The Republicans would love to defeat her, even though she supports the wars almost as much as they do.

Obama sounds like our great not-so-white hope. His charisma and intelligence remind me of Bill Clinton. He can spin the language of change, hope, reform and progressive platitudes like no one else. He's a very dynamic speaker who inspires his listeners. We've heard this kind of talk and style from Willie. I'm afraid I suspect the same old triangulating smoke and mirrors at play here. Or am I just too cynical?

Would Obama prove to be just another liberal talker, and when it comes time to act, do the corporatist work? You know, in the "spirit of unity" and all that crap.

All this presumes he can continue with his momentum.

On to the Republicans.

Thompson could've had it all. I thought he would go all the way a year ago. He's not doing his best acting and is botching his lines. He lacks the charm of the last actor president. Turns out he has been shown to lack timing, charisma and ambition, and consequently, money.

I see Huckabee as the Republican who is like Edwards in the sense he is bucking the hard right elements. Huckabee will recite the usual party line mantra of tax cuts, less regulation, and smaller government. Something tells me the Big Boys don't like what they see as compassion for the little people. He just may be too much of a true Christian to abuse the poor and less powerful.

Rudy the 9-11 Guy is on his way out due to his open sleaze. He’ll hang around, though. His buddy Rupert Murdoch and Fox “News” will see to that.

Romney is ambitious and ruthless enough, but without the mindless mega-church bible thumping hypocrites, He can't win.

McCain, on the other hand, is perfectly militaristic and adequately neo-con influenced. He envisions a permanent military occupation in Iraq. Although he seemed to have burned some bridges with the thumpers, he has been busy sucking up and trying to patch things with that crucial right wing voting block.

Nonetheless he is the perfect company man for doing the work of the Military Industrial Complex masters.

Whether he faces Hillary or Obama in November, it probably will be a very close election. And, as we’ve learned time and again, if the election is close, the Republicans win.

The Right’s anti-democracy weapons are still in place. They will intimidate and disenfranchise voters. They will manipulate polling place access. They will work to restrict the number of voting machines in democratic precincts in order to cause huge lines to discourage participation. They are attempting to deny access to voters who lack a driver’s license or picture ID.

The myth that Republicans are better leaders during war will be forced on us more than ever. Cheney and Bush will do their best to ratchet up the threat of more war and instill as much fear as possible into the public.

Last and not least, there are the Republican Voting Machine Corporations of Amerika.

Goodbye, democracy.

There you have it. Unless there is the unlikely event of a landslide for the Democrat, we are looking at a John McCain presidency.


Now I'm getting depressed. Here's something to lighten the mood. Have a look at the new coins of the empire: New Bush Coins


Unknown said...

We are soooooooooooo screwed, Dave.

Anne said...

that was depressing, yet enlightening. thanks for visiting my blog!

Dave Dubya said...

Sorry if that one hurt, folks. That's what happens when we look over at the dark side.

Thanks for stopping by. I like to think I'm not always that pessimistic.

Robert Rouse said...

Dave, I forgot to tell you that I'm adding you to my blogroll over at Left of Centrist.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks much, and backatcha.

Geezer Power said...

Howdy Dave

Thanks for the prognostication. Fred is a notable choice for the repugs. The antithesis of Mike Gravel, the Democratic choice, but lacking his sage like wisdom that reflects the teachings of the Tao. But do we have anything better, save Kucinich & Ron Paul who are shut out from the primaries by Bu$hco...G:

Dave Dubya said...


There's no doubt McCain would be a vast improvement over the idiot now driving us over the cliff. I'm worried McCain will only slow the runaway train, rather than reverse it.

I'm also haunted by the prospect of the Supreme Court getting stacked with more damn Federalist Society judges. These guys are a huge threat to the common good, and are openly hostile to any remnant of democracy that may challenge corporate power or authoritarian government.

Ultimately, this is what forces me to support any Democrat over him, repulsive as that may be. I don't think any of them could be as bad four more years of Republican rule.

Even going back to the gridlock of the 90's would be an improvement. The less they do, the less harm they do.

TomCat said...

Dave, some of this this so closely mirrors my view that I could have written it. Of the three leading Democrats, I consider Edwards the most progressive, and Obama the least, but by a very small margin.

I think we're a little less vulnerable to GOP election theft, because the GOP was knocked from power in several states, like Ohio, and no longer control counting the votes.